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UK Naked Men has always offered a hot variety of British and other European men with exceptional photography. The site has been around since 2006 and has introduced us to many sexy guys who have gone on to have very successful gay porn careers including Harry Louis, Dillon Buck and monster-hung Matt Hughes. Since this is one of our more popular sites, I thought it was time to check in and see what's been happening.
Obviously UK Naked Men features British guys, but it doesn't focus on a particular type. You'll find smooth, slender guys alongside hairy, muscled men. Not only will you find British guys here, but other Europeans and some Americans as well. The production team takes regular trips to France and Spain where they film the locals, and recently they started filling up the updates with some purchased scenes featuring Eastern European hunks.

The guys are a mix of porn first-timers, amateurs, porn regulars and full-on porn stars ranging from their early twenties to late thirties or so, and body types are all over the map. You'll find slim and smooth guys, jocks with athletic bodies, muscle hunks, and all kinds of regular guys who don't really fit into a category. UK Naked Men doesn't shy away from hairy guys, and you'll find a number of tattooed men and a few black studs, too. You'll find familiar faces including Logan Moore, Theo Ford, Andrea Suarez, Mickey Taylor, Jessy Ares and Paul Walker. And most of the performers sport uncut cocks, so foreskin fans will be happy.

The site offers a mix of hardcore suck and fuck scenes and solo jack-off videos, although these days there's a lot more hardcore than solo sessions added; of the latest 19 updates there's been one solo and the rest are duos. The action includes plenty of passionate kissing, sucking, rimming, fucking and guys shooting their loads, but UK Naked Men has always tried to film interesting scenarios like a couple of guys screwing at the office or a guy taking his car into the garage and getting extra service from the mechanic. The site still films mostly condom action although the odd bareback scene shows up.

UK Naked Men now offers 535 exclusive videos. The newer videos are offered in MP4 format with three good quality downloadable versions sized at 1920x1080, 1280x720 and 960x540, and smaller versions are compatible with most phones except for very old models. Older videos comes in three sizes from 640x360 to 1280x720, although there may be some sized at 720x540 that haven't been remastered, but they're still good stuff. And for those who prefer not to download, there are also three qualities of streaming MP4s that play at 960x540 (the older ones are smaller but still look good). The streaming videos can be enlarged to full screen, the newest productions faring best.

There are also 1,397 photo galleries divided into 395 action sets and 1,002 solos, although some sets have been tagged incorrectly so you will find action sets in the solo section and vice versa. The photography is professional and most of the the pics are good quality digital stills ranging in size from 683x1024 to 902x1600 depending on the age of the release, although some of the galleries offer average to good amateur quality screencaps instead of digital stills, the older at 720x540 and the newer at 1080x608. Slideshows are available, and you can save the pics individually or download entire sets in zip files. Unfortunately the Galleries section has stopped updating; the site has not added any picture sets since May 2018.

Now let's talk about updates. The site is adding video udpates four times each month; three of the updates are exactly seven days apart and the last update is around nine days after the previous. They be re-encoding older releases so they can offer them in HD. This is good news, although for a while they were throwing them in the mix of new updates so it looks like the site is adding more new productions than it is, but that doesn't appear to be happening anymore, so I'm not sure if they're still remastering the older videos. Still, even the un-remastered older videos are good-stuff.

Members get some bonuses, as well. There are the feed versions of six sites (they call them "Partner sites") each offering 18 videos for a total of 108 bonus vids. You'll find videos from Butch Dixon, which features hairy hunky men in action; there's also UK Hot Jocks (sports-themed sex and porn stars), Raw Fuck (barebacking), Young Bastards (kink and fetish), Spritzz (Euro twinks, jocks and bad lads) and French Lads. There are also Feature Videos, which are vids from the same sites where each month members get a free download of their choice. Last, there are 12 more feeds, some from well-known studios including Falcon, Treasure Island Media and Hot Desert Knights.

When it comes to issues, there are a few things worth mentioning. There's a pre-checked offer on the billing page, but it's easy enough to opt out, although you may not notice it since it's graphical rather than text. The streaming-only membership still doesn't show whether it recurs, but it's likely that it does. As I mentioned, the picture section has stopped updating. The site says it updates weekly, but it updates four times per month, which means four less videos each year than were the updates added once a week, no big deal. I was hit with a pop-up with a newsletter signup on it when I first entered the site. Last, UK Naked Men says there's a new partner site video added weekly, but the latest partner vids are dated 2017, so it appears they aren't adding new photos any longer.

There is one more thing you might want to know about, something I would consider site personalization. The older videos have clickable model names listed under "cast", while the newer vids' "cast"sections are left blank. Also the models who have been listed for a while have descriptions, while the newer models sometimes have no descriptions at all, and the ones in between sometimes have very brief descriptions. Since there are no model profiles, I'd have liked to see descriptions of all the guys.

UK Naked Men has a lot going for it with plenty of good-looking and sexy men from slender and smooth to masculine and muscular, and you'll find some hairy men as well as a few daddies. Most of the performers are British men with uncut cocks, but you'll find lots of Spanish hunks and other Europeans as well as the occasional American. The men include some first-timers, hunks and porn stars, and the action is definitely hot. With 535 videos to download, stream and watch on your mobile and a new scene added every week, you'll find plenty here to keep you entertained and turned on.

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