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French Twinks brings us smooth, horny guys from France, and I must say that they've found themselves some lots of fresh faces and sexy guys. They're mostly amateurs between 18 and 25 years old, and there are also some very hot and super cute boys although some performers here aren't actually exactly twinks, so expect a mix of types. There are slender to athletic builds, most smooth although one guy with a pretty hairy body. Many of the models have dark eyes and hair and olive skin - you can clearly see some Mediterranean influences, and there are also plenty of juicy uncut cocks, some of which are satisfyingly large.

While the performers here are mostly amateurs, many of the guys here perform in multiple scenes. Many of the guys are exclusive to French Twinks, although a few have appeared on other sites. And occasionally you'll find other international and well-known performers including Theo Ford and Jordan Fox, who definitely aren't twinks but like fucking them, as well as Andy Taylor, Casey Tanner, Blake Mitchell and more.

The action here is mostly hardcore, although you'll also find some sexy solos including masturbation and sex toy play. There are duos, threesomes and a few larger groups, and the action is diverse and includes kissing (French, of course), blowjobs, rimjobs, hardcore ass fucking and also plenty of dildos and messy cum facials. There's a nice variety of locations, too, including a few outdoor sessions, and some of the videos come with a little interview, although unsurprisingly, the guys here speak French. I can't say that every video has subtitles because I didn't watch them all, but the ones I watched had English subtitles.

There are a few things that make the videos here stand out. First are the good production values - the camera work really gets you into the action, and there's no shaky footage or weird zooming to take your attention away from the action. Lighting is good, showing of the performers off to perfection, and the guys themselves are into each other and the sex, which definitely makes the videos hotter to watch.

French Twinks has grown to 185 exclusive videos, 67 more than our last review 16 months ago. Updates usually range from five to nine days apart, although sometimes they're more frequent. The videos are offered in DRM-free MP4 format in three downloadable sizes; the largest, offered at 1920x1080, is full HD. The two smaller versions will play on most mobiles and could be faster to download if you're on a slower internet connection. The videos are good quality with sharp, clear visuals, lots of close-ups and clear sound. The videos are also available to stream, and these are sized at 828x466 or so at good quality and fare well at full-screen mode.

Each scene comes with a picture set. The images are good quality digital stills sized at 720x1280. They are sharp and clear with good colors and lighting. The photography is very good, showing off the action and the performers with nothing to distract us. The galleries offer large, good-quality thumbs in an easy-to-use layout, downloadable zip files are available or you can save individual pics if you prefer. There's no hands-free slideshow, but there are forward and back controls for pic-to-pic navigation.

In the Bonus section you'll find 18 videos. These were shot for another site called Friends & Buddies, which was created by the same studio and was a precursor to French Twinks. That means the vids are good quality, sexy, mobile-compatible and can be downloaded or streamed. There are also 18 behind-the-scenes videos, as well as nine bonus videos from various twink producers, which are full scenes but are also upsells. There are three videos that were recorded during live shows and 18 fans of the site have uploaded their homemade videos to an amateur section. There's a live chat area where you can supposedly talk with some of the guys from the site and other members, but no one was logged in while I was visiting.

Let's talk about issues. There's a pre-checked offer on the billing page that, if left checked, will sign you up for a second site when you join French Twinks. Trial members can stream a maximum of 15 videos during their trial period and can't download. And while not a big deal, I have two more minor complaints; the tour lists the videos out of order, which could lead you to think it hasn't updated in a while, and also you can only preview a few episodes; even without watching trailers, I found myself redirected to the join page when trying to check episode previews.

There's one last thing worth mentioning. If you download the videos, be aware that with every download you do, you will receive a message that the videos will be digitally fingerprinted, which could get you into trouble if you illegally share them. Also it's an extra step in the download process and after you click through that warning, you will have a few second wait before the video starts downloading.

French Twinks brings you smooth 18 to 25 year old boys from France with hard, uncut cocks, as well a few international guys and some well-known porn performers. Many of the guys are smooth, slender and boyish, but not all the performers are twinks - some just like playing with them. There are 185 high-quality, downloadable videos that can also be streamed or viewed on your mobile and each episode comes with a matching photo set. The site tries to update weekly - most updates are six to nine days apart. The action is sizzling with plenty of kissing, sucking, and fucking, including some solos and threesomes, and the guys aren't just phoning it in - they're really horny and into the sex. French Twinks has a unique flavor, good quality content and is a nice addition to the established European twink sites.

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