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Blake Mason opened its doors in 2005, and a year later it was winning awards. Billing themselves as offering "amateur British men in action," the site's well known for featuring sexy and horny college-aged guys, as well as some performers from their late twenties to thirty. Many are first-timers to filming porn, some are repeaters who return for several appearances, some have gone on to become porn stars, and a few are straight, open minded or exploring. And of course, most of these Brits have uncut cocks. We thought it was time to take a fresh look at Blake Mason and see what's new.

While lots of sites feature well-known porn performers, one of Blake Mason's draws is their amateur guys. You'll find plenty of fresh faces here, guys who are making their first appearances in adult videos or just breaking into the business. There's a variety of body types from slender to athletic, well-defined to fairly muscular. While some have well-built physiques, you generally won't find guys who look like they spend their entire days at the gym. Many of the guys are smooth, but there are guys with hairy chests, too, and some of them will have some face scruff, although very few have full beards and mustaches. And these are mostly British guys with an occasional performer from other parts of Europe, although during some site changes there were more U.S. performers, and the filming changed as the site changed to a new videographer.

While many of the performers are first-time amateurs, some come back to Blake Mason again and again, some shooting with them as many as 20 times or more. Kai has 39 videos and has appeared on other sites, Luke Desmond has 46 scenes under his belt, and Adam Jamieson has appeared in 37 scenes, while Jack Masters has done 36. This brings up the question, at what point do you stop calling a guy an amateur? And while loads of Blake Mason's guys are fresh faces and totally new to the site, you will find some of the performers doing the rounds on other British gay porn sites. A few, like the massively hung Matt Hughes (listed as Matt H in the model index), have gone on to become porn stars.

Most of the action on Blake Mason is filmed in bedrooms and living rooms, but they have a multi-part series called "Mating Season" that took guys outdoors on a camping trip, and another series was filmed inside a bath house. Once a week the site adds a new scene, usually hardcore but sometimes a solo. The guy-on-guy sex scenes are usually duos, but there are a few threeways and groups. The performers get into horny suck and fuck sessions with lots of kissing, oral sex, face fucking, rimming, butt fucking, and they end by shooting their juicy loads wherever they fly - on bellies or asses, splattering through the air and splashing across faces and hungry lips. Each episode has helpful category tags, like flip flop, doggy style, 69, rimming, foreskin play, and more to help you find more of what you like.

There are now 1,329 exclusive, DRM-free videos inside Blake Mason including 46 from their exclusive series, "After Hours." The downloadable vids are offered in from two to four different sizes of MP4 depending on the age of the vids. The newer videos are sized at 1920x1080 at good quality plus three smaller sizes and the oldest at 640x480 plus one smaller size at good amateur quality. You can also stream the videos in two to four resolutions depending again on the vid's age. I found the smallest (640x360) was a decent size, but the newer ones look really good even at full screen when you play the highest resolution. The videos will play on a variety of cell phones, tablets, and other mobile devices. All the movies are well lit with good sound.

Many of the video updates are full scenes, but some of the newer are interview videos. Of the 12 most recent videos, three are interviews with solo performers, and while they are listed with thumbs that are at least a little risque, these interviews are done fully dressed; the risque shots are from their action videos, not the interview clips. Three more of the latest 12 updates are duos who do brief interviews or chit-chatting after their scenes are over, and these are shorter than four minutes each.

Each episode comes with a picture set. The newer episodes offer good to very good quality digital stills sized at 663x1000, although some of the newest could use a tad better lighting. The older episodes come with screencaps sized at 520x400 at good quality to 1000x731 at average quality, depending on the age of the set you're checking out. You can view the pictures in galleries or navigate from picture to picture using the arrow buttons that will appear when you mouse over the left or right size of each pic, and you can download the photos in zip files or save pics individually if you prefer.

Members get some extras. There are 508 bonus videos that can be downloaded and streamed, mostly from a site called Beddable Boys, although for those familiar with Beddable Boys, you won't find their newest videos here. Some of the older bonus vids are from Gay Life Network. The bonus section is probably recycling updates, but there's enough to keep members busy for a while. There's also the Blake Mason forum which hasn't had any activity lately but is worth checking out. And last, members get access to a couple videos and pic sets from two additional gay porn networks, but if you want to watch all the videos, you'll have to join those networks.

Now let's talk about updates. While there were seven videos added in the past month, four of them are full scenes; the rest are those interview videos we talked about earlier. There were nine videos added last month, and four of them were interviews or chatting, as well. Keep in mind that while the solo interviews are a decent length, each between six and over 12 minutes, the after-sex duo vids are two to three minutes in length.

There are some issues. There's a pre-checked offer on the billing page that, if left checked, will sign you up for a second site's recurring membership when you join this one. Trial members get limited access to what the site has to offer - they can view seven videos during their trials. There is a large ad with a video player at the top of all the pages in the members area, which push the content down the page a bit, and you'll also find animated rows of thumbs at the bottom of every page that are live cam ads as well as some ads on the left side of the members home page. When I first landed on the site tour, I was hit with a pop-up, but it was easy to close. And last, I was disappointed that the bonus section has stopped updating, but at least they stopped updating the bonus vids after there was over 500 of them.

One last thing I wanted to mention. A while ago, Blake Mason made some changes. The older videos have a lot of personality as did the site. Then management was taken over by a program that changed the site to match the other sites they managed from layout to advertising. The newest videos seem to have a different director, too - while we don't see the director in each video, we do hear them in the interviews, and the current director sounds entirely different from the original director/owner of the site. As a result, the videos have a different personality. That's not a bad thing unless you're a fan of the original videos, but it is different.

Blake Mason has a lot to offer. The guys are definitely the first thing to catch your eye, most with uncut cocks. The action is not only hot, but well-lit, and there are 1,329 exclusive good quality videos to watch on your desktop and mobile, a mix of hardcore, solos, and interviews. The site does a really good job of helping members find what they want. Every scene links the models to their other appearances and those category tags can be quite helpful, and you can also do free-form searches or tick pre-selected categories, as well. With weekly updates plus interview updates along with 501 bonus vids, there's lots at Blake Mason to keep members very happy.

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