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Nasty Daddy isn't a new site - it's been around for a while, but recently when photographer Anthony Duran partnered with porn hunk Trenton Ducati, the site got a a needed facelift and it popped on our radar again. And with lots of sexy daddies and hairy muscle bears, I'm pretty happy my editor dropped this one into my assignment queue. It's not a huge site, but it's worth looking at.

The men here are a mix of mature men, daddies, muscle bears, and the men who love them. I recognized most of the men here as porn stars and regulars, but there were some I had never seen before. Among the performers you'll find Matt Sizemore, Bronson Gates, Dan Rhodes, Adam Russo, Mitch Vaughn, Brad Kalvo, Derek Parker, Ian Levine, Brendan Patrick, Paul Stag, Kyle Savage, Anthony London, and Derek Anthony. There are a couple things worthy of note. This was Brad Kalvo's first appearance in Pornland and I remember that he only started off in a picture gallery until the site's producer twisted his arm to do a video. Also Anthony London went on to appear in several videos for Titan Men, and Derek Anthony is a regular big-dicked top fucker on Treasure Island Media.

The men are a mix of hairy and smooth, with some nice furry chests on display; there are both bearded and clean shaven performers, and some are wearing tattoos while others aren't. Not all of the men here are daddies and muscle bears, as there are some daddy admirers like boyish Ian Levine, Jayson Park, and Park Riley. And some of the performers are just plain hunky and don't fall neatly into the daddy or muscle bear categories.

Nasty Daddy offers 53 videos that are offered as streaming MP4s (there are no downloads here). The videos play at 960x540 and can be expanded, but some of the original videos aren't as crisp as I'd like to begin with and don't fare well at full screen. The newer videos are offered in two quality levels, but the older ones only in one; the videos are watchable, but I was disappointed with the picture quality of the older and some of the newer vids, which I found dull and at times fuzzy. Half of the videos are solo jack-off sessions and the others are a mix of condom and bareback duos with the men sucking and fucking in living rooms, bedrooms, or workshops.

There are also 26 pictures sets. These offer digital stills sized at 569x853 (portrait) or 1280x853 (landscape), and they're good quality and well lit. You view the pictures in thumbnail galleries with forward and back controls and you can save them individually, but there's no downloadable zip files or hands-free slideshows. There are around 40 to 120 pictures per gallery.

The videos aren't dated so I don't know how often the site is updating, but the site has added five videos in the past eight weeks. I also don't know when each video first appeared. At least some of this content is not new; I blogged about Brad Kalvo's appearance back in 2011. And there are other scenes with men who have dropped out of Pornland; also given the average quality of many of the videos, I'd say these are more than a couple years old. On the other hand, the site has grown, so some of the content is newly added to the site.

I ran into a few other caveats. Many of the episodes don't have descriptions or cast listings, so it's a good thing I have a good memory and can pull pornstar names out of my head. There's no top of the page navigation once you get into the individual episode pages, so you'll have to use your browser back button quite a bit. And although I could easily log into the site on my phone, I was unable to watch the videos as whenever I clicked to a video I was taken to the site warning page; the same thing happened from the tour when I'd try to click an episode to learn more about it.

Nasty Daddy offers sexy daddies and muscle bears in both solo and suck and fuck action. With a roughly even split between solo and hardcore scenes, the site offers 53 videos in streaming MP4 format. The videos aren't as sharp as I'd like, but they're still quite enjoyable and the action is hot. The vids aren't offered for download and I don't know how often or if the site is updating, but Trenton Ducati does produce videos for another site, so maybe he has something up his sleeves for this one. Time will tell. In the meantime, Nasty Daddy isn't an expensive site to join, and there's enough hot daddies and their admirers to keep you turned on during your stay.

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