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UK Hot Jocks offers a mix of first-timers and porn regulars, some very well known and others not so familiar; you'll find guys like Dolf Dietrich, Hugh Hunter, Matt Anders, Gaston Croupier, Hans Berlin, Logan Moore, Robbie Rojo and more. But there are also plenty of faces that I didn't recognize. While the site is called UK Hot Jocks, not all of the guys are jocks; in fact, quite a few of them aren't - they're hunks. For me a jock is usually an athletic college-aged guy, so someone like Logan Moore, who is 28 years old, falls outside of the jock realm even though he's good looking and muscled. And men like Dolf Dietrich and Hugh Hunter are definitely way past their jock years.

However many of the guys are in their twenties, with a mix of smooth and hairy bodies, some wearing face scruff or full beards while others are clean-shaven. The men are largely European, although not specifically British - Logan Moore is Dutch, for example - and there are a few Americans on the site as well. Jock issue aside, they're a pretty hot bunch of guys with some nice bods and lots of uncut cocks.

Site owners JP Dubois and Sam Barclay were a couple when the site launched, but they split up in June 2015. Good news is that the site seems to be unaffected by the split. JP Dubois appeared in his last UK Hot Jocks scene called "Spanish Milk" in September 2016, but he's appeared in a couple of behind-the-scenes videos talking with other performers. Sam Barclay recently appeared in "Stuffd," which debuted in January 2017, and he's also appeared in a couple of behind-the-scenes videos lately. So they're both still active on the site, although maybe not quite as front and center as they were.

UK Hot Jocks has a series of videos called LockerJocks that features a guy alone in a locker room jerking his cock. He usually starts off in sports gear, so a muscle tee and shorts, a singlet, or a jockstrap, and he gets hard and spills his load. Sometimes the guys play with dildos, but not always. The site also produces four-part movies with a different pairing of guys sucking and fucking in each scene and they end with messy cumshots. Each movie has a theme, so "Stuffd" is all about dildo action, "Grappld" features wrestlers getting off on the mats, "Lured 2" has guys having sex in an abandoned building and so on. Some of the videos are a little edgy like "Hooded," which features four tops each picking their bottom from a line-up of nearly naked, masked guys, and those masks don't come of until well after the fucking has started.

UK Hot Jocks currently offers 218 exclusive, DRM-free videos. There are 116 action scenes from 29 full-length movies and 102 solo masturbation videos from the LockerJocks series, and the site continues to update with a new video every week. The downloadable MP4s are available in three sizes with the largest in HD at 1280x720 or full HD at 1920x1080; the smallest a good size for mobiles like iPhones and Android phones and they play at 480x270. And if you aren't interested in saving the videos, there's a good-sized streaming version that plays at around 1170x658 with a full-screen option. But the site uses an adaptive video player so the movie can be played at even larger screen sizes if your monitor is big enough.

Each episode comes with a set of pictures, and these display at 1000x1500 (newer) or 600x800 (older); each model also has six pictures on his profile page. These are all good quality digital stills, although the model pics are better at pro-studio quality. The galleries have between 24 and 30 pics each, although older ones featured less. You can save the pictures individually by right-clicking the thumbnail and selecting "save link as" or you can download a zip file for each set. The model pics can only be saved individually, though.

The models have good profile pages with a description and a summary of their stats, and some have a "Meet the Model" video, although not all do. By the way, the "Meet the Model" videos aren't include in the site's video count.

UK Hot Jocks members also get access to six third-party video plugins like Falcon TV, Cocksure Men, Rear Stable, and three others. There's also a bonus section with videos from six other sites in the same network. There used to be a members discussion forum and a blog, but those have both disappeared.

Now let's talk about some other issues. The non-recurring monthly membership costs $10 more than the recurring. Also, while some won't mind it, the biller, Verotel, has a pre-checked box on the billing form that says "Remember my card for future purchases" but it's easy to uncheck. And I often found the music in the early videos distracted from the action.

UK Hot Jocks is growing nicely and still offers some of the horniest porn stars, jocks, and muscled studs that England has to offer. While not all the guys are British or jocks, the models are athletic to muscular and generally good looking. There are 218 videos here for you to download, stream and watch on your mobiles, and the site updates every week. Most of the action includes blowjobs, ass pounding fucks, plus some rimming and sex toys, but there are also regular locker room solos that got me pretty revved up. UK Hot Jocks mostly gets a thumbs up from me, so check it out and see what you think.

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