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Brother Crush is a brand new site that just opened in early November 2018. It's produced by the same company that films Family Dick, and it explores the fauxcest niche from a slightly different angle. Instead of stepfathers and uncles fucking their stepsons and step nephews, Brother Crush has stepbrothers doing it together. The site is brand new, but I've enjoyed the videos on this production company's other sites, so I'm anxious to get inside and see how dirty they are.

The guys here are mostly in their early twenties, although there's a bit of age distinction because each scene features an older guy putting the moves on his younger stepbrother. But things get a bit complicated because these scenes are filmed in point-of-view (POV) style, so we really only see the older stepbrother's cock or part of his body as he's filming while his stepbrother is sucking or riding his cock. We sometimes get a view of the older sibling in the picture galleries, but generally not in the videos, although there are some headless shots with a second camera from time to time. Many of the guys are regular porn performers, but the site never mentions their stage names so it's hard to give you a list. (Note: shortly after launch, the site abandoned POV filming, so all scenes for the past few months are done in regular filming style, meaning we see all participants' faces.)

Brother Crush's niche is what we have come to call fauxcest, which refers to family members who aren't related by blood having sex. The older stepbrother is always holding the camera, and even during the introductory conversations, focuses the frame on the younger stepsibling. And so far, the younger stepbrother always bottoms and takes care of the other's cock, first with his hand and mouth, and then with his ass.
In "Relaxing After Practice," Alex sits on the couch with his stepbrother Dean talking about his soccer game. Alex says the coach is superstitious and forbids them from jacking off or having sex for two weeks before every game. Dean eventually says that he thinks the coach is wrong and, furthermore, all of this talk about jerking off is making him horny. He pulls out his hard-on and suggests they masturbate together. Alex thinks it's weird, but strips off his shorts. After a few minutes, Dean asks his stepbrother to touch his cock, and then after some handjob action, he urges Alex to suck his dick. Before this 32-minute scene is over, Alex cums all over his stepbrother while riding his dick, then Dean douses Alex's cock and nuts with his own load of jizz.

Another scene finds a guy catching his younger stepbrother measuring his penis, so he helps him out and shows him how to do it. In another scene, a lad confides to his older stepbrother that he's been having wet dreams and thinks there's something wrong with him. In still another video, a guy makes his younger stepbrother clean his room. Eventually, things turn sexual with the guys groping one another's crotches or perhaps the older guy encourages his brother to touch his cock. When it comes to fucking, it's all bareback, and the POV filming gives us some horny cock-in-hole close-ups.

Brother Crush is still pretty new, now offering 19 videos, which is 13 more than there were three and a half months ago. The videos are offered in MP4 format and come in four sizes from 1920x1080 to 640x360. They're good quality videos with crisp picture and sound and they're bright and well lit. The largest size plays at just over 8 Mbps, and the smaller videos will play well on your mobile device. You can also steam the videos in a 960x540 player, and they play smoothly with no buffering. You can also enlarge them using full-screen mode, and while they're pretty good, I didn't find them as crisp as the downloadables.

Each episode also has a set of pictures. These are good quality screencaps and you'll find anywhere from eight to 14 shots per scene. They let you preview the action from the video, and like I mentioned earlier, the pics are where you'll often get a look of the older stepbrother's face. You can save the pictures individually or download a zip file of the whole set. And while the picture viewer on the site has forward and back controls, there's no hands-free slideshow option.

The episodes are dated on the tour, but I'm guessing this is due to a scripting error because all the videos I checked had the same date, which was a date months before the site launched. I did talk with a company representative who said they're planning to update Brother Crush weekly, and if they add an update in the next couple days, they'll be living up to those weekly update plans.

There are always growing pains with a new site, but because this company runs four other sites, the kinks have been worked out long ago. The biggest problem here is that the site is small, but it's growing at a decent pace. There are some big ads in the member area and on the navigation bar, but this is standard fare. While not necessarily a negative, depending on your preferences, the site's producer has told me that they will continue filming in the POV style for the foreseeable future, but that can always change.

I enjoyed my visit to Brother Crush. While the site is just getting off the ground, they're headed in the right direction with good quality productions, titillating story lines, and hot sex. The site offers 19 exclusive videos in four different downloadable sizes - you can also stream them, and of course, the videos are mobile compatible. With weekly updates, the site will grow quickly, and fans of the fauxcest niche should be quite turned on watching these older and younger stepbrothers getting off together.

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