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30 Sep 2022 Score 80 / 100 missionaryboys.com Mobile friendly

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Review score 80
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Mormon guys strip out of their suits and conservative underwear and get fucked and dominated by the superior clergy at Missionary Boys. 654 exclusive videos to download, stream, and watch on your mobiles, plus an update is added most weeks. There's something extra kinky and taboo about the religious aspect of this site.

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Since Last Review

  • Site has added 103 videos in 25 months
  • Screencap galleries have been removed
  • Site removed ads on Videos page, but added banners to episode pages
  • Trial membership added

Video info

Videos offered for download and streaming

654 exclusive videos in MP4 format. Newer downloads: 3840x2160 (4K), plus 5 smaller sizes at good quality. Older: 1920x1080, plus 2 smaller sizes at good amateur quality. Streaming, mobile compatible videos available.

Picture info

600+ picture sets. Pics are digital stills sized at 1080x1620 at good quality (newer) or 533x800 at fairly good amateur quality (older). Zip files available, no slideshows. Pictures can be individually downloaded.

Site issues

Pre-selected "Special Offer" on dropdown menu near top of the billing page. Trial membership recurs at $12 more than regular monthly membership, and whether trial members get limited access is unknown. Must cancel your full membership at least 7 days before rebill (24 hours for the trial) or you may be billed one last time. Logging into the site takes you through a full-page ad. Network homepage offers lots of sites not included in the standalone site membership.

Membership Cost

Trial membership only gives you limited access. There are pre-checked options on signup page. If left checked, you will automatically be subscribed to another site.

  • Trial: $1.00 (1 day, recurring at $39.99 every 30 days)
  • Monthly: $27.95 (recurring every 30 days)
  • Half Year: $74.95 (recurring every 180 days)
  • Network access: $349 (1 year, recurring every 365 days)


Missionary Boys Review

Today we're taking another look at Missionary Boys, which was formerly known as Mormon Boyz. If you've ever had Mormon missionaries come to your door, you know they're conservative-looking guys in white shirts and ties with short hair, many with an innocent demeanor. Ever wonder what they look like under their clothes? Well, this is the place to find out. The site started producing solo masturbation scenes in 2010, but quickly moved on to exploring forbidden sex between horny missionaries and sometimes even with church leaders. We last reviewed the site two years ago, so let's head over and see what's been happening.

Mormons have no tattoos, a wholesome look, and even their underwear is modest. The models in the early scenes were reported by the then site owner to be real Mormon guys. Some even appeared wearing masks, and that definitely adds heat to the action. Newer episodes feature gay porn performers wearing the temple garments we have become accustomed to seeing, and the pairings are often between men in their prime and younger guys in their early twenties.

In the early sessions, you can expect solo missionaries, elders, and others peeling off their suits and removing their concealing temple garments, then stroking their cocks. Sometimes an older guy strips a younger one, rubbing his body and fondling his cock, then leaving him to work his own dick to orgasm. As the site grew, the guys began exploring sucking and fucking against the backdrop of a secret society of men exploring their carnal urges. The scenarios and detailed descriptions add a forbidden feel to the action. Missionary elders together in dorm-like situations; a patriarch reaching under an initiate's purity garment to fondle him before sucking his cock; or Mormons getting heated up while discussing chastity only to give in to their sinful urges.

These days, the older men playing bishops or temple presidents initiate performers playing young Mormons in their twenties into various ceremonies and rites of passage. These have a religious connotation, but they're really about teaching the young missionaries about the forbidden pleasures of man-on-man sex. Sometimes a couple of missionary roommates get it on in their dorm room; other scenes involve a curious home owner inviting a couple of proselytizing missionaries inside to spread the Word, but they end up spreading their legs instead. There are also a few scenes involving a Mormon man rescuing missionaries off the streets and having sex with them in his van.

Missionary Boys offers 654 exclusive videos in MP4 format. The newest 50 episodes or so offer a 4K version at 3840x2160, plus five smaller sizes from 640x360 to 1920x1080. Medium-aged videos have a large size at 1920x1080, plus four smaller sizes; and the oldest are sized at 1280x720, plus two smaller sizes. The newest and medium-aged scenes offer pretty consistent quality and come in several streaming option playing at 1058x598; however the very oldest only come in three qualities playing at 822x390 and they definitely aren't as crisp, which affects the quality at full-screen mode. But given they're over eight years old or so, they're still enjoyable. The site is compatible with mobiles, and the older videos looked better on phone than on my desktop computer's 27-inch monitor.

Almost every video comes with a set of digital stills, although some earliest ones don't. The newer ones are sized at 1080x1620 at good quality, and the older at 533x800 at good amateur quality. All picture sets can be downloaded in zip files or you can save the individual pictures you want, and while there are no slideshows, you can navigate from pic to pic using the forward and back controls. When we last reviewed the site, there had been a set of screencaps for each episode as well, but these have been removed.

The site consistently updated on Tuesdays, and while this was still the case for the first three months of 2022, April and June missed one update each, and May missed two updates. We'll continue watching this and report back if it's ongoing.

I didn't love everything about MissionaryBoys. There's pre-selected offer in a dropdown menu at the top of the billing page (it's easy to miss), but you can just click "Special Offer..." near the top of the page and select "No thanks ..." to opt out. There are ads and third-party links all over the members area, but once you're familiar with the site, they're easy enough to ignore. You must cancel your full membership at least seven days in advance (or 24 hours in advance for the trial, which means you have to cancel as soon as you join) or you may be billed one more time after you cancel. The trial membership rebills at $12 more than the price of the regular monthly membership, and while the site terms don't mention whether the trial gives limited access, odds are good that it does.

I found navigating the videos section annoying because the page uses a never-ending scroll feature, so every six rows of thumbnails there's a pause while the next section loads. However, the site now remembers the position you left on the Videos page to view a particular episode and it returns you to the same spot; previously you had to start all over again at the top of the page. Also, you can sort the videos by newest or oldest, which makes getting at the earlier scenes a lot easier. Finally, every seventh row of thumbs used to be a row of advertising thumbnails, but this has been discontinued. The trade-off is that there are now two banners on each episode's page, but they're not too hard to ignore.

MissionaryBoys is part of the Say Uncle network, but this also presents some challenges and disappointments. When you log in, you'll first pass through a full-page ad before landing on the network homepage. Here you'll find all kinds of content that isn't included in your membership if you join this site alone. Clicking any of the scenes for the other sites, or series as they call them, requires you upgrade your membership. You'll also notice "Unlock Everything" or "Go Premium" all over the site, links that encourage you to upgrade to a Say Uncle membership. At anywhere from $39 to $59 a month, it's on the expensive side, but it also gives you access to 50 premium and bonus series (sites) with over 2,440 videos and several weekly updates. That being said, the only Say Uncle membership on the join page of this site is a year for $349.

Missionary Boys has created a unique niche with missionaries from the Mormon Church getting naked and stroking their cocks or sucking and fucking in forbidden encounters. Are these guys the real thing? The performers in the earlier episodes definitely appear so with their clean-cut looks and conservative underwear, although recent episodes use porn models who look the part. There are 654 exclusive videos to download, stream, and watch on your mobile, and each comes with pics, detailed scene descriptions, and links to each of the guys in the episode. Missionary Boys delivers Mormon missionaries and elders in hardcore action with a new scene added almost each week.

Things we liked

  • Exclusive content
  • Mormon missionaries and elders
  • Very sexy older/younger action
  • Videos are downloadable
  • Site and videos are mobile compatible
  • Weekly updates

Things we disliked

  • A couple recent updates were skipped
  • Newer performers aren't Mormons
  • Navigation can be challenging

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