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Randy Blue has been bringing us hot jocks since 2003, and they've garnered the reputation of having some of the sexiest guys around. The site has over 700 models, and many do multiple appearances. Many are jocks with athletic to very well-built bodies; these are good-looking guys in their twenties, mostly clean shaven and many are smooth bodied, but Randy Blue doesn't shy away from hairy, tattooed or bearded guys either, and we're seeing a lot more of those lately - even a few twinks, rough men and some daddies. Jock porn sites aren't known for their diversity, but you'll find some black studs, Latinos and a handful of Asian guys. Randy Blue is constantly introducing us to hot new models, but they also have a stable of regulars, and lately some of the updates were shot in Europe and licensed to the site, so you'll find some Euro guys in the mix.

When it comes to sex, Randy Blue keeps things simple - a couple of guys working out in the gym cruise each other, drop their weights and fuck. Or even simpler, one guy passes another on the stairs, signals him to follow and next thing you know, they're kissing and pulling off their clothes. Some of the solo scenes open with a brief introduction where the models give their name and stats, the kinds of guys and action they like before jacking their dicks and sometimes playing with toys. Likewise, the older duo action scenes open with the guys introducing themselves but the newer ones often get right into the action; sometimes they have a bit of fun first. Popular hunks Austin Wolf and Kurtis Wolfe start off eating fruit, make out passionately, suck each others' cocks, and do some rimming; then they flip-flop fuck, taking turns boning each before shooting their loads and eating cum.

Most of the action is duos, and the guys get into lots of kissing, licking, and touching, which really helps set the mood before they start sucking, rimming, fucking and shooting their loads. There are some threesomes, too, but for months all of the updates have featured duos, no group sex or solos. The guys fuck in living rooms and bedrooms, but there's a lot of gym action and some outdoor sex scenes.

Randy Blue offers 1,533 DRM-free videos and adds a new one six or more times a month; there have been no solos in several months. Hands down Randy Blue has the largest offering of video options of any gay porn site. The newest downloadable videos come in four sizes of MP4 from 1280x720 to 700x394 and four sizes of WMV displaying at 960x540 down to 160x90. There are also are mobile and cell phone versions (three of each). Older videos are smaller but still decent and come in less sizes, but generally have two MP4s and three WMVs, and they also have mobile versions. And then there are the streaming versions. The production values are consistent, the videos are good amateur quality or better as is the lighting and sound.

There are also 2,033 photo galleries. The pictures are good amateur quality or better digital stills that display at 768x1024. Newer galleries have 30 to 60 photos while older ones have 80 to 100. You can view them in thumbnail galleries or use the slideshow feature. You can save the pictures individually, but there's no downloadable zip files.

An interesting Randy Blue feature is the free membership that gives you access to all of their photo galleries and loads your account with 85 chat credits. That sounds impressive, but a one-minute chat with a model costs 60 to 90 credits, while spying on a private session is 25 credits a minute. You get 300 free credits when you sign up for 12-month membership, but you could easily burn through that in 10 minutes or less.

I've been a fan of Randy Blue for years, but to be honest, I don't like the current version of the site. Don't get me wrong; the guys and sex are hot, but the site now does a huge push to get you to spend more money in their live chat section. Not only is the tour littered with ads for live chat, but the top half of the member homepage promotes their live chat section and you have to scroll down to the lower half of the page to see the site's latest videos. And the right side of the pages show the guys you can check out in live chat. While there's heaps of video to download and enjoy with your monthly membership, I found the constant upselling annoying.

There are a few more small complaints. First is that updates are still less than regular - they are added anywhere from three to seven days apart, so it's a bit random, but there are still at least six updates per month. And possibly as a result, some of the more recent updates were shot in Europe and licensed to the site. One last thing worth mentioning is the download speeds: while not actually slow, at just under 1 Mbps, they're pretty lackluster for HD videos - I've been seeing over 10 Mbps at most sites these days, and I'd love to see that kind of speed here.

Randy Blue has offered some of the hottest jocks and studs around for years, and now are adding some twinks, daddies and rougher men to their roster. There are over 1,500 videos to download, stream and watch on your mobiles, and there are six or more updates each month, although not always the same number of days apart. The free membership gives you an opportunity to preview the models and the site. I'm really torn here because Randy Blue has so many sexy performers who I'd love to see more of but all the selling for their live chat really kills my boner. You'll have to take a look at the tour and judge for yourself.

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