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Gentlemen's Closet review updated on 3 Feb 2019

Gentlemen's Closet focuses on men wearing sheer socks, nylons, dress socks, pantyhose and other foot coverings like athletic or work socks, not to mention plenty of men in suits and dress shoes. The site has been around since 2012, and a few years ago it was purchased by porn star Trenton Ducati, who continues to produce content that honors this niche. This site offers an exciting assortment of men, and I can't wait to get inside and see what's been happening since our last visit.

There's an exciting variety of men at Gentlemen's Closet. The early scenes feature mostly unknown guys while the newer scenes are filmed mainly using well-known porn stars. The earlier men are in shape with athletic to muscular bodies, and they range quite a bit in age from their early twenties to silver foxes in their forties. Beyond that the men don't have much in common; there's a mix of smooth and hairy guys, bald men and others with stylish haircuts, and some guys sport tattoos while others don't. Some of the performers look like college dudes while others look like successful businessmen or blue collar workers; some look like they might help you find jeans in your size, serve you a drink at your favorite bar or play a game of racket ball with you at the gym.

Trenton Ducati has been in the porn business for quite a while, so he's invited lots of his porn star buddies to film sessions for Gentlemen's Closet. It's very possible you'll find some of your favorites here. I saw Adam Russo, Armond Rizzo, Billy Santoro, Brad Kalvo, Hans Berlin, JR Bronson, Matt Stevens and Seth Santoro, as well as retired stars including Landon Conrad, Christopher Daniels and Tyler Saint. And Ducati appears in some of the videos, as well, although not the most recent ones. Finally, many of the performers, porn stars or not, are white although there's the odd black guy some very sexy Latin men.

One of my favorite scenes is called Masquerade, and it stars Latin daddy Carlos Ventura in business attire and sexy, tattooed Danny Gunn who wears a mask, sheer briefs and socks and gets down on his hands and knees to worship Ventura's feet. After Danny pulls off Carlos' dress shoes to reveal ultra-sheer dress socks, he services those masculine daddy feet, licking and sucking them through the sheer nylon, rubbing them on his body, and finally the guys both lie on the couch, rubbing and sucking each others' feet as Gunn rubs his hard-on through his undies.

The latest update is called Seduction, with stars fit and sexy Jackson Reed and impressively hung, ebony stud Zario Travezz. Both men are in full executive attire, meaning high-end suits and ties, crisp dress shirts, dress socks and well-polished dress shoes. After a sizzling hot make-out session, the guys sit down and Jackson takes one of Zario's shod feet in his hands, showing off Mr. Travezz's sheer socks, and kisses and licks the shoes and his socked ankles passionately. He slips off one shoe and, breathing hard, worships Zario's feet in those sheer socks. Then Travezz returns the favor.

There's also a three-part series featuring a couple of men sucking and fucking in nylons and crotchless pantyhose. They start off wearing suits and end up fully naked except for the pantyhose, but they also change into other sheer socks and nylons. And another scene offers us porn star Jimmy Durano jacking off in a pair of sheer socks and leather jockstrap, and there's another scene where he wears sports socks and underwear. So you can see that there's a bit of everything.

Not all the scenes feature sex; in fact, lots of the guys don't ever get completely nude. But what the site does really well is give foot and sock fetishists a wide variety of men from jocks to hairy hunks exploring their penchant for socks, nylons, pantyhose and footwear. While you'll find many men in suits and some in tuxedos, not all of the men wear executive or formal attire - there are some workmen in casual wear or even jeans, plaid shirts and work boots. One guy admires a uniformed policeman's feet, another leather daddy dresses his boy toy in red stockings and puppy gear including a butt plug tail.

I've glossed over hardcore sex, but there's lots of it - it's just not the main focus of this site. But there's lots of dick sucking, ass licking and fucking, with guys shooting their loads, sometimes on their partner's covered feet. In the latest 18 scenes, two of them are solos and the rest are duos with most featuring foot worship and some sex. A recent scene called Sheer Thrust has two hunks wearing socks and garters do a little rimming and then get into a noisy fuck session. The oldest 30 movies it's the complete opposite with more solos, less full nudity and only a couple with sex.

Gentlemen's Closet offers 386 exclusive streaming videos in MP4 format. These are good quality streaming that play at 980x550 with a full-screen option, and most fare quite well when enlarged; they're also mostly available in multiple resolutions and there are at least one res that's compatible with newer mobiles. Some of the videos are full scenes, others are multi-part productions broken into two or three updates, each running between five and over 15 minutes. The videos are actually also available to download, but you have to purchase the downloads separately in a clips store so they cost extra.

There are also 185 picture sets in their own section. Older pictures display at 1000x1500 while newer are a little smaller at 800x1200. They're mostly good quality digital stills, although I found some sets contained average quality screencaps at 1280x720. The pics display in thumbnail galleries, and while there are forward and back buttons on the viewer, there's no hands-free slideshows. You can save pictures individually, and there are downloadable zip files offered in multiple sizes, although the zips labeled with the larger sizes usually offer the same size photos you'll find in the smaller sizes, which are still good sized.

These sets range from small with less than a dozen pictures each to large with over 200 images. The newest sets tend to be small while the older ones are the larger variety and contain a mix of color and black and white pictures in the same set. Also those large sets tend to contain lots of the same poses, but if you're really into footwear, foot coverings and bare feet, you may appreciate the detail.

Now let's talk about updates. At first glance there seem to be less videos than there were before the site got its upgrade, but there's good news that goes with that. I contacted Trenton Ducati, and he tells me that they're remastering the oldest videos and re-releasing them over time so that instead of being broken into two or three updates, they'll all be full scenes. And they're also still adding mostly new videos, too. The bottom line is that, although the site still doesn't date updates, he says they're updating weekly.

When it comes to issues and quibbles, I have a few. First, full membership prices aren't shown on the join page, but don't worry because they do appear on the billing page. When you join, you are automatically signed up for emails. The model index, which I found very handy, was removed, and hasn't been replaced as I hoped it would be. The oldest videos are lower quality than the newer, which isn't a big deal as the older vids are still pretty decent. And yes, I wish downloads were included with membership, but the streaming vids look good and play and fast-forward without any issues.

And I have one final word here that's not an issue. Aside from not always seeing full nudity or sex, the guys don't always show bare feet, either, although the socks and nylons are usually sheer.

Gentlemen's Closet is a superb site featuring a wide variety of men exploring their fetish for feet and the things we can wear on them. There's foot sniffing, licking and toe sucking, but you'll find the site is largely involved with feet covered in sheer socks, nylons, pantyhose or other types of socks. Some of the performers have sex or jerk off while wearing nylons or knee-high sheer socks, others just like admiring how their legs and feet look and feel in the various foot attire. The site has 386 exclusive streaming video updates, and the site updates weekly, either with a new scene or a remastered one. Gentlemen's Closet delivers exactly what's wanted to keep fans of men's feet in socks, dress shoes and nylons turned on and entertained.

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