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Family Dick explores the fauxcest niche, and this is one of the most exciting sites I've seen emerge in a while. A student suspended for smoking in the bathroom has to face his stepdad who decides his punishment will be a blowjob; another man helps his stepson graduate into men's underwear and shows him how to adjust his package. A stepfather takes his stepson to the doctor's office for a very intimate examination, and another dad introduces his stepson to a horny friend who has the hots for him. It's exciting and kinky stuff, and I'm anxious to get inside and see what's been happening since our last visit.

First of all, none of the men here are actually related, and these scenarios are complete fantasy, but no less exciting and dirty. Many of the performers are porn regulars who have appeared on other porn sites, guys like Bishop Angus and Dante Colle, although they aren't credited with their porn names here. The "stepsons" tend to be 18 to 24 year olds who are clean shaven and mostly smooth. Some of the guys are boyish while others are more athletic or muscular. The stepdads, step-uncles, doctors and massage therapists are a mix of men ranging from handsome and in good shape to beefy muscle bears, and they appear to be in the late twenties to early forties.

The action explores scenarios that blur the lines of relationships and push boundaries, often with performers playing stepdads and their stepsons and bringing fantasies into reality. I was impressed with the filming of theses scenes because there's a nice amount dialogue setting the scenarios and building the sexual tension until finally pants are down around ankles and cocks are stiffening. In "Tough Love for His Boy," a dad catches his stepson playing with a propane torch in the garage, and after giving him a stern talk about safety, the stepfather teaches his stepson how to properly use the torch. The man thinks they should tell his wife, but the lad begs, "Please don't tell Mom, I'll do anything." Dad alludes to something they did on a camping trip last summer and thinks they should do it again. The stepson agrees and gets on his knees.

In "High School Days," a stepfather has to pick his stepson up from school – he's been suspended for smoking in the bathroom. They get into an argument in the SUV, and the stepfather drives them out to a secluded area in the woods. "There have to be consequences," he says. "I had to take the rest of the day off work because of you." Still sitting in the back seat, the stepson says, "You can't punish me - you're not even my real dad." After threatening to tell the lad's mother about the smoking, the stepfather orders him into the front seat. Dad pulls out his cock (and it's a thick one) and tells his stepson that sucking his dick would be good payback. The student doesn't want to at first, then finally goes down on his stepdad. He tries sitting on the man's cock right there in the front seat, but they eventually move to the back of the SUV where dad fucks his stepson doggy style.

Most of the action is in duos featuring an older man playing with a younger guy in his twenties. There are a couple of scenes involving threeways, too: in "Daddy's Little Boy," a step-father takes his stepson to the doctor's office, and the three of them have sex in the examination room. In "Tough Love For His Boy," a stepdad brings home a friend who has the hots for his stepson and the two of them play with the lad.

Family Dick now offers 84 exclusive, DRM-videos. The videos come in MP4 format, and they're very good quality with multiple camera angles, good lighting and sound. You can download each video in any of four sizes from 640x360 to 1920x1080 and the largest comes in bitrates of 7 Mbps or better, so they're a pleasure to watch. You can also stream the videos at 960x540, and they play well on the site's full streaming servers; you can also use the full-screen option, and the videos lose very little quality. The smaller sizes are perfect for mobile devices and should be compatible with all but the oldest phones and tablets.

Each episode comes with a set of pictures. These are good quality screencaps sized at 900x506, and they preview the action well. You browse them in a viewer with forward and back controls, although there's no hands-free slideshow. You can save any of the pictures individually and there are downloadable zip files available. There are anywhere from 12 to around 100 screencaps per set depending on the episode.

There are some drawbacks. Be aware of the pre-checked offer on the billing page; if you don't want it, it's easy enough to opt out. A large pop-up packed with ads appeared right after I logged into the member area, but it was easy to close. The dates are no longer shown in the member area but they are shown on the tour; not all the updates are shown in order, but the site is averaging an update every week; sometimes they're seven days apart, others they're six days or eight days apart. And last are ads - there is a huge banner ad a full 1920 wide at the top of every member area page and animated thumbs - also ads - at the bottom of every page.

Family Dick pushes boundaries within family relationships with dirty stepdads seeing how far they can get with their 20-something stepsons and more. An original niche, high-quality productions and attention to details like multiple camera angles and well-written dialogue makes these sex scenes well worth watching. There are now 84 videos to download, stream and watch on your mobiles, and the site continues to average an update once every week. If you're into the daddy-son or fauxcest niche, you'll want to head over and take a look at this site focusing on stepfather-stepson sex and more. It's the one everyone's going to be talking about.

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