Nicky was watching the tv, but mostly watching us. My dad finally cummed. I didn't want it to end, but I was tired. My dad crawled over to Nicky, who was already dripping in precum, and began to fuck him quick like he did me. I rolled over, being very tired and stared at the window. Something caught my eye, something moving. I lifted my head to see if its what I saw. I saw a figure outside the window on the balcony.


"Dad someone's there." I whispered.

"What?" He moaned.

"Somebody is out the window."

"Really?" He said. Nicky sighed as he pulled out. My dad walked to the glass door and opened it, he then turned on the light. There was a man standing. Younger then my dad but older then me and Nicky. He was wearing a loose pair of shorts, t-shirt. I could see his hard-on. It was very large.

"Who the hell are you?" My dad asked.

"Names Ryan." He simply said.

"What are you doing here then?" My dad asked.

"Watching you." He said.

I wanted to know what would happen, I kept my mouth shut, waiting for my dads response.

"Well... Do you want to... You know... Come in?" My dad said with a cocky smile. I went over to Nicky to get a better view.

"He's so hot," Nicky whispered.

"Agreed. Is he coming?" 

Nicky then shushed me.  I watched as the man came in. He didn't look at us, Nicky then got under the covers, I pushed him over and got under as well.

"Undress yourself." My dad demanded. Ryan did as told. He had a large cock, close to the size as my dads, but my dads was thicker. My and Nicky stood out of eye-sight of Ryan, but my dad kept an eye on us. I stared at his large cock and compared it to my dads.

"Not bad, not bad." My dad said. Ryan stood there, I saw him getting harder, he started dripping in precum.

"What do you want?" My dad asked.

"I want your cock." He replied.

"What do you want to do with it?" My dad asked again.

"I want to suck it." He said.

"Thats Alex's job, but I will fuck your little ass." My dad said. I smiled. Ryan then looked back at us. He seemed to not notice me or Nicky in the bed.

"Lucky guys, twins?" Ryan replied.

"Sons." My dad replied. 

"Still lucky." 

"Turn your ass over the other side of the bed, stay away from the twins. Lube yourself up with that bottle on the night stand." My dad demanded.

Dang it! I wasn't going to get a share of Ryan's cock. But I watched in silence. Ryan did as told, he lubed his ass with his fingers. 

"Lube my cock and put it back." My dad demanded again.

"Yes sir." Ryan simply said. Nicky and i watched in silence. We had our knees bent as we laid against the back of the bed, our legs brushing together. 

"How do you want to be fucked?" My dad asked.

"Ram it in there... Oh yeah... HARDER!!!!" Ryan replied. Me and Nicky watched in fascination, I wanted my ass rammed like that. I'm going to ask dad for that later, I thought. Somewhere during the thing, me and Nicky fell asleep, I awoke in the night to see my dad in the bed off to himself. He was awake too. I slid quietly over to dad, I wrapped my arms around his back. He pulled away and turned around, his eyes shone in the moonlight. 

"Wheres Ryan?" I asked.

"Kicked him outta here. He wanted to stay but i wouldn't let him." He said.

"What did you mean when you said it was my 'job'? Im sure you get plenty of blow jobs." I said. 

"Well since you moved, you have given me the best, so i let nobody else do it." He then kissed me. When he broke the kiss, I laid my head onto his hairy chest.

Morning came quickly. We left the hotel and went to the house. 

"Wanna get a job at the mall?" Nicky asked.

"Sure, are there any hiring?" I asked.

"There's some clothing store, and I'm applying at Hot Topics," He replied.

"Oh okay," I said.

"Getting jobs eh?" My dad said.

"Yeah!" Nicky smiled.

The next day we went down to the mall. I went down to the store Nicky told me about and asked the man at the front about applying. He gave me an application.

"You have a greater chance to make it with such looks." He said. I met Nicky at the Food Court. I started working on my application as Nicky got his food.

"Dude, I saw the manager, his name is Mike... He is so hot!" Nicky laughed when I said that.

We managed to finish the application after 45 minutes at the mall. I went back to the store and turned it in. I met Nicky at the car. We then drove home. I was anxious for the job, Nicky was too. My dad was just getting home as well.

"Hey guys, listen uh, I got you transferred to a school nearby, so you can at least finish high school here and maybe go to college." My dad said as we got comfortable.

"Okay, when do we start?" I asked.

"They said the End Of Quarter is Friday, so they suggested you guys come on Monday.

"So what do we do until then?" Nicky asked.

"Whatever, I don't care," my dad replied. It was then i heard my phone go off. I pulled it out and answered it.


"Hey, is this Alex?" Said the man.

"Yeah," I replied.

"This is the manager, Mike. We have looked over the application and want to tell you that you start Thursday if that's okay?" Mike said.

"Yes! That's great!" I said and ended the call.

"I got the job!" I said with a large smile.

"When do you start?" Dad asked.



Thursday came quick. I was so excited, Nicky got the job at the Verizon store as well. We rode together to the mall to start working. I went to the clothing store to meet Mike. 

"Hey Alex, welcome." Mike said with a welcoming smile.

"Thanks for the job!" I replied shaking his hand.

He walked me towards the back.

"you gay?" He asked.

What? What do I say? Should I say I'm gay with my brother? That I'm gay with my own dad? Now, Mike is in his thirties, he looked like a model, he had the muscles and abs. 

"Yeah." I simply said. He didn't reply or anything.

"You're working on register. No hooking up with customers. No flirting. No anything of that shit. I see you do one customer..." He growled. He led me to the register. He taught me the controls and said that one of the employees can help me.

The first customer came, it was a girl with blonde hair, she had black on the inside of her hair, she had a pretty smile. I checked her clothes out and let her pay. The next customer was a couple, the guy, he was tall and muscular, the girl was almost the same height, she had black hair and a tan.

The day went on, I got my lunch break around 1, I met Nicky at the Food Court.

"How's your job?" I asked.

"Boring, my boss keeps loading me with rules, what about yours?" He replied.

"Kind of fun, I'm already working the register!" I bragged. We talked about our job and I forgot about it being only 20 minute break.... I was late. I quickly went back to the store.

"Why are you late?" The manager, Mike, asked.

"Sorry i got caught up talking to my brother." 

"Your brothers here?" He asked.

"Yeah he got a job at Hot Topics," I told him.

"Oh, well that is cool, but you being late isn't. We are going to have to do something 'bout that." Mike gestured me to follow him to the office.

"Maybe give me a longer lunch break..." I mumbled quiet enough that he couldn't hear me. We walked into his office, it was small.

"I am going to tell you, I'm gay as well. 

"I wasn't doing anything with my brother!" I told him, he thought I was lying.

"Doesn't matter, don't be late again  or you are dealing The day went by. I was finally off, I wasn't supposed to work until next week. I didn't know why. 

Nicky and I talked about our job when we started on our way home, he said his boss was a little grouchy. When we got back, it was already 6:45, so my dad ordered pizza. My dad asked how work was and we told him it was good, Nicky never got to work, it was just lectures and lectures. I thought it was funny.

After we ate, I was dead tired, so was Nicky. As soon as we got to bed, Nicky was practically wide awake. We fought each other on who undresses who. Nicky kissed me, I felt to tired for this. 

"Im to tired Nicky," I groaned.


"Im sorry Nicky," I sighed. I got up and got into the bed and Nicky did the same. I knew he was disappointed. I didn't want him to be. I could always sleep in. I moved over to where Nicky laid and started kissing his neck. I rolled over on top of him.

"Thought you were to tired?" Nicky growled, but he let me. My lips made their way to his nipples. I felt his hand push my head down, I took his shaft in, I sucked on his hard cock. I loved the taste of it in my mouth. 

"Gosh let me fuck you already." Nicky moaned. He pulled out some lube and lubed my ass, he handed me the bottle and i lubed his nice cock. We fought on who was being on top, i finally let him be on top. He fucked hard. 

"FASTER!!! HARDER!!!" I yelled. Surprisingly, he crammed his cock more into me. We both moaned so loud. I wrapped my arms around Nicky's neck and pulled him in and kissed him. Nicky was able to continue for a while, I knew he was holding it, it was driving me crazy. I finally yelled for him to release, and he did instantly. We both moaned loudly and I pulled him under me and laid on his chest. 

"Nothing like brotherly love." I looked up to see my dad, he just pushed us over and got under as well. I felt his arms rub my leg. I switched places with Nicky, knowing he was going to want my father, i finally rested my eyes and got some sleep. 

Morning came to quick, I was so tired, I had no idea why. I got up without disturbing Nicky, who was laying in my dads arms. I got dressed and went to the kitchen. I saw Marc.

"Good morning -" he looked shocked to see me.

"Alex? What are you doing here?" 

"I live here," 

"Since when?" 

"Since this past weekend."

"oh, well can i do anything for you?" He asked.

"Can I get chocolate pancakes, with a bit of vanilla and extra butter along with syrup. And on top of that, scrambled eggs." I demanded with a smile. If we had a butler, I was at least going make him do what I say. I walked down the hall and made a right, leading me into our large living room. I turned on the tv and saw nothing interesting, my eyes felt heavy, i finally rested them.

Nicky was shaking me awake.

"Wake up already..." He said.

I jumped up, it was bright outside.

"Whats going on?" I asked.

"It's one o'clock!" Nicky told me. I got up and followed Nicky, we went into the kitchen and realized how hungry i was. I ate the pancakes I asked for earlier, except Marc cooked newer ones. 

"What are we going to do today? I asked.

"I was hoping we can go to the bar?" 

"Sounds good," I smiled.

Later finally came, me and Nicky changed to something nicer and went to the bar. We saw Galley there, he was glad to see us. He said he had a hotel and was having friends come over soon, and that he wanted us to come, possibly stay the night. Nicky talked to dad and he said that we could, so Galley drove us to the hotel. We went inside and Galley gave us some beer, I passed up the offer but Nicky made me drink one. I heard a knock and a bunch of guys came in, Galleys age and some were my age. The were all cute and handsome. Galley started going commando.

"Everyone undress." He demanded. I saw other guys undress, they had long cocks, some were thick. Me and Nicky did as told. We were all spread out in the hotel room, I soon felt arms around me, they were warm, I felt lips on my shoulder, i looked down to see someone playing with my dick, I moaned. I looked around, and saw Galley was being occupied as well, Nicky was being fucked on the bed, other men were fucking or being fucked, some were just kissing against the wall, and some were sucking each other on the floor. I felt the man behind me start fingering me, the pleasure was so good that I moaned, the one who was sucking me pulled back, he walked to service someone else, the one fingering me pulled away and shoved me onto the bed, he was on top of me. His blue eyes, white teeth, blonde hair and his perfect tan was so beautiful. He was smiling.

"Whats your name?" He asked.

"Alex, and you?" I replied.

"Ross.... Ross Gryder." He smiled.

"Well Ross Gryder, fuck me already with that oversized cock." I told him.

Now, he has a perfect six pack, but his cock, it was actually larger then my dads, it was thicker as well.

"Yes sir," he said with a cocky smile. "You're going to need extra lube," he said, he got up and grabbed some lube, he came back and continue fingering my ass. He poured more lube.  He then placed the head of his cock in me, it felt so painful, but at the same time it felt so good. He slowly put more in, so much pain, tears fell but I wanted more. His arms wrapped around me, he got more inches, I swore it had to be over, but when I reached down, shit he was just at half. 

Ross continued as he kissed my neck. I looked around, Nicky was still being fucked, I saw a threesome fucking, Galley was being fucked by the man that was with him at the bar. I looked back at Ross, who pulled up, he was staring in my eyes, he kissed me, but it wasn't like a kiss from Nicky or Dad, i felt actual love, not that they didn't love me. This time it felt special, it's hard to explain. Ross started thrusting the rest of his cock in me, his pace began to quicken. The pleasure caught up with me, it was to good. We both moaned but it was drowned in the other moans. 

"Faster, just fuck me like its your last." I growled in pleasure. He did, his thrust were quick and hard. He managed to put more of his cock in me. He kept it up for a long time, others had fallen asleep, few were awake, but they were just kissing. We were both fighting the moans.

"I'm coming." He whispered. Soon enough he did, it was so much that it was dripping onto the bed. Ross kissed me gently and pulled out. He started pulling out his clothes from a pile we all made. 

"Where you going?" I asked.

"Back home, I ain't staying with all these guys." He said, I grabbed my clothes and put them on as well.

"What are you doing?" He asked.

"Can I come?" I asked.

"Really?" He said.

"Yeah," I told him.

"Aight, it's about thirty minutes from here, also tell your brother that you're going." He said as he put on his shirt. I looked around for Nicky, I saw him laying on a handsome guy.

"Nicky?" It turned out he was awake.

"I'm going home with a guy, be at the house tomorrow, okay?" 

"Whatever," he simply said. I walked back to Ross, we walked out to his car and rode to the house.

"So tell me about yourself, what was your first gay experience?" He asked.

"Caught my brother jacking off, he offered me to join, when I did he started sucking me off, I quickly went to my bed, he followed and I agreed to let him fuck me." I told him. "You?"

"It was me and my friend, I was 15, there was a hurricane and our parents were out at a diner. They never came, we laid in bed together, huddled up, the power was off. A lightning struck a tree in our yard. He was holding me when I felt his cock hardening. I wrapped my hand around it." Ross said with a laugh.

"He was fucking me during the climax of the storm, he was on top, the rain was loud, the thunder came at perfect timing." 

We arrived at the house, it was pretty small, but as soon as he showed me my bedroom, he began kissing me. We fought taking our clothes off, then we wrestled about who was on top when we laid in bed, but our lips never parted. For some odd reason, it didn't feel like what it did back at home. I felt true love, I didn't understand why. Our cocks rubbed together, I got a chance to admire his muscles. They were amazing, they felt so smooth and hard. I rubbed his ass as he continued kissing me. My ass was still lubed so he had no problem fucking me again. I screamed in pain as he thrust his cock into me, pain turned into pleasure

The way he treated me so gently, the way he held me in his arms, the way he kissed me, it was all different from Nicky or Dad, it all made me love him. Moments of our moans past. 

"I'm coming now," he finally said.

"Let me taste it." I demanded. He pulled out his cock and I rolled him over, I moved down to has cock, i immediately began sucking it, I could only get more then half, but I kept towards the head so I could taste the cum. He came, there was so much that it dripped down my mouth and some onto the bed, I licked all of it off and kissed him a goodnight kiss. I knew I wanted him to be mine.

---------As you can guess, Alex found love, true love other then his twin and his father. Want to suggest an idea? Comment or Send an email, my email is [email protected]  . I reply quickly. ---------




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