I sighed as I woke up. It was still dark. My father was nowhere to be found. I was laying on Nicky. I glanced up and saw Nicky was up.

"Wheres dad?" I whispered.

"He got up. I don't know why. He told me to stay in here with you."


As soon as I looked back up at Nicky, his lips landed on mine. I rolled on top of him. Kissing Nicky, I felt his cock growing large. I felt Nicky's big arms around me. He rubbed my ass as we laid, kissing deeply. I heard me dad come in, but I didn't stop. He got into bed and watched us, I broke the kiss, still on Nicky, I started sucking my fathers long, thick, hard cock. I tasted the precum. Nicky spat into his hand and rubbed my ass. He got out from under me and spit onto his dick, I moaned as he crammed his dick in me, I was so used to it, I didn't feel pain, I felt pleasure. Still sucking on my dads cock, Nicky was fucking me roughly, each of our moans filled the room. Nicky moaned louder, so did my dad, I felt each cock growing in me. They both shot their load, I felt Nicky's warm load in my ass, and tasted the saltiness of my fathers in my mouth. Nicky collapsed onto my back, his cock still in me. My dad got up and pulled the covers over all of us. 

"Good night my boys," my dad said.


The next day was quick. All until we heard a ring.

"ITS MOM!!!" Nicky hollered. I ran to the bedroom where he laid. It was before lunch time, so we were still being lazy.

"Answer it!" I commanded.

"What do I say?!" He asked.

"I don't know, make something up!" I scolded.

"Hello.........." There was a long silence. Nicky couldn't say anything. I grabbed the phone from his hand.

"Hi mom....."

"Where are yall?!?" She was angry.


"No you're not. Im in his driveway right now. Tell me the truth, where are you?!" She demanded.

"Fine... We are at dads. Don't be mad!" I told the truth. Nicky sighed in disappointment.

My mother was very angry. I could tell. She hung up instantly. As soon as she did, my dad came in.

"Whats going on?" He asked.

"Mom... She called, we're busted." Nicky answered. I sighed and got into bed with Nicky. We were all still naked, not caring either. I laid on Nicky's chest. 

"That's not good. What are yall going to do?" He asked.

"What can we do? When we get back she is going to freak out. She will be asking questions like 'why were we here' and stuff like that." I said.

Nicky kissed my head as we laid, my dad got under the covers.

"You could move here," he suggested.

I glanced up, seeing his face expression, I could tell he was actually thinking about it.

"We could have freedom," Nicky whispered. I nodded in agreement.

"Alright then." I said.

The day went on, a casual Saturday. We didn't do much. Nicky and I went out and rode around while our dad worked. We got home and dad was already here. We decided it would be time to call mom. Nicky called her first. My dad and I laid in bed as he sat in the chair talking. My dad was fucking me, for some weird reason, it was a bad time, but I let him. I bit my tongue to keep myself from moaning. After talking, he handed me the phone.

"Alex. Are you really moving?" She asked.

"Yes." I said, trying not to sound upset.

"Why?" She asked.

"Because I forgive dad on what happened. I want to know him better." I replied. My dad was on the other side of my head, biting my shoulder.

"But you used to hate dad so much, why do you all the suddenly take a likening of him?" She asked.

"Yeah I hated dad..." My dad growled and thrust hard.

"You hated me? You say that in front of me?" He growled. I fought back the moan.

"But I want to know him, I haven't been around him. I want to know what it's like to have a dad." Nicky joined under the covers. 

"But he RAPED YOU!" My mom started yelling.

"I FORGIVE HIM!!!" I started yelling. My dad quieted his thrusting but continued. 

"Tell her how much you crave my cock. Nicky's cock. Tell her about how much of a cocksucker you are." My dad growled as he thrust long and hard.

"Why?" She asked after calming down."Tell the truth too." She added.

"Fine. No point of lying. I enjoyed the rape." I said finally. I felt my dad smiling. 

"You betrayed me. You couldn't even tell me your gay, you run off to your "friends" just to be with your gay dad." She yelled again.

"How did i betray you?"

"You're not moving." She said.

"I already made my decision, so did Nicky. I will be there this week to get my stuff." I hung up on her. I finally moaned, it was a long load one. My dad let out his moan too. He fucked harder, faster then before. Nicky rolled over and kissed me. 

"I'm coming." My dad whispered,

I felt his hot liquid fill my insides. I didn't want it to end. Nicky took my fathers place as he got up. He fucked me hard like my father did. His cock wasn't as thick, but it was long. I moaned with great pleasure. It didn't take long for him to come, he wasn't holding it back like my dad was. When he did, I wiped my ass with my finger and tasted the cum. The mixture of my fathers and my brothers was so good.

Somewhere in the night I fell asleep. I woke up, Nicky was on top of me, I was hugging my fathers waist and his cock was on my face. I thought it was funny. Nicky moved a little, I realized his cock was still in my ass. I wiggled my ass a bit for some pleasure. I fell asleep again.

I woke up, Nicky had moved and was laying on his own, I was still on my father, his cock was hard. I saw that Nicky was awake, so I moved and wrapped my arms around his chest. He pulled away, making me let go and then he turned over to face me. 

"You serious about moving?" He asked.

"I don't know. Are you?"

"Yeah i actually am." 

"When are we getting our stuff?" I asked.

"I guess sometime next weekend or something. We will have to ask dad." He replied.

I rested my eyes, Nicky pulled closer and held tightly.----------------

The day went on, at night Nicky wanted to ride around, dad let us take the Ferrari. We rode, we came by a bar, since we are old enough, we went in. I walked in and noticed it was only guys. It's a gay bar!

"Our first gay bar!" Nicky said, we made our way to the bar and got some drinks, I felt someone grab my ass as we walked, but I remained behind Nicky. 

"Twins..?" The bartender said as he gave us our drinks. Nicky smiled. I looked around, I saw a shirtless guy beside of me.

"Hey, I'm Galley, who are you..." He looked behind me, "who are you twins other then hotties?" 

"Im Alex, and this is Nicky." I replied.

"What brings yall here?" He asked.

"Just riding around and thought we could come here." Nicky said, he had gotten up and stood beside of me to see Galley better. 

"you guys looking for anything in particular?" He asked.

I glanced up, Nicky just shrugged his shoulders.

"Follow me," galley said and walked to a hallway, another man followed us. We were led into a dim room, there were couples sucking, fucking, and kissing nakedly on the couches. It was so hot watching them. I felt myself Hardening. We continued to a corner. The men, they were at least 20, removed our pants. One was with Nicky, Galley was removing mine. He pulled out my hard thick cock. I glanced and saw Nicky laying back with his eyes closed, so i let mine be closed. I felt Galley's warm lips suck my cock. I moaned. The music was louder then my moan so not many people heard. Nicky grabbed my hand, he was squeezing it. Our moans grew.

"May we?" Galley asked. I nodded. I opened my eyes and saw that Nicky was already being fucked. I felt Galley fingering me. I moaned. He used more spit and slowly put the head of his massive cock in me. It hurt badly, but I moaned. He continued putting more inches into me, the pleasure came soon enough. Galley and I were moaning loudly, Nicky was too. Moments passed, galley finally shot his load, I opened my eyes to see Nicky already done and getting dressed. Galley pulled out and put on his clothes. I did the same. Me and Nicky left, satisfied from our fun.

"Now I know why you love it so much," Nicky said when we were almost back.

"Yeah. Gosh we should go back often." I replied.

"Agreed." Nicky said. We arrived and got into my dads bed, he was in the shower so we continued.

"I wonder where marc is?" Nicky said as we laid down.

"I know right, haven't seen him much."

"He's on vacation," I didn't notice my dad had came in, he joined us. 

"Can I take a shower?" Nicky asked. My dad nodded, he then left, leaving me and him alone. My dads cock was hard, I moved down to begin the fun but he stopped me, his large muscles pulled me up and he kissed me deeply, sucking in my tongue, trying to shove his own in my throat. I allowed him, loving his warmth. He moved on top of me, his weight squishing me, but it was so hot. My hands explored his body, felt every muscle. His arms were behind my back, pulling me in. His tongue felt good, it was warm. He broke the kiss, I was breathing hard. He smiled and grabbed a bottle of lube, I admired his big arms, the way they moved. He began lubing my ass and his cock. I felt it fill me up, I moaned, I could continue because he kissed me.

"Ram that nice cock in me daddy," I said, breaking the kiss. 

As commanded, he did. I screamed at the pain, then moaned in pleasure. I heard Nicky come in. 

"Hah," he laughed. My dad didn't stop. His pace began to quicken. I felt him bite my neck, which felt so good. I felt myself cum between our chests, his arms squeezed me. I felt his dick grow, my dad was moaning so loud. I felt his cum inside of me. I moaned loudly. 

"Damn you're so hot." Nicky was saying as he laid down.

"I got another load, you want it?" My dad said as he pulled out. I went up and licked my smothered cum on his chest. He allowed me before he started kissing Nicky. He was right, it was hot. I watched them and listened to their moans. Moments passed when Dad finally shot his load, Nicky hadn't, so I wanted to get it while I could. When Nicky pulled up, I grabbed him and started sucking him roughly. It didn't take long for him to cum, I love the flavor of it. Nicky laid on me, my dad was hugging both of us.

     ---- Next Day ----

I woke up to see all of us were in bed, Nicky and my dad were talking. I groaned as I awoke. 

"Hey bro, we have to get ready." Nicky said.

"Okay, where we going?" I asked.

"Home, to pack. Then we will be getting a transfer." He replied.

"Oh dang, we are missing school." I said as i checked the time.

"Yeah so let's hurry up." Nicky said.

"Also, I'm going too" dad said.

"Mom will be fussing at you and stuff though," Nicky told him.

"Oh well, I'm going." He said. 


We packed and got to the airport. When we arrived a few hours later, my dad called a taxi. We rode to the house, seeing my mother wasn't home. I quickly went to our closet to grab other suit cases. I packed clothes and Nicky packed other stuff. My dad just waited for us. I heard voices and my dad.

"Moms home!" Nicky hollered.

"Oh gosh." I said, I quickly closed the suitcase and pulled it to the living room.

"Well hey..." My mom said.

"Hey mom," Nicky said awkwardly.

"I see you got bags.

"Yeah we are just getting our stuff." I said. It felt very awkward. My mom glared at my father. I quickly went back to my room, Nicky followed me. We continued packing when we heard yelling. I did my best ignoring it. We finished the packing, I came to the living room to see dad laying on the couch.

"Wheres mom?" I asked.

"She walked out," he replied.


"Y'all ready?" He asked, I nodded, but as soon as I did, Jackson walked In. He took one look at dad and looked angry.

"What are you doing here?" He glared. "Whats going on?" He said when he saw my bags.

"Mom hasn't told you?" Nicky asked, I didn't notice him until then.

"What?" He asked.

"We are moving to dads." Nicky answered.

"why?" He asked.

"Because..." I looked over at dad before continuing, he just nodded.

"I'm going to be honest with you, we enjoyed the rape." Nicky finished for me. Jackson's eyes widened. He just went to his room and slammed the door.

"Cabs on the way," dad said quietly. 

The taxi arrived right when Jackson came out.

"Im coming with y'all." He demanded.

"No you aren't." Dad said.

"Yes. I. Am. If they are going, I'm going." 

"Dude, your 14," I said.

"13," Nicky corrected.

"Oh well, y'all are 17, so what." Jackson said. 

"You aren't going. Period." Dad said.

"Whatever, have fun being gay asses." Jackson said as he slammed the door. I rolled my eyes and we left.

When we finally arrived, it was past midnight. We decided to go to a hotel. We took the largest room. As soon as I got in, I knew what we were going to do. I turned around and Nicky was already kissing me, his arms wrapped around me as he lowered me onto the bed. He undressed me and I undress him. We kissed, my dad turned off the lights. Our tongues dancing happily, I reached for his rock hard cock and started jerking it off, using the precum as lube. My dad handed us a bottle of lube and Nicky started lubing my ass. I felt Nicky's cock come into me. I used his hips and pulled him in all the way quickly, I was moaning already. Nicky quickened the rhythm. Moment passed and our moans increased. Finally, Nicky shot his cum. He pulled back breathing hard.

"Gosh you're so hot, my turn with his ass," my dad said as he poured lube onto his big thick cock. I moaned in relief because it wasn't over. My dad pinned my arms down, he slowly began to put his long clock into my ass. It was larger then Nicky. He kissed me, shoving his tongue into my mouth. He moved his head to my neck, he kissed my neck until he got to my shoulders. He chewed on my shoulders which made me moan more. He fucked me harder and faster. I was pinned to the bed, I was enjoying it more then my dad. Our hands held together, my arms spread and his arms on top holding me down. I just couldn't get enough. 

Nicky was watching the tv, but mostly watching us. My dad finally cummed. I didn't want it to end, but I was tired. My dad crawled over to Nicky, who was already dripping in precum, and began to fuck him quick like he did me. I rolled over, being very tired and stared at the window. Something caught my eye, something moving. I lifted my head to see if its what I saw. I saw a figure outside the window on the balcony.

-----------Hey guys, leave a comment please on what you will want next. Sorry about not posting lately, been having some "fun".-----------




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