"Action!" Matt yelled. I walked down the hallway towards a door and could hear moaning. I opened the hotel room door and the moans were from the shower. There was a dresser behind me, a bed right near the hotel door, and a tv near the window.

 I slowly walked towards the bathroom door and cracked it open. I could see Ross looking hot and sexy under the water. His back was against the wall facing the door but his eyes were closed. My penis was growing very hard inside my shorts so i unzipped them and pulled my shorts and boxers down. Ross moaned. I quietly spit into my hand so I could jack off. I didn't need to be so quiet because the water was running. I started jacking myself off and was near orgasm, when I reached orgasm, I lost control and bumped into the dresser. When I hit it, Ross noticed the door open a tad and quickly got out."Hey!" I heard Ross say as I scrambled to my feet and tried pulling my shorts up as I rushed towards the door. 

I could hear Ross run after me. When I reached the door, I started to open it but Ross got to me. He put one arms around my waist, and the other on my arm and pulled me back. He reached and locked the door and pulled me to the bathroom as I struggled. "You want this?" He asked, rubbing his semi hard cock. I didn't answer and he jacked off, making him hard again. His left hand was in my hair and his right was on his long shaft.

 "Do you want it?" He asked again, teasing my with the head of his cock on my lip. I nodded my head, and he slowly put little into my mouth. I put my arms around his ass and tried pulling him closer, taking more of his cock in my mouth. Ross let out a loud moan and pulled me up. He pushed me into the shower, then he lifted me up, his fingers dug into my ass. I let out a soft moan and he let me slide down onto his dick. I let out a gasp because it 'hurt' but then moaned loudly.

 I made a note to myself not to look at the camera, it was hard and felt strange. Knowing millions would be watching, but at the same time, it was hot!Ross bent me over and fucked me hard and rough. I moaned loudly, it was better then usual. 

After moments, I felt Ross shoot his load inside of me. It was more then average. As we dried off, Ross pulled me in and kissed me so deeply, I fell into his arms and he held me tightly. We got dressed and was asked to meet with Matt in the office.

"Well boys, you did great, you could become popular soon!" He said. "Also, we want to offer you a contract." I looked at Ross with wide eyes and he looked as shocked as me. "Here's the contract, call me when you decide what you want to do." Matt said as he left us alone at the table.

"That was fun," Ross said.

 "Yeah, I wouldn't mind doing this... For money!" I laughed."So we'll do it?"

"It's fine with me." 

We signed and told Matt we would be happy to work for him in the porn industry.

"First, I want to send Ross to Maine, for some filming. Alex we have some guys flying in to film, we could use you," Matt told us.

"What?" Ross asked, I knew he was upset.

"It's just for a week, and Alex, we don't need you yet, you get two days off before they get here," Matt continued.After a long conversation about what we'll be doing, Ross agreed to go with reluctance. Ross is supposed to be going tomorrow morning. That night at the hotel was a real fun time.

"Alright you little naughty boy," Ross said with a smile as he slammed me into the bed of our hotel room. He crawled across the bed and started kissing me hard. I pulled off his shirt and rubbed his back as he continued kissing me. We broke the kiss long enough to undress completely. Ross pulled out a bottle of lube and fingered my waiting hole as he kissed me. He then changed from fingering me to fucking me roughly.God, the pleasure is so good. Unfortunately, Ross cummed quickly. We both were out of breath as we laid there staring into the ceiling. 

I was about to doze off when Ross said: "I am going to miss you while I'm gone," 

"So am i," I replied and kissed him. I love these moments after a hot fuck, we end up cuddling or Ross hugs me from behind as we sleep. It feels so warm. 

"Tomorrow, after I leave, I want you to go make things right with your dad and your brother. I don't care what you do, just don't let it be like this between you guys," Ross whispered.He is right. They're my family.

"Okay. I will go,"

 "Good," Ross smiled. He slid down and wrapped his arms around my chest from behind and pulled me close. 

" I love you," he whispered in my ear.I turned my head enough to kiss him again and replied "I love you too,"


The morning was a rush as Ross packed for a week-long trip. It would seem forever without him, but I could make it. The drive to the airport was silent. He held my hand as we drive.

"Remember, go see your dad next," Ross said with a kiss as he got out.After saying our goodbyes, i already missed him. I sighed when he went inside, I drove off towards dads, thinking about what to say, when I pulled in, his car wasn't there. I went up to the front door anyways, and knocked.

Nicky answered the door but he was shirtless. He had on shorts an that was it. Gosh his chest was so muscular. About the same as Ross, but with a lighter tan.

"Alex? What are you doing here?" He said with shock and confusion. 

"Thought I should come by." Really? Thats what I say? Damn it! I thought. 

Nicky stared into my eyes for a long minute before smiling. "come in," he said, pulling me through the door. As soon as he closed the door, I was pinned to the wall and we were kissing. 

"Oh my gosh Alex i have missed you so much!" He whispered. His arms went under my shirt and rubbed my sides as he pulled me closer. I held my arms around his neck and moved them to his back, then slowly moved them closer to his shorts. Then I pushed them down to his ass. "Stop it brother, wait for daddy," Nicky whispered.

"Where is he?" I asked, still holding him closely. 

"Work, wont be off until three," Nicky replied with a kiss.

"I cant wait that long Nicky," I said, I knew it was turning him on.

"Oh gosh, shit Alex, I hate when you do this," Nicky growled but with a smile. He ripped off my shirt and rushed to get my belt off. He pulled down my jeans quickly, then removed his loose shorts. 

I gotta say, his cock has improved, greatly. He kept it shaved like me."Come on," he said, pulling my arm down the hallway to our dads room. He didn't even close the door, he just pushed me onto the bed.

"Dad doesn't like to be fucked, but he is very possessive with me, so I cant fuck anyone else, I cant wait to fuck you up!" Nicky whispered in my ear as he kissed my neck. He reached out for a bottle of lube and fingered me. Finally he got down to business. Nicky poured some lube on his dick. He lined the head against my waiting hole, it went in with a pop and a moan from me.

"Gosh I have missed you so fucking much," Nicky moaned when he pushed all the way in. 

"Well well," I heard a voice that sounded like dad. I couldn't wait for him.


Sorry guys for being late, got caught up on other stuff.




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