Just to let you guys know. Non of this happened. I am against the idea of rape. The suggestion for using it in the story was sent by a friend in a email. It will lead up to upcoming events.------------------------

It's been 14 months since the event at my dads. I felt guilty in court, because I actually enjoyed it. My mom said that he would be in jail for at least ten years. I felt bad. I convinced the judge to only give him a year in jail. My mother was angry with me.

"Why?" Nicky had said when we left the courthouse.

"I feel guilty, he shouldn't be locked up for so long," I had replied. They disagreed with me. Me and Nicky fucked almost every night. We hung out all the time. Nicky once got me into the locker room and started fucking me. Some random dude came in and joined. It was so hot.

I wish I could apologize to my dad. I tried telling Nicky but I couldn't figure out a way to. Nicky turned out to be the one who brought it up last weekend when we were playing online.

"You remember how dad raped us?" He asked.


"Is it wrong... Never mind," he left me hanging.

"No tell me," 

"Is it wrong that I enjoyed it, being locked up like that to please dad?" He said as he paused it. I looked over at him.

"No. I enjoyed it too." I mumbled. I looked away in shame.

"Would you, want to go see him?" He asked quietly.

"How?" I asked.

"I have a copy of court papers. His phone number is on there." He replied.

"What about mom?"

"We can tell her we are going to a friends for a while."

"Okay then. Let's message dad."

Hello dad, its Nicky and Alex. I messaged. He responded instantly.

Hey boys! I knew you couldn't ignore me, whats up? 

Can we come over again? I asked.

Yeah, I will send tickets. Can I asked why?

We need to talk to you. Mom cant know about this. She will freak. Alex n i are going to tell her we are at a friends for a while. Nicky typed this time.

Okay, come anytime Soon  he replied. 

"Mom can we go to Danny's house this weekend? And maybe stay Monday and Tuesday since school is out?" Nicky asked as we went to the kitchen.

"I don't care, if you can get Jackson gone too then you can go. Then I get a whole weekend to myself!" She replied.

"Jackson you're going to johns house this weekend, okay?" My mom said, apparently Jackson kept asking to go. 




Nicky and I were packed early as a friend drove us to the airport. When we landed, I saw my father. We walked to the car. 

"Now, why did you guys want to come back?" He asked. I looked over at Nicky and he looked back at me. Our eyes met.

"We need to talk to you" Nicky said.

"Okay..." Dad said as we arrived. We went to Pizza Hut. We ordered and dad started the conversation as we waited for the food.

"What do you need to talk about so bad that you are here in California?" He said with a smirk.

"Dad... Um.... When you uh.. Raped us...." I could barely get the words out. 

"We enjoyed it." Nicky finished my sentence. My dad eyes were wide. He seemed angry.

"Now you tell me... After one year of prison...?" He glared. I felt guilt. Nicky was holding my hand under the table. 

"Im sorry." I said. I looked down and drank my soda. Finding something to keep myself from looking at my father. He didn't say anything. Nicky was squeezing my hands. I knew he felt terrible. Dad sighed.

"I cant stay mad mad at you guys. I shouldn't have raped you, that part was wrong." He finally said. I looked up, realizing he looked guilty. Why are we all guilty? Luckily the food came. We ate slowly. After eating we left towards the house.

"Are you serious about what you said?" My dad asked when we got back.

"Yeah," I replied. Nicky and I got out. I grabbed my bags.

"Same room or you want to share with me?" Dad asked. I was shocked.

I looked over to Nicky, he nodded and said "with you."

It was already pretty late so I went onto  bed. Nicky stayed out in the living room. A few minutes later Nicky came in and my dad followed. I pulled my boxers off and made room for the two to come in. Nicky yanked off his clothes and got under the covers. 

"Taking a shower real quick, save some for me." My dad hollered. I rolled over to Nicky and he kissed me hard. Our tongues danced. I wrapped my arms around him. Hugging him tightly. We laid there for who-knows how long. It was amazing. 

"Man yall are hot," my dad interrupted us as he got under the covers. I wanted him to feel welcome so i moved in to suck him. I forgot how large his cock was, I smiled. I sucked a bit on the head and tried taking half of it. My dad moaned. Moments later he pulled me up and kissed me. I moved down to Nicky's cock, it was welcoming me back. I sucked long and hard. I felt my dads arms pull me away. He moved me over and spit into his hands. He rubbed his spit on my ass and on his cock. Nicky moved and hived his cock into my mouth. I moaned. My dad soon inserted his cock. I felt it fill me up. I couldn't moan more because of Nicky's thick cock in my mouth. I wrapped my arms around Nicky's waist and pulled him under me, so his cock was easier to suck on. Dad got up to more than half. He was soon moaning. He got the last bit and started fucking me hard. I managed to moan. Nicky was the first to yell that he was going to come. I soon found myself coming not to far behind. My dad screamed as he shot his load in my insides. We were all moaning. Nicky pulled himself all the way under me. He kissed me gently and we fell asleep.




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