I woke up with Nicky shaking me. I jumped. I looked over to Jackson. Nicky was outside my door. I got out and looked behind us. There was no car there.

"He drove off," dad explained. We were rear ended.

"Well we are just 5 minutes from the house so lets hurry, it pretty dark" dad added as we got into the car.

We got to the four story house.

"Jackson your room in on the second floor. Ask Marc and he will show you." Dad said as went into the living room.

"Okay." Jackson said as he went up the stairs.

"Woah!" I said, gazing at the decorations and furniture.

"Guys I'm going off to bed, you can have any room the Marc shows you, i supposed you will want to share but it's up to you." Dad said as he hugged us. We walked up the stairs. Marc showed us some rooms and we chose the largest with a king bed, a large flat screen, and it's own kitchen or bar. I hopped on the bed. Waiting for Nicky to start. He simply cut on the tv and got into bed. I waited a bit and got into bed too. He still didn't do anything. I moved my hand slowly. He felt it run against the bed and rolled over onto me, landing on my lips and kissing me deeply. We squeezed him, wanting more. He rubbed my back. He reached for the remote, not breaking the kiss, and cut it off.

He rubbed my dick under my jeans. But I heard a light thump. I jumped up, pushing Nicky.

"JACKSON!" I yelled. He snickered and got out. I walked to the door and locked it. I came back and he was naked. He took off my jeans as I got in bed with him. I kissed him gently, and pulled my boxers off. He stroked my cock as we kissed. I then heard a knock.

"Ugh, not one night with peace..." He said as we got our boxers on. I opened the door. It was dad.

"Keep it down... I know you are doing your thing but don't be so loud..." He said. I blushed.

"Tell Jackson to leave us alone." I told him.

"Okay." He said as he went down the hall. I closed the door and turned around, seeing Nicky. He pushed me up against the door, kissed me. I was pinned. But I pushed him. I was stronger then him, yet he played football. I pushed him onto the bed, not breaking our love. I broke the kiss, and moved towards his rock hard cock. I took it deeply into my throat. The scent of his swear was turning me on more.

"Fuck me!" I whispered.

He got up and went through some drawers.

"There's gotta be some lube here... Aha!" He showed me the bottle. I got onto the bed. He put some on his dick and into his hand. He fingered my ass. The pleasure was amazing. He inserted his dick. Inch by inch. Making me moan. He got every inch and was thrusting hard. It felt like forever. I wanted it to be forever, but he shot his load. I felt mine coming, he started sucking me off and i let loose. He moaned and fell onto my chest.

Next day

I woke up, and Nicky was still asleep. I got dressed and went down stairs. Dad was watching tv. I sat down on the other couch and watched.

"Hey, sleep good." He asked.

"Yeah." I said. He smiled.

"Good." He simply said. Jackson came down.

"Hey Alex," he said as he sat down next to me. He was being too nice to me.

The day went on as planned. We went to the Hollywood sign, where we saw Ariana, she was happy to see us, she tagged along as dad showed us around Hollywood. We went down to the beach. And went to the football game that night. Nicky wouldn't leave my side. I felt safer beside him for some reason. I looked forward to the night, wanting to be with Nicky. But I had to wait. Dad let us try beer. It was funny because Nicky hated it. I didn't like it either. I felt lightheaded. I quickly put it down, not wanting to be drunk. But dad continued.

"Going to bed, night dad, night Nicky." I told them as they watched tv. Nicky followed me to the room. I ran up the stairs and closed the door. I got into bed and undressed. Waiting. Nicky came in and left the lights off. He slid into the blanket and felt my chest. He got on top of me. He was already naked somehow. He kissed me. I pulled him as close as I could. Devouring his mouth. The softness of it. Warmth, and smoothness of my twins lips. I wanted to lay there all night with him. He started rubbing my cock that was dripping with precum. I heard a voice..

"Wow y'all are hot!" I heard my dad say. I pushed Nicky off of me, feeling ashamed. Embarrassment.

"No no... Don't stop.." Dad said. I glared towards Nicky. Our eyes speaking. I knew he didn't like it either.

"Do you.... Mind?" Nicky said.

"No I don't!" Dad said as he pulled a chair from the desk.

"Can you like... Maybe... Let us be alone?" Nicky continued.

"Alright. Fine. Fine by me."

"Lock the door!" I hollered as I heard the door shut. Nicky burst out laughing.

I grabbed his chest and finished what we started. I pulled his head closer. Trying to become one. He groaned and moaned. I loved him.

Nicky reached for my hard leaking dick and started to suck. His warm lips. I moaned. I found myself cumming so quickly. He liked my cum. What does it taste like? I wanted to try it. I flipped over. So I was on top. I moved down, kissing his warm body as I did so. I reached to his cock. I started to suck him. It felt so good in my mouth. I couldn't get enough. I could feel his cock in my throat. I felt it swell so I pulled back a bit, so I could taste the cum. He moaned and shot his load. It was the best, salty and creamy. I wanted more, but it was over.

"Thats good!" I said as I kissed him.

He was hugging me when I awoke. I looked at the alarm clock, it was 8:43. I squeezed Nicky, holding him with me. He woke up, I felt sorry for waking him.

"Morning," he said as he kissed me. All this kissing... It's hard to believe we are brothers...

"Morning," I replied. He smiled. I laid there. Listening to Nicky's breath. My arms were around him.

"5 days left and we can be home." He whispered.

"Yeah," I replied and sighed. My dad came in all the sudden. I didn't hear him close the door. I heard his voice.

"Jackson wasn't kidding..." He said with his hands on his hip.

I jumped. So did Nicky. But we stayed there. I left me eyes closed. I was able to peek a bit. Dad was looking at our bodies. I felt uneasy about my own father. I closed my eyes quickly as I saw him look at my face. He turned around and left the room. I pulled me upwards, face to face with Nicky.

"What the heck?" I whispered.

"I don't know, shush! He's coming." He shushed. I heard my dad come in, he was naked. He had a giant hard cock. I saw him sit down and pour lube onto his cock. I felt nauseous. I slowly moved my arms, so they would wrap around Nicky. He hugged me. I knew he didn't feel comfortable either. Nicky pretended to wake up, he stretched and moaned.

"What the hell?!" He said, I made it look like i had just woke up. Dad quickly walked out. I looked over at Nicky, he glared at the door.

"No privacy..." He said. I laid back down.

The day was like a lazy day, we hung around the house. Me and Nicky doing our own thing, exploring the house, watching tv. We had pizza and I got some water. Dad made us sit at the table. Jackson went on about how he met some girl. May water was tasting weird. It had a odd taste after taste. I felt darkness blurring my vision.

"Alex? Alex! ALEX!!!" I heard an unfamiliar voice. I fell off the chair. My dad laughed. Jackson yelled something, but it was faint. I quickly felt myself tired. I found myself crawling. My eyes slowly opened and closed. Nicky pulled me up, dragging me to the door. I heard his scream, and he dropped me. I fell with a big thud. My head hurt. I felt wetness on my forehead. My eyes mixed with black and red. And I blinked, and left my eyes closed.

Next chapter super long. More sex.
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