This part will be written as a weekly diary-like thing:

Graduation was coming up. I will soon be ready to go to college. I planned on going to North Carolina State University. I was wanting to get my degree and become a Veterinarian. I hadn't seen Ross once. I even quit going to the gym to keep myself farther away from him. Dad didn't want us to go. Nicky was going to the Marines. I also didn't get fucked by anyone but Nicky or Dad, and they didn't fuck me as much, they knew I was busy with study or something else since the college I wanted was the top in state. I missed Ross though. I had gained enough money in case i needed it, so I quit my job at the mall.


Graduation is next week. I  have prepared my speech and aced my exams. Dad is proud of me. Nicky said that he had heard from Galley that Ross moved across the country, he didn't know where or when. I wondered if he went off to New York to be with the dude he cheated on me with. I pushed the thought away.


Graduation is today! Dad was so proud that he took us on a fancy dinner. I had twenty three colleges wanting me, and one was N.C. State! Nicky is leaving for the marines next Wednesday. Dad was upset to see him go and so was i. I met this really nice girl and decided to go straight. I didn't trust men anymore.


The end of summer came, it was time for me to move to North Carolina. Dad gave me a tom of money to pay for everything, I saw mom a couple times this summer, she was glad to see me, and Jackson was as well. I got to go out with the girl I met on graduation. I got to meet her family and everything. But we decided to break up because she had to move to France and didn't want me to be alone. Me and dad hung out all the time, I got to see some movies he was working on.

---------------Present day:---------------

First day of college! Actually, we are going three days early. Dad flew with me, he was upset to see me go. I was sharing a room with another guy who's first day is today. The lady who told me wouldn't say who my roommate was. I got into my room and saw that it was a large one. There was a bed right next to each other. Maybe two yards apart. A dresser on each side. We had plenty of room. There was luggage from my roommate but he hadn't unpacked yet so we left it.

"It's got wifi? Cable! Couch, what else does it got?" We both laughed.

"Alright I'm heading off, love you," my dad said as he kissed my forehead. I started unpacking and put my clothes away. I walked around campus after unpacking and met this nice girl. Her name was Cassandra. We became like best friends and hung out all day. I brought her over to my dorm. I didn't tell her about being gay before. We watched a scary movie. Cassandra got scared and hid behind me on the couch. We heard the door open, I turned to the door to see who I had hoped would be out of my life forever. Yep, it was Ross. My eyes widened when I saw him.

"Alex? What are you doing here?"Ross asked.

"What are you doing here?" I asked back.

"You know each other? Such coincidence!" Cassandra laughed. She didn't know about Ross.

"Uh, yeah, so coincidental.... Cassandra, lets finish this movie tomorrow," I recorded it and turned it off. 

"Text you later, bye." Cassandra said as she left.

"God I have missed you so much!" Ross started to come forward.

"Stop! I am no longer gay! I have moved on! Don't try anything with me!" I got up and got into bed.

"Alex please,"

"Ross no! You had your chance, you broke my heart."

"So much for 'moved on'"

"You haven't," I said and got on Instagram. Ross started unpacking.

"I don't want to, I love you still." He turned and walked to me. He tried to kiss on me but I rolled over, my back facing him. He sighed and tried forcing me to roll back over. I got up quickly and started walking to the couch. 

Ross jumped on my back which made me fall.

"What the fuck?!" 

"Listen to me. I know you missed me. I know you love me. So stop acting like you don't and quit treating me like shit all the time!" He growled in my ear. He got on his knees and let me roll onto my back.

I felt like i knew I wanted him. "Have mercy," i said as I pulled him down and did what I have wanted. I kissed him deeply. I missed his warm lips on mine. I felt his arms run my back.

"For so long, I have waited for that kiss," he smiled. He got up and pulled me up. I went to bed easily. Well only until the dream came. 

I was at the end of it. At the doors of the church. I saw more people. Nicky was holding my arm with his arm. I saw more of my family. We walked to the front. I saw Jackson, dad and mom, I saw my grandparents. I saw my cousins. My aunts and my uncles. To the left, almost everyone looked familiar but I wouldn't be able to name them. I walked on the two steps and stood in front of Ross. In between us stood my uncle, the preacher. I listened to the reception. Every word seemed to be blocked out. I couldn't understand anything. At last i understood the last words...... "You may now kiss."


I know this chapter was somewhat short. Next chapter is final. It will be the longest. Hope you enjoy. Comment if you want any scenes in the next chapter.





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