I felt myself moving. I felt like my eyes were closed. I saw darkness. Fear shook within me. I tried moving but I was tied. My arms tied to a bar, and my legs too. I was hanging. My wrists were sore, burning. I tried talking but there was tape on my mouth. I wiggled my lips with force, making the stickiness wet. I continued, slowly able to remove the tape with my mouth. I gasped for air. I heard someone else breathing.

"Nicky?" I whispered.

"Nicky!" I whispered louder.

"Nicky are you here?!" I said with my normal tone. I trembled. Scared. My whole body was shaking. I shivered and realized I was cold. I felt myself cry. What is going on? I fought the ropes holding me.

"You're never getting out of that." I heard a voice.

Kay bam!

The lights came on. I felt blind. I squeezed my eyes shut. Blocking the light. I slowly opened my eyes. Blinking me. I was able to make a shadow. I was able to open them fully. I tried making out what the figure was. The light reached a point, and ended in front of him. Making it dark, to dark to see him. I looked around. It was all concrete. I saw no doors. I looked up. It was a mirror. I looked down. It was metal. I heard a screech. I looked up. It was loud. Like metal on metal. I couldn't cover my ears. The sound deafening me. I yelled, it was a sharp noise. Nobody should be forced to hear that. I saw someone limping in. I knew exactly who it was.

"NICKY!" I yelled, I couldn't stop myself. My brother looked at me, he ran to me. He hugged me deeply. He was crying. I noticed I was too. I pulled on the ropes to hug him back, but I just got rope burn. I heard a thud, and I looked up, seeing Jackson on the floor.

"Whats going on?!" I yelled at the figure. He stepped out. It was my dad. I glared at him.

"No 'hey' for me?" He asked with a smile.

"What are you going to do to is?" I asked, Jackson crawled backwards behind me. Nicky remained in front of me, i was tied up.

"He raped us." Jackson whispered in my ears. My eyes widen. I realized thats why they were wincing in pain.

"Marc!" He yelled.

Marc came in with another large man. One grabbed Jackson. The other replaced the tape onto my mouth, then grabbed Nicky. I tried screaming, I sobbed as I saw my father walk towards me. He undid the ropes and I fell onto my knees. I rubbed my wrist, feeling the burns. He knelt down and removed the ropes on my feet. Then he removed the tape.

"Follow me, do any stunts and I will kill you." He said sharply. I did as told. He walked into a large room. It was a mirrored room. There was padding on the floor. Nothing usable as a weapon, yes, i considered hurting or killing my father to be free. I heard the screech. I dropped and covered my ears. The door behind me was closed. Trapping me. I felt my hands tremble. It was dark again. I felt my dad touch me. He wrapped his arms around. I just stood there. I didn't hug back. I felt him let go and a sharp sting on my cheek. I fell due to the powerful blow on my face. I was able to make out his body shape in the dark. He got onto his knees and on me. He took off his clothes and started kissing me. I moved my head to the side.

"Go along with it or I will make it more painful." He growled. He slapped me. I winced at the sharp pain. He squeezed my face and kissed me. I allowed him. I kissed him back to keep him from smacking me again. He got off of me.

"Stay here." He said. I felt him come back when he kissed me again. He put something in my ass, it was oily. He then inserted his long dick. I gasped at the pain. What felt like forever of pain, I reached down to his dick that was not even all the way in. He jerked the rest in and I screamed. I felt tears come out.

"STOP STOP TAKE IT OUT TAKE IT OUT!" I sobbed. He took it out, only to shove it back in.

I felt thrusting as I gained conscious. I moaned. The pain was faint, turned into pleasure.

"Look who's back," I heard my dad. I was still moaning.

"Don't stop. Never stop, even if I'm begging you too." I said with a moan. He thrust harder. Our moaning got louder. I turned around onto my stomach, moaning with the pleasure.

"I ain't cummin till you do," dad growled.

How can i cum in such pain. It didn't take long, but I shot my load. Dad screamed as he shot his, I felt it fill my insides. He three me away.

"Marc!" Dad hollered.

I heard the door open, the screeching stinging my ears. I felt arms pulling me. I was back in the bright hallway, I had to shut my eyes to block the blindness. I was dragged down the metal hallway. Finally I was thrown into a room, onto someone.

"Alex! Alex, are you okay?" I heard Nicky say.

"Yea i think," I said. "Wheres Jackson?" I asked.

"I don't know, they put him in another room i think."

"Has dad raped him yet?" I asked.

"No, I told him how he raped me and he freaked out,"

"Oh gosh, he's only 14!"

"He's 13 moron" Nicky said laughing.

"Well my bad, but not the time to laugh. Our brother is about to be raped..." I said. He instantly removed the smile.

"What are we going to do when he lets us out? If... He lets us out," I said, changing the subject.

"Go home thats for sure. I will call mom or the police as soon as I can, we can run away too." He whispered.

I kissed him gently. We laid there shivering in the cold on the concrete floor. I had my arms around Nicky and my head on his chest.

The same screech that deafened me came again. I held on tightly to Nicky.

"Get up, you're going back to the house." I heard Marc.

Me and Nicky walked beside each other, our shoulders brushing. Marc remained behind us. Another man was in front of us, leading us. We walked at least three flights of stairs. We were lead on a long trail where Jackson came out of a room. He was crying. They handed us our clothes, we dressed quickly in silence. We were lead through another set of stairs. We were outside now. We followed the tall black man to our dads house. They brought us to our rooms. Jackson was moved to our room.

I remembered how i left my phone in my bag when they left. I went down to my suitcase and found it.

"No signal!" I moaned, disappointed for when I need my phone, its useless. I tried going out the door but it was lock. Jackson and Nicky checked the window and those were sealed. We were trapped. The refrigerator was stocked. I went down to the bathroom thats also in the bedroom. There was shampoo, conditioner. There was toothbrush and toothpastes. Jackson slept on the floor with one of the blankets we found in the closet. We gave him one of the two pillows on the bed. Me and Nicky shared one, well, Nicky was my pillow. We weren't able to do anything tonight because of Jackson being present. But we secretly kissed every often.

The next day was boring. Until...


Jackson went to the door and Marc came in.

"One of you are supposed to go to a new room." He said.

"Why?" I asked.

"Just your fathers command, one of you." He said.

"I will go," Jackson offered.

"When can we go?" Nicky asked.

"Tomorrow as planned." He said, he quickly escorted Jackson out and slammed the door. I looked over to Nicky, he pulled out my phone and checked the time.

"It's only 12, what do we do?" He asked.

"I am going to take a shower," I said as i grabbed a towel from the closet.

The water was warm. I washed my hair. I heard Nicky...

"Can I join?" He asked with a smile. I opened the glass door. He came in. I handed him some shampoo and he washed quickly. After he handed me the bottle back, I turned to the wall to put it back, I moved back to Nicky and he kissed me, shoving my back against the wall. He pinned me to the wall. I kissed him deeply. I slid down against the wall, he did so too, not breaking our kiss. We laid on the floor of the shower. Him on top of me, the water splashing on us. I heard another bang.

Nicky broke the kiss. I was sad.

"Should we get that?" He asked.

"Nah, I'm sick of them."

He kissed me, our tongues fighting one last time. He got up, he pulled me up as well. I sighed in disappointment.

"We will finish that shower tonight, I promise," Nicky said when we dried off.

When we opened the door, it was my dad. I jumped backwards, Nicky caught me.

"What do you want?" Nicky growled as I regained my balance.

"Hey to you too. You are going home in 2 hours, pack." He said and slammed the door.

"Back to the shower?" I asked.

"Nah, I don't feel like getting wet." He said, "but... Doesn't mean the fun is over," he added. That turned me on. I shoved him against the door. I sucked on his tongue. He moved us towards the bed, not breaking our love. We laid there for a long moment, making love, our tongues wrestling. We finally got up and packed. Our dad came to get us out of our room. Nicky glared at him as he lead the way. We were lead into a limo where we met Jackson. He wasn't happy either.

"Im sorry about this week, I don't know what got into me." My dad said. Breaking the silence. I glared out the window, Nicky was holding onto my hand.

"I hope you can come back soon." He continued.

"Come back, to you? Why? To get locked up and raped? No thanks." Nicky said sarcastically.

"alright fine. Can I give you anything for silence?" Dad said.

"20 grand each?" Jackson suggested. Nicky punched him.

"Oh so now you can bribe us?" Nicky growled.

"Guys admit, you ended up enjoying it." He continued.

"We pretended to enjoy it because you were BEATING THE SHIT OUT OF US!!" I yelled. Nicky squeezed my hand to keep me calm.

Dad shut up and continued driving us to the air port. We finally got there. Jackson walked in front of me and Nicky as we rushed to the security, where our dad would be staying behind at. Dad tried getting us to slow down. He finally grabbed my book bag, which made me stop. I turned around.

"Please guys," he said.

"Please what?" Nicky mumbled.

He handed us three tickets. I quickly jerked my bag out of his grip. I felt anger rise in me. I felt madness increase. I wanted to punch him. Kick him. Anything. Nicky knew how i felt, for i knew he was tempted to do it to.

The plane ride was forever. Me and Nicky remained together the whole time. I felt so safe with him. We landed and grabbed our bags. Jackson ran when he saw my mother. He whispered something I wasn't able to tell. We walked over to her.

"I'm so sorry," she said with tears. I knew life would change now.

Will do another chapter soon, what do you guys want? Let me know in the comments.




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