Waking up to see myself with the hottest man I have seen is a fantasy come true. 

Ross was still asleep, it was briefly dark, about 6AM,  I could see alright. I looked at his muscles, his perfect abs. I saw his monster cock which made me breathless. I wanted it. He was hard already, I wondered what he was dreaming of. I laid on his arm, it was right above my shoulders like a pillow. I gazed at his cock still, I finally went back to sleep.

I awoke with my face in his armpit, the hair tickled my face. I moved my head to look around, I looked up and saw that Ross was wide awake on his phone.

"Morning." He smiled.

"What time is it?" I asked.

"9:48, when do you need to get home?" 

"I don't have to go, my dad wouldn't care." I told him.

"Does he know you're gay? You don't have to answer though." He asked.

"Yeah he is gay as well, he fucks me." I explained how he raped me and how i enjoyed it so we moved.

"Nice," he said.


"Will you go to dinner with me?" He asked.

"Like a date?" 

"If you want it to be," 

"Of course! Just let me call a cab," 

"No, I can drive you."

We got dressed and he drove me home. Ross was so surprised seeing where I lived, he didn't come in though. He told me he would pick me up at 8 and not to wear anything fancy. I went inside to see nobody was to be found, i finally found Marc cooking dinner.

"Wheres dad and Nicky?" I asked.

"your dad is working and Nicky hasn't been back yet, where were you?" He asked. I knew I could trust Marc, I told him about Ross and how he was taking me to dinner.

"Yay less food to cook tonight," he said sarcastically. I giggled and went to call dad. He didn't answer, and him being a directer, I assumed he was busy. But I got a call less then twenty minutes.

"Hey, what's going on?" He said.

"I have a date tonight, i wanted to know if its okay with you first." I said. 

There was a long pause.

"Yeah, guess its me and Nicky tonight, you're going to miss the fun." He said.

Not really, not really, I kept my silence.

"Whats his name?"


"Has he fucked you?"

"Yeah," I replied feeling uncomfortable.

"Was it better then me? Don't even lie," my dad asked.


"I will remember that, have fun. Talk to you later." He hung up. 

The day went by slowly, Nicky finally came home around three.

"Where did you go?" He asked.

"I told you, I went home with a guy." 

"Whatever, I'm horny, he came up to the front of the bed where I laid watching tv. He started tugging at me jeans, i checked the clock and unbuttoned the jeans. Nicky yanked it down. He started feasting on my dick and I moaned. He started fingering me and he stopped.

"You're already lubed? Well let's get started!" He said. When he looked around the room, I quickly took a taste of Ross's cum. Nicky turned back and started cramming his cock in me, it was nothing compared to Ross. I felt a twisted feeling of not enjoying what my brother was doing to please me. It felt wrong that I thought about Ross the whole time. Moments passed and I moaned to please Nicky. When he came, he started to fall asleep but I quickly got up and let him lay.

"Where you going?" He said as I started picking out some clothes. 

"I'm going a date," I blushed.

"Oooo.... Spill the beans." He commanded as he moved to one side of the bed.

"the guy I went home with, this morning he asked to take me to dinner."

"When is he coming?" Nicky asked. I glanced at the clock and saw it was already 7:15.

"'Bout 45 minutes." 

"Nice, well I'm taking a nap, I got a feeling that dad is going to be keeping me up," he winked. 

"Well I think i will take a shower." I took a shower and tried to wash the cum away. I got out and went back to the bedroom, Nicky was asleep already. I put on a nice shirt and some jeans, i also put on some of my dads cologne. I waited not even a while and finally the door bell rang. I opened the door and saw Ross dressed in a nice white shirt, he had a nice pair of jeans and a tie. He leaned in for a hug and kissed my cheek, I smelled a really nice scent on him. We drove to a steak house, he let me order anything, I got a medium rare steak with mashed potatoes. I got to know more about him, he used to live in Arizona, he is 19, he was born the same month as me. A bunch of guys kept checking Ross out and he was getting aggravated. He insisted on paying but I wouldn't let him. 

When we left he took me back to his house. I followed him inside, he opened the door and slammed it behind me. He shoved me against the wall and started kissing me. I used his tie to pull him closer. I tried to wrestle and take off his clothes but he won by a lot. His warm body felt good, he room off his shirt and clothes but left the tie on. I pulled him to the bed and rolled on top of him. His muscles shined in the dim lights. Our dicks rubbed as we kissed. After wrestling, Ross rolled me over, he got up and went to turn the lights off, I gazed at his ass he walked. I pulled the covers of the bed and got in. Ross came with a bottle of lube and was smiling. I felt his fingers dig into me. I bit my lip to block the moan and Ross started kissing my neck, i got to the point where I became aggravated.

"Fuck me already," I growled at him. He laughed and started teasing me. I finally grabbed the cock and rammed at least half in me. I moaned loudly as he started thrusting the rest in me. The pain and pleasure was so good.

I felt myself come, Ross didn't stop though. My cum was rubbed between out chest as he fucked me. When he finally cummed, I started a conversation.

"How is someone so hot like you loving on me?" I said as I gazed at his body.

"How can I not? Your gorgeous, you could start working out, in fact! Come to gym with me tomorrow." Ross suggested.

"All right,"

"good night Nicky," Ross whispered.

"Good night," 

"Love you,"

He said he loved me! Millions of thoughts, questions and things went through my mind. But only on stood out. 

"I love you too." Ross then turned and kissed me. It was a light kiss but I felt so much joy on the inside. My mind raced and my heart bested like a drum, I swore that you could here it by placing your ear next to it. 

_________Next chapter will be talking ahead of time about the precious weeks or months. Please comment what you want in the next couple of chapters and I will consider using the idea.__________




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