I felt anger. The one time.... And Jackson ruins it just for revenge on Nicky. I never know why anymore. Nicky snuck behind Jackson and threw him onto the floor. Jackson dropped his phone, sliding across the floor. I ran after it. My mom hollered as I got it.

"I have it saved on an app with a password so good luck." Jackson said before Nicky tackled him. I held the lock and home button.

"NOOO!" He yelled. My mom slammed the door open. At the same time the phone reset to factory settings. Losing the image or video I knew he took.

"what the hell is going in here 1:30 In the damn morning?!" My mom said, I knew she was pissed.

"Nicky and Alex... OW!" Jackson started to say when Nicky kicked him.

"NICKY!" My mom screamed.

"They were having...OW!" Jackson was kicked again.

"They were having music to loud!" Jackson said quickly, knowing to shut up before in Nicky's wrath more.

"I have told you more then once...." My mom growled and slammed her door.

"Bitches... Thanks for reseting my phone." Jackson growled.

"Your welcome." Nicky mumbled. I went back to our room as Nicky came too. Shoving me onto his bed, he locked the door. He jumped on me.

"That was close, I swear if mom..." He didn't have to finish. I kissed him, but broke it and got up.

"We have school to early," I said, feeling a little sad.

I heard a knock on the door and Jackson whispered something.

"I'm telling mom sooner or later." I went to the door. Jackson walked in as soon as unlocked it.

"Alright whats the bribe?" I asked.

"$100 bucks... Each!" He said.

"NO WAY!" Me and Nicky said at the same time.

"And... I can play the xbox, whenever." He added. I glared at him.

"Or... We don't tell mom about all the porn you have been watching..." Nicky said.

"You've been watching porn too!" Jackson argued.

"But we are 16, and mom doesn't care...." I said, adding myself into the conversation.

"Fine. $50 each." Jackson demanded

"No!" Nicky added.

"MOM!" Jackson hollered.

"She's just going to get angrier." I said as I jumped onto my bunk.

"No money. And we don't tell mom about your porn. Deal?" I said.

"$100, we are back to $100." Jackson said. Pushing it.

"Fine." Me and Nicky said at the same time. We handed him our wallets.

"Thanks!" Jackson said. He went out and Nicky went to lock the door. He climbed onto my bed. I felt to tired for this. But yet, I wanted it. I laid there. Nicky on top of me. He was kissing me. I was soon hard.

"May I suck you?" He asked. I nodded.

The pleasure. So good. I was moaning with the pillow in my face again. I cummed quickly. He kissed me again and I tasted salt in his breath. I realized it was from my cum. That made me kiss harder. I don't remember falling asleep. But I did.

I woke up to the sound of banging. It was shining bright.

Nicky was playing and Jackson bugging him as usual.

"Why doesn't he bug you?" He asked. I shrugged and opened the door. Pushing Jackson out of the before closing it, Nicky locked it behind me. I sat at the table and hugged my mom. She was on her laptop.

"Hey sweety." She said. I smiled.

"What was that all about last night." She asked.

I looked straight at Jackson. He nodded his head no.

"I don't know, Nicky woke me up." I said.

"Mhmm..." She said. Luckily the phone rang.

"Hello?..... Who is this?...... No!......" My mother said into the phone.

"Alex, honey... Can you go to your room and tell Jackson to go to his room or yours?" She asked.

"Ok..." I said.

"Go to your room, mom said" I told Jackson.

"She said I could go to y'all's room..." He replied.

"Your... Room." I demanded. He did as told and I went in and joined Nicky. All the sudden i heard yelling.

"NO YOU CANT!............... YOU SAID YOU DIDNT WANT THEM!......." I looked at Nicky. He looked concerned.

"YOU ARE NOT GETTING THEM!...... I can and WILL go to court!....... I don't care if you just want to see them, I said NO......" I jumped when she finished 'no'. Nicky did too.

"Who is that?" He whispered.

"I don't know."

"FINE..... ONE WEEK THATS IT! AND IF THEY WANT BACK... BY GOD YOU BRING THEM BACK!!!" She yelled and slammed the door. I heard a knock and quickly hit play.

"Hey..." My mom said quietly.

"I bet you heard that... It was your dad." She said as she sat down.

My dad had ran away from us four years ago. I wanted nothing to do with him.

"What was it about?" Nicky asked.

"He wants to see y'-" she started.

"No." I growled.

She sighed. "It's just for one we-"

"No." Nicky said that time.

"You can come home any time this week, he has plane tickets already sent."

"Plane.... Tickets? Where does he live?" I asked.

"California... He's a directer.." She said and looked down. My eyes got wide. "So he is rich..." I looked at Nicky. He was as shocked as me.

-------- next week at the airport-------

"Mom don't make me...." Jackson whined as they walked to the security.

"You're going. That's final!" She said.

"Nicky, Alex. Watch him. No fighting. I mean it." She hugged and kissed me and Nicky. I gave her a long hug. And sighed as we walked through the security. Jackson kept complaining about many things. Nicky was about to throw him off the plane. Our father had given us first class with a celebrity. Jackson bugged her of course.

"Come on, let's meet her!" Nicky said. I followed to see who the celebrity was. Jackson was there. I heard her voice, it sounded nice.

"Yeah Nicky is a je- oh heyyyyy...." Jackson quickly changed the subject. I froze when I saw her face. Brown hair, brown eyes. She was smiling.

"Guys!" Jackson said with a smile.

"N-n-nice to m.. B- meet you" I mumbled. Nicky said simply nothing. He looked like he was going to faint. I elbowed him, snapping him out of his wonderland.

"Hi..." He simply said.

I cant believe she's here.. In front of me... And actually talking to my brother...

"So what are you going to do in California?" She asked.

"Meeting my dad." Jackson said.

"Oh cool!"

"What about you?" I asked sitting down.

"Singing in the jingle ball next Friday. I thought I could come early and have fun in Hollywood." Ariana said. (I didn't know anyone else and she was on the radio so...)

"What are you singing?" I asked.

"Eh eh ehhh..." She said. "I cant tell you!"

"Hah okay." I said. I looked up but Nicky wasn't there.

"Im going back to my seat, nice to meet you." As I walked back i heard Jackson.

"Can I have your number?" He asked.

I sat down beside Nicky.

"Whats wrong?" I asked.



The pilot told us we were landing in a few minutes. When we got out, it was hard to find dad because we didn't know what he looked like or anything. But he held a sign with me and Nicky's name. When we walked over, he was full of muscle. He was wearing a tight shirt, black jeans. He had buzz hair, but not to short, long enough to be brushed over. His hair was spiked up. I caught Nicky staring at his jeans. I elbowed him.

"Really?" I whispered.

He just looked away and laughed.

"Hey guys!" Dad said and he hugged us.

He came out and said he was gay, but he wouldn't do anything to us.

"Alex would want it." Jackson mumbled.

"Shut up!" I said. We walked to the corvette.

"What was Jackson talking about?" He asked as we were on the highway.

"They had 'fun' last night. Yes... They were having sex."

"You spoiled brat!" Nicky said, punching his guts.

"HEY! Guys cut it out!" Dad said. "Now, you guys did what?!"

"Fine, since Jackson cant shut up, I'm telling mom about your porn!" Nicky said.

"Guys! Zip it!" Dad hollered. He slammed on the brakes and pulled over.

"Nicky, Alex, you did what now?"

"They ha-"

"Not you. I said Nicky and Alex."

"I fucked Alex last night." Nicky said. My dad looked at me. I glared out the window. I didn't want people thinking I'm gay... With my brother.

Dad sighed. "Can I ask why?" He said looking at me. I knew he was asking me.

"I don't know...." I said. I didn't know. I don't know why I wanted to do it.

"Did you enjoy it?" He asked both of us.

Nicky looked at me. We looked into each other's eyes. I broke the eye contact.

"Yes." I whispered.

"Did you?" Dad asked Nicky.

He nodded.

"Alright. I don't really care, I wont tell your mother. Now Jackson. Why cant you keep your mouth shut?"

Jackson wasn't expecting that.

"What?" He asked.

"Why cant you keep your mouth shut?"

"We had to bribe him. $100 each." I told dad.

"Well Jackson give them the money," dad demanded.


"You didn't keep the deal."

"Ugh..." Jackson groaned and handed us our money back.

Before anything, we felt a bang. Since our seat belts were off, I hit my head hard against the door. And I felt myself fall into deep sleep.

To be continued.




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