Ross POV:As soon as I got inside, I missed Alex. His gorgeous body, the way he laughs. Man I am in deep love. "Stupid!" I grunted to myself as I walked towards security. I let Alex go off to his dad and brother. To be honest, I was jealous. Alex is mine. I don't want to share him. He's been mine since that night Galley invited me to the hotel. When he wanted to come home with me. It was all good being his fuck buddy. Until that day at the gym.My first gay experience was with my best friend, Josh. We were fourteen. At the time, I currently lived in Florida at the time. There was a hurricane, but his parents went out to a dinner for "work". Josh said that it wasn't for work, they just wanted to get away. The house was somewhat small, it was crowded in Josh's bedroom. We had to sleep together on the big bed. The power had ran out. We both slept naked so it wasn't a problem. I wasn't gay yet. But josh lifted the covers as he rolled around to get comfortable and when he saw me naked under the covers, his eyes grew wide. "What?" I had asked, not knowing what the deal was. I was pretty large then, maybe 8 inches already. I thought it was average. "Can I?" He asked."What?" I replied quickly."Touch it?""Wouldn't that be gay?" I asked."Sorry, just forget it.""No it's okay, yes," i reply with hesitation. He reaches down slowly and rubs the shaft of my penis. It felt good. He scooted closer and moved down. First, he gave a kiss to it, then he put his mouth on the head of it. He started swallowing more, and it felt so good. He pulled off and fumbled for something out of the drawer in the nightstand by the bed. "What are you doing?!" I asked, almost hissing. "Please Ross. I want to do it with a large cock," josh replied. He held a pack of condoms."Have you even been fucked before?" I asked."Yeah, but none were as big as your gorgeous cock," he replied. I finally agreed. He told me to just relax and he would do the work. He removed the covers and placed the condom on for me. He showed me how and then stood right over me. He lined his ass with the head of my dick. He didn't hesitate to lower himself onto it. After about six inches were in, he started gasping. I started to make him stop but he stopped me. He started to go up and down constantly and we both started moaning.Well we both ended up moving to California. And when I dated Alex, i quit my fuck sessions with him. Josh wanted me to move to New York with him but I was in love with Alex. I lied to him and said I would dump Alex but I didn't want to. I told him I would so he would just stop. But I heard Alex atom off. I was so pissed at josh. I ran after Alex but he beat me to the car.Well, back to the airport. I walked to the gate and waited, but I heard on announcement that my plane was an hour delayed. I looked around, seeing some good looking guys. One catches my attention. I keep glancing at him as I try texting Alex. No response. I get up, and go use the bathroom. I see that he follows. As soon as I get to the urinal, he starts talking."Man let me get that dick," he demanded. I turned around to face him and he walks forward. He stares into my eyes as I allow him to unbuckle my belt and pull my pants down. When he feels my cock hardening, he looks shocked. He gets down on his knees and tries taking it in all at once, but ends up almost gagging. He was really good, but unfortunately he couldn't take it all. After a few minutes, I was so near orgasm. He pulled off and jacked me off. "Im cumming," I warned. He put his lips on the head as I shot my load. He swallowed it all and just walked out.I get back to my seat and wait. Once i get onto the plane, I get happy. There's a hot model next to me. When the plane takes off, he put his hand on my leg, rubbing it. I instantly start getting hard. He keeps his hand there until the flight takes off. Once we are allowed to move around the cabin, the guy next to me gets up and walks towards the back. He turns his head and winks. I know what he means. I get up a minute later and follow him into the bathroom that he went in. He was already naked, except his shirt was on, he was bent over and was handing me a bottle of lube. I poured some on."ram it in, please do it!" The guy demanded. As told, I rammed all eleven inches into his ass. He let out a moan but i covered his mouth."Shit dude, we're on a plane, keep it down," i warn with a whisper. After the fuck - which wasn't to good - i went back to my seat and tried texting Alex. Good enough, he responded. "How's it going?" Alex texts said."Kinda boring, you?" I say."Just going to dinner, I miss you.""Miss you too, gtg ttyl," I lied. I just don't want to hear about him, Nicky and his dad. I just wanted to get this week over with to be back with him.




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