"Nicky. When ya get done with him, send him to the living room," dad simply said and walked out. Nicky thrust harder and I felt his hot cum inside of me. "You can have him now," Nicky hollered to my dad who was down the hall. "Go on," he whispered and gave me a quick peck on the lips.I got up and tried to catch up to dad, but he was already on the couch. I sat down next to him."Wanna go for dinner?" He asked."Yeah," I replied."Tonight. You're all mine," he whispered. I looked at him and kissed him hard. "Alright. Go get dressed, we're leaving in a bit." I got dressed and Nicky, dad and I left to a diner. It was a country restaurant. You didn't order, they would bring out bunches of plates. Mashed potatoes, fried chicken, green beans, gravy and biscuits. All homemade. "So where is Ross?" Dad asked."Maine, he will be back soon though," "Why is he there?" "We are.... Both in porn...." I said, an looked down at my plate. I didn't have to look to tell they were shocked."Alex, thats awesome!" Dad said, almost to loud. "Yeah," Nicky agreed."So when do you start work?" Dad asked."Tomorrow."After eating, dad seemed anxious to get back home. It was dark, but I could see his hard cock in his jeans as we drove. I am sitting in the front, Nicky is in the back. I put my hand on the growing bulge of his pants and rubbed the outline. "Shit Alex. Stop!" Dad growled as he moved his hand away. "I may just end up fucking you on the side of the road."I hear Nicky laughing in the backseat. When we get back, I barely have time to get out when dad lifts me up. He leans in and kisses me hard. He uses his back to close the door as he continues kissing me. He pulls away and i wrap my arms around his neck to hold me up as he unlocks the door. He walks towards the bedroom and messages my back as he carries me.Dad doesn't even let me go as he uses one hand to pull the covers. He gently slides me in. He leaves the room and i assume to get some more lube because there was barely left after Nicky's fuck earlier. I slide my jeans down, then my boxers, then i pull the shirt off. Soon enough, dad comes and looks like he took a shower. He holds a bottle of lube and wears nothing. He slides under the covers and lays on top of me. "Told ya you're mine tonight," he whispers. I feel the lube on his fingers as he digs them into my ass. "Dad just fuck me!" I moan. He sighs and pours lube onto his cock. He positions me so my legs are up on his shoulders. Slowly and rough, just the way I like it. "Mm, oh fuck yeah.... How the hell do you have a tight ass?!?" Dad moaned. His thrust quickened and he became rough. He pinned me down as we both moaned. My hands were on his hips and pushed against him as he fucked hard and rough. No longer gentle. "Oh gosh daddy. Harder. HARDER!!"He let out a moan and I felt his cum and he collapsed onto me.The next morning, I got another fuck. I went off to work and it was lame. They weren't like Ross and couldn't fuck like Ross. There were a few who were great, oh i miss Ross so much.Calling him every day and talking for almost an hour isn't enough. I went to dads some nights until Ross was supposed to be home. Waiting for his plane to arrive made me anxious. After a while of standing, I got impatient. Waiting and waiting. Finally, I saw Ross walking, I got up and rushed over to him and gave him a long, deep kiss."I have missed you," he said with a smile. We walked towards the parking building and talked about our week. I didn't talk much about Nicky or dad. I could tell something was bothering him, but he wouldn't tell me. We drove the hour-long way to the house in silent. When we got in, he threw me on the couch. I landed on my chest and Ross yanked down my jeans and boxers. I started to turn around but he pushed me back. He pulled down his jeans and boxers and didn't even get the lube. He crammed it up my ass."ROSS STOP!" I cried. Tears came out, the pain seemed to much."No you fucking cunt, my week has been awful. While you've been off getting fucked by your dad and brother. Fuck them, you're mine," Ross growled in my ear. I tried squirming away but he had me pinned. The pain was easing, but it was still awful. It's easy to guess that Ross is angry, he was never rough, well not to rough. Yet, Ross is the one who told me to make it up with them. My thoughts were interrupted by Ross biting my neck. It's going to be a bruise, I know it, and i love. No longer did I feel pain, but I felt pleasure. I moaned softly into the arm of the couch, Ross laid on my back as he fucked hard and rough, and bit at my neck in the same spot. I felt his cum hit my past my prostate and moaned."Alex, outside of our work, your lips and ass is mine. And mine only, do you understand?" Ross whispered. Thats it! He's jealous. Totally jealous. "Oh Ross, of course. You are the love of my life, I'm yours now and always. I love you so much," I turned my head and pulled him down for a kiss. His soft lips made me melt."Alex, I love you much too. So much I want you all to myself, and nobody else," Ross kissed me again deeply. I got up to take a shower and Ross joined me. As I waited for the water to heat up, I noticed a big bruise on my neck."Sorry," Ross said. He was hugging me from behind and kissed my bruise."I love it, it's a mark of being yours," that got me a deep kiss from him. We bathed each other and I got a great fuck from him in the shower. We were exhausted so we cuddled on the couch to watch a horror movie. My face was buried in his neck as I laid on him, our legs were wrapped and tangled. Ross had his big arms arms around my waist. The best cuddling position. Tomorrow's Saturday so we get to sleep in, perfect!




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