Ross and I were ready to graduate! It's our last day of college! Well in class, graduation is Friday. Nicky calls me every week and knows everything thats going on, he is cool with Ross.

 Ross wont fuck me though, he says he doesn't want to ruin our relationship. It drove me crazy when I saw him naked after showers and before bed. I tried staying naked a lot near him, just to aggravate him. I was able to see him harden sometimes. We moved our beds closer, well Ross did when I was in class. I would always end up in Ross's arms in the morning. Cassandra has become my best friend, turns out she is lesbian.

Well back to graduation. . . Cassandra and I were in the same class for our last class. After class, we went to a diner to meet Ross, he was supposed to be out a little after we were.

"You, me, dinner Friday night, I have a surprise!" Ross said with a smile as he sat down.

"Oh wow! Hope you guys have fun!" Cassandra said. "Now! Let's order, I'm starving!" 

We ordered burgers and fries. Ross kept smiling, he wouldn't say why. I had to use the bathroom. When I came back, Ross was whispering to Cassandra, he quickly pulled back when he saw me and both of them were smiling.

"What. . .?" I asked.

"Uh, nothing!" Cassandra said. "I gotta go, see yall tomorrow!" She got up and left us a ten dollar bill. We paid and went to our dorms. 

"Wanna tell me what all that was about?" I asked him as we laid onto the bed.

"You will see tomorrow!" Ross replied. He laughed and kissed me. I sighed. Luckily I was out of class for the rest of the day, so I could just lay with Ross. I put my arms up his shirt and rubbed his chest. Ross moved his arm wrapped it around my shoulders. 

I loved the feeling in Ross's arm, it's the best. Except my hand was on his cock, I felt precum on my hand. As soon as I was about to pull my hand away, Ross woke up.

"What are you doing!" He said, I knew he was angry.

"Im sorry! I just woke up!" I explained and pulled my hand away.

"Well you're ruining your prize!" Ross laughed and kissed me.

We both woke up when the alarm went off, it was time to get ready to become graduates.

After graduation, Ross told me to pack. I packed enough for a few days.

"You ready?" Ross asked around 7.


We headed out on the highway for what seemed forever, finally getting off an exit in some city. Ross drove around to this big restaurant. He kept smiling as we sat down to order. After eating, a song came on, violins were being played, Ross told me to stand up. 

"I enjoy having you in my life every day...," Ross got on one knee, "Alex Gorman? Will you be with me for the rest of my life?" I immediately said yes.

After hugging and celebrating, Ross drove to a hotel nearby. 

"I know you've been waiting for this..." Ross laughed. We got a room and rushed to it. I got inside first and threw my bag down, Ross did the same and grabbed me, tossing me onto the bed. He crawled above me and began kissing me. We both undressed as quick as possible. I rolled over on top of him and slid down to his long, thick uncut cock. I did different paces on sucking it, until Ross flipped me over onto my stomach. His cock rubbed my waiting hole.

"After seeing your ass every day, I'm going to fuck you harder then ever!" Ross growled in my ear. He started teasing me with his cock near my hole, so I jerked my hips back, causing his incredible cock to go halfway in at once. I forgot about the pain I would get, but it subsided to pleasure. I squeezed my ass to bring more pleasure for Ross. He pulled out and began fucking me hard and harder each time. 

Ross then began biting at my neck, which I love. 

"Harder, faster!" I yelled. On command, his pace went faster and harder. 

"I'm coming!" Ross moaned in my ear, his arms were around my neck and holding me in place. I felt his cum in my ass. "I love you so much," Ross said as he pulled out. 

I felt empty without his cock. I rubbed my fingers and scooped some cum, then i licked it clean. Mmmm, so good. Before I could get more, Ross turned me over and started sucking me, he rarely did that before. It took seconds before I came and he drank it all at once.

"I love you too," I said after catching my breath. Ross pulled up and kissed me so hard and deeply. 

"I got another load, want it?" Ross said with a cocky smile. He stood up and walked towards the bathroom, I followed and kissed at his neck as he urinated. He pushed me against the glass shower door, he opened the other side and pulled me in. I instantly started working his cock, I did my best to please him and soon enough I was again, rewarded with his nice cum. 

After showering, we were exhausted, so we just hopped in bed. 

I woke up with Ross on top of me. I waited moments for him to wake up, but i fell asleep.

-----------------------------Christmas week.

Me and Ross got our own apartments in NC, we enjoyed it there. My dad invited me to his house for Christmas, he didn't know I was back with Ross, I knew he would be pissed. Even though I knew he would be angry, I invited Ross to come, and he accepted it and came. On our way, Ross had to go to the bathroom, when we stopped, I decided to call my dad and tell him, that way he wont be as upset when I get there.

 "What the hell? How long have you dated him?!?" My dad yelled.

"Since first year of college," I told him.

"How did you even meet him there?" My dad asked, still yelling.

"We were.... Roommates!" I said, not knowing how he would react.

"Anything happened between yall?" He asked. 


"See you in a bit," dad said as he hung up. Just then Ross came back.

When we got to the house, I could tell my dad was angry. I could see it in his eyes but he acted like he wasn't. When he saw Ross, he actually talked to Ross without hatred. 

"Nicky will be here soon too!" My dad said happily.

As told, Nicky came. We were all happy to see him. We ate dinner and Ross wanted to go to bed early, leaving me alone with Nicky and dad.

"First time we are alone together in a long time," my dad sighed. We continued watching tv when Nicky walked towards me from the love seat.

"Alex, follow me," he said. I followed him towards dads room. He slammed me down on the bed and glared at me after slamming the door. He jumped on me and kissed me, I pushed him off and started to get up, only to be slammed down. Now, I may have worked out between classes with Ross, but Nicky just got out of the army, he was stronger then me.

"This is what I get finally seeing you? Uh uh, I don't think so," Nicky growled. He started kissing me and I instantly thought of Ross. I cant do this to him, I thought. It's not right! I shoved Nicky off and got up quicker this time, I made it out of the door and sped down towards the staircase. I went to the third floor and quickly his in Ross's room. He was awake and glad to see me.

"Whats going?" He asked after I got comfortable in his arms.

"Nicky tried to fuck me," I told him what happened.

"Why didn't you let him?" Ross asked. Wow. Like.... Really?

"Because. It's not right. I didn't like it when you did it to someone else so I'm not doing it." I replied. I looked up to Ross see his reaction, but he just leaned in and kissed me.


Christmas Eve morning. I can smell food being cooked when I woke up. Ross was still asleep so I got up and headed to the kitchen. Dad and Marc was in there, Marc was on his knees and sucking my dads cock. I forget how big his was and how i enjoyed it. I watched for a second and was about to go back to bed when dad called me back.

"We are having some friends over, your mom and Jackson are coming too." He said.


Jackson has grown so much, well he was eighteen, but he had dirty blonde hair like mine, he was tall and skinny. Mom hasn't changed much, but she was growing older. After the other family went down to the living room, Nicky, me, Ross and Jackson remained at the table.

"How have yall been?" Jackson asked.

"Good," I replied.

"Good i guess," Nicky simply replied. Ross didn't say much.

"Got a decent cock?" Jackson asked Ross. I kicked him hard under the table. "Ow!" 

Moments passed, Jackson asked again.

"Do you?" Jackson nagged.

"Uh.........." Ross replied awkwardly. He looked at me and got up, I followed him to our room. 

"That was very awkward," he said as he undressed to go to bed.

"Agreed, I'm sorry about Jackson," I said. I got in bed with him and began kissing at his nipples. I listened to Ross as he moaned and worked my way to his cock, which was dripping in precum. I devoured his cock for a while and he pulled me up. Kissing me, he rolled over, making him on top. He broke the kiss and spat onto his fingers then crammed it up my ass, the pleasure was so good that I bit my lip. He spat into his hand and lubed his cock. He slowly began fucking me. After he got most of his cock in me, he kissed me again, while doing that, he fucked faster and harder. Moments passed when I heard a voice...

"Pretty hot!" Ross looked back and pulled the covers up. 

"Fuck off!" I yelled at Jackson standing there masturbating.

"Ross, will you fuck me like that?" Jackson asked. Ross looked back at me and I knew he was angry.

"Can I?" He whispered to me.

"Just make it painful," I replied. He pulled out and demanded Jackson to bend over. He didn't even lube Jackson's ass and just rammed it in there. Jackson screamed into the mattress, he had his face buried into the covers. I could see his cock hanging. I wouldn't say it was big, but I wouldn't say it was small, maybe 6 inches. Ross wasn't finished putting all his cock in when Jackson pulled free.

"I cant take that, it's fucking huge!" He said, panting.

"To think dad fucked you?" I laughed.

"Ross, yours is bigger then his," Jackson said and quickly left. 

"Hah, now he wont be bugging us," Ross said, he started coming but went back and locked the door.

With a bounce, Ross jumped on me and started kissing me again, he instantly resumed our fuck. He started going faster and faster, I even moaned loudly. He moved his head down to my neck and started kissing it. 

"I love you from the moon and back," Ross moaned. He shot his load as soon as he said that. When he pulled out and rolled onto his back, I sucked his gorgeous cock clean.


Christmas morning was great, we all got a few presents. I got Ross a really nice gold wristwatch. After presents, we had a large feast. Family came, not as many as last night, but a lot. Which made Marc very busy. Jackson wouldn't look at Ross for more then a second. We both laughed every time. Nicky asked once "whats so funny," but it's an inside joke. 

"Alex c'mere, Nicky you too," my dad hollered. We followed him towards the back door. As soon as I got out, Nicky put his hand around my mouth and my dad grabbed my legs. They carried me back to.a building underground, where dad raped us. I was carried down the long staircase, squirming to get free. We got to a large room.

"This is our last chance before you're gone," my dad growled angrily as Nicky tied my hands up. They yanked my jeans down and ripped my long-sleeved shirt, then ripped my underwear off. My legs were then tied making a V shape, and giving access for my dad to get to my ass. He poured a bunch of lube and fingered my ass. I squirmed to get away. Ross would be mad. Nicky crammed his cock into my mouth while my dad started fucking me. I didn't even suck on Nicky's cock, I was angry with them. After a moment, Nicky pulled out and slapped me hard.

"SUCK IT!!" He yelled, I didn't do so and he slapped me again, this time, I did.  

After the "rape", I was let free and got new clothes. I rushed over to Ross and asked if he was ready to leave, he didn't ask why, I guess he knew already. After saying our byes, we left. 

Ross didn't ask what happened, I assume he knows. We decided to explore a little before getting back. Somehow we ended up in Hollywood and were ready to get some sleep. 

The next morning I had a bunch of mixed calls from Dad and Nicky. As I looked through the messages, Nicky called me. I reluctantly answered.

"What?!" I whispered, trying not to wake Ross from his beauty sleep.

"Dude, can you come back? Dad is pissed, he wanted that fuck to convince you to stay," Nicky said. I got up, put on some shorts and stepped out into the hallway.

"Why? You know I love Ross."

"He can come too, we will make him welcome," he replied. 


"Fine, where are yall anyways?" Nicky asked.

"Somewhere in Hollywood," I replied.

"Alex please come back," Nicky begged. I hung up with him and went back inside the hotel room. 

We went out to a café for a late lunch around eleven when some man sat down. He was tall and had a fancy suit.

"Hello guys, I have been watching y'all and noticed how handsome you both are, so I was wondering..." The man started.

"Woah, who are you?" Ross interrupted.

"My name is Matt Wilson. Can I ask your name?" Matt asked.

"Im Ross and this is Alex," Ross answered.

"Now, I was wondering if you would want to do some filming for our company?" Matt said. 

"Uh," I mumbled, shocked.

"sure, I guess," Ross replied.

"Great, you want to come to the studio now?" Matt asked, he ordered our check and paid twenty.

"Yeah, our hotel is around the block, can we change?"

"No need, we will get you clothes at the studio," Matt explained.

We rode in a limo to the studio, and god it was huge. We were led to a set where there was a bedroom, a bathroom, and a mini hallway.

"Ross, you will start out naked and in the shower jacking off. Alex, you will come into the room dressed, you watch Ross quietly as he jacks off and you pull your cock out. Ross catches you when you accidentally bump against the wall. He will come out as you try to get away but grabs you. Here's the script." Matt handed us each a packet. After reviewing our packet, Ross came over to me.

"Hope we get good money, I bet this could be fun!" Ross smiled and kissed me before getting into the shower. I stared at his bare ass as he walked. I guess we are now becoming porn stars!

------------So sorry for not posting it sooner, I got it written once and accidentally deleted it. I decided to hold off on ending the series.------------




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