"Nicky! give me my xbox controller!" I hollered walking through the house.

"I don't have it!" Nicky lied. I walked into his room, seeing him playing his xbox with MY controller. Being a twin is hard. You have to share EVERYTHING. Not lying. We share rooms, clothes. We share games. Every Christmas. We get the same stuff. I got a laptop last year, and Nicky got one too. But, i guess I have to deal with it.

"Nicky! Alex! I told y'all to do the dishes... YESTERDAY!" Our mother hollered.

"I did my part but Nicky keeps playing the xbox." I said to her as I walked to the kitchen.

"Nu uh..." Nicky said as he hid the controller.

"You! Dishes, now!" Mom said pointing her finger at Nicky.

"You, trash." She demanded me pointing to the trash can. I sighed as I grabbed the trash.

"Jackson! Get the laundry like i told you to do an hour ago," I heard mom holler as I went outside. Jackson ran in by me and went to the laundry room.

"I need a new family," I said to myself with a laugh. I walked down the dirt road to where our trash can was waiting to be picked by the garbage truck. I walked back to here Nicky and Jackson arguing. I sighed as I saw water being thrown through the kitchen doorway.

"Mom Jackson is throwing water again." I heard Nicky say.

"Will y'all get done so I can cook dinner?!" Mom said from her bedroom. I went in there to ask her something.

"Can I work on the computer?" I asked my mom. Jackson broke mine and I didn't want to bother Nicky's.

"Sure," she said.

I bet you're wondering. Im 16. As you can tell... My life sucks. My twin brother cant get along with our 13 year old brother. Me and Jackson are cool sometimes. I'm basically the only good child. I have black hair, pretty slim with some good muscles. Nicky, well as you guessed, he has black hair, we both have a good tan. But Nicky has all the muscle. He seems to get all the girls. I guess you can say I'm jealous. Who isn't? Anyways I managed to get done with my work as Jackson and Nicky kept arguing.

I finished my report. I glanced at the clock on the desk top. 12:48. Dang. I realized I was exhausted. I heard a moan before I walked in my room. I walked in, seeing Nicky jacking off. I sighed. Not again. Every time i catch him jacking off, he offers me to join. Which makes me horny, so I cant resist. But he seemed different. I joined him and pulled out my rock hard cock. He glance at it. We both had 8-9 inches of uncut meat. We jacked off together. He had his tablet on the bottom of my bed. It was GAY PORN!!! I felt uneasy. He always had regular. All the sudden i felt his hand on my dick. I didnt mind that part but he started sucking it. That crossed the line. I jumped up, hitting myself on the wood of the bed and climbed the ladder to my bed. I saw the light of his tablet cut off. I was still naked and hard. I felt the bed shake as he climbed to my bunk. I allowed him, wanting to see where it was going to go. He crawled on top of me.

"Please. I'm tired of watching it. I want to do it. And I want my first to be you." He said as he hugged me and kissed me. I pushed him off.

"Hold on." I said.

"No you hold on, it's going to hurt then feel good." He said as got back on me. I held him up. Good thing i did extra work outs lately. He backed up and then grabbed my dick. Sucking it. I moaned.

"Fine....!" I said when he pulled back. He put his mouth on my ass. He stayed on me. Kissing me. Our tongues fighting.

"What the fuck?!?" I said, then I started moaning. I pulled him up. Face to face. I knew if we went through with this, things will be different.

"May I?" He asked.

I nodded. Desperate. He moaned and spit into his hands, then he rubbed it in my ass. I moaned.

"Stick it. Come on. Fuck me. Quit messing around." I growled. He chucked and spit onto his throbbing Dick. He put inch by inch. I moaned loudly. He threw a pillow onto me face. I used it to block the moan.

"I'm going to cum." He whispered.

"Do it," I moaned, the pillow muffling the sound. I felt his cum on my inside. I was moaning with pleasure. Not wanting it to end.

"Oh shit!" He whispered as I removed the pillow. I saw what he meant. The door was cracked open. It was closed when I came in. I grabbed my shorts and went out.

"Moms going to love this!" Jackson said smiling.




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