Chapter 5: Horn-Dog.


"I called this meeting, because we are at war. Drug war with these pussies from L.A im going to need you to be on P's and Q's. Stay strapped. We all know our clients anybody new, blow their brains out, fuck em. Yall dismissed go make my money. Ill handle this shit, quickly." All thirty of my drug dealers ran away like roaches. The brothers stayed  back.

I said, "Kali, im going to need you back at out on the streets. With O being back, he is my new Left Hand. James you will remain my right hand. And Remmy will still handle all the money." I kept Remmy at money after his fuck up,just to see if he is trying something. Kali seemed a little piss, but oh well. Oscar is back and he will die to protect me or his sister, and especially his niece.

James and I hopped into my Rangerover and I said, "You are moving into my crib. Im going to need you there to keep an eye on my daughter and babymoms, if O and I leave."

James argued, "So O returns and I get bumped to a damn sitter. Ill pull the trigger on anybody, a fucking grandmother, but I get put a sitter."

I rubbed his head and said, "Thats why I need you at the house. You dont care who run thru, they get blasted. Oscar has a little heart."

I pulled off and headed home. All this stress, is making me horny. Im about to dig my babymoms a new hole once we get home.



As the dildo entered my hole all lubricated in saliva, it was a text to my phone. I moaned and grabbed the phone. It was from Dr.JasonGrant.

"Tomorrow is CPR training. And if you arent license, that can happen as well. See you tomorrow and dont be late. :)"

I threw the phone and steadily played with my ass and imagined my new crush, James. Suddenly, I heard snapping from a girl. I hopped off the bed and went over to the window.

She was snapping while holding a sleeping little girl.

"I dont give a fuck, Oscar. Rico will not drag us into this mess. Is he here yet?" As she said that Rico Rangerover pulled up. He and another male hopped out. My mouth dropped as I seen James. He works for Rico, oh no he is the guy I suppose to sucked up that night. Oh shit, he a thug as well.

Rico snapped, "Getcho ass in the house, doing all this talking. Lay my damn baby down, she sleeping." It was like he was her father. She shut her mouth and went into the house. My heart was still racing about James. I ran over to my phone and texted him.

"Your boss is Rico?"

"How you know, Rico? What the fuck?" He replied. As I typed he replied, "Lol, you the kidd who was suppose to come over and suck my dick, huh?"

I smiled, "yup, but you canceled. Well, atleast we can build more to us now.!

James replied, "hell yea, especially with me living here now. Ill text you later though."

"Cant, have to go to bed, lunch tomorrow?"

James said, "Ill let you know, cutey." I smirked and jumped in my bed to go to sleep.

9 Hours and 56 Minutes Later...........

"Dr.Grant, im already certified in Cpr." Britney said. This was like  the seventh perso  to say this. At this point only I havent been. Being the nice man he is, he let her go away like the others. She looked back at me and winked. This bitch, here.

I looked over at him, as the door closed and said, "Welp, looks like I have a private session." That english accent made my heart dropp.

"That isnt a bad are you ready to practice?" He said. I really was, it was like I went over the steps ahout fifty times, but I wanted some entertainment.

"Um-yea. But can you please aide me in how the Chest Compression go." Dont get me wrong, Im kind of talking to James, but we aint in no relationship. Plus, this man is straight.

He replied, "Sure." He walked over to me and got behind me. He wrapped those manly arms around me and placed his hands over mind. As we pumped up and down, his crotch glided up against my ass. Turning me the fuck on. In a matter of two seconds, I had a rock hard dick. As he approached 30, I started panicking. I had to lose this tent in my scrub pants and fast.

"30." He said. He let go and I said, "I think I got it." Not trying to a muscle, because it was blocked by the table. He quickly replied, "Ill be right back." He rushed out the door. What was his problem? I dont know. My phone buzzed in my pocket. I pulled it out and it was Keesha. I picked up and whispered, "What girl?"

"Boyyy, dont girl me. And I was wondering do you wanna go out to dinner with Roy. We wanna apologize, you can even bring someone."

"Okay, but if the boy says anything slick. Im leaving." I hung up and texted James the invitation. I hope he says yes. The door opened back and Dr.Grant returned. I couldnt help, but notice a wet stain on his pants. He pre-cumed, he was enjoying it too.

I bluntly said, "Sir, I think you may wanna change you scrub pants."

He looked down and exhaled, "Look , dont take it the wrong way. I wasnt trying to get at you like that. Im not even Gay, but My wife and I have been on Ice. So that subtle grinding woke him up. Im sorry."

I laughed, "its okay, it had me hard as well. You know how males are. Out Inner HornDogs always come out to play. Also, I hops things work out with your wife."

He retorted, "me too. Its just we have been trying to have a baby for 3 years.and nothing. So she dont want me inside her thinking it serves no purpose." Before I can reply, The door open and hoe ass Britney walked in.

"Lunch, is over everyone is returning." She rubbed Dr.Grant arms and walked towards me. This bitch really wants him,little did she know I made him pre-cum.



Jessica walked into our room and said, "Rico, who is that man downstairs with Carlee?"

"That James. He cool,now listen. I know this sudden move is crazy, but its to keep yall safe. I got into some shit with some niggas in L.A."

She ran her hand through her hair and faked chuckled.

"When are you going to wake up Papi. This life only gets worse. You dont wanna see your daughter graduate 12th grade. You think you are a damn super man. Everyone has a kryptonite."

I snapped, "Shut the fuck up, yo. I dont need this shit. Just fucking stay up in here-" It was a quick knock at the door.

"Speak." I commanded.

James said, "I had a um-thing tonight. do you need me?" Must be dealing with his personal life.

"Nah, Ill take O if anything." I said. I Heard him walk off and Jessica cleared her throat. I looked over at her and she was naked, legs spreaded in my bed. Her pussy was sitting shave and nice.

She licked her lips and said, "See and you wanna be wayy in L.A. You love when I eat that pussy."  I dropped to my knees and devoured that pussy quickly.

5 Hours and 30 Minutes Later.....

I stuck my feet in my shoes and looked over and realized the horny dick, put Jessica to sleep. She was under the covers. I walked out the room and down the stairs. Carlee was sleep on Oscar chest on the couch. He was sleep too. I heard James on the porch, on the phone. I walked out and he was dressed up. He looked back at me and said, "Boss, I thought you will be sleep after all that noise."

I laughed, "Nah, Im good. So you bout to go?"

"yea,im waiting for him to finish getting dressed," he informed me. I said, "Damn, you about to go in public with this."

James laughed, "Yea, I guess. I told my brothers earlier today. I can give a fuck." Suddenly, he stopped talking and said, "there he is."James walked off the porch and was cutting threw the lawn. I looked up and seen Deejay dressed in a all white with some wheat timberlands. James walked over to him and they hugged. My heart was racing. Deejay is with James. This was too shocking. He could have had the decency to tell me. I mean why am I mad? Deejay WAS A MISTAKE. SO I THOUGHT. But seeing him with James, pisses me off beyond belief.

Deejay looked over at me and gave me a wave. I nodded my head back to him. Keesha and Roy walked out of their house after them. Oh they are going on a double date. Suddenly, the screen door opened behind me. I turned around and it was Jessica, wrapped in a robe.

She saw the scene and laughed. She then said, "wait, you have a faggot working for you? oh lord." I pinched her and she said, "ouch."

Suddenly, Keesha looked over and spotted Jessica. She screamed, "JESS???!? OH MY GOD, ITS BEEN A LONG TIME." Jessica and Keesha was really close, when Jessica lived here. She was suppose to be Carlee godmother, but when I moved Jessica away they fell out of touch.

Jessica ran over the field and they hugged. They talked for awhile and then Carlee said, "Tell, O to watch Carlee. We are joining them."

Deejay and I both snapped, "What?" At the same time. We looked at one another and Jessica asked, "is there a problem? You moved me back here, you need to get me and your good graces. Give us like 15 to get dressed girl."



This is not happening. We are not pulling up to the restaurant with Rico and his ugly ass babymother behind us. Ohkay, she isnt ugly, but damn why Keesha invited them. This was suppose to be for 4 people. Not fucking 6. I cannot see Rico when Im trying to get over these feelings for him. James grabbed my hand and said, "you look like you are about to throw up." I am.

I rubbed his hand and lied, "im fine. Just hungry."

About 30 minutes we all sat down at a table. And to make matters worst I sat across from Rico. I caught him glancing over at me, but I was just trying to focus to James, on my left.

Suddenly, James said, "Aye, Boss you alright? You look red in the face."

All our eyes traveled over to him. He cleared his throat and sipped some water. He exhaled, "Im good." Jessica rubbed his face and replied, "You sure? You dont--" he banged the table and snapped, "Im alright damn. Now order some damn food and leave me the hell alone." His deep tone made the whole table shut up. I picked up my menu and hid my face.

Keesha tried to change the subject, "So, Deej how was the hospital today?"

I said, "Good. Ya boy got ceritfied in CPR."

Roy chimed in trying to be friendly, "thats good. So if Rico chokes anybody out tonight you can aid in that." We all chuckled, except Rico. Rico looked over at me and gritted his teeth. His face was pure evil, but those brown eyes spoke to me as a cry. A cry for what I wondered? I exhaled hard....this is about to be a long night.

Moments later, the waiter took our orders and we talked about stupid stuff. Until Roy thought it was a good time to apologize to me, opening up a serious can of worms.

"Deejay, Im sorry about the night of the concert. I know I kind of ruined that day for you. I was just tripping."
I quickly diverted it and accepted it. I didnt want to talk no more about that night, because thats the night Rico and I kissed and broke into that fair.

Keesha said, "He still had some fun that night. Aint come home til late. What did you do that night?" I looked over at Rico and breathed hard. He licked those sexy lips and I cleared my throat.

"I uhh-went out with a friend from the volunteer group. We went to some carnival on the other side of town."

Jessica squeeled, "Oh my god. Babe remember our first date." She looked at Rico and she said, "Aww cmon. This story is hilarious. Okay, this boy took me to the fair thats closed most of the year. We broke in and rode rides. It was cute and so scary. Luckily  for us the cops didnt come." He took me to the place he took her. Shaking my head. Did she make him get over his fear of heights? I dont think so.

James said, "boss, do you do anything legal." We all laughed and Rico replied, "Well, that fair speaks to me. Alot of fun times there. I only take people who I care about there. Its like my own playground."

Jessica kissed his cheek and I felt a feet touch mine and it wasnt James. Rico started playing footsies with me. Feeling his leg slide up against mine, turned me on so much. My dick started growing in my pants. We stared at eachother and the waiter startled us with our food. We moved our feet and he smirked at me. What am I doing??
Im here with James and playing under the table with his thug,drug dealing, sexy, foreign, strong, bad ass boss.

2 Hours Later......


After dinner, Roy had to leave he got a serious call . Keesha and Jessica went riding off somewhere to go shop. James had to go check on a spot with his brother. Leaving me have to drive Deejay back home. We have been riding for like 45 minutes of pure silence. Not a peep from neither of us. I did initiate playing under the table, but I was just pissed he was being all lovey dovey with James. He shouldnt do that with no one. It makes me want to hurt James, Deejay isnt a toy.

"You think this shit cool. Who the fuck told you to come to Oakland." I blurted out.

Deejay shot me a look and laughed, "um-my job did actually. Secondly, dont curse at me im not your baby momma. And you are full of shit, bringing her--fuck that for bringing yourself."

I snapped, "your cousin invited us. You think I wanted to sit at a table and see you all entangled in James."

Deejay laughed, "Why does this bother you? You arent gay , right. You have this image that cant smear. I dont have time for it."

I argued, "I didnt ask you to have time for it , shawty. I just need you to be patient with me. These feelings I have is new to me. I never felt like kissing, holding, cuddling, and even making love to a nigga before. Ever since you open your fucking mouth, your words make my dick hard and my heart skip a beat. I have millions of girlfriends and this never happened. And you will be a lie to say you dont want me."

Deejay didnt reply, he just stared at me in shock. I wiped around my mouth and continued, "so much for honesty. Its whatever yo. Just keep fucking with James."

I pulled into my driveway and quickly cut the ignition. I sat back in the seat and said, "Get out, yo."

Deejay retorted, "No." I snapped, "Deejay, I will really beat your ass. Get out."  I leaned over him and grabbed the doot handle and pushed it open. I jacked him up and snapped, "OUT!" We stared eachother eyes and we both breathed in sync. He whispered, "Kiss me, Papi." He slowly reached out the car and closed the door back. He then reclined the chair, while I still hovered over his small body. He whispered again, "Rico, if you really want me, Kiss me right now and mean it." I released his shirt and moved up his body and our lips lined up perfectly. I tried with all my might to allow my lips to do it, but couldnt. This time isnt out the blue like the first time. This felt real. I sat back in my seat and exhaled. I leaned my seat back to match his.

He sat up and climbed on top of me and pushed his hands on my chest. He gripped my shirt and pulled me up toward him and said, "Kiss me." I grabbed his face and our lips crashed into eachother. I wrapped my hands around his back and rubbed his fat ass. I moaned as he bit my bottom lip. I grabbed the bottom brim of his shirt and quickly took off his shirt. He stopped me and said, "Rico, I aint fucking you."

I chuckled, "Who said anything about fucking?" This felt like fireworks. I just want to take good care of him. I swiftly jumped to my back seat and laid him down. I started sucking on his neck and he groaned. I felt his legs wrap around my waist and I gave him a quick hump to make him feel this pipe.

I licked down his chest and sucked on those fat brown quarter sized plump nipples. This shit felt crazy, yet so good. He grabbed at my versace shirt and pulled I took it off. He start kissing down my body from under me. I groaned, "Fuck...Fuck.." He licked and sucked on my 8 abs so delicate and soft.

He grabbed at my Hermes Belt and pulled them down and cleared his throat. I laughed, it has happened alot. Next thing you know the unthinkable happened. The passenger side door opened and I looked in the direction as my heart dropped to my stomach.

To Be Continued....

Chapter 6: Surprise's isnt always good.



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