-Chapter 1: Oakland Finest.

"Deejay, Mommy loves you." I hugged my crying mother. She is always so dramatic when it comes to me leaving. Once I left for a week, she almost went into a coma. Now Im leaving for a summer I dont know how she is going to deal. Especially, with her being in New York and Me in California. Ugh, How rude of me? Let me introduce myself.

Im Deejay Lafare. hey, my Dad loved music, I guess. I guess, because he isnt in my life anymore. Well, never really was. It have always been my mom and I. She had always did everything for me. We are Indian and African American. I have Caramel skintone, and nice curly hair. My eyes are grey. I did a little swimming freshmen year, so I have a nice fit body and a fat assss. Oh yea, Im Gay. I Knew since I was a jit. Hell, I was in love with Troy Bolton and The Cheetah Girls..... My Mom works as A Chef in a great restaurant, so she make great money. I went to a private school and The rich area in New York. I told her I was Gay last summer. She already knew, she said. Enough with me, I hate talking about myself. Snap, one more thing. The reason Im leaving. Well, I want to be a Doctor and signed up for a summer volunteer job at St.Judes in California. Little did I know, I would actually get in and have to go live with my grandma in Oakland. I hope its nice their. Never visited, she always came to New York.

"Boarding Flight 245, nonstop to Oakland, California." The Lady announced over the intercom. I picked up my Bags and threw them aroundy shoulders. I blew my mom a kiss and walked over to board the plane. I placed on my Lime Green Beatz by Dre and handed the guy my boarding pass. I gave him a smile, shit he was cute. He made my asshole twitch in my short booty jeans. I grabbed it back and walked on to the plane. After I found my seat, I had to lift my bag up to its respected place. Thats a problem, Im shorter than most people. Im 5'4. I tried to lift the bag and I heard a manly voice say, "I got it." I handed Mr.TallDark&Handsome my bag and he used his strong arms to lift it. He had green eyes and was brown skin. He looked like Michael Ealy. He smiled those perfect teeth and just stared at me. I was confused, he know im only 17 right. I mean I dont care. He cleared his throat and said, "Um, Are you seat 3C?"
I couldnt reply, that English accent is amazing. He grabbed my pass and said, "Yep, you can sit. Im 3B." Im going to be sitting next to him, yasss. I quickly came back to reality and sat down. I strapped into the seatbelt. He continued, "Im Jason."

"Im single-im mean Deejay. Thats to E's."

He smirked, "well, nice to meet you. You dont look like you from Oakland."

I replied informing him that I was going to my grandma's. He said, "Oh, Im from there. I had a vacation in New York, now back to work. I have a training class this summer." Before I can ask about what I heard the engines roaring. Plus, he was paying close attention to the safety rules, being said by the damn Flight Attendant. Stupid Bitch, messed up our vibes. I just wanna suck his dick. I feel like oral sex isnt a big deal. Im still virgin when it comes to anal. I just want my first time to be with someone I see a future with, not just some affection. Jason is affection and I wanna affectionly suck his dick.

4 Hours & 7 Minutes Later.............................

I had dosed off to sleep on the window, but a little air turbulance awoke me. I looked over and Jason was sleep with a blanket over his body. He looked peacefully. I looked down amd through the white sheet, I seen something pitching a tent. He was hard, oh my god. I licked my nice soft lips and breathed hard. All the fibers in me was fighting back the urge of just going under this sheet and popping that dick in my mouth. I jumped up and headed to the bathroom. I need to jerk off, this isnt okay. I hurried into the rest room. I pushed the door to Occupied. I unbuckled my jeans and pulled them down to my ankle, same for my NeonOrange Briefs. I grabbed my 8 inch hard dick and startes jerking it. I ran my hand through my hair and closed my eyes. I leaned back on the door and bit my bottom, trying not to moan loud. About 7 minutes into this session, I heard a knock at the door. I stopped and turned around. I caught my breath and said, "its occupied." I heard that familiar english accent say, "open the door, Deejay." Did I just hear him say that? Oh My Damn. I slowly opened the door and he pushed in.

He looked down at me and said, "I seen how you was gawking at my dick, nigga. You want it, dropped to those knees." I followed quick instructions. He untied those joggers drawstring and pulled them down. His Vcut and Abs was welldefined. I pulled out that dick and it was all hard and a long vein ran through it. So freaking sexy. I went to slobbing all down that dick and getting it all wet. It was like it was growing more and more. I deepthroated all 10 inches and he moaned, "Oh fuck, this is better than my wife." That just make me more horny. I went up and down on that dick as he pulled my hair.
He even forced me all the way down, my nose was in his pubes. They smelled like Dove soap. Suddenly, he moaned, "Oh fuck, Im about to cummm--ughhh." He held my head in place as hot ropes of cum shot down my throat. His babies was on their way to my stomach. I licked him clean and I looked up at him and he said, "wake up, we are here." I was confused what he is talking about.

Suddenly, it all came to me. This was a freaking dream. I woke up and Jason was tapping me.

"We are here man. Get up." I looked around and realized that dick wasnt even in my mouth. I looked down at my jeans and it was a damp spot. Oh shit, I had a wet dream.

I quickly got up and grabbed my bag and headed off the plane. I went into one of my bags and grabbed a jacket. I wrapped it around my waist. I pulled out my phone and called my cousin, Keesha, she live with my grandma. She was suppose to come get me.

She picked up, "Cousin!!! Im right outside bitch. Im holding up taxi traffic, they is mad as fuck." This girl is crazy, I swear. I hurried out of the terminal and I seen someone waving their hand. She jumped out her car and more taxis blew their horn. Keesha turned to them and snapped, "shut the fuck up with yall musty asses. Get yall life."

She ran over to me and we hugged. I said, "I miss you, bitch." I havent seen her since I was like 12.

She said, "boy, you update Snapchat every two minutes." Keesha slapped my ass and said, "yess, you been doing squats. That ass sitting right. Lets go. Before one of these men call the cops, my license is suspended. Welcome to Oakland."

I quickly put my bags in the car and she pulled off. I texted my mom that I made it safely. She said, "I would take you to chipotle, but its 6:30 and food is most likely done at the house. You know gma dont play." I laughed and she continued, "so hows school and shit?"

I replied, "good, just happy its summer. I want beaches, fun, andd--" in unison we said, "DICK!!"

She snapped her fingers, "you better know it. Its a party tonight at Oakland Finest. They dont check I.D, so you good." This girl is already trying to get me turned. Luckily, that job dont start til monday and its two days before that.

About 30 Minutes later, we entered some area and it was the hood. Corner stores, hobos, dirty streets, people all around. We even seen these men about to fight. Please, tell me my grandmother dont stay here. I dont belong in no hood. I never even lived in one. Keesha turned a sharp corner and went straight for about 5 minutes. She turned into a yard and the house looked decent. Two floors but looked old. Im staying downstairs, for sure. This neighborhood dont look safe. How did mom live here growing up. She turned the car off. I stepped out and she said, "I have to pee. Close the trunk once you get your bags." She ran for the front door. I opened the trunk and grabbed my luggage. As I clpsed the door, I heard a loud thud. I turned around and seen the neighbor door fly open and a man being dragged out the house by his shirt.

The guy who was dragging him looked pissed. He was lightskin, looked puerto rican. He had a tattoo of a dragon on his back, I can see it under his Tee. He went to punching the guy and saying, "Pussy, next time have my money or you will be dead." Did he just day that? The guy pleaded for his life and tried to talk with his bloody mouth, I was so scared.

"Rico, I didnt steal your money. I knew you for 10 plus years. If you think Ill do this to you, you are stupid. Check those new men you got."

Rico went to stumping his face with his timberland boots. My eyes grew big when he pulle out a gold gun and snapped, "imma spare you life if you leave now, O. Im serious as fuck." I dropped my bag and ran over to the guy and helped him up and looked at the very tall Rico. He had to be about 6'7. He snapped, "O, you fucking with a faggot? And by the look of his robin jeans, you gave him my money. I should kill yall both." He pointed the gun at me. I threw my hands up and said, "I dont even know him. And I paid for these clothes. Plus, who you calling a faggot, thug."

Rico eyes grew big as if no one has ever talk to him like this. No one scare me.

Rico stepped back and said, "Faggot, you better leave before I stick this gun down your dicksucking throat and pull the trigger. Im not a fucking game."

Suddenly, Keesha ran over and said, "Rico, he good. He from New York, this my little cousin. He dont know better. Lets go, Deejay." Keesha grabbed my hand as Rico tied his black hair back and licked those sexy pink lips.

He snapped, "you better train that dick eater, to respect me."

I retorted, "You better respect me, nigga." Keesha literally covered my mouth and forced me into my grandmothers house. To my surprise it looked clean and nice, actually. Keesha whispered, "Deej, are you dumb? Are you trying to get us killed? That man, Rico, is no joke. He is Oakland's biggest drug dealer. Even the cops are scared of him. Dont cross him and you wont die, is his motto. He and his boys moved next door to get away from the city. Just stay out of his cross hairs." This girl sound so scared and for real. Its like he didnt look so scary to me. He looked pretty sexy, honestly. He looked like Phat Daddy, the gay porn star just younger and perfect teeth. No shade to Phate Daddy.

I agreed with her as I heard my grandma.

"Ohh, baby. You look so big." We hugged as I realized gma just lied. I havent grown a damn inch since she last seen me, but ill let her have it.

She replied, "I have your room all made up for you upstairs." Shit, Im up there. I slowly walked up them, I was nervous I didnt want to fall into like the basement or something. To my surprise I made it safely upstairs. My grandma talked my ears off for like 10 minutes, then she left me to unpack and shit. She told me she got me a car to drive around, while im here. Im excited about that. I went into my bag and pulled out my laptop. I plugged it up by the wall. The room looked pretty big. I went over to the window and looked out of it. It was only a view of an upstairs room and Rico house. Apart of me hoped it would be his. I can see him coming out the shower all naked and wet. Yum-eww... he hates me and I should hate him. The word faggot dont effect me, but still its rude. Lemme take a shower and go eat. Hopefully, this club is poppin' tonight.



I walked back into my house and locked the door. Ole Stupid ass Faggot. Plus, O ole thieving ass. We was cool for too long and he decide now to rob me. I walked down to the basement. My three new worker; James, Kali, and Remmy was cutting up the coke and seperating the weed for a dropoff tonight.

James said, "Did you handle O, Boss?"
I replied, "Yea with care and he got off with a warning due to our pass, however, yall want be so lucky. Ill fucking shoot your heads off. Now tonight dropped is with the owner of Oakland Finest, the club off 2nd Avenue. James, you will attend with me since O is unavailable. I start prepping you to be my right hand man." Im Oaklands Terror, my name ring bells and thats the way I like it. No dope moves around this city , if it aint got any tides to me.

I wasnt always such a cutthroat, heartless soul. I actually wanted to be a doctor growing up. And on my 10th birthday, my parents house was bombarded with thugs and they was killed. That day, I took a vow to be just as ruthless to this cruel world. I would love no one. A bunch of girls have tried, but once I still this thick 12 inch rican dick in them and nut, I drop them like bad habits. No girl have made me want to settle down. However, I did have one slipup when I was 18, 5 years ago. Which resulted in my 4 year old baby girl, Carlee. She is my life. I moved her Mom and her to Los Angeles. I pay her like 250,000 a month to take care my daughter. They are far away from this ,so incase something happen they safe. I visit every two weeks.

I went back upstairs and went into my room. I went into my closet. To pick out my swag for tonight. I grabbed a pair of Black jeans, ripped at the knee. A long tshirt, black. A red fitted and some all red Christian Louboutin Sneakers. As I placed it onthe bed, I looked out my room window and seen that faggot walking around his room in a blue towel. I sighed hard, at how he was walking. Suddenly, he dropped his towel and exposed his caramel colored ass to me. It was shocking, it was like a girl ass. Nice, plump, and fat. I bet its soft.... what the fuck?? Rico, why are you even thinking like that for a gay guy? Snap out of it man. I turned around and looked away.

My phone started to vibrate in my pocket. I pulled it out and it was a message from the owner of Oakland Finest.

"12:30 in my office, make it double. I have the money." I kind of squinted my eyes in confusion. Ive dealing with him for 3 years and he never wanted to double, something is up. I hate when people cross me, like fuck!!. I played along pretty cool.

"Bet. That will be 500,000 then. Ill be there." I clicked off the messages and looked back out the window he was gone. I sighed and laid back on my bed

.........3 Hours and 46 Minutes Later.......

I parked my all white Bentley in its respected place and hopped out. James hopped out the passenger side. I said, "listen to me. We have 30 minutes until the dropoff, make sure to give the signal of any cops out here."

James replied, "Got ya Boss. Txt me when you want me to come around the back." We clapped eachother up and I informed him, "you are own your way to taking O spot." He smirked and I made my way to the entrance of the it was a long ass line. I walked straight pass all of it. I went into my pocket and handed the bouncer, 250. He clapped me up and I walked in. As I entered,I notice it was more lit than the usual.

Girls started throwing themselves at me immeadately. I had few dances and grind this dick on a few asses. I checked my watch and I had about 5 minutes. I peeped Keesha dancing her sexy ass on her cousin, the faggot who ass I seen. He was slapping her ass and they looked drunk out of their mind. I looked at the far end of the club, where the office was and noticed the guards at the door was different. I even noticed that they didnt have their regular guns on them. I smell cops. I pulled out my phone and texted James.

"Yo, I feel A setup. Get the fuck out of here, NOW! Ill get a ride back to the house. Also, Add Mason Carter to the death list. This nigga dont know who he just attempted to cross." As I waited for the reply, I walked over to the bar and ordered a drink. Suddenly, James replied, "Pulling off now and bet."

I smirked and texted Mason, "You have fucked up...." I slid my phone back in my pocket and needed to talk to Keesha to drop a nigga back off home after this. I made my way through the crowd and tapped Keesha shoulder. She looked at me and slurred her words, "Ricoo...ifff...you still mad about earlier..
Its over..loosen up.." I leaned downin her ear and whispered, "Im over that. Can you just make sure I get home tonight."

She gave me a sad look and replied, "you see that boy over there. Im going to get this pussy ate. Plus, Deejay drove."

I looked over her cousin and he said, "Im Deejay. Whats up?" Oh fuck. I dont wanna be seen leaving the club with this guy.

I stated, "Give me your car keys. Meet me in the alley in about ten minutes. You taking me home."

Deejay snapped, "How do you know, Im ready?" I retorted, "Cuz' I said so papi, now dont be late. I have business to do."

He went into his pocket and handed me the keys. "Its the Navy blue, Nissan 2016." I snatched them and mumbled, "That cheap ass car."

I quickly exited the setup as club and found the car after searching fot ahout 7 minutes. I jumped in and took in that new car smell. I crunk it up and pulled off into the alley behind the club. About 5 minutes later, the passenger door slung open and my thug instinct kicked in, I pulled out my 9 mm gun. He gasped, "you going to fucking shoot me after taking my car." I put it away and said, "Chill, Just dont come up on me like that, shit. A nigga paranoid." As put on his seatbelt and said, "I wonder why? I dont understand boys like you." I crunk up the car and pulled off.

"Watchu mean boy? Im a fucking man." I corrected him. He said, "A man without his own whip." This ponk, must have a death wish.

I snapped, "Watch that fuckin' mouth of yours. Ill beat your ass, then kill you."

Deejay replied, "Im from New York, I have seen scarier, Phat Daddy." Who the fuck is Phat Daddy? This kid must be drunk. I informed him my name was Rico, even though he will forget with how drunk he is. I recieved a message from James. I looked down at my phone to read it and this kid did the the unthinkable. He snatched my phone and sucked his teeth.

"You wont kill me by texting and driving and we will be one of those commercials. Ill read this message. Its says.. Boss I just got back to the house, so what do you wanna do to Mason. Is it happening tonight?" He looked at me and I instructed him to reply, "Nah, the cops will still be with him. Probably trying to stage another setup. I will figure something out. Just make sure you ready to get that drugs to our dispensers tomorrow. I need that money made." As he typed he asked, "Why do you do this? Like honestly. How do you choose a lifestyle that can only end two ways. You are subjecting yourself to end up Dead or Behind Bars." I didnt need no pep talk.

"Aye, fast money is the best for me. I make over a million a month. Im paid and set for life. I get to buy whatever I want, Never feel broke, and fuck who I want. Its an amazing life."

Deejay sighed, "and watching out for the cops. I know Im not from the hood, but its pretty simple. Dont do something bad and blame the police for pulling the trigger."

I snapped, "Man shut that ship up, Dj for real."

He corrected me, "Its Deejay. Let that E linger on that tongue, before you pronounce that J with diction." I started laughing, "You are like an aggy female. You have alot of things like a female. Especially--" I cut myself short before i expose myself for seeing his ass.

"Especially, what?" He asked. I chuckled to make me not look gay or like a stalker.

I confessed, "Well, I kind of seen your ass. I didnt want to, it sort of happened when I looked out my window."

He stared at me and said, "And im the faggot, but you got a good sight huh?"
I didnt reply, because the answer will be too weird. He continued, "you dont have to reply. This ass fat for a reason."

I mumbled, "too swallow big cocks." He slapped my face and said, "Dont mumble shit under your breath." Did this kid just really fix his hand to slap me. That strike three. I pulled into his grandmothers driveway and pointed to him. I snapped, "Listen and listen well. Im not a game, I have killed before. You have did three things to me I dont tolerate on some real shit. You suppose to be on your way to a morgue. ALL I ASK FOR IS RESPECT, LOYALTY, AND OBEDIENCE. IM A KING AND I AM TOO BE WORSHIPPED. ALL HAIL KING MOTHERFUCKING RICO." This boy burst into laughing and it pissed me off. I quickly jacked his short ass up against the window and whispered in a stern tone, "im not joking with you. Fall in line with the people who respect me or die with the people who dont. Your trust DickEatwer." He whispered, "Okay,Fine. I see you arent playing. Now get out."

Deejay said, "last slick thing. This is my car, you have to get out." It set in and I said, "Oh shit, my B. Just see you around yo." I let go of his shirt and put my hand out for a shake, he said, "Sorry , I dont do that."

"Oh yea, what you do?" I asked curiously. He confessed,"I give hugs, but you seem like the --" I leaned over the console and gave him a hug with these manly arms. He was shocked. I stepped out and said, "See you around." I dont know why I hugged him, but it felt good. However, I think I scared the shit out of him.

I opened my room door and unbuckled my Hermes belt and dropped my jeans to the floor. I snatched that shirt off and went to lay down. I seen Deejay light turn on and he looked over at me. He smirked at me and closed the blinds, while mouthing, "No, Sneak peeks tonight." I flicked him off and laid down in my bed. Today have been alot of crazy shit, but all I can do is hope tomorrow brings a great day. Frankly, as as thug, this comes with it.



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