Chapter 8: We have a problem.


As those words escaped Jessica's mouth Rico and I shot our heads back at her and she continued, "girl, you is lying. Ill call you back later for that tea. Rico bout to take us somewhere." She was on the phone. My heart started beating again, like I cannot. I really thought she heard that her daughter saw Rico and I kissing in the car. Rico looked over at me and finally exhaled. He rubbed Carlee back and said, "Ready to go see the elephants."

Jessica happily chimed in, "Yep, and the monkeys. If we are lucky baby, Daddy will stay with them. You know thats his family." Carlee gasped and they disappeared back into their house. I grabbed my pool towel and rushed back into the house. I ran pass my grandmother in the kitchen and went upstairs. I closed my room door and had to start catching my breath. I felt a panic attack coming on. If that little girl slips and tells her mom, all hell is going to break loose. Rico might kill me to make sure Jessica only hears his side. Im so scared and nervous.

I laid back on the bed and grabbed my phone. I went to the game app Candy Crush Soda Saga, it relaxes me. However, my mind kept returning to what that little girl said. This can end badly for James and I, Rico and I, Jessica and Rico, James and Rico, Jessica and I.

I sat up and mumbled, "We have a problem. A big problem." I knew I shouldnt have kissed those soft lips.

I just want to go to sleep and wake up tomorrow.

19 Hours and 34 Minutes Later....

I parked my car inside the hospital parking lot and got out. Im like an hour early today. I just wanna put my mind on something else. I went up to Dr.Grant office and knocked on the door. I heard alot of noise and then the door opened, but it was Britney. She had her blonde hair pinned up, her face was flushed, and her pink bra strap leaning off her arm. I know damn well this man isnt sleeping with her. I walked in and he was placing things back on their respected place on his desk. He cleared his throat as he wiped around his mouth, "Um-why are you here so early?" I looked back at whore Britney and said, "I can say the same about you, Britney." She gave me a fake smile and I returned one.

He said, "well, I have a surgery in like 10 minutes, so Ill be back once everyone arrives. Yall can stay in here." He jumped up and must have forgot when I knocked to pull up his briefs and scrub pants. His lightskin dick was hanging out and was still semi-hard. It was just what I imagined on the plane ride in my dream. Britney said, "oh my , sir." Like she wasnt the reason this was even out. He quickly pulled them up and ran out.

I sat down and Britney stated, "before you even jump to the wrong concl--"

I cut her off, "mmm, let me see. You are fucking married Dr.Grant and you are a minor. He could lose his job, wife, and life if it was to get out. He is in a terrible state of mind."

She ran over and sat next to me and explained, "I know and it wasnt planned. He confided in me one morning about their trying to get a baby issues and then it led to this. I know its wrong, but im 17 and hell I never experienced love. I feel like it is finally happening. The way that accent rolls off his tongue, the way he kiss, and lick... You never had feelings for someone that you know you shouldnt, but its like gravity keeps yall together." I looked into her eyes and see myself, with Rico. Its no different from her and the Doc. Well, he is married.

I replied, "Britney, who havent, but what if his wife ends up pregnant. If you think that man will stay with you... you have another thing coming. Your secret is safe with me." She leaned over and hugged me, "Thanks. Now lets go get some breakfast and coffee. That dick wore me out."

I asked intrigued, "Its that good?" She laughed, "boy, you just dont know."



"ohhhh shit...that feelss goodd.. mmmmm I needed thiss.. thats the spot. Oh yea it is." I laid back on my bed, as Jessica gave me a full body massage. I needed this, hell that zoo wore my body out.

As her small delicate hands rubbed down my abs, legs, arms, even my dick, I felt like I was in heaven. Jessica said, "So what are we doing?" I was confused. I didnt know what she was getting at.

I replied, "come again, mami."

She exhaled, "Rico, what are we going? Like yesterday was an amazing day for Carlee. She had a blast out there with the animals and the kids, but if this is just temporary and a fairytale let me know. For the first time since I had her, we felt like a family yesterday. So once this beef with these L.A niggas are over, whats that in terms of said Family." I grabbed her hands as they where gliding up my dick with baby oil. I looked into her eyes and stated, "Having yall back here does feel good, I wouldnt lie. I can get my dick serviced at anytime, I can spend real time with my daughter. But we are far off from a family mami. You know I only love you as my babymother. I will always be there for you and take care of you. But that ship has sailed." Tears started to roll down her face and she chuckled, "Well, you cant have your cake and eat it too. So we have a problem. No more pussy, kisses, licks, or even massages if im not your girl." She slapped my chest hard ass fuck and flew out of my room. I jumped up and was about to chase her, but I needed a towel. I quickly threw one around my waist and ran downstairs. I seen James on the couch eating a bowl of cereal. He said, "She went out the door." I ran out and she was pulling off in my Ashton Martin. This bitch is nuts. As she rode off, I seen a blue car across the road. Mister Grandier dont drive, because he is blind. Who is that? I dont know, maybe a family member.

I walkes back into the house and turned the living room light on. I said, "James, where is Remmy?"

He replied, "at Kali gravesite." He wasnt even looking me in the eyes he was below my neck. I snapped my fingers, "eyes up here. Listen its a unmarked car across the street. I dont know who it be, but watch it. Its maybe nothing."

James nodded his head and said, "I got you, but these L.A niggas aint that crazy, to come here with the drama." I laughed, "you never know and could you please stop looking at my dickprint, DAMN YO."

He smirked, "maybe if it wasnt so OUT there I wouldnt look." James is out of control. I chuckled, "Bruh, go look at Deejay dick, stop worrying about mine."

I didnt mean that, that pisses me off too. I walked into Carlee room and she was still sleep, goo. The whole mess with her seeing Deejay and I in my car that night, freaked me out. I knew she drew the picture, but her knowing it was Deejay and not her mom, is scary. Ive been trying to keep her away from Jessica as much as possible. I went and knocked on O room door.

I heard moaning and groaning. Oscar and Geneva have been fucking like rabbits. He said, "Bruh-give me a minute." I laughed. This man have been fucking this transgender like its no tomorrow. He really sees it only as a pussy, hell she has tits and talks like a girl. You have to really listen to hear the man in her voice. I went back in my room and jumped in the shower.

*outside the house*

Inside the blue car across the road, Justin said on the phone, "Titus we have confirmation. This is Rico house. What do you want us to do?" Justin looked over at Killian and Titus snapped, "GET OUT THAT CAR AND RUN THROUGH THAT HOUSE. I WANT EVERYONE DEAD. BABIES AND PETS AND ALL. ITS TIME TO END THIS."

Killian and Justin hung up the phone and grabbed their guns and cocked them back. Justin was getting out the car, when Killian grabbed his arm.

"Wait, Justin. If this goes wrong and we get hurt. I love you man, I know my dad put you in this, but its all love."

Justin said, "if we do die, we dont have to take another one of your dads punishments. Now, lets go around the back."


1 Hour and 23 Minutes Later..


Dr.Grant surgery ran over so the volunteers and I got to go to the lookout and watch the surgery. He was performing on a 7 year old with ulcers. It was so astonishing, I love medicine. Britney leaned over and whispered, "he even looks sexy, holding a scapel. What you think?"

I smiled at her and confessed, "he does." Moment later, I felt the urge to pee. I stood up and said, "ill be back, bathroom break."

I exited the room and pulled my phone out. It was completely dead, I was wondering why I was recieving not one text message, especially from James. I walked down the hall and went into the bathroom. I used it and as I washed my hands, I heard a familiar voice snapping, "WHERE THE HELL IS MY COUSIN MA'AM, I DONT CARE ABOUT NO SIGN-IN." I mumbled, "keesha?"

I hurried out of the door and spotted Keesha yelling at Nurse Jackie. I ran over and said, "Keesh, chill out." She looked me in my face and her eyes was puffy. She snapped, "WHY HAVENT YOU BEEN ANSWERING YOUR PHONE?"

I answered, "its dead. I just noticed. Whats wrong? why are you here?"

She exhaled and the next thing to come out of her mouth shook my body to the core.

"Jessica called me, their house was shotup with the baby in it. I dont know whose hurt on anything she was too turned up over the phone. All I heard was he isnt breathing by the paramedics in the background. I dont know if its James, Rico, Remmy, or Oscar."

I couldnt even make words out, but manage to say, "lets-lets go."

As we arrived to Oakland General Hospital, it was in choas. We rushed over to the reception desk and Keesha said, "we are here about the ones who was involved in the--"

We heard Jessica scream, "Over here, yall." We looked over and she was in the waiting room. Keesha ran and hugged her. She broke down and was crying her eyes out.

Keesha asked,"what happened?"

She exhaled, "Rico pissed me off and I left. I seen the car, I seen the car parked across the street. I didnt think nothing of it-"

The doubledoors opened and she turned her face and said, "Doctor whats tea?"

He trembled his bottom lip and said.....

To Be Continued..

Chapter 9: 2 Hours and 45 Minutes Earlier.

(Sneak Peek)

She exhaled, "Rico pissed me off and I left. I seen the car, I seen the car parked across the street. I didnt think nothing of it-"

The doubledoors opened and she turned her face and said, "Doctor whats tea?"

He trembled his bottom lip and said..

2 Hours and 45 Minutes Earlier...

James walks out of the door and spots the same blue car that Rico told him to watch. James pulled out his phone and texted Deejay for the 7th time this morning. He walked on to the porch. He tried to look into it, but it was tented. James crept off the porch and went out to the sidewalk. He crossed the road and quickly looked into the car window, it was empty. He smirked, "i swear I got the most paranoid Boss ever."

As he skipped back across the road, he heard 3 gunshots go off from inside the house. He ran in and pulled his gun out ready for whats to come up those 13 steps.

Stay tuned, chapter 9 is soon. Kisses.



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