Chapter 6: Surprise's isnt always good.


As the door opened, I awaited one of my boys to look inside and see me half naked with Deejay, a gay male,up under me about to suck my dick. However, I heard a girl voice cry out.

"Daddy, Are you in here? I seen you pull up through my window. But you not come in." Carlee cried out. I took a deep breath and looked at Deejay. I mumbled, "Its my daughter. Ill take her inside." I grabbed my shirt and climbed to the passenger side. I got out and put my shirt on. I picked her up and said, "where is Uncle O?" She went to blabbing.

"Uncle O, went to sleep during How to get away with Murder, episode 9. On netflix." Shaking my head this nigga got my daughter watching adult people shit. Jessica put us on about ago about. We walked into the house and I quickly took her back to her room.

She asked, "where is mommy?"

I said, "out with a friend. You will see her in the morning for breakfast. Goodnight Honeybun."

She blew me a kiss and replied, "Goodnight Brownie." I chuckled and walked out we have our little cute names. She is the best thing that ever happened to me. On some real shit. I walked back downstairs and seen Oscar stretched out across the chair. I walked over and hit his leg.

He jumped up, "wassup, bruh?"

I laughed, "nigga go to your room and dont have my daughter watching How to Get away with murder."

He chuckled as he yawned. "Hey she like that shit. He understand whats going on more than me."

I said, "Shaking my head. Nigga go to bed. I got some weed in the car. Im bout to go light up." That was the half truth. I walked back outside and saw Deejay standing outside my car. He said,"Look I got to--"

I snapped, "get in the car we going somewhere."

He pleaded, "Rico, I have volunteer work in the morning, I cant be out all night." I sucked my teeth and said, "yo, get in the damn car." He turned around and got back in the passenger seat. I jumped in and pulled off.

"Wherever you taking me better not involve the police." Deejay stated. I looked over at him and said, "relax, lil nigga. Im taking you to Dickinson Beach. It be empty at this time of night. No one can interupt us." My ohone started ringing and it was Jessica. I told him to be quiet and he whispered, "I aint even talking."

"Run your mouth." I said.

Jessica replied, "I should be home in like an hour. I hope you ready, Im about to suck that dick longgg and hard." I chuckled and responded, "business came up. Im hitting the streets right now. But just wait up for me." I hung up and Deejay stated, "Take me back this is wrong. You have your babymoms and I have James. They dont deseve this. I really like him and im about to suck the skin off his Boss' dick. No. Thats wrong."

I corrected him,"I have a babymoms. We aint together. Yea we fuck, suck, eat, and lick eachother but thats it. It aint no relationship there. Plus, James and you just started talking. So we just out here having fun."

He mumbled, "Yea fun...because you are straight. Im so dumb."  I didnt hear him well, but it had to be something slick.

I said, "so you want me to take you back, because ill save my gas and weed. You was just kissing and was about to swallow my whole pinga. Whats the problem?"

Deejay answered, "That was a mistake clearly. You are a mistake." I swerved over to the side of the road. I popped the car in park and looked at him. I demanded, "look at me." He stayed fixated on the road. I snapped at him,"look at me, yo." He turned his head and yelled "what?"

I rubbed his cheek and said, "if im a mistake. Ill be the best mistake you ever make. We aint got to be together if you dont want that. But to deny its a vibe between us is a lie. Ever since I laid eyes on your slim thick cute ass." Deejay chuckled, "stay off facebook, okay. And yea it is, but we are in different planes. You are a straight thug. Im a gay boy. You are 20 something. Im 17. You have a girl. I have a liking for someone, close to you. As much as I want to suck on your bottom lip, as you rub my ass. Or have your dick head kissing my throat, I cant. Its not right, because thats all it will be lust. You will never want me the way im looking for someone to want me, Rico. You may think you do just to get in my pants, but once the load is bust. So is dreams of us, having something real....with that can you please take me home."

I looked over at him and was lost for words. I couldnt believe this. No one has ever rejected my charm and swag. I gritted my teeth and bust a U-Turn. I guess Jessica will have to do for the night.

10 Hours and 18 Minutes Later......


"Grandma, My doctor canceled today volunteer work. He had some important family issue, so ill run to the market and get your things. Just give me the list." She stood up and said,"oh baby. I love you. Here." She handed me a damn notebook paper. It was filled all up with groceries and other shit. I had no issue, my mom stayed sending me. Speaking of her, she need to transfer me some money to my card. I walked uptairs and knocked on Keesha door.

She yelled, "COME IN!" I walked in and this was under the covers and I seen someone head going in under the covers. Oh my god! Roy is eating her out. She mouthed, "what boy...mmm"

I stuttered, "uh-uh I was running to the store. You want anything."

"Nope, only some privacy." I ran out of there and laughed so hard. These two are a fucking mess. I went in my room and grabbed my carkeys off my conputer desk. I looked over out the window at Rico's room. Memory flooded my brain from last night. I think he is pissed at me and I couldnt careless.  He is good for lust, but I think I can love James. The room door opened and Jessica walked in. He sat up from the bed and kissed her. I rolled my eyes and hurried out the room. I jumped in my car and as I was about to pull off, my passenger door slung open. I quickly threw a punch.

I heard James say, "ouch, thats my eye." I covered my mouth and said, "Im sorry. Oh damn, dont scare me like that. How did you know I was in my car."

"I was on the porch. Where you going?"

"Wal-Mart fot my Grams."

"Cool, Ill come with." I smiled at him and he continued, "Im sorry, about last night. My brother bank account was being hacked  and I had some papers that the people needed to unhack it." I leaned over the console and kissed his lips. He moaned, "mmm, what was that for?"

"For spending the day with me. Plus, my night didnt end with one." I lied.

He laughed, "hopefully it didnt. Jessica told me Rico brought you back. That would have been kind of wierd, plus he dont roll like that. Last night Jessica and Him kept me up all night. Banging all night." Typical him, couldnt get none from me so go and fuck his babymomma. See why I decided to go home. I knew it. I pulled off pissed off.

1 Hour Later.....


"O, so did you find anything." I whispered to him across the kitchen table. Low enough so Remmy and Kali cant hear us in the kitchen.

O replied, "I had our boy down at the college, do his tech thing. He found an account thats addressed to all three of them. James, Kali, and Remmy. Check it, it had 4.5 Million dollars in it. When we met them 6 months ago they said they was broke and need a come up."  Ever since the last payment was missing and they paid me back to quickly. I have had Oscar doing some digging on thess three. And he hit the jackpot.

I gritted my teeth, "so these mofos have been stealing from me. Did you get to see the exact date of the last transfer."

Oscar replied, "no, they had someone unhacking the account, but we got what we needed." I didnt want to find this out especially about James. I trusted him, at least.

"Okay we need them for this battle against those L.A niggas,Mason and his crew. However, once they are buried beneath soil. The war begins with these three clowns."

Oscar and I clapped up and I continued, "I should have never doubted you. They dont even see it coming... it will be like SURPRISE!!!"

Oscar chuckled, "Surprise's isnt always a good thing. Look, I know you wanna ride up to L.A and scope out the scene, im down. But Chassidy wants to meet with me, I need my dick wet. Hit me up when you ready." He hopped up and left. I snapped, "Kali, I need you to go pick up the shipment from the warehouse. Tank will meet you there." Little did, Oscar know my plan on these mofos starts now..... hehehe.

Carlee ran into the kitchen, as Kali left. I picked her up and put her on my lap. I said, "how is daddy girl? Have you finished the drawing for daddy?"

She shook her head yea and I said, "where is it?" She went into her pocket and pulled out the paper. I unraveled it and it was two figures laying on eachother.

I laughed, "who is this Honeybun? Daddy and Mommy."

She said,"No, Daddy. Its Daddy and the boy he was in the car with last night kissing. It was so cute." My eyes grew big as fuck. I looked back at the photo and see its a window view from the top. I heard Jessica saying, "where are my two favorite people."

I whispered, "dont tell mommy about this okay." Carlee whispered back, "Okay, that will be twenty dollars." I folded the photo up and went into my pocket.

I slid the photo in my pocket and Jessica kissed my cheek and then Carlee.

"I saw your drawing in your room baby? What was it?" I looked at Carlee and she said, "nothing important. Just a picture of something I thought was cute. Can we go for ice cream mommy. Im paying."

Jessica laughed, "okay go get dress."

"So, Rico. I wanted to talk to you 'bout something. Its about that faggot, Keesha cousin."

Yea. What about him? I asked so nonchalantly, not trying to give off no signals.

She sat down and said, "last night at the table, I spotted him looking at you so many timed. The boy likes you."

I snapped, "shut that shit up. You just blew me, man. Im going to smoke." I jumped up and walked off. I wasnt really mad, but I had to pretend. I know he likes me, newsflash bitch I like him to. Did I just admit to that to myself? Oh shit.

Moments Later....


"Stop, im very ticklish." I said as we putting up my grandmother groceries. She went to the Bingo Hall. I bent over and grabbed the last thing, the milk and put it up. James wrapped his hands around my waist and rubbed my stomach. He picked me up and walked me upstairs and to my room. He threw me on the bed.

I said, "lock the door." He turned around a did it. He hopped on me and we laughed as we rolled on the floor. He said his back. He rolled me on ny plush pink carpet. I opened my legs and let him lay between them. We started making out and I could feel him getting excited up under me. It felt big. As saliva passed through our mouths, we moaned and groaned. He picked me up like a feather in the wind. He laid me on my bed and pulled up my shirt and started sucking on my nipples, just like Rico did the night before. As I closed my eyes that all I could picture. Rico lips... I mumbled, "mmmm, oh yea"

Suddenly, his phone started ringing and he said, "Its nothing."

I said, "what if its your brothers or Rico." He hopped up and pulled it out his pocket. He read the screen.

"Kali." I smiled. He picked up, "Yea,lil bro."

Kali was so loud we heard him through the phone.


We heard gunshots ring off. Ending the call. James eyes grew so big and we ran out of the door.

He burst into Rico house and ran pass Remmy on the couch and flew upstairs. Remmy asked me, "what the fuck?"

I exhaled, "I think something bad happened to your brother."

I heard Rico snap,"Lets go!!! He aint even call me."


As Rico Rangerover pulled up to the Warehouse with 4 passengers, everyone was   silent.Rico.James.Remmy.Deejay.

They all hopped out and just as the warehouse doors opened and Tank walked out holding a bloody, shoot up, dead Kali in his hands.

Remmy voice cracked as he seen his brother lifeless, "Ka-Li?" James and Him ran over to Tank.

Tank snapped, "I told him to go inside and hide , I seen the car keep circling around. I was out here trying to fight them off. Im sorry,these L.A niggas just started something."

Deejay covered his mouth and looked up at Rico. Rico shook his head as his bottom lip trembled. Rico stared at them and pondered, "Nice Job,Tank. Nice Acting. It was reaply believeable. Little did these brothers know, Tank killed Kali. This was the beginning of my revenge on yall mofos. This was perfect. Because now James and Remmy will have no choice, but to side with me and take out the l.a drug king. Then once that ends, they will be next. No one crosses Rico and lives."

Rico looked down to Deejay and gave him an evil glare, causing him Deejay to take a step back as he was on the phone with the police.

Chapter 7: Loyalty and Honesty.



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