Chapter 3: Peeping.


"Yess, Jamal you better sing!" I screamed at the television. I finally have time to watch Empire. I LOVE THIS SHOW. JAMAL IS MY FUTURE HUSBAND. Its finally a resting day. This volunteering job, have been alot. This first week was hell. Especially, yesterday. Im so happy we get the weekend off and I can rest. Sadly, enough Trey Songz is in town and Keesha brought us tickets.

I continued to watch Empire, when my phone dinged a message. I leaned over and grabbed it. It was from Keesha.

"Cousin, can you do me a favor and clean out the pool. My gma asked me, but Roy wanted to go to lunch." I hated doing labor, plus this week have been a bitch. BUT, she brought those tickets so I might aswell do this. I replied I will. I jumped out the bed and stripped. I realized this would give me a reason to wear my too small too tight speedos. I went over to my drawer and pulled those orange things out. I smirked and slid them over my ass cheeks. I looked in the mirror and smiled. I took off my grey jacket, from victoria secret and headed to the backyard. I went out through the patio door and stared at the pool. It look like a green monster was living in it. How long this pool havent been clean? No. I say hell no. I turned my nose up and exhaled this was so freaking nasty. I walked over to the table and plugged my phone up. I went to my music and press play. The first song to play was Ride by Somo. I love this shit. It makes me wanna make love. I grabbed the pool stick and started fishing out all the gunk as I sung.

"Im gon' ride, Im gon' ride on you baby all night."

Suddenly, I heard laughing through the music, I turned around and spotted across the thug, ive been trying to avoid since that confusing night a few days ago.RICO! I highkey didnt want to see him, because he makes me vulnerable. I dropped the stick and went and turned the music off. I folded my arms and asked, "Is something funny?"

He smoked the joint and stretched his arms out. He had on no shirt, only some grey sweatpants. Boys where those to show off that horse dick. He replied, "you looking like a hoe cleaning a pool, plus jamming out to a whiteboy."

I argued, "and your point. You are Puerto Rican and running around here like you was pushed out a black pussy."

He walked acrossed the grass into my gma's yard and replied, "Shut the fuck up, before I push you in that nasty ass pool. My Mothers Dead." Oh fuck, I didnt mean that. I would have never said that.

I apologized, "Im so sorry, I didnt know."

He sucked his teeth and said, "You couldnt have known, just watch your mouth. And Ive been peeping."

I looked at him confused, "Peeping what?"

He rubbed his mustache down to his mini beard and answered, "Peeping you avoiding talking or seeing me. Whys that? Am I a bad influence kid?" Hell yes.

I lied, "No, just been focusing on what im here for. Plus, its clear we dont run in the same circles. Im a gay boy and you are a thug. We cant be friends."

Rico batted his eyes and said, "Oakland is my city, I can be cool with anyone in it. You wanna hit this?" He extended his hand with the joint in it to me. I QUICKLY DENIED. That was an outerbody experience. He recieved a call and he picked up.

"What?" He snapped. He then allowed the person to respond. Whatever they said intrigued him. He retorted, "MET ME AT THE OLD WAREHOUSE. ILL BE THERE."

He hung up the phone and I said, "Thug Problems??" He replied, "Yup, see you later ii8?"

I replied, "I guess, but not too late. Keesha and I are going to see Mr.StealYourGirl."

Rico said, "Oh ii8, im out." He kept catching peeps at my ass in these speedos. He walked off and I smirked. He made mt stomach flutter. I picked back up the sticks and went back to cleaning the pool.

2 Hours and 5 Minutes Later.......


"How the fuck did a whole shipment get lost in transaction? That was 750,000 worth of drugs. Are you playing with me Remmy?"

Remmy stared at James and James snapped, "he talking to you,not me. You fucked up. All you had to do was dropped those off to the those Miami niggas. Now they are going to still be looking for thise bricks. This is not okay."

I snapped, "Hell yea they are. Now imma have to supply them with more drugs just to keep those allies good. Remmy you have to get me 750,000 by tomorrow noon. I dont care what you have to do to get it. If you got to go on that corner and shake that ass you better." I walked over to him and punched him in the mouth. He fell to the floor holding his mouth, he groaned in pain. He spit out the blood and a couple of chipped pieces of his teeth. I looked at James and nodded him to see me by the car. We walked outside. I jacked him up against my Rangerover. If Oscar is right about these three new fools, they will dead fast. I sternly spoke, "James, O warned me about yall niggas-" He was about to chime in and I gritted my teeth and he shut up. I grabbed hold of his shirt more and leaned my body into his.

"He told me yall was playing me. Now I want to believe yall, because yall havent given me reason. Yall even gave me info that he robbed me of the last shipment. However, its funny how the next shipment gets lost aswell. I dont know if this just happened,or yall think im stupid. James, you have 3 hard seconds to come clean and die or not. If not is your choice if I found out,its going to be a cold day in Oakland." James exhaled, "Boss, for sure we are on your side. My brother really respects you. All three of us. We will make you the money back." I threw him through the rocky ground and snapped, "Alright, dont say I didnt give yall niggas a warning. Now get to making my money." I hopped in my car and headed off somewhere. I just needed to clear my head.


James rose from the floor and called Remmt out of the warehouse. Remmy walked up to him as he shook the dirt off of himself.

"Bro, this is going too far. And could you have been more obivious seriously. We cant take over the drug game if we are this careless. We are too close."

Remmy replied, "Im sorry, bro. But now with this shipment we can start taking some of his niggas. Ill call Kali to get the money from the wired account, its okay. Rico, will be dead pretty soon and all of his money,drugs,and life will be the Santino Brothers."

James clapped him up and said, "Im ready for that, but he isnt dumb so we have to be careful. Lets starts doing some small trades with his weedboys downtown. Then work our way up his client list."

Remmy said, "Got you. Im just ready to kill Rico and Take over his Oakland Empire."

James replied, "Me too. You have no idea. Now I got to go, I have a lunch with some nigga."

Remmy laughed, "Just say you found a dude to suck your dick. I swear, just admit it you are gay. Kali and I will love you big bro."

James snapped, "Just love sex thats all. Now get to work, bruh."



"Keesha that ass looks fat in those jeans....YASS!!!" I said as I snapped my fingers. Shs turned around showing off her white jeans. She then said, "Deej, lemme show you what he brought me yesterday." He as in ROY. She have never dealt with a guy this long.... she must be feeling him. She came back in with a Christian Louboutin box. My mouth dropped.

I said, "Girl, he brought you red bottoms you better come thru. What you had to do for these?" I grabbed the left heel and she confessed, "Suck a little dick, I mean thats all. We havent fucked yet, which is wierd. He eats me and I suck him. Thats it."

I replied, "well since you wearing those Ill wear my Zanotti Sneakers."

She said, "Okay, finish getting dressed so we can go." She ran out my room and I closed the door. I slid my legs in the black leather jeans. I grabbed my white tight true religion shirt. You can see my faint 6 pack of abs. I went into the closet and pulled out my Zanotti Sneakers. I placed my feet in them and looked at myself in the mirror. I might get Trey Songz himself dressed like this, I swear.

I walked out the door and I heard Keesha talking to Roy downstairs. I crept downstairs to give them a little more privacy. I overheard Roy saying, "I aint riding up to no concert with no ponk ass nigga." I know he wasnt talking about me. I thought we was cool. I got to the final step and chimed in, "Boy, no one wants to be with your ugly ass anyways."

Roy and Keesha turned around. Keesha was about to talk, but Roy zoomed for the door and said, "Well, Keesha take your faggot cousin to the concert. Ill stay. Just call me when you done." He barged out the door and I snapped, "Fuck you." Keesha ran out the door after him, she have always been dick obsessed. I followed out on to the porch and seen how pathetic she was begging him to say. Im confused, Im your family. I exhaled, "Keesha, let him go. Dont force him."

She turned to me and snapped, "Shut up, Deej." I looked over and seen Rico pulling into his driveway. He stepped out his car and looked over. I was hoping he dont bud in. However, he was walking over and fast.

He said, "Is everything good?" Roy looked over at him and replied, "Aye, mind ya business. This is my situation with them."

I chimed in, "shut the fuck up and leave. Keesha let him go." Roy did the unthinkable next. He pushed Keesha down and we eyed one another. It seemed he wanted to fight. I stepped off the porch and he charged at me. Suddenly, Rico tackled him to the ground and punched him across the face. Did he just protect me? Or defend Keesha? Too early to tell. I ran over and grabbed Rico shirt, pulling him off Roy. I called Keesha to help, she was dusting herself off.

About 3 minutes later, He let up. Roy jumped up and snapped, "it aint over." He hopped in his car and pulled off. Keesha looked at me and snapped, "You are such a big baby. Always so hurt by what others say. Everything he said wasnt a lie. Stupid Gay bitch." She ran to her car and followed him. I cant believe she just said that. Wow, she is a nut job. I looked at Rico and he said, "Well, Um if you still wanna go to that concert, ill show you how t-"

I replied, "It was her tickets. Ill just go restup."

Rico snapped, "Hell nah, come on. Its alot of shit to do in Oakland. Go change and meet me by my car."

I chuckled, "which one?" Rico smirked, "which ever one you want to be a passenger in."



"Alright, James. I Dont know how yall did it, but I just got a call from my account in the Islands a wire of 750,000 was made. Yall off the hook. Yall off for tonight, but tomorrow be ready we have a new client to discuss." I hung up the phone as it was a knock on my front door. Shit, I aint even dressed yet. I ran down the stairs and openes the front door. Deejay said, "boy,im not a prostitute. Dont have me waiting." He spotted that I was only wrapped around my waist in a towel and his eyes couldnt stay above my neck. I pulled his short ass in and said, "Wait down here, ill be down soon."

Deejay replied, "Alright. It looks alot better with the light on down here." This nigga, just boasting that he came in here to suck up James. I ran back up and got dressed quickly. A simple Polo outfit will do.

35 Minutes Later......

"So it dont bother you to know you are hanging with a gay dude?" Deejay asked as I drove to where we was going.

I looked over at him and reminded him, "This is my city. I dont give a fuck what people think, they aint going to stand up and say nothing. And if they do welll.... they die."

He laughed and turned down the radio, "do you have to threaten to kill everyone? Its like someone breathe to hard you are ready to kill."

I exhaled, "Its just My parents was murdered, like damn. I was a jitt and it really woke me up. This is a cruel world, so if I feel you trying to take me out, I do it first. Thats all. Because the day I leave this earth will be a day where God and I are on the same page." Deejay shook his head and sat back. I said, "So is New York all the hype people make it to be? Thats one place I havent been."

Deejay smiled, "Well, we are the shit. ESPECIiALLY THE GIRLS AND BOYS. Everyone is sexy ass fuck."

I asked, "if there are so many cute girls why you like getting buttfucked by guys." He sucked his teeth and confessed, "I never had Anal Sex with a guy before for your information. Im saving that for someone I actually see a future with." Thats pretty cool. I only seen gay guys as freaks that fuck eachother all day just because. To know he have morals is kind of crazy. I wish I was I was like that, but sadly I wouldnt have the best thing in my life..Carlee.

I pulled into the destination and parked. We are here. He looked outside of the window and said, "is this a joke? This place is shutdown."

I laughed, "Correction. Its close. It only opens springtime. Midway Fair Oakland is amazing. Get out."

He stepped out and whispered, "Rico, im not breaking into this place." He is such a scary person. I said, "Man, we drove out of the city. Yes, you are. Look I got you. Nothing will happen to you." We looked into eachothers eyes. It was moment silence like he was deciding to trust me. He smirked and said, "Fine, but if the cops come and we get caught
Im snitching."

I laughed as we walked toward the gate. "Damn, so you would send me to jail, Shawty."

"As sure as your name is Rico." He said. I replied, "Well, luckily my real name isnt that." He looked back at me and said, "How are we suppose to hop this gate?"

I walked over and picked him up and through him around on my back. I whispered, "Hold on." He gripped around my neck and I felt his legs wrap around my waist. I grabbed hold of the gate and climbed it. He said, "you better not drop me, you tall piece of--"

I cut him off and said, "Shut up and get off of me we are in." He hopped off and said, "well that was fast,i guess being tall have perks. And this place looks scary at night."

We started to walk and he asked, "so how many girls have you brought here and fuck their brains out with that big dick?" Did he just give me a compliment.
I disreguarded it and said, "Alot to be honest. I fucked pussy on the roller coaster before. She rode this dick wild." He looked over at me and said, "girls are so disgusting. So lets ride this ride." I turned and it was the ferris wheel. He must have noticed my face and said,"um, dont tell me the big bag thug is afraid of heights."

I nudged him and confessed, "That shit just stupid to me, but yea I am." He smirked, "glad I know your flaw. Now I can use it to my advantage."

How? I questioned him. He pressed the green button and he dug into my pocket and pulled out a wad of cash. He jumped on the seat and replied, "you have about 3 seconds to jump on or the fish in this water behind us will have this money." I dont play about my money. I heard the thing about to move and I jumped on. I closed the gate and mumbled, "If I die, Im going to kill you."
He must have heard me and burst out laughing.

10 Minutes later we was sitting at at the top of the ride looking out into the stars. He spoke, "wow I never been this close to the sky." I replied, "i never been this high from the ground. I looked down and noticed red and blue lights. I whispered, "the cops." I got down on the metal floor and Deejay was still looked scared. I grabbed his shirt and threw him to the ground, but somehow he fell on top of me. It kind of felt good. He whispered, "we are about to go to jail. I will become someones bitch." He grabbed hold of my shirt and I smirked. I replied, "just shut up and lay still. As he laid on my chest the thing moved slowly but surely. After another ten minutes, I heard the cop say, "this ferris wheel moving, im checking every cart." I leaned out and seen was like two carts away. I had to think quick. I grabbed his head and pulled him up to my neck to talk into his ear.

"Deejay, Im going to pop his ass and you run. Not for the car, but toward the water. Swim under the bridge and wait. Ill meet you there."

His response shocked me.

"No, I followed you in here. Ill go down. Im only 17. I would get away free. Just stay down." Before I can stop him he hopped off my chest and said, "Im sorry, please dont shoot." I slid over and behind his feet.

"I ran away from home and this is the only place I could find. I will leave." The cart moved and the cop said,"this is private property, I should take you down to the station to get picked up."

Deejay argued, "please dont. No one will pick me up. I was kicked out for admitting I was Gay." The cop went silent just as I cart had finished it cycle. The door opened and Deejay stepped off. The cop pressed the stop button and said, "warning!!! Get out of here, lets go."

I waited about 15 minutes and left. As I hopped the gate, I spotted Deejay by my car. I walked over and he was sitting on the hood. I said, "damn, shawty. You was ride or die."

He laughed, "well Papi, It was nothing. So do that make me a thug."

I laughed, "Hell no. I just know I can trust you." He leaned toward me and said,"hopefully thats a good thing."

It is kid, I told him. He slid off the car, but being so short he slipped fast and I tried to catch him. We fell on the ground and we laughed. He stared at me and our breaths got in sync, then the unthinkable happened.

I snapped, "DO SOMETHING?" Deejay lips crashed into mine and we began to kiss and make out. I rolled him around in the grass and as the fireworks exploded in out mouths. He moaned and said, "what are we doing?"

I replied, "peeping out for some fun." I bit his lip and began to kiss him harder.
This felt wrong, but so right..... fuckkk am I Bi? Or even Gay?



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