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Chapter 2: Payback.

(2 Days Later)


"Mason, you tried to set me up with those cops buddy." He was on his knees looking up at me with tears in his eyes.

"They cornered me bro, they said they will close my club down." I laughed, "welp, it looks like its about to need a new owner in roughly thirty seconds. He started to cry out, "Please, dont do this. I have kids and a wife."

I pistol whipped him across the face and snapped, "Pussy shut the fuck up. You didnt think about them when you set me up. Besides you come all the way out here to cheat on your wife with that Mami bitch who floating dead in that bathtub."

James chimed in, "Mason, you look stupid. You are on your knees and naked. You have no diginity..well with a small dick like that, I see why." My phone rang and it was Jessica, the mother of my child. I sucked my teeth. I handed James the gun and walked out the room. I whispered, "Ma' , im busy. Wassup?"

"You fucked up my brother, Rico. Are you stupid. Oscar have been nothing, but good to you. Even took those 2 years in jail for you and this how you repay him. He will never steal from you and you know that." I hung up on her ass and turned my phone off. This isnt about O right now. I know she will be pissed. I walked back into the room and sight was shocking. Mason had James dick on his mouth and sucking it like it was no tomorrow. James still kept the gun pointed. What the fuck?? James a faggot, oh hell nah. James grunted, "No teeth, no teeth--yeaa just like that. You must have did this before."

I snapped, "James what the fuck??" He turned to me and said, "Boss, this nigga said he will do anything to live. I said,like what. Next thing I know he grabbed at my dick. Shit, he gots to suck it. Even though he is still dead."

Mason stopped eating up James and said,"But I thought, Ill live if I did this." I stomped over and grabbed my gun. I put the silencer on and blew Mason brains over the floor. James slid his dick back into his pants. I snapped, "You like niggas, James."

He laughed,"Hell nah, they just suck some really good dick. I only fuck pussy, but men aint scared to swallow all these inches." I cant believe I just heard this,my head spinning. Its crazy, because I wasnt mad. I was interested, lowkey. What the fuck? I rubbed my temple and said, "Call the crew to come clean this up and make this place spotless. Then, Take these bodies to the graveyard tonight." I let my boys bury the bodies in a graveyard, so that no one is going to dig up a grave thats already been placed. I know its mean and disrespectable, but hey. I walked off and he asked, "Where you going?"

"To my babymoms. She trippin', ill be back tonight after I dick her down. Please, dont have no dicksucking ponks at my crib, please keep that shit on the low outside of my business. I cant have people knowing , im runing around with a Bi nigga."



"Grandma, I dont wanna any more food. I have to go down to the hospital to start my training. See you later. When Keesha wake up, tell her I should be home around 2." I kissed her cheek and ran for the front door. As I opened it, Rico was pulling in to his house. I walked slowly in my blue scrub over to my car. Hoping he dont speak to me.

Suddenly, he said, "Kid, I didnt know you was a doctor." I rolled my eyes and turned to him, "A seventeen year old doctor, ill be like famous. Im a volunteer this summer at the hospital. I want to be one though."

"Thats wassup. You got smarts." He complimented me....I think. I didnt reply, I just got into my car and pulled off. About thirty minutes into driving falling siri, my phone dies. I was about 3 minutes away, however this rode had three differenr roads to take. I pulled over and went into my bag. I placed my phone on the car charger. I hate iPhone it take atleast ten minutes to come on. About 30 seconds later, I heard a horn blowing. I look to my right and seen an all white Bentley....great. Mr.RicoSauvee..

I rolled down the window and said, "Stalking isnt a good look. Especially, a gay boy like me."

He laughed, "dont flatter yourself, shawty. Im on my say to L.A to see my child. The highway is this way. Now, I thought I can be of some assistance, but..."

I quickly said, "Pleaseee, Im looking for St.Judes."

He informed me to keeep straight. I crunk up and tried to pull off and must of ran over something sharp and blew the front tire. This cant be happening. Im about to be late on the first day. I got out the car and popped the trunk. Luckily, the tools and spare tire was in it. However, Im a nerd not a mechanic. I mean, plus I cant get dirty. I walked over to Rico window.

I knocked on it. He rolled it back down and played stupid.

"Seems, you have a problem kid." He said.

I snapped, "Rico, can you please just help me and stop being an ass. I really have like 10 minutes to spare."

He opened his car door and he stood up to his 6'7 height. I swear he can give me a few inches of that.... not his dick. his height. Anyways, he took off his shirt and showed off that banging body. I was lierally drooling. He had well defined abs, also a happy trail to his navel. He snapped his fingers and said, "Yo, im up here. Can you pass me the stuff once I ask for it. You got me about to get dirty." I dropped back to reality and handed him the things and he even gave me a little lesson as he did it. I think I know what to do.

He then said, "you grab the crowbars and twist each of these on. Then remove the jack and you are ready to go." He moved the jack and my car was done. We put all the shit back in the car and said, "I owe you, papi chulo. I really do."

I ran around him to the driver door and he laughed, "you know you just called me a sexy papi."

I turned to him and said, "Sorry, heard it in a song. Well, thanks Rico....shit." I got into the car and said to myself, "You are a sexy Papi, a very sexy papi."

I pulled off and zoomed to the hospital. I rushed into the building. I finally made it to the conference, as my name was being called. I said, "Here." The lady said,"you are in Doctor Grants group. Your group have already left. Meet him at his office. Room 3 on the seventh floor." I smiled and walked off.

I arrived at the office floor and spotted the brown door with the name "Doctor J. GRANT." I Knocked and heard someone say, "Come in."

I walked in and seen 4 other volunteers and as I made eye contact with the doctor. My jawdropped. It was-was-was.

He said, "Its a small world. Everyone this is Deejay Lafare.. I met him on the flight here, we was row buddies." I smiled, "hey, Jason. I mean Doctor Grant." He recieved a call and put us on hold. The white girl leaned over and whispered, "lucky you. That accent already melted my heart."

Little did she know. I already had a wet dream about this Godly man. Now I have more opportunity, however I cant get Rico out of my head. I dont know why??? He isnt all bad to me. But he isnt Gay, Mr.Jason can be seduced. I gave the girl a smile and she said, "Im Brit. Thats it. I guess my parents was sick of all white girls being name Britney." I chuckled, "You wont even guess how Deejay is spelt. Its cool."

He hung up, "Okay, lets get started."

5 Hours and 49 Minutes Later......


" about to cum---get the fuck off me." Jessica act like she didnt hear me. I pushed her off me to her room floor and held my dick and shot my cumshot all over her face. I closed my eyes to relish in the moment. I needed that nut. I said, "get up and come bathe me." We into the bathroom and she ran some hot water. I sat in it and she got in behind me.

She spoke, "That was amazing, but Im still pissed at you. You beat up my brother that isnt cool. He scared Carlee socks off last night. He got here all bloody and stained. I thought someone had tried to kill him. He explained it wasnt him."

I stated, "And you believe him."

She snapped, "Rico, dont fucking play that shit. Thats my brother. Now listen to me, he made some good points. The money have been good short for the last few months, since you hired those new boys. Plus, if these niggas are after you then I need to know so I can get our daughter out of here."

I grabbed her by her neck and said,"Nothing will happen to yall. Especially with O moving in here. Look, ill talk to him thats about it. Now stop talking and worship this dick." She smirked as I sat on the edge of the tub. She started to suck on it and I closed my eyes. All I can picture was what James said to me about niggas givng better head. Next thing, I know I had a vision of Deejay on my dick. I bit my bottom lip and I couldnt shake it out of my head...or I didnt to. I held Her head and pushed it all the way down her throat.

She came up and snapped, "Damn, why you choking me? These inches arent a joke. Your name aint Rico for nothing." Rico means large penis in some urban cultures. She named me that the day we met. No one except me, knows my real name. I opened my eyes and she said, "Can I just ride it?" I shook my head no and stepped out the tub. I wrapped myself in a towel. I walked out into the house. I heard O talking to Carlee in her room. I crept by the door and I heard her say.

"Tio, what happened to your eye?" Tio is spanish for Uncle. This little girl is fluent in both languages.

Oscar replied, "Tio, got in a stupid fight with a man. He will be okay." I looked into the room and seen her rub his face.

"You better be okay, mommy says you are a strong man like daddy. I love you."

He chuckled, "Daddy is a strong yet stubborn man." She looked lost and he said, "Stubborn is like when mommy calls you hardheaded." She laughed, "so why she give me beatings, if I get it from my papi." I walked in and said,"to teach you whats right." She smiled and said, "Daddy!!" I said, "Let daddy talk to Tio Oscar and get dress. Then We can go for ice cream." I blew her a kiss and gave O a head nod. He walked out the room. I closed her room door and whispered, "Look, Jessica made me realize something. You couldnt turn on me, but if it is James them. I need to see if it happens again. So stay up here with your sister and niece. Jessica spazzing a little. Ill handle that. Ill give you a call if I need you to come back to Oakland." We clapped up and he stated, "boys for life." I continued, "brother for life." He smirked and quickly swung and jabbed me in the eye.

"Thats for the eye man. Now we are twins." He said. I replied, "Ill make that one slide."

Jessica chimed in, "look at my two boys." We turned to her and she was in a robe. I said, "lay my clothes out, im taking Carlee for ice cream."



I Checked the time and it was almost four o clock. Today was fun, but Im ready to go. I was watching this surgery, but ill leave. I need to get home , pull out that dildo and fuck this assss!!! Im so horny. I walked out and spotted Brit literally throwing herself at Doctor Grant. I called out to him and said, "Sir, what time do we get to leave?" He looked at Brit and said, "You didnt tell him." She gasped, "it slipped my mind. He released us like an hour ago." That bitch, kept me here. Whats her motive?

I smiled, "Well see yall tomorrow." He smirked and said, "Yea, be on time." I chuckled and walked off. I pulled out my phone. I had a miss call from my Mom. I quickly dialed her back. She didnt answer. She then texted me.

"Im at the church. I was calling to see how you first day went."

I replied, "great, just got off. Tell Pastor Mills, I said Hello." I jumped in my car and rushed home.

When I got there it was 7 o clock. I got pretty lost and went way out the way. I went into the house and Keesha was in the living room with Roy, the boy from the club. I walked in and spoke.

Keesha said, "how was it?"

"Fucking great, but Im tired. Going to lay down." I lied, I was about to play with this bussy. Roy said, "Wassup, Dj."

Keesha said, "Its Deejay. You have to let that E linger on the tongue, then say that J with Diction." He laughed, "Oh its Deejay." I replied, "And dont you forget it. Is g-ma here?"

"Nope, went to the town center for Bingo Night and we are about to leave to Roys house in a few." Keesha told me, great I can really get all into this.
I smirked as I walked upstairs. I got undressed and grabbed my towel. I went into the bathroom and took a nice hot shower. I cleaned my bussy nice and clean, so I can really get it all wet. After bathing, I walked back into my room and heard Keesha saying, "Deej, we gone. Ill lock the front door." I screamed, "Okay." I dried off and the sun down, so I turned on the room light. I went over to the window and apart of me wanted Rico to be watching. However, I only seen that black truck. I didnt see the white Bentley. Welp, Its time for some fun. I went into my bag and grabbed the nice seven inch dildo, it was green. I grabbed the lube and lubed it up nice. I took off my towel and eased down on it on the edge of the bed. As it entered my tight hole, I winced. I said, "Ohh fuck..."

I closed my eyes and started to move up and down on that dildo. I had the shirtless Rico on my brain. I grabbed at my now hard dick and jerked it as I rode that dick. I needed to have a dick in my mouth and now. I slid off the dildo and went over to my computer. I found a site for Oakland Gay men. I quickly made an account. I made my profile pic of my lips. I explained in the bio how I wanted to suck some dick....NOW.

It brought me to a page of boys. However, most was bottoms. And the ones with no picture was D.L boys. One was even like 0.0001 meters away. I messaged him.

"Hey I wanna suck your dick. Where you?"

He replied, "In my homeboy crib. You wanna see a pic of these nine inches."

"Yea, now."

2 minutes later, I was shocked with a nice picture.

I replied, "I wanna swallow it. Can I?"

"Hold up, lemme check something."
Minutes later, "Okay, yea you can. Its says you are pretty close. Im in the house on Perry Road." Oh my god Imon Perry Road.

"Which one?" I responded.

He said, "With the Black truck and white car is parked." Is this Rico??? Oh my god. My ass and dick twitched.

I replied, "I know the place. Ill be over soon."

He snapped, "come around the back. Ill have the patio door open. Ill be upstairs in the room."

I closed my laptop and looked out the window and Rico car was there now. Oh my , what if its Rico. My heart was racing so fast. I had to regain composure. I grabbed some black briefs and slid them on. I grabbed some black joggers and pulled them up. I lastly put on a black jacket. I slid on some slides and walked out of the room. I went downstairs and out the back door. I crossed over to Rico house backyard. I spotted the patio door. I looked around and crept up to the door. I slid it left and it opened. I walked in and this felt so stupid. I am lowkey breaking into someones home all to suck dick. However, I didnt turn around and to my surprise it looked nice in here. I walked up the stairs and was face with a problem. I didnt ask him what door. What if this is one of Rico's buddies? But what if its Rico? I looked at the first door and grabbed the knob, shit it was dark and I was scared. Suddeny, another door opened and I quickly ran into the room. I closed the door slowly behind me. I turned around and spotted a sleeping Rico in bed. He only had on briefs and looked so nice. I had to fight every urge not to go over to him.

Then the unspeakable happened he said, "im going to ask you one time and one time only. Why the hell are you in my house?" Its not him, Im busted.

"Um-well see." He sat up on the bed and I continued, "well, oh my god. This is so fucking awkward."

He stood up and said, "no its not. Its fucking stupid. What stupid little faggot breaks into a drug dealer house." He walked slowly over to me and then we stood meters apart. Then there was a knock at the door.

Some guy said, "Boss, I got the call about the plot. Remmi and I are headed over now. I suppose to had someone coming over, but I txted them plans changed, but they havent responded. So ill lock the patio door and if someone knock ignore it. They will leave. And I know you told me keep my business on the low, so thats why I really cancelled."

Rico snapped, "James, please go before I break your jaw." James is the one I was messaging. This is so stupid.

I looked up at Rico and he said, "soo you was coming into my house to suck some dick?" I exhaled, "Yea, but thats not happening so ill go."

I turned to grab the knob and he slammed the door.

"Oh nah, why you wanna leave. I mean you aint sucking my dick, but we can chill and smoke."

"I dont--" I tried to say before he cut the light on and said, "Please, you smoke dick its the same thing." He walked over to his bed and sat down and opened a drawer and pulled out a joint. He still had on just briefs. He told me to come sit down. I followed instructions. He lit the joint and puffed it. He handed it to me and said, "put it between lips and suck, dont choke." Something about this boy, intices me.
I was shaking I was so nervous. I did what he said and he said, "you about to feel good real soon."

Moments later, we was laying back on his bed looking up at the ceiling. I said, "you know you arent dumb. You are running a whole business. I mean yea weed is legal in california, but to do it like this is illegal. I mean you are making money. You must be good in math."

He laughed, "my babymomma taught me and plus I had dreams to. But they all crumbled one day. Besides, i wanna be richer than beyonce and jayz."

I chuckled, "no matter how many drugs you sell, you will never meet the Queen of the Hive status."

We looked at one another and bursted out laughing. We stared at eachother and he stated, "You are cool when you are high. You arent always getting slick."

I sat up and said, "shut up. You make me get slick."

He sucked his teeth and said, "what ever, shawty." He pushed my back and I turned around and pushed his chest. Next thing you know we are wrestling in his bed. I had managed to climb on top of him. He grabbed around my waist and picked me up and ran for the dresser and pinned me against it. I winced in pain, "My back." I wrapped my arms around his neck, so he can hold me up.

He confessed, "Im pissed off, because if you was a girl. Ill have you bouncing off this dick right now." We looked into eachother eyes and I replied, "And if you was gay, I have you moaning. Now can you put me down. Its getting late I have to go." As he slid me down. I came to a stop, I was sitting on alot of inches. Rico was hard.

He sucked his teeth, "see what you did.Now I gotta watch porn and jerk off."

I finally stood up and said, "That makes both of us. Now let me go, before this goes too far."

I put on my shoes and said, "Ill se you around."

I entered my gma house and made it upstairs to my room. I looked over and seen Rico standing up watching his television jerking that Long thick dick. I was shocked. He was on full display. And the most shocking thing he looked over at me and smirked as he shot his load. I closed my blinds and jumped in the bed.



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