Chapter 7: Loyalty and Honesty.

-One Week Later-


"So how are you feeling, bae?" I rubbed his head as we laid in my bed cuddled, looking out the window at the night moon. Yea, we made it official. I have to be there for him. James exhaled, "Im good. I just cant believe I buried my little brother earlier today. Titus Mann and his niggas from L.A will feel me." He turned his body toward me, so was facing eachother. I rubbed his cheek and said, "I dont get yall. Rico and yall. Yall go around ready to kill and probably have killed people behind the life of being a thug. However, I dont think yall know that every action causes a reaction. Now your Kali is dead all trying to prove who got the biggest dick."

He sat up and exhaled, "its not even 'bout that, its about loyalty and honesty. I pledged to Rico and to that life. Its no way out. Only death or jail. Its a slim chance to actually get out of this life unhurt. My brother died honoring us. And now he will watch over  Remmy and I from the heavens."  I cant  believe the words that just came out of his mouth. Its like why even live, just commit suicide.

I replied, "so if thats the case, breakup with me now. I dont wanna go through what you have this week over you." James looked back at me and snapped, "Nah, Im not going to do that."

I retorted, "why?"

He laid me back and climbed on top of me and whispered, "because," He leaned down and slowly crashed his lips into mine. My hands ran down his back causing him to groan.

I said, "are you staying the night? Tomorrow is sunday and my gma makes a big breakfast."

He laughed, "then ill stay." I hopped up and replied, "great, because I have a diagram to finish for Dr.Grant, due on Monday. I walked over in my yellow briefs to my computer. James said, "damn that ass looking right."
I slapped it and rubbed it. He screamed, "DONT TEASE ME, DEEJ."

1 Hour and 34 Minutes Later.....


"Dont tease me. what the fuck is the plan, O?" I whispered as we sat in my black Rangerover acrosd the street from Titus Mann estate in L.A. O have been staring at the house for hours, not saying a word.

I snapped, "O, ya sister gon' flip if I aint back tonight. I promised to take Carlee to the Zoo."

O stated, "shut the fuck up. Yall arent in a relatioship,yall are coparents who fuck. Now listen, I got  how his detail run on the clock." This man swear he like a FBI agent. He must have seen my confused face and explained.

"Titus have 10 men before we can even reach him from inside. He have 3 at the front door. 3 on both sides of the house. 2 in the vehicle parked on the pavement-" he handed me the binos and said, "and if you look closely into front door  glass, you see one more."

I said, "a Ceo of a company dont need that much details, how come no one suspect he is into other things."

Oscar said, "just like James and Remmy dont  suspect we had nothing to do with their brother death. I cant believe how real Tank made it look."

I replied, "Yea, but it worked. Now James and Remmy will do anything to help bring down Titus. Lets go." He pulled off and was driving. Around like 10 minutes later, I looked out the rearview mirror and spotted A black van following.

I didnt want to make any sudden moves. I said, "O,make the next right."

"Nigga, that aint getting us home."  He argued. I snapped, "Well, I think sitting across the street of Titus house, didnt go smooth. Make the next right dickhead, I think we being followed." He made a sharp turn and I looked back and the van turned too.

We ran into some much needed traffic. I said, "where are all these people going?"

Oscar said, "its a club up this street. Jessica took me here once. Its a gay club." I looked over at him and I replied, "Hey, they play good music, plus it got me to fuck one of the lady strippers."

I stated, "its a gay club,the only lady strippers are the ladyboys...Boys who they dick chopped into a pussy." Oscar laughed,"hey a pussy is a pussy." I shook my head and he swerved through the cars and whipped it into the parking lot of the club. He went into the glove department and grabbed his gun. We both hopped out and blended in with the crowd. I looked back and seen the Van parking.

"O, we have to move and faster." We made it to the line. Oscar walked over to the bouncer and I seen him sneak a wad of cash in his pocket. Oscar gave me the signal and we walked into the club. The minute we exited the black curtain it was as if I stepped into a different universe.

It was males dancers, lap dances, drunks,trannies, and some even  look like big ass bears. This was crazy. The music was booming loud ass hell.

Oscar leaned over and said, "we might as well get some drinks. I paid him off not to let anyone in for an hour. That gives us time to find a back exit." Just as I was about to reply, a persian girl walked up to O. She kissed him dead on the lips.

Oscar came up for air and said,"Geneva, this is my brother, Rico." I smirked at her and she smiled. She looked like Kim K. Clone. Long black  hair and bad as fuck. However, when she asked did we want a drink,  you can tell she was born a man.

I looked at O and he said, "Two Bottles of Ciroc. And Aye Ill go with you." They started to walk off and I grabbed his wrist he said, "Ill get her to tell me if there is a back exit. Chill out."


He laughed, "go have a seat my bro."



I glued the last bone on to my Skeletal System diagram as a knock erupted at the frontdoor. I picked up my phone and noticed it to be 2:34 in the morning. I whispered, "who the fuck is at the door? And my gma sleep." Keesha was over at Roy's. I looked back and James was knocked out. I rolled my eyes and ran down the stairs and opened the door.

Jessica walked in with Carlee in her hands sleep.

I closed it behind her and she said frantically, "Is James with Rico? I need him...oh shit." She was breathing hard. I walked her into the kitchen and cut the light on. She sat down and I asked, "no, James upstairs sleep. Why? Whats wrong?"

She exhaled, "im all alone over there. Oscar is with Rico and Remmy just left. after Kali, I dont wanna be alone." Is this girl serious? I thought something was really wrong. I smirked, "its okay. You can stay over here. I have netflix." She laughed, "thanks. Greys Anatomy please. I need to finish catching up." I snapped my fingers, "girl yess... thats my shit. I dont mind watching McDreamy."

She laughed, "Can I lay her down?" I shook my head yea and took her upstairs. As I returned downstairs, Jessica was in the front room looking at the Family Photo of Keesha, Me, MyMom, and Grandma.

I walked in and she said, "I cant believe you are this cute little boy." Girl, Im still cute.

I replied, "yup thats me." We plopped down on the couch and I grabbed the remote and was going to Netflix. She stated, "Can I say something?" I mumbled,"umm..yea..wassup."

She sat up and said, "please dont take it the wrong way, but do James give Rico a bad look. Like with him being Gay and all." I chuckled, "no, James doesnt like him. Plus, everyone in Oakland fears Rico. I think he is okay."

She laughed, "yea im trippin' I gets the dick hard and he pleases this pussy." I shot her a sharp look. I was so jealous for some reason. I gathered my thoughts before saying anything I will regret.

"Well, you have nothing to worry about." I lied. I know Rico is attracted to me, but this girl seems to really be in love with him. I can see it in her eyes. He may not know it.

I continued, "so are yall together?"

She exhaled and explained,"Rico is as difficult as men come, just being honest. its like he pours his heart out in bed, but other than that he hides it. I just have to wait for him to say, he want me back. However, I feel my feelings will go away about time that happens." Her bottom lip trembled at the thought of Rico,not being there for her. Its pretty fucked up.

I pressed play on Greys Anatomy and covered under the covers.

52 Minutes Later....

Rico sat there at the bar and looked back at his Armani watch. He mumbled, "fuck, 8 more minutes until that bouncer start letting  people in." He had a feeling Titus men will come in doing no talking. However,Rico got my boy at my hip ready to blow someone away. Suddenly, through the neonlights and darkness, a white spotlight shined on Rico.

Rico looked up and all the gay men staring at him and clapping. From center stage a man in drag spoke into the mic.

"Welcome, the sexy puertorican to the stage. He have to grace us with a strip dance." Rico stood up and was about to snap, but Bouncers was grabbing his arms and forcing him to the stage. He snatched away on stage and said, "Aye, I dont dance."

The man in drag said, "I aint asking you to drag. Im asking you to take off your shirt and Jeans. Show that dick print and be done. Its only 2 minutes." I was about to punch that purple eyeshadow right off his face.

Rico replied, "If I do this, Can you show me a way out of here. Like a back entrance."

He smirked, "I got you, Rican Prince."

Rico check the time and he had 5 minutes. He looked in the crowd and spotted Oscar being kissed and massaged by Geneva.


The song started and I took off my shirt and as I flexed my muscles ass the ones started flying on stage. All type of comments flew through the air.

"Nice abs."

"Ill suck on those nipples all night."

"Yes, Daddy take off those Jeans and lemme see that dick."

I unloosened the Hermes belt bucket,until I remembered the gun. I stopped and grabbed the mic from the drag man.


The crowd roared and chanted Oscar and Geneva. As they climbed on stage, O mouthed, "What the fuck?"

I replied, "Getting us a way out."

I spoke back into the mic, "Take it off. Cmon yall tell my boy take it off." The gays started chanting and Oscar took off his shirt. O, was ripped as well. He had a sharp ass V-Cut. Geneva was dancing and a swaying motion.

All of a sudden, Gun shots went off and the club went in Chaos. I looked  back and Oscar was covering Geneva. I snapped, "Aye, Man with the bad maleup, that exit please."

All four of us ran backstage thru their dressing rooms and the man said, "keep straight and make a left."

I thanked him. Geneva said, "Char, im going with them."

Char replied, "Yes you are,because you brought these thugs into my club. Geneva you are fired, bitch." Oscar punched Char ass and he was laid out. Oscar replied, "Geneva lets go." We ran down the hall and outside of the door. It wa a back alley. We all stopped as we seen a crazy sight.

A beastly man was pounding the day lights out of this small petite man. The man grunted, "take daddy dick." The little man hands pressed against the brickwall and he yelled, "aww fuckk.daddy...fuck this hole. Fuck me harder." The way he was taking the dick was nuts.

Oscar mumbled, "this some crazy shit." They both looked back at us three and resumed to what they was doing.

I snapped, "lets go. We have to. I know they seen us on that stage." We quickly ran into the parking lot and spotted my whip. We hopped in and Oscar pulled off.

Geneva was in the backseat crying her eyes out. "I cant believe, I lost my job. Where am I to go? Where am I to live?"

"Yo stop all that crying shit? You have someone to stay." I snapped. Oscar chimed in, "Ma' dont worry about it. Ill take care of the money until you get a new job. Answer my bro where you stay?"

She confessed, "in the club. That club was my life. Since I was 19. I cant believe this."

Oscar said, "you coming with us then. Ii8." Hold up, did O just invite a ladyboy til my damn house. My shit is becoming a bad network tv show.

Thug. Babymomma. Child. Brother. Gay worker. Now tranny. I swear.


Titus banged on his office table.

"Rico, is suppose to be dead. How the fuck did yall mess that up. I said take the shot when they was outside my house. Now that they have gotten away, Im going to retaliate on their stomping grounds."

Justin and Killian looked at one another and Justin said, "Again, sorry boss. We just thought we would have had him away from your house. We didnt know they will end up in Tipsys with the fags shaking their asses on stage."

Titus sucked his teeth and smirked, "get yall fag asses over here and accept this punishment." Killian looked over at his Dad and said, "Dad, You said no more of those."


Killian amd Justin fell to their knees. Titus walked over and locked the door. He unzipped his pants and whipped out his long dick.

He asked, "whose first?" Justin reached out for it and Titus slapped his hand.

"Too eager. Killian my son, you are first. I want you to swallow all your  brothers and sisters."

10 Hours and 17 Minutes Later.....


Breakfast had 3 extra guest, but my gma always cooks enough. James and my gma hit it off good. Carlee loved my gma's pancakes. I did too,Chile. About ten minutes ago James walked them back over to their house. I was now sitting by the pool in some small grey shorts.  I heard a familiar voice say, "you know you already tanned. You dont need to sunbathe." I took off my Gucci Shades and looked over and seen Rico. He was dressed in a Tank and some shorts. I sat up and exhaled, "boy whatever. You can stop hating."

He walked across the grass and said, "who is hating?"

I retorted, "uh--this man in front of me. Duh."

He laughed, "thanks about last night. Jessica told me about yall little sleepover. My daughter wont stop talking about your grandmoms cooking."

I smiled, "no problem. You was dealing with business,I suppose." I stood up and he wiped around his mouth.

"Yea, I was."

"Is it dealt with?" I replied.

"Nope, work in progress." He confessed. I exhaled, "well, I think the zoo is open take your family out. Yall need it." Rico was walking off and he looked back and said, "we all need something, but sometimes that thing feels its not worthy of being needed." I knew he was throwing shade at me. This man makes my heart beats fast and slow.

"Well, maybe that thing that is needed,knows that its someone else who made need it just as bad." I confessed. He pointed at me and said, "you are a piece of work. However,I tend to do all my work in the end. Just dont shut me down." He winked at me as Carlee zoomed out of his patio door.

"Daddy,cmon. I want to se ethe elephants. Hey, Deejay." I waved at her and he picked her up. She stared at me and Rico said, "is something wrong Carlee?" She towrered over me, being she was on her tall father. She gasped and broke word. Word that will tear the city up.

"Its you. Its the one in my drawing,I gave daddy. You the one he kissing like mommy in his car." Carlee blurted out. Silence broke out like chicken pox and the next voice was even more shocking. From behind Rico,Jessica chimed in, "YOU KISSED WHO? SAY WHAT NOW?"

Chapter 8: We Have a problem.



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