Chapter 4: Mistakes.


I kissed Rico Last Night..And I like it. His pink lips grazing across mine as his teeth nibbled on my bottom lip. His hands ran down my back as mine ran through his soft hair. However, he then just stopped and through me off him. He jumped in the car and barked at me to hurry. I scurried into the passenger seat and the silence filled the car as we got home. I walked into this home filled with shame. In the front room Roy and Keesha was laid out on the couch. I cant believe she forgave him. I went into my room, showered, and went to sleep.

I woke up this morning even more scared to face Rico, what if he tries to kill me. This is not okay. I stood up out of the bed and grabbed my shoes. I went downstairs and grandma was cooking a lovely breakfast. Roy and Keesha was already sitting at the table all bushy tailed. I rolled my eyes and said, "Goodmorning, G-ma." She replied, "Goodmorning baby, have a seat. Food is nearly done." SHit, I didt want to sit with these two. I took my seat and quickly went to Facebook,Snapchat, and Instagram, so I wont have to even look at them. Keesha came out the side of her neck at me over some ugly ass nigga.

Suddenly, Keesha said, "So, Deej the concert was maddd real." I looked up at her and argued, "Maybe I would have knew if you wouldnt have ditched me for him."

Roy said, "Shut yo faggot ass up!"

I retorted, "Faggots go see singers like Trey Songz sing and take off his shirts and grind on people. Sooo do you have something to tell my cousin."

He banged on the table and jumped up. It kind of bothered me that Keesha even allowed this. I stood up and asked, "What? What you gon' do? I aint scared of you. I dare you to push me down like you did my cousin and boy your ass wont make it off the floor. I maybe be small, but my hands arent."

My Grandma chimed in, "Yall better shut up all the noise in my house. Its sunday and its a day the lord have made. Sit down and ger ready to eat." I looked at Roy lightbrown eyes and he stared at me. I decided to just take a seat. I mumbled, "Fuck you, Keesha." Just loud enough for her to hear me.

Once food was ready, I ate quickly and informed my grandmother I was going to L.A to do some shopping. I went back into my room and changed clothes. Shopping seems to be a stress reliever to me. It was a knock at my door as I grabbed my car keys. I opened the door and it was Keesha. She asked can we talk. I rolled my eyes and said, "About?"

She walked in and said, "Look Roy have been to prison for 7 years and was-was someone bitch. He explained it all to me yesterday. Like he was raped, forced, and became something he wasnt. Getting out 6 months ago was crazy for him. How could he face his family being that he was like that and have been raped? So he moved from Orange County and came here. He kindof got his swagger back, but seeing you makes him see how he was in that place. He wonders why any male would volunteer themselves to be fucked 5 ways to sunday. And I told him, my cousin is strong and can take some cock thats why." We both chuckled.

"Keesha,dont let him touch you again. Im serious." I snapped. She replied, "he didnt mean to, but yall two just play nice or dont play at all." That sounds like a plan to me.

I walked passed her and she said, "Um, excuse me Im going too. He is off to work. Lets go do some shopping. And the next time you say Fuck You to me, Ill fuck you with an Iron Bat." Ouch!!!! We ran out the door and into the car. I was rushing, because I didnt want to risk the chance of being seen by this boy. Keesha noticed and said, "Why are you in so a rush?"

I laughed, "I dont know, thinking of clothes maybe."

She replied, "Oh okay and so what did you do last night, you came home late. We thought you went back to New York."

I laughed and joked, "it was a thought. Believe me. And Um, just went out nothing special." I couldnt tell her I had a full makeout session with the thug next door.



"James, this new client is something serious. He have his hands in alot of big businesses in Los Angeles. Handling this right without any hiccups is important. Now his name is Titus Mann."

James gasped, "Titus Mann, as in Mann On Top Ceo. I buy all of their Clothes." He seemed like a crazed fan. He continued, "Titus is dealing drugs. Oh damn. I guess he dont have enough money."

I replied, "listen, he is meeting us in the parking lot of Reddington's Mall. He will be in a black van. All you have to do is follow me. Say nothing and I mean nothing. He speak to you, give him a nod. James, dont open you fucking mouth."

James snapped,"Boss, I get it. We have went over this 5 times on the way to L.A, can we just get this meeting popping." James said, "also, not to be noisy, but are you cranky because whatever girl you was with last night left you a pancake sized passion mark on your neck?" Fucking,Deejay. Last night went too far, but I did enjoy it, but Im not gay, so I have to cut all tides with buddy. Hope he aint catch feelings, these lips usually run the girls nuts.

I replied, "Shut up, did any punks suck that dick lately?"

He laughed and stayed quiet. I continued, "James, if you gay, I dont care, just dont have that around me. Im the most laid back BOSS, it is. You dont be around 24/7. I give you time to be normal, so take that time and do that. Sooo are you gay man be honest."

James stuttered, "Hon-nestly....I think I am. But dont tell my brother, I want to." He confided in me, something like this. Thats wassup. I was having little gay thoughts kissing Deejay, but when I
Dick feelings aside, I realized it was a mistake.

This morning I had FOUR STRIPPERS riding this dick, sucking these ostrich egg sized balls, one even licked my eyes it felt wierd, but good. Im getting horny thinking about my morning. James called out, "Reddingtons Shopping Mall." I turned into the parking lot and whispered, "Keep your eye out for a Black Van. He is on one of these 7 floors.

As we rode the last floor, we spotted it parked all the way in a corner. We pulled in next to them. I looked at James and we stepped out. I walked around the van and knocked on the door 3 times, like instructed. It opened and a Black tall, fat guy opened the door. I heard Titus voice say, "In, quickly."

We jumped in and the door slammed. We took a seat across from the old white man and he sipped rum from a cup, I smelled it.

He stated, "Mr.Rico, biggest illegal drugseller in Oakland. Has some business with Puerto Rico with their Cocaine, Business with the Joey Mob in New Jersey for their guns, and Business with the Jamaicians for their weed. Rumor has it, he may or may not have a child, due to his visits to my city of L.A a few times a month. Rumor also has it your networth now is like 5 hundred million dollars. Now, I understand you run Oakland, but I run L.A, the surface in the underground. I called you here to propose an offer. Well, to tell you an offer that you cant refuse."

I sat up and pretended to care about what he was saying. I was sliding my hands to my back, to get a feel of my gun. Also, see how many guy he had. Three, plus him. He did a freaking background on me, what the hell?"

He continued, "You want to expand your drugs to L.A, I wanna expand mine to Oakland."

I chimed in, "Seems pretty simple. I have like 30 people selling for me. All loyal men and even some women. I could take a portion of your merchandise and spread it out with mine. And you can do the same with mine." He chuckled, but I didnt get the punchline.

He stated, "Thats not happening, I maybe rich, but my drug empire isnt bustling like yours. I want your city and will do anything to have it. Now this can go two ways. You leave the game and give meall your workers. can refuse and we can start an all out war. Your pick."

I sucked my teeth and replied, "with all due respect Titus, you dont want a war with me. I have girls that will bite dicks off and niggas that will bite your throats out. We are savages in my city. You are playing the wrong cards, and if I didnt feel so bad for you, I would have been pulled out this 9 mm gun and shot fat albert here. Then my boy would have ended those two clowns. And the second bullet leaving my chambers would have ended your life. However, I dont like to kick people whe they are down. So, Im feeling ballsy. I pick WAR.... AND IT WILL START TOMORROW. I WILL HAVE YOUR CITY BY THE END OF SUMMER. YOU MAYBE RICH SMART, BUT IM STREET SMART. OPEN THIS FUCKING DOOR, FAT ALBERT."

Titus nodded to his worker and the door opened. We hopped out and the van pulled off. I pulled out my phone and called Oscar.

"O, pack up your sister and my baby. Move back to the house in Oakland now."

Alright, but why? He asked.

"I think I just started a war, with L.A finest."

I hung up the phone and sent out a text to all the people who sell for me in Oakland.

"Meeting, Our Spot. Tonight."

"Ill head after them, to see where he is headed. You...ummm enjoy the mall why I do this. Ill call you when it time to headout."



"Yes, I like this Cologne. I swear Victoria Secret is slaying." I picked it up and we headed to the counter. We have been in here for an hour. Keesha wants so many different bras and panties. We paid out tab of 470.00 and headed out. As we walked out, I spotted Cinnabon. I needed one. I handed Keesha the bags and she said, "ill run to Macys, meet me there." I laughed and got in line. As I stood in line, I felt eyes watching me. I turned around and spotted a brownskin boy, with a high fade, he had golds in his mouth. He was still gawking over my ass, he didnt even notice I seen him looking. He spotted me and cleared his throat. He whispered, "Im sorry...its just...umm..its...sooo plump."

I laughed, "Thanks, but next time dont make it so obivious. Also, you dont strike me as one to look at gay boys ass."

He retorted, "and by your figure,you dont seem to be one to eat Cinnabons." We laughed.

I said, "Im Deejay, with to E's and J-a-y."

He replied, "So I have to let the e roll of my tongue and say the j with diction." Did we meet before. No one has ever... gotten it. I walked up to the counter and ordered quickly.

He said, "Im James. No extra letters." I said, "Thanks for that." I grabbed my Cinnabon and we walkes over to a table. We sat down.

I asked, "So you from L.A?"

"Nope, Im from Miami, but my two brothers and I moved to Oakland like 6 months ago for work." I slid piece into my mouth and he said, "and by that accent, you are from New York."

I laughed, "Yea, but is in OAkland for sort of work as well."

James smiled, "Nice so its possible to get your number." Hell yea, Rico will be pushed to the side of my brain if I get this one. He pulled his phone out and unlocked it. He handed it to me and I tapped my number, then saved the contact. I said, "I put my name with a Peach next to it, since you wanna stare at my ass." We laughed and his phone vibrated in my hand. I said,"oh, um your Boss calling." He snatched the phone and answered.

"Okay,im coming out now." He said urgently. He hung up and we both stood up. I said, "Well, see you in Oakland. Text me."

I walked away and he cleared his throat. I turned to him and said,"no hug?"I love his fowardness. I walked over to him and gave him a hug. My chest felt his packs. Plus, he smelled so good. I walked off to meet back up with Keesha. Yess James is about to get it, thank god,because I was kind of feeling Rico after that kiss. So I hope this can subside those feelings.


"Okay, James and I are headed back now. I know you still have that key. Make sure Carlee room is cleaned. Also, cut back on the alarms and cameras. Lastly, its a meeting at our spot tonight. Everyone will attend."

Rico hung up with Oscar as James got in the car. James was all smiles and couldnt hide it. Rico said, "well, damn you took my advice fast."

James replied, "it just sort of happened. "

Rico pulled off and said, "Hopefully,it works out and one day I can meet him. cant believe I just said that wierd shit." They both laughed and James felt bad in the inside, knowing himself and his brothers are planning to take over Rico Drug Empire. It feels wrong now, due to Rico trusting him. HE HAD A PLAN TO PROLONG THEIR PLAN, BUT NO RAISE ANY CONCERN. He texted Remmy and Kali.

"Great news, I know yall got the text about the meeting. This is great for us. With this new war about to began, we can let these two niggas kill each other and take over once they are down and out."



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