Melody's P.O.V.

I strolled through the hallways, on high alert, with a bad case of paranoia. What Miguel and that frenchie guy said, really bothered me. Was my boyfriend a vampire? Or a demon?, or maybe even half zombie?. I shook off the thought. But it made me think back about the first day we met. It was mugy day here in Brooklyn, and some idiot had flung a football in my direction. Luckily for me, Chris ran and snuffed the ball out the way just in time. Then we've been going back and forth ever since. But wait?

If he was a zombie , his arm would had came right off. That eliminates that from my list of possibilities my boyfriend could be. I know what your probably thinking reader, aren't zombies, decaying, dead, and flesh eating. The answer to that is no, most zombies are very intelligent, and civilized, until you piss them off (long story). My thoughts were quickly interrupted by the sight I was seeing. Mr O'riley was pile driving Mr Satner. Riley had him bent over his desk and was fucking the hell out of him. However, as creepy as this may sound I didnt want to spoil the moment, so I leaned on the door frame, as O'Riley fucked Satner's brains out.

I never in a million years would've thought that Satner was gay. Just like I'd never suspect my boyfriend was a vampire, or two years ago when I never thought that I was a witch. But, Satner?. He has a wedding band on his finger and always talked about a wife. Guess she wasnt doing things right if he's currently having sex with the principal. They suddenly came to stop, as if they could sense my presence

"Wanna switch positions?" I heard O'riley say. Satner's curls starting bouncing from in front of him, either he nodded yes, or sucking on a dildo on his desk. O'Riley's ass checks spreaded and he stepped back. He was pulling out, he glimpsed behind himself, and locked eyes with me, his euphoric grin melted off of his face, and the little color he had (considering that he was white) drained from his face. I could tell that he went in to panic mode, its not everyday that your ol' average witch, walks in on the principal fucking their film teacher. O'Riley was fighting himself to put his clothes on. His elephant trunk of a dick flopped around as he struggled to get his pants up. Satner heard this, turned around and practically jumped out of his skin. He began to search for his clothes, I scoffed. Look how things clearly turned around. You dont let me used the bathroom, and I walk in on you having sex with the principal.

"Im no expert on this but, you should have the door closed while doing.." I choked back a laugh "stuff like this" I said putting this in air quotes.

"Wait...the door was open the whole entire time?" O'riley said. I nodded. He cursed, grabbed his shoes, and the rest of his clothes and jetted out the door. I was about to explode, I wasnt a matter of time, that I would just bust out laughing.

"Melody......." Satner said wearily, he was full clothed now, which didnt suprise me. He had on jeans and a tee, vs a full suit.

"Mr satner." I said back

"Did I ever tell you--" ,

"That I was your favorite student?". He nodded. "No, in fact you didnt." He frowned, but I smiled this is where an opportunity for blackmail came in.

"Mel, you'll become my favorite student, I'll give you free passes, better lunch. All you have to do is forget that you saw me and O'riley."

I put my hand on my chin, and looked up as if I was giving his offer some serious thought. But in reality, I wasnt thinking of anything.

"But unfortunately, im gonna have to pass up that offer, I really did have to pee" I said making my lie come to life. Satners eyes lowered.

"However." His eyes flashed anxiously.

"Im willing to catch a case of amnesia, if you rip up that detention you promised me."

Satner nodded. "Done"

"And, i want immunity, no detentions or suspensions for me and a few people." I said leaning on a table

"Anything else?" He said scratching his afro of curls.

"I need you to write a detention for this guy, 8 hours worth". I said pulling out a small box of trident, i took a piece of gum out the box, unwrapped it and forked it in my mouth. Im pretty sure Metallic Man isnt dead, but he can pay a small price. Satner rolled his eyes

"Is there anything else, before you can forget about this situation?"

I walked to the door and threw the small wrapper in the recyling bin. I looked back and smirked "what situation?". I opened the door and bumped right into........guess who?, chris, which made me nearly pee on myself

"Melody, we need to talk" he said sternly.

Kelo's P.O.V.

I headed back to dance class to change back into my uniform. I walked into deserted classroom, the room was musty as usual, the dance floor was dusty, and the sound of the humming stereo, filled the room. Mr Starch, was in the back of the classroom, and apparently was looking for something. I sniffed and he turned around damn near slapping me in my face.

"Kiana, Please don't do that" he said putting a hand over his heart. I choked back a laugh

"Sorry about that Mr Startch, and I rather you call me Kelo, everyone does." He pulled out broom, some wet wipes, and Lysol spray, and began wiping down bookcase where everyone's stuff was. He looked back at me.

"I dont see why, you arent a drug dealer, or a cocaine addict." He said sternly. By now, I started walking towards his desk, where my clothes were kept. He would tell all of the dancers to place their things there because , he didn't want to have to replace any of the things that were lost or stolen, as cheap as he was.

"Its just a nickname that my friends gave me when I came in ninth grade." I said, flipping my hair "No drug or narcotic use intended"

He looked back at me, with a confused look, shrugged, and went back to cleaning. I started to undress to put my uniform back on. I couldnt stop thinking about that dude in the bathroom, and what he did to Miguel. How cruel can you be to another human being?. Guess some people can be more diplomatic like yours truly, I thought as I slipped on my khakis. I slipped on my light grey shirt, and jumped into my long brown boots. And I wondered what happened to him after Breyah sent him flying out the window. I doubt he died, he could had easily use his powers, and safely rode the magnetic fields.My thoughts were immediately interrupted by the blond haired-dark root, peeping tom that I mentioned earlier, deciding to knock the door off the hinges.

"Hi Mr Starch, im looking for the lab, can you help me out" he said with a raspy voice, his presence has already began to annoy me, and he's only been here for a minute.

"Sorry I cant right now, but Kelo is heading to her forensics class, she'll show you over there."


I wanted to crush Mr Starch , wirh an energy field so badly, that I was on the verge of blacking out. I placed my clothes in Mr. Starch's draw, grabbed my tote bag and headed for the door, bumping Blondie purposely as I walked out the class in to the teal and light grey hall way. Blondie closed the door behind him.

"Lead the way" he said, gesturing to the hallway. I rolled my eyes and began walking down the hallway. It wasnt even halfway to the first door until he decided to break the silence, between us.

"So..., My name is Damian"

"Kelo" I said blankly

"I hope you dont think that im trying to hit on you, because im gay" he said flipping his blond hair.

"Really?, I seem to recall you starring at my ass earlier in class today" I said checking my phone, for the time. 11:07 class already started and we we're 5 minutes late.

He snickered, "their was a huge pile of lint on it, "

"It couldnt killed you to say something, clearly you are capeable of speaking the english language" I said rolling my eyes, he laughed

"When you ran to the dance floor and it had came off"

"Oh" I said nonchalantly. There was that awkward period of silence again.

"So how long has it been since you've known?"

"Known what?"

"That you were a witch"

I looked at him, and my body went into autopilot for battle mode. I threw my bag down an hurled an energy field at him. He flipped out of the way, and landed on one knee. Then he shot out a laser beam from his fingers, which would had sent me flying if I hadent thrown up a forcefield. Thank god for my powers. Then he did something that I really didnt like. He shot another beam from his middle finger and reinforced the beam, breaking my forcefield.

"Your forcefield aren't exposed to my photonic blasts...typical"

My head started spinning, and I didn't know whether it was the beam that he shot or the fact that he broke my field.

But I shook off the thought, damn near forgetting that I was in the middle of a battle, plus I still had one trick up my sleeve. I sent another energy field at him at full force, and turned invisible. He shot another beam of light at it, and it exploded, but began to panic when he didnt see me.

"I know your around!!" he screamed, his face was red "show yourself!!"

I crept up to him and kneed him right in the stomach. He grunted and fell to his knees clutching his tummy in agony. I willed my self visable, and leaned down in his ear.

"You know if you were smart you'd use your powers over light to sense where ever the light particles had seemed funny looking" I said. He looked up at me with a tear in his eye.

"This isnt over" he threw up a ball of light which turned into a display of fireworks. When the lights cleared he was gone. Laying where he had been was a wallet. I reluctantly picked it up, and went through it. He was pratically broke, no cash, no debit card, not even an I.D. He only had a picture, that was folded up in a compartment. I opened it up and almost had a heart attack. It was a picture of Damian, and the guy we just fried in the bathroom, but a younger version. I looked on the back of the photo

Damian and Theo, Twins, 12 yrs old.

Miguel's P.O.V.

After a stressful day at school I decided to head home. I walked down Wycoff until it cut off into St. Marks plc. Suprisingly, my block was pretty nice, compared to the projects being across the street. Brownstone of earthy tones, lined up the whole block. Me, living on the right side of the street. All the numbers of the houses were even. Starting with mine, 14. I took my keys out of my pocket and opened the front door, into the lobby where all the mailboxes were. I walked to the black stair case, began to cascade up the steps until I was at my apartment, 2b. I opened my front door to the teal and bright orange color scheme of my living room. My dogs ran up to me and greeted me, and wagging their tails. I looked and saw that my black cat was sleeping on the sofa, curled up into a ball on the armrest. I put my bag, and keys on the table and closed the door behind me. I walked towards my room, and collapsed on my bed.

"Frenchie!!!!!" I screamed

Minutes later a puff of smoke apeared over my head, with the ginger that we all know and love, sitting indian style. "Yes?"

"You know, we never finished what we started" I said.

"Im fully aware, however we need to make some kind of arrangement"

He said in a serious tone.

Before I could even get a word out, I heard the front door open.

"Mom?" I yelled

No answer

"Dad?" I yelled

Still no answer, just footsteps. If it wasn't my parents, or my siblings(who all were in college) then its an intruder, looks like Theo wants round 2. I hopped off my bed as the footsteps got louder and closer. I slowly crept towards the door. Frenchie was still floating over my bed. I opened the door with a pulse of sheer telekinetic energy in my hand.

This person had purple ASAP Rocky braids, and hsd a suitcase in his hand.

"Cousin!!!" He said as he pulled me into a hug. No one other than my cousin Marquise.

Damn, what can a guy do, to get some privacy.??



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