Miguel's P.O.V.

I felt the chains holding my wrists suddenly release and I fell into someone arms, I felt them carry me and lay me on the floor, or at least my body. My head was somewhere warm. Everything was still fuzzy until I heard Melody screaming "wake up!!!". I opened my eyes, I was still in the boys bathroom with Corey, Breyah and Melody standing over me, my head was well rested on Kelo's thighs

"I see you guys got my message" I said faintly. My voice felt as if I swallowed a bucket of sand, probably from all the screaming I was doing before I blacked out.

"Of course, you almost gave me an aneurysm" Melody said, I laughed my mental abilities can be a tad bit overwhelming.

"Plus we couldnt just leave you here" Breyah added

"What happened anyways" Kelo asked

"Theo tried to break in to my house through the fire escape, I pressed him, and it backfired." I said , then it dogged on me that Frenchie was also missing too.

"Backfired. ...How? " Corey asked,

I looked at Corey like he said he smoked crack for living.

"He pole fucked me for crying out loud!!!!!!" I yelled

"Ohhhhhhh. " Everyone said in unison.

I was getting worried about Frenchie. You couldn't tell me that wasn't my child, because who knows what could of happened maybe the shroud wore off, maybe he made himself noticeable. I worked myself up to the point that I almost forgot that I his finder, and could summon him at will.

"Frenchie!!!" I screamed. The others started to look around the bathroom.

An orange puff of smoke appeared next to Corey, when it cleared up Frenchie appeared with shopping bags eating ice cream from the Frozen Rock (the magic world's version of Cold Stone). "You called"

"Where the hell were you?"

"Ummm, who are you talking to?" Breyah asked.

I snapped my fingers and the orb disappeared. Corey looked at Frenchie and jumped outta his skin. "Guys , this is Frenchie, my genie. Frenchie this is Corey, Breyah, Melody, abd Kelo. " I introduced, everyone looked blankly "since when did you have a genie?" Melody asked "Since yesterday, when Theo attacked us." Frenchie said.

"Listen" I said pointing a finger at Frenchie "You are in no predicament , to tell anyone anything, until you answer my question."

"I went to Moho (Magic version of Soho) and picked up some clothes, I want you to wish that, I was human but still retained my genie powers." He said. Everyone just stood there, probably not knowing what to say.

"I thought that a genie couldnt interfere with the wishes of the finder?" Corey asked, by the tone of his voice he was defiantly suspicious.

"I can give him suggestions but, I can't stop them from taking place theres a difference." He said to Corey. His mouth opened, as if he were about to ask a question. But I mentally told him 'back off'.

"So...if your gone who becomes the new genie? "Breyah asked.

"The company would usually take care of that"

"There's a company?" Corey blurted out. Frenchie nodded. While they were having a conversation, Melody was giving off a weird vibe. "What's on your mind?" I asked, grabbing her hand. I was one of those people who had to ask questions, when I felt something was off. But Melody just looked away "nothing" she said blankly. "Really bitch?, your gonna lie to a telepath" Breyah said.

Melody looked at her sideways.

"She does have a point. " Kelo chimed.

Melody looked hesitant, but began her story. "I had this weird dream in class, right before you called me " she said gesturing to Kelo. "I was in some sort of fantasy land, and Chris was there an-"

"Sorry to cut you off, but this wasn't a wet dream wasnt it?" I asked, the gang looked at each other and laughed, all but Melody who kept a solid straight face. "Nooooooo let me finish!!!" She whined "he was there and when I called out to him he ran off into the woods, I ran after him and when I found him he was standing over a grave. When I tried to ask him for answers he caught an atritude and flung me across the graveyard." "No bitch you slapped him and he flung you across the graveyard" Breyah said she seems to be on a roll today.

"How'd you know?"

"We've known you since the ninth grade Mel, "Kelo said

Melody rolled her eyes. "Anyways, after I crashed into a mausoleum, I asked him why he was doing this, And then.." she looked away "then he pounced on me" her voice started to crack. I stated to feel bad.

"You say that he did all of this with out saying a word?" I asked. She nodded. "The only people who aren't able to talk in dreams, are dead people who are trying to send a message" the color drained from her face, which made me regret saying it. "But Chris isnt dead" she said wearily, like she was about to break down.

"Unless....." Frenchies voice trailed off.

"Unless what! !!" She started to sound scared. "Unless he was an Anti-morr."

Anti-morr is a term in the magic world, used to describe any creature of death, or can resist death.

"So your saying my boyfriend is either a zombie, or a vampire?"

"Im leaning more towards vampires" Frenchie said.

Before she could even get a word out Corey, blurted out

"Well he is kinda strong for a 17 year old."

"Plus I never see him eat anything" Kelo said

"And he's always wearing shades" Breyah said

"Not to mention, that he has the ears of and elephant." I said

"Alright I get it!!!!" Mercedes yelled. She was definitely uncomfortable. There was an awkward silence.

"What classes do you guys have?" I asked

"Trig" Breyah and Corey said in unison

"Dance" kelo said

"Photography" Melody said.

"Kelo surround everyone in a forcefield, Im sending out an illusion spell, to make it seem like you all were in class". I couldnt let them get In trouble just for lil ol' me. I had to do something to repay these guys back

"Miguel that wont be neccesary. I have to apologize to Satner for what I did" Melody said. I shrugged. "Suit yourself girly."

Everyone huddled together behind Kelo, she encased them in a purple forcefield. I put my hands on my temples and pictured all of their teachers in my head, plus all the students. I flicked my hands to the side and released a small shock wave.

Carlito Satner's P.O.V.

I sat in a desk in my classroom waiting for Jassiah O'Riley, the schools current principal at the time. I scheduled a meeting for him, and he was late, as usual. I guess it was because he still trying to figure out the school, he is still kind of new here. Rumor has it that he got fired from his old school from trying to have sex with a student. Some also said that he sometimes slept with transvestites.

I snapped out of my deep thinking, and looked up at O"Riley, who had just walked into the room.

"Hello, Carlito" he said firmly, he stuck his hand out.

"Hi Jassiah, how are you?" I said back taking his hand and shaking it. His hands were surprisingly soft for a married man.

"I've been better, this school is like a labyrinth" he said, while taking a seat.

I laughed "it is a little tough figuring things out, believe me , I know."

He smirked, but then it faded intei a serious grin. "So why did you call me here today?"

"Im gonna get straight to the point, I need a raise" I said, placing my hands on the table.

He sat back, and stroked his goatee, "Im not too sure about that Carl, the school is on a bit of a budget"

"I understand that , however I really need the money" I pleaded, I was on the verge of being evicted.

"Im sorry I just cant Carl" he said.

I felt crushed, but I needed the money badly, I was willing to do anything for the money. And my nighttime job as a stripper wasnt bringing in enough dough. Then an idea popped into my head.

I sighed "very well, how's your wife? " I asked quickly changing the subject.

"She's fine, just came home yesterday from giving birth" he said.

I mentally smirked,

I stood up and walked around the table. Being a stripper I was able to know how to manipulate a man until doing anything I wanted. "So things must be kinda stressful for you" I said changing the tone of my voice.

"How so?" he said, I sat on the edge of the desk, where his hands were. He seemed not to mind

"You know, having a baby, your wife's recovery, figuring out the school you must be really worked up." O'Riley pulled on his collar. It was working like a charm. It was easy doing this, I had a puerto rican bubble butt, light skinned, and had curls pass my shoulders. And after all he was my type tall, muscular, fit. I could go on for days. "And on top of that your the principal" I said getting up, and walking behind him , I placed my hands on his lean shoulders. "Your really tensed" he started shifting in his seat, I could see a bulge through his blue slacks. I leaned down to one side of his face "I can loosen you up" I whispered in his ear. A grin crawled onto his face.

'Gotcha' I thought

"Are you trying to seduce me?" He said. I backed off of him and sat back on the desk. He was right were I needed him to be.

#1 rule of seduction: bait them, then leave them wanting more.

"Now why would you say something like that? Even if I were you have a wife" I said

He got up , parted my legs and came in between them. "Because if you were it was working" he said, his Face centimeters away from mines. He softly laid a kiss on me, then another one, and another, soon we were making out on my desk. As our toungues began to explore eachothers mouth. I took my black t-shirt off, exposing my flat stomach. He started unbuttoning his collard shirt, and revealed his muscle hard pecks, and chiseled abs. I felt his chest, and began kissing him again. Gosh his lips were so soft. I kicked off my converse, and began to unbutton my pants, he says struggle and snatched the pants from off my legs, and his eyes were glued on the metallic silver, mini briefs I were wearing.

"Mmmm, like what you see" I asked.

"Oh yea, I like it alot. Turn around so I can tap dat ass." He said.

I laughed at his comment, and lifted my leg and brought it over until my stomach was flat on the desk.

"Mmmmm" he moaned, I started making my ass girate. I heard him fondling with his pants until I heard a metal sound of his belt buckle hitting the floor. I reached in the top dresser of my drawer and handed him a magnum. You'd he suprised to what I keep in my desk. I heard him rip the condom open, and I pulled my briefs down, and let my ass expose to the light draft. "You ready, for me" he asked.

"Yes daddy," I teased. He rubbed his dick in between my ass cheeks, and from what I could tell it was a big one. He found my hole, and started pushing his cock inside me. When he was half way in, I snaked my hand back, and stopped him. Fuck big, it was huge!!. He kept pushing until he was all the way in, and my insides turned in to jelly. He pulled back until only the tip was in, and thrusted back in. I let out a moan, he started picking up speed, gripping my hips so hard, that I think he felt the bones. I threw my ass back on him, and looked back at him, he was moaning and panting in ecstasy. I did have a really tight ass. We kept fucking for at least five more minutes.

"Wanna switch positions?" He asked, I nodded and I felt him pull out. I turned back over on my back and he was scrambling to put his clothes on. I was about to ask what was wrong, but I already saw the problem, the door was wide open, and standing in the door way was Melody, the girl who stormed out earlier.





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