It all started in 7th grade,

I was twelve years old, watching cartoons on a rainy wednsday. I didn't go to school that day because I woke up late. Anyways, I was watching an episode of W.I.T.CH when something crossed my mind

Was magic real?

I decided to look it up, which was a drag because of the fact that each website i looked at ,kept leading me to a whole bunch of ads. But I came to this website called Spells Of Magic, And that's how I became a witch

By the way I'm Miguel Rodriguez, I'm 17, multi talented, and bisexual..... oh and I'm mixed half black/half puerto rican. Also I make my own little products and potions. My first one was my astral projection dust.

It was a rainy day, sitting in 3rd period history. We were learning about the Industrial Revolution for the eightieth time. As I drew Pentgrams all over the corner of my notebook, my teacher came to my table.

"Where did the industrial revolution start?, Miguel?"

"England, More specifically Britain " I answered

She walked away, while I sat back in my seat slightly smirking. I love when teachers do that, they try to catch you slippin but in reality your paying attention, kinda makes them feel dumb.

Then I heard a familiar voice....

"Where I sit at" the person said.

I knew who it was, it was my rival from middle school, Dashawn Ramirez BKA Moodles. Me and Moodles never got along in middle school, he's from bedstuy and hangs out in redhook, so everyone supposedly afraid of him. All except for me of course. He's fully puerto rican, sags his pants a lot and wears ragedy sneakers.

He took a seat by the front of the class and I felt him staring at me. I looked at him back.

"Do I owe you some money?" I snapped

"Who you talking to scrap?" He said getting defensive

"Obviously you"

Then he grabbed his notebook, tore out a piece of paper, and threw it. It hit me right in my face. I got up but my table mates calmed me down just in time, I was about knock the hell outta him.

Other than that class was boring, then the bell rang.

I flew outta class and to the lunchroom. I had to pee and that was the only bathroom open at the moment. I walked out the staircase and down the hall of the basement. I opened the door to a cafeteria full of high schoolars.

As rushed to get to the other side I realized that Moodles and Rahkim were talking by the doors.

Suprisingly me and Rahkim got along perfectly fine. In middle school we had all the same classes. Even chilled in summer school together. I pushed the door open and ran into the bathroom.

I did my business, and was almost out until somebody barged in the bathroom. I immediately ducked into one of the stalls "I don't understand why you transferred schools anyway babe"

That was Rahkims voice, but who was he talking to?

"I'm sorry I just needed a little space"

That was Moddles voice! Moddles and Rahkim a thing? No.. they were like brothers. But I decided to tune in and see

"But still I missed you a lot babe, I stayed faithful and didn't have sex with anyone else" Rahkim said

I gagged at the thought

"Aww baby, that just earned you a reward "

I had to see this. I pulled out my astral projection dust:

Ok, so this is how it works. You take some of the dust, and

sprinkle it in a circle above your head.

I imidiatly felt hollow, and I started to float. I turned around to see my body siting limp on the seat. I flew threw the stall door to see Moodles on his knees, fidling with Rahkim's pants

"You missed my dick didn't you "Rahkim said

"Yes daddy" Moodles said seductively

Moodles finally got Rahkims pants open, then Rahkim's dick flopped outta his green briefs. I just had to laugh, it was 5 inches long with a 5 inch circumference. Is that what Moodles missed? A baby dick. Good thing I was I ghost, because I was laughing to the point that I started crying

But Moodles seem to enjoy it, he sucked Rahkim's dick so hard that he could had sucked the skin off (as nasty as it seems) . After 15 minutes of watching them swap spit, semen, and positions. I decided to take a seat on the top of the stalls

"Ok, Baby I want it in me" Moodles cried

Moodles turned around and bent over, revealing his smooth, plump ass. I got hard from even watching them. But then I heard a foot stomp. I realized that I completely forgot about my body.

"Who's there" they both said in unison. I flew back to my body, hoping that they wouldn't get there first. I rested my self back in my body, getting their a few seconds before them, then Rahkim Kicked the door open revealing his baby dick and a six pack.

"You been here the whole time" he said jerking his dick


Moodles rolled his eyes

"So should I leave you two in privacy or..." my voice trailed off as I got off of the seat and tried to leave but Rahkim pushed my up against the wall

"And expose our little secret, you must be stupid" he said, smirking

Shit!!! Now I have to watch them have sex. Moodles came over to me and dropped to his knees. I hadnt had a clue to what he was doing , until he started unbuckling my pants

"Whoa what are you doin--" he took my dick in my mouth as an answer

It felt like his mouth was vibrating, but. I didn't care I was in ectacy




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