"So this Theo boy, you just met today, is your responsible for your house being broken into?" Frenchie said

It sounded kinda illogical, but I nodded.

"Im not sure if this make sense, or I'm slow."

I rolled my eyes at Frenchie's sarcastic self.

"OK let me break this down, Theo has green hair, and its not a dark green its neon green, a strand of neon green hair was left on my fire escape where he escaped."

All witches had some kind of unique colored hair, my hair was mid way down my back, and it was a scarlet red.

Frenchie was thinking about some thing, I could tell by his facial expression.

"And what about my radar sense, as soon as he came around I got a migraine so bad, my head almost exploded."

Depending on what your powers look like, your radar sense would be tied into it. For example, my power was mental magic. Which would explain my migraines

"I'm still not buying it" Frenchie said in a bland tone

I groaned in agony, but then again something popped into my head."you'll believe it when you see it"


"I'm taking you to school with me tomorrow, and when I catch him in the act you'll already be summoned." I demanded

"Umm , you realize I'm a genie right, what if someone see's me when you call me"

Frenchie did have a point, then I remembered about my spell book . You get to spell books growing u as a witch, one about all the magical creatures of the magical community. Then another one on spells and potions, mostly revolving around your powers.

"I have another idea"

--------------The next day--------------

I came to class with Frenchie in my bag hoping to catch Theo in the act . So while I was in class, I jumped into a few of my teachers minds. I wasn't controlling then I just was able to see what the were seeing. Which was creepy because my math teacher was, looking up porn in his phone.

I wound up jumping into my English teachers head to see that Theo was in his class. And just my luck Theo asked to go to the bathroom. I quickly ran and threw my stuff In my locker and took out the spray can. I ran to the staircase on the far end of the school. I had to summon Frenchie, I took out the spray can shook it, and spray the smoke towards the wall. The orange smoke turned in to the same white boy I knew from yesterday except that he was looking more like a genie today. He had on gold, bubble pants that looked like it was made of helium, he had on an orange vest and a golden, and orange buree.

"Its about ti--"

"Shhhh" I whisper yelled

"Its about time" Frenchie whispered.

I pulled out my spell book from my pocket and flipped through the pages.

"Uhh you still didn't tell me what your doing"

"I'm giving you a mental shroud "

I looked up from my spell book to see a confused Frenchie.

"I'm gonna turn you invisible, but I'll be the only one that can see you " I explained

"Oooohh, well say that then?" He said with an attitude

I rolled my eyes and started reading the spell

"This orb shall hover like a dark cloud, give Frenchie a mental shroud



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