10 minutes goes by....


Miguel's P.O.V

Today by far is not my day, everything had backfired. I had lost a showdown, lost my genie, and on top of that, I'm getting fucked by the butt of a metallic spear...that wasnt lubricated!!!. Could this day get any worse. I looked up at Theo, he kept thrusting the sword in and out if me, and jerking off at the same time. He laughed "see, no one can help you now, you should had just minded your business."

"You should had just stayed away from my house!!!" I screamed.

He laughed. Although he had a point, his point wasn't legit, I did have people to help me , I could send out a brain blast, like a mental flare for witches. I started mentally picturing the faces I'm my head.

OK, first face, my P.I.C Breya. She was a mental witch just like me, but was more telekinetic based, in my head I saw her bright red Bob, her glasses and her chubby cheecks. Then I shifted to my friend Cory, an electric witch, with bright orange afro, and sharp facial features, I then thought about my friend Jefferson but we called him Jeff. He was a witch of adaptation, he could easily steal someones powers by touch, but he was more controlled he could turn his powers off. He had white hair, that was cut into a cesear. My head started to pound, I knew I was reaching a capacity, but I had to get somekind of help, I quickly thought about My homegirl Kelo, she had black and purple streaked hair, and was a witch of kinetic energy. My head began to pound. I was at my capacity. I lastly thought about one of my best friends Melody , she had sea green roots, with aqua blue hair. She was my first friend who was an elemental witch, she was a water witch.

"OK, concentrate" I said to my self, I looked at Theo who was still thrusting the spear in me. I closed my eyes and mentally screamed "HELP!!!!". After that the room started spinning and everything went black.

Cory's P.O.V.

"Can anyone answer my question?". I immediatly snapped out of the daze that I was in, and started to flip through my notes to answer my trigonometry teacher's question. I raised my hand

"Yes Cory?"

"I had gotten 4 over pi"

"Correct, and exactly how did you get this answer?" he asked

I was just about to start explaining what I wrote on the top of my page. Until, I heard someone scream in my head "help!!!!". My head started pounding. I started to rub my temples, even though it didn't help.

"Cory, are you going to share your response?"

"Sorry Mr Fiddle, I lost my train of thought." I lied

"OK, I'll come back to you whenever your ready, in the mean time, anyone else has a response that they wanna share?". The whole class was silent, not a hand raised. I scratched the back of my fro, which felt like it was full of static. As always

I looked around the classroom, admiring the 90's that I got on my quizzes, and also mentally making fun of my class mates.

'Jermaine seriously needs a hair cut, the flat top isn't his look'. I snickered under my breath. I looked around until my eyes got fixed on Breya, who looked like she saw a ghost. My expression quickly had gotten serious. She might had gotten the mental message, that I had gotten. Someone was in serious trouble, and they needed help. Breya placed her hands on her temple and from the looks of it started concentrating. She was sending me a message some how. Then out of nowhere a folded paper was under my fingers, I opened it

Did you get a weird mental message?. Like someone screaming for help?.

I looked back at her and noded, I knew something was off. Breya just stood there blankly. The thing about the message, was that the person who sent it sounded so familiar, almost like my friend Miguel's. I looked back at Breya, who was desperately trying to get my attention, she kept pointing at her head. I knew exactly what she meant.

As you already know, I'm a witch witch electrokinesis (manipulation of electricity) , besides that I have the ability to read minds, being that brain waves, are electro-magnetic. It's a bit complicated to explain, just go with it. Anyways, I looked at Breya , closed my eyes and, concentrated. I felt the static in my Afro, almost like I was drawing static from everyone's thoughts. I finally got her message, but it wasn't clear. I tilted my head to the side, hoping that this would work.

We gotta get outta class, can you make a diversion?, she thought.

Thought you'd never ask.

I looked around the room, to look at my options. Nothing was really metallic, unless you wanted me to have paper clips chase Mr. Fiddle out the classroom. I didn't have any idea's, and time was running out. I resorted to my spell book. I flipped through the page's until I bipassed, a page called Electric Explosion. Then a smart idea popped in to my head forcing me to scream "ah ha" really loud. Basically catching the whole classes attention.

"Cory I understand that you like math, but keep you oufbursts to yourself, I'd really appreciate it" he said sarcastically, causing the whole class to burst into laughter. That still didn't throw off my thoughts, while the class was laughing at Mr. Fiddle's smart remark. Me and Breya were having a mental conversation.

C:'In order for us to get outta class you gotta make a diversion.'

B:,'So, I'm making a diversion to a diversion?'

C: 'Well, when you put it like that then yea, '

Her face had suddenly lit up with excitement

B:'Get the blast ready, I got this

At that point I was afraid, a grin was starting to form on her face. And she was rubbing her hands, like an evil villain, in a cartoon, when they had got a bad idea. I started focusing more on my move, I had to create a huge arc of electricity, that was heavy on power, but small in size. I concentrated, I always did what my mother had taught me. Imagine, electricity coming from your brain, and let the energy flow to your hands. I instantly felt a ball of energy in my hands, and I could tell this was a lot of power I was fucking with. I slid my hand under the table, with the energy still being there. I looked back at Breya and nodded. I knew I wasn't gonna enjoy this. She threw up her hands and started waving them.

I knew this bitch wasn't serious. She made me make a ball of nuclear energy so she could, wave her hands like a damn loonatic?, I think not. I was about to release the bomb, but something happened. The sound of aluminum foil being ripped opened, was coming from the far corner of the class.

"OK, everyone remain seated, ". Mr fiddle slowley started walking to the direction of the sound, as soon as he had got over there he froze. Everyone had started walking towards Mr fiddle, who had froze. Now , I realized what I she was doing.

One thing everyone knew about Mr Fiddle, was that he was terrified of any kind of vermin,he had mouse traps everywhere and, had cans of vanilla scented roach spray, on his desk. So,by her creating a diversion in the corner of the room, was a bright idea, and clearly it drew everyone in.

A lot of people ignored Mr fiddle, and got out there seats anyway.

"Janae!!" He shouted

"What!!.., I mean yes Mr fiddle" she answered back. Janae was six feet two, brownskin, had a huge Afro puff on the side of her head, and was known for two things. The shape of her body, which resembled a glass coke bottle. And the huge gap she had between her two front teeth.

"Do me a favor and come see what this is in this corner? " he said shakily.

"Will I get extra credit? "

Mr fiddle's expression went blank "I'll think about it".

She smiled, " good enough for me, shiiiiid, when you see my GPA for this class..."

"Janae!!" He shouted, "corner first, extra credit later"

Janae crept over to the corner with a grin planted on her face, she literally smiling from ear to ear, but when she had saw what was in the corner, she pulled the fastest straight face I've seen in my life. "You had me walked over here for a--"

"Is it a rat?!" Mr fiddle shrieked. Breya looked at me and from the judge if her facial expression, the plan wasn't going to work if they found out what was in that corner.

"No, its a --"

"Is it a Roach!!, waterbug!!" He screamed

"No, its--"

"Its a mouse isn't it?!" He said while lowering his head.

She sighed in frustration, and bent to pick it up.

Dammit I told my self. What if she realizes that nothing is there. Then the blast had slipped my grip. It spiraled into the air and crashed smacked-dead of the midle of the ceiling, breaking all the lights in the classroom.

Some people had screamed, some had shielded their faces, but for the most part this went well, I'll just spend the rest of my teenage years working of a debt to pay for the light bill.

"OK, everyone out, its no possible way I can teach with all of this glass on the floor." Mr fiddle shouted. I looked back at Breya who was giving me a thumbs up. This went well, (no sarcasm intended this time). The class wound up being evacuated,, so we had to stand outside. While Mr fiddle, and the entire class were outside of classroom door, wondering about what happened. Me and Breya had made a quick escape to the bathroom. As we ran through the halls, past the double doors. I asked her what was in the corner.

"Oh it was just huge hunk of aluminum foil"

I rolled my eyes. She really knows how to play with someones emotions..



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