After a blowjob from Moodles, I decided to go back to the lunchroom. And that vibrating feeling I was feeling , was Moodles vibrating younger ring, Kinky right?

As soon as I stepped out the doorway, Derrick ran up to me and yanked me to the far end of the lunchroom.

Derrick was my ex boyfriend from ninth grade, he was tall , brown skin, had chinky eyes, and had nice hair. He was exactly my type, why did we break up?. We didn't do anything in the relationship, didn't hold hands, didn't hug, not even a kiss on the cheek. So we decided to call it quits.

Anyways he damn near threw me into the wall.

"Omgee, did you---" he yelled

"Derrick this better be important" I barked, in addition to almost throwing me into a wall, he almost pulled my arm out the socket.

"It is let me finish, you gotta see the new kid, he is sexy and he has green hair!!!"

I almost barfed up the Bacon, egg, and cheese I had that morning. "Eww, green hair?"

Before he could even respond, he turned me around to see my friend Sheri, introducing him to every one out of my lunch clique

"And this is Miguel and Derrick "

"Hi" I said

"Heyyy" Derrick said eagerly

"Thirsty ass" Sheri muttered under her breath which made me laugh.

"What's so funny" He asked

"Nothing an inside joke, so what brings you to Global Studies, " I asked

"Well, I just flew in from, Charlotte, and I'm awaiting for my parents to come with my twin bro"

"Charlotte, North Carolina, ?"


"My Dad is from Charlotte " I said

"Niceee " he said smiling slightly

As we continued to talk, I caught a migraine, usually I'd get one if a witch is near by,

"Is their a bathroom near by" he asked

"Yea there's on right through thoose doors" I said , gripping my temples

While he walked away, my migraine got weaker and then they were gone.

Was he a witch?

It kinda pieced itself together,

He had green hair, and not the moss green, but neon green. Please explain to me where the hell can you find neon green hair dye??. Plus all witch have long colored hair. I mean my hair is scarlet red.

Plus he dresses like me, simple but stylish. He had on a black v neck, with grey slim fitting jeans and black creative rexes.

Although lunch was over I made my inferences all day, until I got home.

There was a cardboard box infront of my door step,

I took my keys out of my bag and opened my door to see my animals sitting on the couch.

I sat the box on the table, then all of them came rushing up to me all on their hind legs, scratching the side of my legs , and wagging their tails. I fed the cat his food, and made my dogs share a bowl, what? They were sisters anyway

I finally got acquainted, and opened the box to see that it was an orange spray paint bottle. I grabbed it and examined it. The bottle didn't have any company labels on it, but all of this thinking is getting me extremely tensed, with this mysterious package, and all my suspiciouns. I needed to meditate. I shook up the can, I was just about to make a Pentagram but, the top popped off, then the can started spraying smoke then, the most clicheiest thing happend,

A genie popped out, but he wasn't an ordinary genie, he looked like he was my age, he had curly orange hair, pale skin, and freckles under his brown eyes.

"Hi, I'm Oliver but call me Frenchie, I'm your genie for the time being" he said winking at me, he does sound kinda new Orleansish.

"Why were---"

"Your hot, can we have sex" he asked.


"Uhh sure" I said, not knowing what to say

He snapped his fingers and his Smokey bottom half turned into a pair of legs. I grabbed his hand and led him to my room. When we got there I sat on my bed and Frenchie climbed on top of me, crashing his lips onto mine. I kissed back, I couldn't help it, he really new what he was doing. I squeezed his bubble but through his sleek pants, until I heard footsteps

I pushed Frenchie off of me, only to hear that the footsteps were getting louder closer to my door. I got to the door and made a ball of telekinetic energy, as soon as I opened the door I released it as the intruder, who went flying down the hall way, into the closet.

My first instinct was to crush him with my powers but, he was already gone by then. He escaped through the fire escape. And left it wide open. How rude!!. But it was also caught my eye was....

The strand of green hair on the fire escape door,



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