Kelo's P.O.V.

Pass that Dutch by Missy Elliot began to play, the music playing so loud that the whole second floor was able to hear it. I was standing in position, waiting for Mr Startch's cue, until I began getting lost in the music, he wouldn't be able to notice, right?. Wrong, he glared at me, and began his lecture about me being a dancer, yes I'm on the dance team but, damn you don't have to throw it in my face every time I screw up. Mr startch kept pacing back and forth, in front of the stereo. As me and the others were waiting for the signal, I noticed someone walked inside the classroom, but before I could even look Startch was shouting.


I started krumping, then going into a dance sequence that he just taught us. I was on the far left at the class, in a window formation, I was doing the moves exactly how he told us to do them, I was on the top of my game, until I got something like a mental message."Help!!!!!". I felt my face turn white, and I began to stumble .i knew who that voice was, it belonged to my friend Miguel. No, scratch that, he was a close friend. When I had first came to the school, he was the only one who truely unnderstood me and know. But I felt that something was wrong. Plus my radar was going off. The thing about my powers is that I'm a witch who can harness kinetic energy, meaning I can create force fields, and turn invisible. So, when another witch is around, random things start disappearing.

"Kelo!!!!" Mr startch yellled. I had completely forgotten about the dance. I looked over at everyone who apparently had froze. All except me, I randomly did something that looked like the dutty wine, hip ticks, and krumping mixed together. And immediately got back into the rest of the combination, all until he stopped the music.

'Awww shit' I thought.

"Now class, did you see what Kelo, just did"

"Yes," the class said in a dull tone

"She got Distracted! !" He said emphasizing the word distracted . "But then improvised, created up a chain of steps, and fell back into the choreography. That something you should learn as a dancer"

I rolled my eyes and wiped the sweat from the back of my neck. Here we go with the bullshit,

"Yeah, that's right" I heard someone shout, it wound up being Odamia, a rude stuck up wannabe, who thought she ruled the school, because she was captain of the Cheerleading Squad, the secretary for student government, and the lead Singer in the band(although, you don't really consider that a talent, if your not to good at it).

"I told the same thing to Joyce-Ann, this morning, during our routine this morning" she added, while flipping her hot pink track out her face.

The whole class was quiet , due to the fact that Mr rice was glaring at her, he hated when she talked about cheerleading, that, or that he hated cheerleaders in general, but either way he hated them, despite that one of his best dancers is one(via Miguel) .

"Anyways, I need to rehearse the 8-count routine, for the: pep rally" he said coldly "Kelo, Seresha, Kayla, Nigeria, Lariyah, and Shakira, on the floor"

8 counting is a dance done by dancers during, pep rallys, marching storms and crap like that.How the dance goes, is the leader of the team, does a combination, then the rest of the group follows, until they the leader stop. Just imagine, the girls with the same hairstyles, and same hoochi mama outfits in drumline.

I took off my track jacket and tied it around my waist, it was getting really hot, considering that the AC broke, plus half of these people don't wear deodorant, then that's when my had scrunchie popped...

Funny thing about Mr startch was, he was no joke about being prepared, you had to have sweats/basketball shorts/ tights, with sneakers, and all hair needed to be tied up. And the fact that, my hair touches my butt, would definitely get me a "your a dancer speeches".

Ah ha!! I thought, my book bag .

I jetted to the back of the class, to a shelf were everything was supposed be . I was nearly there until I noticed an unfamiliar face, a boy with brown skin, and blonde hair. Now as nasty as that sounds, it wasnt as bad. His hair wasn't dark blonde, It was two shades away from being bone white, almost as if it was his natural hair color, but sadly his roots were black. He had brown eyes, but it seemed like my something kept telling me that, he was a witch , but he looked like a normal kid,

"Who stole my apple juice? "Mr starch screamed, the whole class laughed, I laughed too, he sounded like Eve from the movie Barbershop, even though him losing his Apple juice was my fault. I quickly grabbed my bag off the shelf, and dug through the front pocket ,

'Pencil, no, whiteout, no, '

I felt a sylicone hoop and, pulled out a scrunchie. I quickly grabbed the middle of my hair, and started to pull until my hair was in a tight ponytail, I quickly fixed my bangs and threw my bag back on the shelf were it was.


I turned around to see that it hit the blonde haired-brown eyed kid, who was staring at my ass,

"Sorry" I quickly shouted, and ran into formation

Mr startch had us in a line, from the shortest to the tallest, with me being in the back of course. it was bad enough I was a bit insecure about my height, but he had to put line us up in size order.... Anyways. He began to play a mix CD, And the first song we'd march into the gym to was Badman By Missy Elliot. he felt that this was the only song that was marching band related, and all that bullshit he talks. And before I knew it the line was marching around the classroom, when Lariyah got back to where we started she did a ramp kick, that would had kicked Kayla straight in her face if she wasn't quick. I was marching in place waiting for my turn kick, until my history partner Cory, had sent me a mental message

"Kelo did you get a message, Like someone screaming for help" .

I was about to reply no, plus it was my turn to kick. until the message hit me like someone threw a ball at my face.

'Help!!!!' My faced was flashed with fear, I could easily recognize that voice. It was Miguel's,... He was in serious trouble.

"Help!!!". I immediately stopped marching, to check if it was in my head or real life. It was in real life, Saresha, the girl that was in front of me, apparently did her ramp kick, and landed on her ankle. I screamed for Mr startch to pause the music, while mental saying 'yes' to Cory.

while Mr startch came to investigate Saresha's ankle. I was thinking of ways to escape. I couldn't lie and say that I was going to the bathroom, because someone was out. an Idea popped in to my head, I made a forcefield, the same size of my fist and threw it towards the speaker.

And what happens if you overload an speaker with to much energy,

It shuts down the whole system. And that's what it did, the whole class went black, I forced my self to go invisible , and stepped outside the classroom, I kept looking back at the door, all until someone bumped in to me. I almost forgot I was invisible. I turned to see that it was Cory and Breya.

"what the hell is wrong with you?" Breya whisper-yelled

"I don't know, its like there's a wall here." Cory said, he began to touch my body, I willed my self to turn visable, only to see that Cory had his hands on my boobs, I snarled at him in disgust.

"heheheh, sorry Kelo " He said scratching his fro. I rolled my eyes, "what's going on..?" I asked

"we'll explain on the way." breyah said.

I pulled out my phone and began to text Melody, if we were gonna rescue him we needed all the help we could get.



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