Melody's P.O.V.

I woke up in the middle of a grass field, looking straight up at the sky, which was a dark shade of pink. I sat up, looking at what I had on , a white church dress, and my two toned colored hair was in loose curls. I wobbled my way to my feet, for some reason my balance was thrown off here. I took a long look around, even though it was a huge grass field, I was trying to find some kind of trace of civilization. But there wasnt any, no roads , no houses, nothing but grass for miles. That left me with the forest of palm trees in front of me. I started walking towards it , the palm trees danced in the gentle breeze as I kept my hands on my lap to avoid my dress from coming up. Regardless if anyone's around or not , my mom taught me better. I finally started making my way through the forest, pondering what could have been on the other side of this heap trees. A beach maybe?, A mountain lodge?, volcano?, maybe even some people that will tell me where I am. I kept thinking until I found myself standing in front of a stream that was flowing east of where I was standing. The sound of the river flow soothed me, but it also brought up a question.

Could I use my powers here?. I simply flicked my wrist and a 9ft tidal wave rose and crashed on to the other side.

Reader have you ever had one of those times where you were scared that you accomplished something?. For me this was one of these times. Back home I was never able to create huge tidal waves, even the small ones I made were exhausting. And the scary part about it is that I felt fine. I dropped down and sat at the edge of the river , and let my feet soak in the flowing current. I looked down and saw my reflection in the water. I looked like something out of "The Vampire Diaries" with my Katherine Pierce curls and white knee high dress, I truely looked beautiful. I kept looking at the water, while I swung my feet back and forth, Until I noticed that someone elses reflection was in the river from the opposite direction. I looked up to see my boyfriend Chris, he had on a white tank top , with khaki cargo shorts, and hid tall Mohawk was curled to the point that you'd think he was fully Puerto Rican. "Chris!" I called , then the oddest thing happened. He looked up from the river, looked at me, then took off running into the forest. I looked to see if someone was behind me, no one was there. I hopped up and willed some water to come from the river, a orb of water rose out of the river, I shaped the water like a surf board, hopped on it and sped after Chris. What was he running from? I thought, as I cruised through the forest there wasnt any sign of him either. Something was wrong, he would never do that to me, he wouldn't leave me for dead for whatever he was running from. I noticed that the forest started changing as well, the deeper I went, the duller/foggier it got, and the less palm trees there was. Chris was gone, but I wasn't gonna give up that easily, I continued to dodge trees until I finally found him, he was apparently looking at something, I surfed up to him and jumped off the water and onto the grass.

"Chris!, what the hel--"

I was cut off by what he was looking at, it was a grave with Chris's full name on it and his birthday, I was looking at what appeared to be his grave, and tombstone. At that point I was starting to get scared "Chris? Whats going on?"

He didnt answer he just continued staring at his grave.I walked over to him and slapped him right across his face "answer me!!". He looked at me with a blank expression, and pushed me, but I went flying. I screamed for my life and for help all until I crashed through a huge tomb. I just layed there I couldn't get up. I began crying wondering what did I do to get this kind if punishment. Chris jumped through the hole that I crashed through.

"Why are you doing this?" I pleaded. He still didnt say anything, he put a finger to his lips telling me to be quiet. Then he pounced on me, I screamed then everthing went black.

All until I woke up in the front of my photography class panting and sweating.

"Ahhh I see your wide awake in my class Ms Lucthmen" Mr Satner said sarcastically.

"She's probably dreaming about Chris" someone shouted. The class laughed, all expect me. From what I just experienced I dont wanna think about him right now.

I took out my notebook and began to work on my script. My film was a gay version of Romeo and Juliet, or Julio rather, where Romeo was a Pentecostal church mouse , and Julio was the son of a famous druglord. The setting takes place in Spanish Harlem. Although it seems like im focused on my script, in reality I couldnt focus, I was too busy thinking about my dream. The only person who knows about this kind of dreaming juju was Miguel, due to his psychic nature of course. But im pretty sure he wouldn't understand no more then me. I felt a jolt of vibration on my thigh, somebody texted me. I pulled out my galaxy, and almost dropped my phone in attempts to be secretive. The text was from Kelo, and she told me how she thought that Miguel was in trouble, she also told me to meet her outside the bathroom.

"Mr satner can I go to the bathroom?"

"No, tell Harmony that he has to wait"

Yes, Chris's last name was harmony , it wasnt a day that went by that a ninth grader didnt come up to me saying that we were made for each other. And on that note I got extremely pissed , everything that I do wasnt in reference to him, a few jokes was alright but now im getting mad. I got up and walked to the front door, I was halfway out of the door until Satner called me

"Ooops , did I forget to mention that if you leave that's a detention?" He said sternly

I looked back at him "Ooops, did I forget to mention that I dont give a fuck?". I slammed the door behind me. Teachers, they think pink slips of paper would scare us as teenagers off. I flipped my hair, and walked towards the bathrooms. I pushed through the double doors, and saw Kelo, Corey, and Breyah waiting in front of the boys bathroom.

"What took you so long?" Kelo Asked, she looked like she was going to fight, she had on sweats with a tank top, and her hair was tied up.

"I literally had to argue to got to the bathroom, but lets focus on the task at hand please, why do you think Miguel is in trouble?"

"We all got some kind of mental message," Breyah said "it sounded like Miguel screaming for help"

I felt a frown crawl on to my face

"I didnt get a mental message" then it hit me like a gust of air, like a dodgeball upside my head. It was Miguel's voice, screaming "help!!!!!!", I put my hands on my temples and, felt the agony slowly fade away.

"Nevermind, I just got it" I walked to the boys bathroom, and tried to opened the door , it was locked from the outside in. "Its locked"

"Not for long, stand back" Breyah said, she thrusted her hands out, and the door flew open. I ran inside and there he was hanging from the wall, his hair hung low in his face, and his pants were at his ankles. Then there was some guy with green hair cleaning a pole , "did you do this?"

The guy looked at me , then back to the pole he was holding

"Depends on who wants to know" he said slyly

I thrusted out my hands, and a steady stream of water flew from my palms to his chest. All until he was smashed against the window. The others ran in and gasped at both Miguel and the guy I just drenched. He fell off the Window and pulled himself up. He stood up and thrusted a hand out, A whole bunch of nails from the stalls were coming towards me. Corey ran beside me and shot some electric bolts at the nails that made them fall to the floor. He shot another bolt at spinach head and made the pole he was holding burn the shit out of him. I could tell he was mad now, he forced a door off the stall and sent it flying towards us. Kelo hopped in front of us and threw up a shield, the door bounced off of us and back at him. He dodged it just in time, like the snake he was.

"Im getting really tired of this! !!!" He screamed. "I couldn't agree with you more" Breyah said, she flicked her wrist and a sheer pulse of telekinetic energy, emerged and sent highlighter head out the bathroom window.

We ran to the wall where Miguel was hanging from Corey sent two bolts to were the chains held miguel. He fell right into Breyah and Kelo's arms. They sat him on the floor, he groaned and began to oprn his eyes

"I see you guys got my message." He said faintly.



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