Craig slowly opened his eyes when his smart phone rang. For the last week he hadn't heard the ring tone for calls or pings for texts and emails since he hadn't paid for the international calling package for such a short period of time. After touching the screen to accept the call he brought it to his ear. It was his mother telling him that his parent's cabin had one of the earliest disembark times. Craig got up from his bed to find his newsletter which included all the times. His part of the ship was scheduled for leave the ship in an hour and half. For the second time, Craig confirmed that he would meet them on the other side of Customs as soon as he could. He even suggested that they should go to the hotel that they were staying for the next couple of days before heading back to Arizona. His Mom told him that she would text him if that's what they decided to do.

After disconnecting with his Mom, Craig went into the small bathroom one last time for a shower and a shave. Since there would not be any swimming or sunning that day, Craig paid special attention to his hair making sure it looked perfectly messy. He even dabbed a little concealer under his eyes since he had gotten so little sleep due to the time he had spent below deck. Leaving the bathroom he packed up his toiletries in his quart sized plastic bags and put them in the small bag he was going to carry. He picked up the shorts and tank that were still wet with cum for the night before and placed them in the bag. He got dressed in the clothes he had laid out for the day, a pair of board shorts that fit his ass perfectly, so of course no underwear, and a workout tank top that was almost open all the way down the side seams. He hung his sunglasses on the front of the tank pulling the opening down revealing more of his chest. After sliding into his flip flops, he put his passport and wallet into a side pocket of the small carry-on bag and left his cabin.

As he walked by cabin where Mark, the jilted boyfriend, had fucked him and had probably fucked his sister, he saw that some crew were turning the cabin for the next passenger. Since their cabins were so close, he wondered if he would see Mark when he left the ship. It didn't really matter since he wouldn't fuck around with him again. He just couldn't get the image of Mark and his sister fucking out of his mind.

Since Craig has some time before he could disembark, he decided to grab some breakfast before going to the location of the ship he was supposed to wait to leave. He decided to go to the Lido deck which would offer a wide selection of breakfast items. Even though he had fed on several loads of cum just a few hours earlier, he was starving.

After grabbing some food and a cup of coffee he found a small table located near the windows. While eating he pulled his phone from his pocket and started to read text messages that must have finally made it to his phone when they wear nearing the San Pedro port. There were quite a few from friends asking how the cruise had been, some from fuck buddies trying to get a piece of his ass and even one from the hunk he had met at a bar who had been with his boyfriend but made it clear he wanted a chance hook up as soon as possible. While Craig started to write a reply, one of the servers stopped at his table asking if he wanted a refill for his coffee, which he did. It must have been about 10 or 15 minutes later that the same server stopped again offering a refill. After pouring the coffee the server placed a creamer on Craig's table. "Some of us who had to work last night thought you might like this special cream for your coffee." The server smiled as Craig picked up the creamer and saw that it was filled with a milky liquid that definitely wasn't the usual cream that would go in coffee. After bringing the creamer to his nose he smiled up to the server as he started to pour the viscous liquid into his half full coffee cup. There was more than enough "cream" to fill Craig's coffee cup to the rim with more to spare. Craig realized that several servers must have added their loads to the creamer.

The server watched as Craig brought the coffee cup to his lips and took the first swig. "Very good, my thanks to you and the other servers." Craig took another long swig and then licked his lips. Best coffee he had ever had. He would have to remember this.

"Thank you sir, we all hope you'll be joining us on another cruise in the near future." Craig savored the rest of his coffee enjoying the mingling of flavors.

Craig grabbed his bag and strolled out to the pool area and stood at the railing watching the flurry of activity taking place on the dock. Pallets with three sides filled with luggage were being taken off the ship while other pallets filled with produce and other items were on loaded. Craig noticed that one of the longshoremen driving the forklifts of luggage was the same man that had caught his eye on the day that he had boarded the ship. Just like he was eight days ago, the man had his work short open all the way to his abs showing off his hairy chest. He also had the sleeves rolled up above his massive biceps. Whether it was because he felt like he was being watched or just by chance the longshoreman looked up and directly at Craig. Lost in thought about what was under the man's shirt and pants he didn't realize that he had been staring as the longshoreman picked up several pallets of luggage and took them into the terminal. With each trip the man would look up at Craig. On one trip the longshoreman grabbed his crotch and leered at Craig. After taking another pallet of luggage into the terminal the man didn't return. At that point, Craig went to the area where he was supposed to wait to disembark.

While he and some other passengers waited, Craig made small talk with a middle-aged couple sitting next to him. Finally their group was allowed to leave and Craig walked down the gangway and entered the terminal. Luggage lined the whole back end of the terminal. With thousands of people on the cruise there was a lot of it. Craig walked down the rows of luggage. His bag was black like almost everyone else's. As he reached the back of the row of luggage, still unable to find his, he saw that the longshoreman he had been watching was lifting bags out of the three sided pallet and adding them to the rows that he was searching. As the man's muscles flexed as grabbing a couple of bags his eyes landed on Craig and he did the same sneer that he had done earlier.

Thinking that his bag might be on the pallet that the man was emptying, he stood and watched the man work. Craig was transfixed by the way the man's muscles stretched the fabric of his shirt. When he walked, it was with the kind of swagger that always turned Craig on. Craig was also impressed with the way that the longshoreman filled the front of his pants. The outline of the man's dick was held in place by the fabric of his left leg. The cloth was stretched so tight over his thighs that his cock didn't move as the man walked.

When the man had pulled the last pieces of luggage from the pallet and placed them with the rest he pulled a handkerchief out of his back pocket and wiped his brow. He then put his hands over his head and stretched causing his shirt to pull out of his pants revealing a treasure trail that went from his bellybutton down into his pants.

His work and that of some of the other longshoremen must have been done because several walked by the man that Craig had been watching and said since they had a couple of hours before they needed to load the new passengers luggage on did he want to go grab some lunch and a beer. The man told his buddies that he would catch up with them after he took care of something. As the men walked away the longshoreman that Craig had been watching came up to him. "Having trouble finding what you're looking for?"

"Yeah, can't seem to find my bag."

Grabbing his crotch, "Damn, I thought you might be looking for something else. Might not be as big as your bag but it's pretty damn big." Craig couldn't help but watch as the man manipulated his package. The man stepped closer to Craig. "I'm not wrong, am I?" Craig didn't move. The longshoreman moved so that he was standing at Craig's side. He put his thickly muscled arm around Craig's shoulder and said, "Let's see if we can find what you're looking for."

The man maneuvered Craig toward the back of the pile of luggage and went into a small alcove that was created by a large pillar and the luggage that was on either side. The man grabbed his crotch again and smiled at Craig. "I think I found it. Maybe you should open it to make sure it's yours." Craig glanced around. "Don't worry kid, I'll keep watch, I'll make sure that no one sees what you're doing." Craig was less concerned with being caught as much as he was concerned that the longshoreman might get in trouble.

The longshoreman stepped forward making Craig back up until he felt the pillar against his back. The man was so close that Craig didn't have to reach very far to unzip the man's pants. When Craig tried to undo the longshoreman's belt, the man pushed his hand away, "No time for that. You better make it quick before my friends come looking for me."

Craig stuck his fingers through the open zipper and found that the man wasn't wearing underwear. Craig's fingers brushed against the man's bush as they worked to pull the man's cock out. After a bit of fumbling, and with the help of the longshoreman, the cock appeared. It was still flaccid but was impressive just the same. Its length and width were in harmony. "Come on kid, get to work."

Craig let his back slide down the pillar so he was in a squatting position as he pulled on the longshoreman's cock. The man stepped closer so that Craig had easy access to his dick. To keep himself from falling over, the longshoreman put his hands on the pillar so that he was leaning forward. With mouth opened wide, Craig swallowed as much of the man's cock as he could from the position he was in. Since he really couldn't move his head since it was against the pillar, Craig put a hand on the man's ass and tried to pull him into his mouth. When he got as much as he could, Craig put his hand on the longshoreman's defined abs to push him forward, but just enough that the man's cock didn't slide out of his mouth. Craig repeated this move over and over as he felt the man's cock harden and grow in his mouth.

As Craig tried to service the man as best he could due to the position of his body he heard people on either side of the walls of luggage and was aware that the walls were shrinking. The knowledge that people were so close excited Craig like it always did. The possibility of getting caught sucking some rough trade sent chills up and down Craig's body. "Kid, we got to hurry up." The longshoreman began to do pushups against the pillar, driving his cock into Craig's mouth. Since Craig's head was against the pillar there was nothing Craig could do to control the assault on his mouth, which was exactly what it had become. The longshoreman must have been so focused on getting off quickly he increased the pace of his pushups and driving in as much of his thick meat as possible.

The longshoreman abruptly stopped his pushups and cum filled Craig's mouth. At that very moment someone pulled out a piece of luggage and revealed Craig with a cock deep in his mouth with the longshoreman leaning over him. It was a male passenger who stood transfixed as he watched Craig swallow as fast as he could. Finally the passenger walked away with his luggage and the longshoreman pulled his empty cock from Craig's mouth. The man pulled out the handkerchief out again and wiped off his cock and handed it to Craig so he could wipe off the cum that had seeped out of the corners of his mouth. The longshoreman put the kerchief back in his pocket and struggled to get his still semi-hard dick back into his pants. He placed a hand on Craig's shoulder and said thanks. He then offered his hand to Craig to help him get back up. Before walking away, the man told Craig that the luggage should have thinned out by now and that he shouldn't have any more problems and then walked away in the direction his co-workers had gone.

Craig spent the next few minutes walking between the rows of luggage until he finally found his bag. Once he had it he joined the line of passengers waiting to go through Customs. As he crept closer his phone buzzed, it was a text message from his mother that they were tired of waiting and that they were heading to the hotel. As he got closer he saw his fellow passengers were handing their declaration forms to a woman near the front of the line. He remembered that he hadn't filled it out but had just put it in his carry-on bag. It was then that Craig realized he didn't have his carry-on bag any longer. It must have been on the ground where he had taken care of the longshoreman. Craig got out of line and went back and luckily found it sitting next the pillar. After going back to the line, Craig pulled the form out, and using a pen borrowed from the man in front of him, filled it out just in time to hand it to the woman who was collecting them.

After waiting a few more minutes, Craig finally made it to the Customs agent at the end of his line. He put both of his bags on the stainless table to his side and pushed them forward. Just as he handed his passport to the agent another agent came up and spoke in a whisper to the agent holding Craig's passport. The agent handed Craig's passport to the other agent and asked Craig to grab his luggage and step to the side. Another agent appeared and a brief discussion took place.

"Mr. Reeves, I'm Agent Grant and this is Agent Rogers. Please follow us." As Craig reached for his bags, each agent took a piece. They led Craig to a door that opened into a small room with another stainless table and several chairs.

"Please sit down." The two agents placed Craig's luggage on the table. "Some of our agents noticed that you were seen talking to one of the longshoreman and then seemed to disappear for a short while. When you reappeared you left the line and went back to where you had been seen previously, returning with this small bag." Craig tried to explain that he had had trouble locating his large bag and that he had inadvertently put his small bag down while he was looking. Agent Grant put out his hand signaling that Craig should stop talking.

"Here's what's going to happen, we are going to search your luggage for contraband. If we don't find anything you'll be free to go. If we do find something you'll need to speak with our supervisor and the police. Agent Rogers is here since we always want two agents present when we do a search so there are no misunderstandings."

Both agents pulled on pairs of latex gloves. Agent Grant opened Craig's larger bag and started pulling items from within. The interior of the bag was a mess since Craig had just jammed his dirty clothes in it the previous evening. Agent Grant pulled out an item at a time, looked at it, shook it, turned it inside out and handed it Agent Rogers who did the same before laying it on the table.

Whenever Agent Grant pulled out a pair of Craig's thong underwear, one of his skimpy swimsuits or the nylon shorts with slits up the side, the two men would look at each other after turning them inside out. They searched each pocket of his rented tux, shorts, slacks and jeans. Finding nothing they shoved everything back into the luggage, zipped it up and actually seemed disappointed. Agent Rogers lifted the large bag off of the table and laid it on the floor.

Agent Grant opened Craig's small bag. The first thing he pulled from the bag was the bags holding Craig's toiletries. Agent Grant laughed, "You sure have a lot of grooming products Mr. Reeves." Agent Grant handed the bags to Agent Rogers who pulled out a bottle of lube that Craig had brought with him. "I guess you were prepared for anything." Another laugh from the two men.

The next thing that Agent Grant pulled out from the bag was Craig's cut-offs and tank top both still wet with cum. Agent Grant sniffed both and then handed them to Agent Rogers who did the same. The two men looked at each other. After rifling through the rest of the contents the men put everything back into the bag except the shorts, tank and bottle of lube.

Agent Grant went to the door of the room and engaged its lock. "Mr. Reeves, please stand up and raise your arms." Craig did as directed and both agents came around the table and stood next to him. Agent Grant then patted Craig down from his shoulders to his ankles paying particular attention to his ass. Agent Rogers did the same pat down. "Mr. Reeves, please remove your shirt." Craig pulled his arms though the openings and raised the shirt over his head. Agent Rogers took the shirt and threw it on top of the small bag. "Now your shorts please." Craig lowered his shorts revealing he had no underwear on and stepped out of them.

Even though Craig should have been worried the whole experience was getting him excited and it showed in his cock. The two agents were both in their late 20s or early 30s and appeared to be in good shape even though their uniforms did nothing to enhance their bodies.

"Mr. Reeves, please bend over for Agent Rogers." Craig bent and felt Agent Rogers latex covered finger enter his hole and move around.

Agent Rogers pulled his finger out and said to the other agent, "I didn't find anything but his ass is pretty tight, you may want to have a look for yourself." Agent Grant came around the table and put not one but two fingers in Craig's ass. As he went deeper he turned his fingers causing Craig to inadvertently moan.

"He's way too tight, he might have some drugs up there that we just can't reach."

Agents Grant and Reeves stepped away from Craig and spoke in hushed tones.

"Mr. Reeves, at this point we have two options. One, we can ask our supervisor to become involved which means you will probably be detained for quite some time while we gather some background information about you and where you visited while you were on the cruise, or two, you do what we say and you'll be out of here in about 45 minutes. What will it be?"

"I really need to catch up with my family and really don't want any trouble."

"Good." Agent Grant picked up Craig's cum soaked cut-offs, took a box cutter from the belt of his uniform and cut an opening in the ass. When he was finished he threw them to Craig, "Put them on." The shorts were followed by his sperm drenched tank. "Now this." After he had both articles of clothes on, Agent Grant told him to turn around for them.

Dropping the pretense of civility, Agent Grant said to Craig, "You must really like cum kid. These clothes reek of it. What the fuck were you doing on the ship, sucking or fucking anyone who would do you and then wiping your mouth or ass with these clothes?"

Agent Rogers laughed at his partner and said, "I don't think we've ever come across a fag like this before. By the look of his dick I'd say he can't wait to get some more cum." Agent Rogers pushed Craig against the table and bent him over it. The hole in his cutoffs exposed his asshole while his head was positioned just right to suck a cock.

While Craig watched, both agents removed their uniforms and laid them over two of the chairs. "We can't have out clothes smell of the cum you got from other faggots on the ship." Agent Rogers turned to Agent Grant saying, "You got to start with the ass last time, it's my turn."

While Agent Grant moved in front of Craig's mouth he stroked his cock. Agent Rogers moved behind Craig, put his fingers into the slit that had just been cut and ripped the fabric to make the opening larger.

"Good thing this cocksucker had this bottle of lube, I don't want to hurt him." After some laughing, Craig could hear Agent Rogers squeeze some lube on his dick and then felt some hit his asshole. Rogers used his dick to spread the lube around and then lined his dick up with Craig's hole. Agent Grant started slapping Craig's face with his impressive piece of meat. "Come on pussy boy, catch my cock."

"You tell him, and this boy's pussy is going to catch my dick."

As if these men had done this before both men entered Craig's respective holes at the same time. Both men went excruciatingly slow seeming to enjoy the sensation that both orifices provided. As Agent Rogers started to slide his cock back along Craig's ass channel he declared, "Fuck man, this pretty boy's ass is friggin' tight."

"Well don't open it up to big, I still want a crack at while it can still hold on to my cock Dude."

In perfect rhythm the Customs' agents pulled almost all the way out of Craig's mouth and ass and then slide back both of their cocks. This went on for several minutes. It was like the two men were teasing Craig with their cocks. Craig's cock, against the table, was so hard it hurt.

"Ok Man, let's show this fucker what two real men can do." Agent Rogers grabbed Craig's ass and Agent Grant grabbed Craig's head and both men began to furiously fuck both of his holes. At times the pressure was so much that Craig had to arch his back to be able to take the thrusts.

Almost in unison the two men let loose with their loads. Agent Roger's warm seed filled Craig's ass while his tongue and throat were covered with Agent Grant's massive load. Both men made growling sounds when they came. Again as if they had one body, both men pulled their dicks from deep inside Craig. Agent Rogers pulled Craig's tank down as far as he could and wiped his cock while Agent Grant wiped the last few drops of his cum on Craig's face.

The two men switched places and the whole scene played out again. This time, however, the two men didn't waste time with slow movements, they both wanted to drop their second loads. Even though it took longer for them to cum they were rougher with the way the used Craig.

When both men came the second time, Craig couldn't take it any longer. His cock had been rubbing against his stomach and the table so long and he had enjoyed receiving four loads that his own cock let loose with several strings of jizz.

Both men pulled out and Agent Grant cleaned his cock against Craig's cutoffs while Agent Rogers told Craig to lick him clean. After both men felt they were ready they started putting their uniforms back on. "Get up cocksucker. Get out of those cum rags, use them to wipe off the mess you made on the table and put your other clothes on."

Craig changed clothes and put his cutoffs and tank back into his small bag. He waited for his next instruction. "OK, you're free to go. Take your bags and get the hell out of here."

As the three men left the small room, Craig heard one of the agents tell the other, "The best perk of this god damn job." The other agent agreed.

Craig appeared to be the last passenger to leave the terminal. He saw the passengers for the next cruise arrive and turn over their baggage to longshoreman. He knew for sure that none of them were going to have as good of a cruise as he had just had.

After taking a cab to the hotel where he and his family were staying, he checked in and let a bellman take his luggage to his room. Still in his tight board shorts and sports tank he walked into the lobby bar and ordered a drink. The bartender asked for his ID and Craig realized he wasn't on the ship any longer and that he was still a minor in the US. There was a businessman sitting a couple seats down from Craig. He was wearing a well cut suit that fit his athletic body very well. He had a trimmed scruffy look on his face and great hair. There was a wedding room on his left hand.

"Why don't you let me buy you that drink? Maybe we can take them up to my room."


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