As Craig entered his cabin he saw that the message light was flashing on his cabin's phone. Instead of listening to the message, Mark took off his tux pants and threw them and his other clothes on the floor and climbed into his bed. It felt like he had just laid his head down when there was a knocking at his cabin door. When he glanced at the clock he realized he had been sleeping for over 4 hours. He vaguely remembered his cabin's phone ringing but hadn't answered it. Someone knocked on his cabin door again. 

He had woken up with a hard on which was normal but also made him think about the night he had spent with Mark, the jilted boyfriend, from the dining room. As he rolled off the bed he was hoping that it was Mark wanting to have some more fun and was considering open the door in the nude but then he heard his Mother's voice. He grabbed a towel from his bathroom, wrapping it around his waist, and willed his cock to go down. He opened up the door to his cabin.

"Where have you been? I've been calling you since last night."

"Sorry Mom, I must have slept through the ringing. I think I had too much to drink." His mother just shook her head in response.

"I was calling you to let you know that your father and I made reservations for all of us to go parasailing like we discussed at dinner. Hurry up, we need to be down at the beach in an hour and a half. We'll meet you on the pier in an hour. Make sure you eat something before we go." With that she was gone, rushing down the hallway.

Craig realized that the ship was quiet and must have docked in Puerto Vallarta. He took a quick shower and shaved. Knowing that he probably was going to get wet, he didn't mess with his hair. He pulled on one of his less skimpy bathing suits, a white box cut, that showed off the tan he had been getting. Over the suit he pulled on a pair of board shorts and another one of his tank tops that was black. Like all his tanks, it skimmed his upper body showing off his taut body. It was also cut short so that it showed off some skin around his waist. When he took off his board shorts it would look good with his white swimsuit since it wouldn't cover any part of his ass. Grabbing his cabin key and some money, he slipped into his flip flops and left his cabin.

As he walked past Mark's cabin, he wondered if he was still in there. Thinking about how Mark's cock had filled his mouth and ass made Craig start to have another woody. As he made his way to the Lido deck to grab some food, he thought of anything but Mark hoping to get his dick to calm back down.

After grabbing some food, juice and coffee he went down to the deck from which passengers could depart. Since he arrived before his family, Craig had a chance to look around. The city was in the shape of a horse shoe around the bay. Buildings climbed the hills creating the city. Many of the buildings were brightly colored giving the city a patchwork look. Puerto Vallarta was much different than the other ports that the ship had visited.

It wasn't long after that his parents disembarked. His sister wasn't with them. When Craig asked, his mom told him that she wasn't feeling that well. They strolled along the boulevard that ran along the beach. There were sculptures and fountains along the way. The other side of the street was filled with shops and restaurants. His mother kept hurrying both he and his father saying that if they didn't hurry they would be late for their reservation.

When they finally arrived at the parasailing location he noticed that none of the parasails were for single people, they all were tandem. When he asked his mother, she told him that she had reserved two "flights", one for her and his father and another for him and his sister. When she said it, she realized that it was going to be a problem and left him and his father as she went to the shack where people were supposed to check in. She came back and said, "Problem solved, they said one of their instructors would go with you so that we don't forfeit the payment that I already charged."

After Craig and his parents had signed release forms, he watched as his folks were fitted into their gear. It was the type of tandem that had one person sitting behind the other person with the person in back controlling the parasail. Both his parents had done this before so they felt comfortable. After being connected to the sail, with his father behind his mother, he watched as they lifted off the sand and rose into the sky.

While his parents were flying, Craig looked around at the people that were near the shack. Most of the people were families waiting for their reserved times, checking out paddle boards or other equipment, or just enjoying the sun as they sat on the beach. None of the men really caught Craig's attention until he noticed a man coming out of the shack. The man was about 6'3" with skin that was the bronze color of someone who spent a lot of time in the sun. His slightly long, messy hair was sun bleached almost to the point of being white. His shoulders were wide and his waist was narrow. While not overly muscled like someone who worked out at a gym, his body was obviously someone who was muscled in a way that looked like he swam a lot and did some sort of physical labor. The man was wearing a neon yellow Speedo type of swimsuit that rode low on his hips and left nothing to the imagination. His ample cock was riding up the left side of the suit with the head, obviously cut, just millimeters from peeking out from the suit. Craig was staring so intently at the man, he almost didn't see his parents land on the sand while employees from the parasailing outfit quickly gathered up the sail and freed it from his parents.

Craig's name was called and he went to the area where people were fitted with a harness while being given instructions. While listening to the instructor, Craig took off his board shorts revealing his small, while swimsuit. Craig was surprised to find that it was the man in the yellow suit that was helping him with the harness. He spoke with an Australian accent which made him all the hotter in Craig's mind. As the man tightened the harness around his waist and between his legs, Craig couldn't control how his cock was expanding. If the man noticed he didn't say anything.

Not only did the man help him with his harness and share with him the instructions but he put himself in the harness that was behind Craig. It was then that Craig realized the Aussie was going to be his tandem partner which didn't help Craig to get his cock to go down.

When they were attached to the pull line, the Aussie explained that he would control the sail and all Craig had to do was to sit back and enjoy the ride. Taking the instructions literally, Craig leaned his back into the Aussie's chest as the line got taught and they rose into the air. Craig could feel the Aussie's cock pressed against his lower back. The Aussie manipulated the handles of the sail making them swoop back and forth as well as up and down. The view of Puerto Vallarta was beautiful from the air.

After a few minutes in the air, Craig was sure that the Aussie's cock was growing against his back. Craig pushed back slightly putting more pressure on the man's dick. The man leaned into Craig's ear and said, "Do you want to take the handles for a few minutes?"

"Sure." Craig grabbed the handles as the Aussie pulled his hands away. Instead of grabbing a hold of the lines connecting them to the sail, the Aussie reached between his legs and Craig could tell he was pushing the yellow suit down below his balls. As he did the Aussie's cock moved so that it was straight up against Craig's back.

The Aussie then put his hands around Craig and started to play with Craig's nipples. "I saw the way you were looking at me back on the beach. Your mouth was hanging open. It looks like a nice mouth." The harness was starting to hurt Craig's cock as it hardened even more.

Between the cock against his back, what the Aussie had said, the accent he said it in, and the fingers tweaking his nipples, Craig inadvertently pulled on one of the handles causing the sail to dip to the right and begin to descend. The Aussie moved his right hand from Craig's chest and put it over Craig's hand on the handle lessening the tension and allowing the sail to right itself. The boat pulling the sail went farther out over the bay, much farther than it had taken his parents. The heat from the Aussie's cock felt like it was burning Craig's back.

Craig let his hand slip from the handle and put it between his back and the Aussie's body. It didn't take any time at all for Craig to wrap his fingers around the Aussie's member. He could feel each of the veins that ran along the man's cock. Craig squeezed the Aussie's cock feeling its meatiness and wishing that he could worship it with his mouth.

The boat had turned back toward the shore and started to slow down. The sail drifted down. Craig moved his hand and grabbed hold of the lines. The Aussie told him that he was going to have to drop them in the water so that he could make his cock go down and then pull up his suit. Craig thought it was a good idea because he needed to calm down his own cock. Some of the staff realized what was happening and had run into the surf to help with the sail. When the hit the water, the Aussie helped Craig get out of the harness and then stepped back, forcing his cock back into the small piece of material that he was wearing.

As they walked toward the sand, the Aussie told Craig to come back to the shack at 5 pm so that they could finish what they started. Craig was glad that the ship wasn't scheduled to leave port until 10 pm so that he could come back.

When they reached the sand, the Aussie headed toward the shack while Craig went to where his parents were waiting. As he walked, he kept looking back to get another look at the Aussie. He heard his mother tell him to put his board shorts back on and he could hear in her voice that she didn't like his swimsuit. His mother suggested that they do some shopping before they headed back to the ship. Since Craig had a couple of hours to kill before he was to meet the Aussie he went along with the plan.

As they shopped, all Craig could think about was what the Aussie's cock would look like when he saw it, how it would taste, and how much cum it would deliver. Every once in a while his mother's voice would bring him back to reality. While she bought several pieces of jewelry and some souvenirs she kept chattering away about nothing.

Finally she said they were ready to go back to the ship. Craig told his parents that he wanted to take a swim before returning to the ship. He could tell that his mother was annoyed but she finally told him it was ok but to be back in time for dinner.

Craig didn't go swimming, he walked around not paying any attention to the stores or the people around him, all he could think about was the cock that was waiting for him. At 5 pm, Craig was at the shack as they were putting away the equipment. The Aussie was telling the other men that he would close up and that they could go home. The way the men reacted made Craig realize that the Aussie must be the owner. As the staff walked away they were all looking at Craig and a few of them smiled and gave him knowing looks.

The Aussie was lowering the awning of the shack and waved Craig inside. The space was cramped with all the equipment stored inside its walls. The Aussie turned to face Craig and pulled the front of his yellow swimsuit below his balls for the second time. Craig starred transfixed as he watched the Aussie's cock begin to grow. He remembered how it felt against his back and now he wanted to feel it in his mouth. The Aussie leaned back against some of the equipment and started to finger his cock. Craig stepped forward and put out his hand. The Aussie dropped his hand so that Craig could feel his cock for the second time. Craig was amazed at how heavy it felt as it filled with blood.

Craig didn't take his eyes off of the cock as he lowered himself to his knees in front of Aussie god. Leaning forward, Craig ran his tongue around the cut head finally getting the taste he had been waiting for. The Aussie didn't move or say anything, it was almost as if having someone treat his cock as if it was something special was an everyday occurrence which Craig figured was probably true. This man probably got both men and women who wanted to know what it felt like to have his cock in their mouths.

Slowly, Craig drew the head of this perfect cock into his mouth and savored it. He turned his head in several directions so that he could explore every bit of the velvety crown. Almost imperceptibly the Aussie moved his hips but it was enough to know that the man wanted Craig to take in more of his dick, Craig responded in kind. Craig slowly let the Aussie's cock slide deeper into his mouth. He had to tilt his head and neck to get it all the way in until Craig's nose touch the Aussie's pubes. Craig had worked hard to manage his gag reflex and this was definitely a time that he was glad that he did. Once Craig's nose rubbed against the Aussie he slowly pulled back letting his tongue drag along the underside of the man's cock. At one point Craig let the succulent piece of meat slide from his mouth so that he could focus some attention on the Aussie's balls. Craig had to pull the yellow swimsuit lower to fully enjoy them. He cast his eyes up at the Aussie's face and saw a look of contentment on the man's face.

When Craig was ready to find out how much cum the Aussie could fill him with, Craig increased his efforts, pretty soon Craig could taste the precum that had begun to leak into his mouth. That was enough for Craig to begin to act like a hungry child asking for more. Finally Craig was rewarded with the first shot of cum that hit the back of his throat. Craig pulled back because he wanted the cum to coat his tongue so that he could enjoy the salty flavor of the Aussie's spunk. Craig was elated that the Aussie could produce as much cum as he did. Craig pulled back so that only the head remained in his mouth. He opened his lips so that the Aussie could watch the last of his cum hitting Craig's tongue. When Craig thought that the Aussie was finally emptied, he grabbed the man's cock by the base and used his tongue to clean the beautiful cock off, making sure he got every seed that the man had produced. When he was done he rocked back on his knees and watched as the cock slightly softened and the Aussie worked to get it back in his small swimsuit. When he had, the Aussie moved around doing whatever work still needed to be done. When he was finished he moved his head toward the door. Craig got off his knees and walked out of the door with the Aussie who shut and locked it. The Aussie turned to Craig and said "I hope you enjoyed Puerto Vallarta" and then walked away. Craig didn't say anything, just watched the Aussie walked away enjoying the flavor that remained in his mouth.

After a moment, Craig looked around. The beach was emptying. There were no longer any sails in the air, people out on paddle boards or the sound of jet skis. The sun was just starting to set and the lights of the city were becoming more prominent, it was beautiful.

Since he still had some time before he had to be back on the ship for dinner, Craig decided to wander around. A friend of his from college had told him that there was a place called the Blue and Green chairs which were on the beach in front of a gay resort and bar. If he had his bearings correct it was a little farther south than where he was. He decided to see if he could find them and have a drink before returning to the ship.

As he walked, Craig realized that he was disappointed that the Aussie hadn't fucked him. He had an image in his mind of the Aussie pushing him to the ground, pushing his legs up into the air and pounding his ass with that beautiful cock. Craig was glad that he was wearing the board shorts over his swimsuit since his cock was hard just thinking about the Aussie's cock deep inside him. The white swimsuit wouldn't have concealed anything.

It was only a few minutes before Craig reached the Blue and Green chairs. There was an outside bar so Craig bought himself a rum based drink. As he looked around it seemed like everyone was paired off or clustered in groups. While some men looked at him they stayed where they were. Craig didn't approach any of the groups since he didn't want to bother anyone during this peaceful time of day. He was just getting ready to head back to the ship and hoping that he would hook-up with Mark again to get the fuck his ass was itching for. It was just then that he noticed that there were men around an outcropping of rocks that was not far from where he was standing. Drink in hand Craig approached the outcropping. It was becoming more obvious that some men were going behind the outcropping while others were coming back out. Craig thought he knew what was going on so he decided to find out if he was correct.

Several of the men blatantly checked Craig out as he passed them which made him smile. He decided to take his board shorts off. After he did, he would glance back at the men he just passed and many of them were checking out his ass in the small white swimsuit. Craig was fascinated to see the diversity of the men that were around him. There were all ages and different body types. While most of the men looked like they may be tourists there were a great many Latino men as well.

As Craig went behind the outcropping the number of men seemed to lessen but then he realized that men were stepping out from that shadows while others were stepping in. Craig was drawn to the shadows. He stepped behind a rock and found two men. One man was bent at the waist while the other man was sliding his cock in and out of the other man's ass. Craig quietly stood and watched, wishing it was his ass being used. Craig started to rub the front of his suit and then pushed it down and began to stroke his cock as he watched. While watching Craig had images of Mark's and the Aussie's cocks. He also thought about the fuckings he had received from two of the officers on the ship. Those images and what he was watching made him fist his dick faster and harder. It wasn't long before he dropped a load on the sand in front of him. As he was pulling his swimsuit back up he heard from behind him "I enjoyed the show boy".

Craig started to turn around but a hand grabbed his neck and kept him from doing so. A different hand went inside the back of his swimsuit and rubbed his ass. "I really liked seeing your ass clench and unclench while you were beating off."

The hand pushed Craig's suit down almost to his knees. Seconds later he felt a cock rub against his ass crack. "You like how that feels boy?" Craig didn't verbalize an answer he just pushed his ass back against the cock that was against his skin.

Using a foot, the stranger pushed Craig's white swimsuit down to his ankles. Craig knew what he had to do. He worked one foot out of the suit so that he could spread his legs. "Just as I thought, your ass looked like it was hungry for some cock.

Without having to use much force, the stranger pushed Craig toward a rock that was to their right. As they moved, Craig felt the cock pull away from his skin which was replaced by a hand whose fingers worked their way to Craig's waiting hole. Not knowing who was behind him actually made Craig get more excited. In his mind he imagined that it was the Aussie or any of the men that he had walked by.

The stranger pushed Craig's legs farther apart. Craig could feel the man's cock once again on his ass rubbing up and down his ass crack. Even when the man took his hand off of Craig's neck, he didn't turn to see who was behind him. Instead he enjoyed the sensation of the man using his hands to spread Craig's ass and the feel of a cock against his hole.

Craig's ass was so hungry for cock it didn't take much pressure for the stranger's cock to push through. While Craig watched the two men fucking just feet away he felt more of the stranger's dick push into him. The stranger had to push Craig's back down and forward so that he could get more of his cock into Craig.

Finally Craig just closed his eyes and floated away on the feeling of being full of cock. The stranger knew what he was doing. The tip of the man's cock would rub against Craig's prostate and then would pull back until just the head remained in Craig's ass. Almost painfully slow, the dick would slide back in until it once again hit the spot. As this happened, Craig's own cock got hard again and started to leak onto the sand. Craig realized he was moaning with each thrust of the stranger's cock.

Maybe he was just imaging it, but Craig felt as if others were watching the stranger fuck him just as he had been watching the men in the sand. That thought made Craig's cock leak even more and caused Craig to push back against the stranger's thrusts which in turn caused the man to fuck harder.

The stranger began to suck and bite Craig's neck while he mumbled under his breath. It wasn't long after that Craig felt his ass fill with warmth. The stranger let his chest rest against Craig's back. Craig could tell that the stranger had trimmed chest hair because it felt rough against his skin. The stranger once again put his hand on Craig's neck while his cock slide slowly from Craig's depths. The hand left Craig's neck and he heard footsteps but when he turned around all he saw was the back of man walking away in the shadows.

As Craig pulled up his swimsuit he could feel some cum leak from his ass onto the white fabric. When he realized he needed to hurry to get back to the ship he pulled his board shorts back on so that the wet stain would be covered when he boarded the ship. Doing a slow jog, Craig headed in the direction of the dock and the cruise ship. Running in the sand felt good, but not as good as what he had just felt.

When he reached the ship, he joined the line of passengers boarding the ship. He looked around wondering if anyone guessed what he had been up to. Once on board he hurried to his cabin to get ready for dinner. After a quick shower he got out and checked himself in the mirror and noticed that the bite marks were very obvious. While it wasn't another formal night, it was expected that he wear something other than shorts and t-shirts to the dining room. He put on a button down shirt with a pair of khakis and a sports coat, making sure that the bite marks were covered.

He made it to the table just in time and his mother asked how the rest of his day had been.

"I had a great time."


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