Craig sat on the balcony of his stateroom sulking. It was Spring Break of his senior year in college and he should be with his friends having fun on some beach but instead was on a 7 night cruise with his parents and younger sister. Since he would be out of school soon, his Mom wanted the family to have one more trip together. The only good thing was that he had his own cabin. His Mom and Dad had gotten a two bedroom suite with a large balcony on the one of the "fancy" decks that they were sharing with his sister. They had gotten him a regular stateroom on one of the lower decks.

Besides having his own cabin, the other good thing was that once they were at sea, both he and his sister would be able to drink. His parents had even gotten them the all-inclusive drink package so he wouldn't have to pay for his drinks.

Since his parents went on a lot of cruises they got through the check-in process quickly and were one of the first to board. He broke away from his family by saying he was going to check out his cabin and would meet them on deck for the ship's departure.

Craig had brought one carry-on bag that he had put one of his bathing suits in along with his toiletries. After putting his stuff in the minute bathroom, he had put on his square cut suits and had gone back out on his balcony. He would have brought one of his Speedo's but thought that it would give his Mom a heart attack so he left them back at school.

The cabin Craig was in was on the dock side of the ship. Even though he was on a lower deck than the rest of his family he was higher than the gang way that passengers were using to board the ship, so no one had a view of his balcony. He got up from his chair and went to the railing. He looked down and could see the longshoremen busily loading the ship with passenger's luggage but also crates of food and other items. Craig thought some of the men were really hot, in a rough sort of way, as they moved about the dock.

There was one guy in particular that caught Craig's eye. Even though Craig was a distance away, the longshoreman looked good in his work outfit. As the man loaded passengers' luggage unto a conveyor belt, Craig thought he could see the man's muscles ripple below his rolled up sleeves. It also looked like the man had unbuttoned several of the top buttons of his work shirt. While he couldn't be sure, it looked like the man had a hair covered chest that made him even hotter to Craig. As he watched the man work, Craig could feel himself get hard. At 20, Craig had a thing for even slightly older men. They just knew what they wanted and just took it.

Craig stuck his hand down the front of his bathing suit and wrapped his fingers around the shaft of his cock. As it got harder and longer the bathing suit was becoming too constrictive. He pushed his suit down until it was almost to his knees and continued to stroke as he watched the man work.

If there had been a knock at his cabin door, he hadn't heard it, instead Craig heard a cough behind him a looked back over this shoulder. What he saw was a handsome Filipino who obviously was checking out Craig's ass. Craig struggled to pull his bathing suit up and could just barely cram his still hard cock back into the suit.

"Sorry to bother you sir but you didn't respond to my knock. I'm your steward and I was going to bring in your luggage."

"Uh, no bother." Craig was trying to think of anything that would make his cock go down.

Craig looked at the man's nametag which had a name he couldn't even hope to pronounce correctly. The steward must have noticed because he said "You can just call me Jim. I saw that you are traveling alone, would you like me to put the two beds together to make it a queen?" Craig was still so horny he wanted to tell the steward yes as long as you test it out with me.

"That would be great, thanks."

The steward moved the beds and changed the linen. He then showed Craig where the life vests were and pointed to the back of the door that indicated where the muster station for this portion of the ship was located. "After we embark you will need to go to your muster station to review safety procedures. There is no need to bring your life vest but it is required that you go. The crew will be checking each cabin to make sure no one is missing the drill."

"Okay." Craig was still trying to get his cock to go down but looking at his steward wasn't helping. The man's white jacket was fitted close to his well-proportioned body.

Looking right into Craig's eyes, the man said "Let me know if there is anything you need, anything at all. We're getting ready to leave, you may want to go up to the Lido deck to watch us leave port." The steward left.

Craig rummaged through one of his bags to find a tank top to throw on. It almost covered the crotch of his suit almost hiding his still stiff cock. He left his cabin and decided to take the stairs instead of one of the elevators. Checking out the men that were going up the stairs with him didn't help bring his dick back down.

Craig walked around the Lido deck until he found his family leaning against the railing just as the ship was pulling away from the dock. Looking down, Craig was sure that the man he had been watching earlier was looking up at him from below. Craig tried to pull his tank down as far as he could.

For some reason, as the ship moved and the horn sounded, the people on the deck started waving even though there was no one to wave to except the workers standing on the dock. As they moved farther and farther away, Craig kept his eye on the dock worker that had gotten him hard to begin with.

It wasn't long before the Captain came over the speaker system to welcome everyone on board. The man had a European accent that Craig couldn't identify but that sounded sexy. Following the Captain, the Cruise Director came on, welcoming the passengers, and informing them of the muster drill that would start in a few minutes with the sound of some horn blasts.

About 10 minutes later the horns sounded. Since Craig was on a different deck than his parents they didn't have the same muster station so he told them he would meet them for their 8 pm seating for dinner.

Craig's muster station was in the ship's library, a relatively small room that was packed when Craig arrived. He maneuvered himself into the back part of room which was three deep. He took a spot just in front of some people that were leaning against the back wall. One of the crew started to speak, he introduced himself as one of the entertainers and then started going through some of the information that the passengers needed to know if there was an emergency. The guy was kind of cute with a dancer's body. Not really Craig's type but still hot in his tight outfit. Craig saw a couple of teenage girls whispering as he talked.

Craig felt some pressure on his back as the man behind him moved slightly forward. Craig tried to move forward but was too close to the woman in front of him. The pressure increased. It soon became apparent to Craig that the man behind him had his crotch against Craig's ass and that the man had nothing to be embarrassed about.

As the crew member droned on about how to use a life vest and where the life boats were located, Craig could feel the man's cock start to harden. Craig began to push his ass back and got more pressure in return. Craig's dick was starting to harden again so he pulled the front of his tank down again. At this point Craig hadn't see the man's face yet. Instead of turning, Craig reached back to feel the man's the outline of the man's cock. Shortly before the crew member finished the speech he had probably done a thousand times, the man leaned in and whispered in Craig's ear "meet me on the Sports Deck".

As people started leaving the library, Craig turned but since the back line was already moving he wasn't quite sure who the man was that spoke to him. Since there was ample time before he had to meet his parents and sister for dinner he decided to go up to the Sports Deck.

The Sports Deck was the highest deck on the ship. The elevators didn't even go to the deck, you had to get out go onto the deck below and take a flight of stars up. As he reached the top of the stairs, Craig was amazed by the number of stars he could see, it was beautiful. There didn't appear to be anyone on the deck so he started walking from the starboard side to the port side. On the Sports Deck there was a basketball court and a tennis court. As he walked around the stern he looked in a bank of windows that showed a bar on the level that had quite a few passengers drinking and looking at the view. As he turned the corner, thinking that the man wasn't here or was in the bar, he saw a man standing by the wind screen that was by the entrance to the bar.

The man looked to be about the same age as his father but in better shape. He was wearing a pair of shorts and a Polo shirt. The man was rubbing the front of his shorts. Craig assumed this was the man from the library. The man nodded his head and Craig walked toward him.

The wind screen blocked the view of anyone who was leaving or entering the bar but not from anyone who was coming from the stern. That didn't seem to bother the man who unzipped his shorts and pulled out a respectable cock. As Goldilocks would say, not to big, not to small, but just right. The man started to stroke his dick as Craig got close.

The man took his hand off his cock and slightly thrust his hips forward as if inviting Craig to take it. Craig wrapped his fingers around the man's cock, feeling its warmth, and started to drop to his knees.

"Get up, I don't want to have anyone see you sucking my cock. Just stroke me off. Just act like you're talking to me in case someone walks by."

"We could go down to my cabin."

"No time, I have to meet my wife in about 5 minutes. We might be able to meet up another time when I have a little more time."

Craig began to move his hand back and forth along the shaft of the man's cock. He wanted to please the man so that he might have the chance to feed off of his cock while they were on the ship.


Craig gripped tighter and picked up the pace. The man started making whimpering noises. Craig knew he was getting close.

"Step to the side, I don't want to cum on you."

Instead of moving, Craig put his free hand under the tip of the cock in preparation of catching the man's load. The man closed his eyes and tilted his head back. He started to thrust his cock through Craig's fingers and then came with a torrent of cum. There was so much cum some of it dripped over the sides of Craig's hand but he was able to hold on to most of it. As the man began to push his softening dick back into his shorts, Craig brought his cum filled hand up to his mouth, drank down what he could and then licked his hand clean.

"I'll keep my eye out for you. I want to fill that ass of yours when we have a little more time." Then the man left.

The incident made Craig horny again. As before, his dick felt like it was ready to pop out of his bathing suit. Even pulling his tank down as far as he could, it wouldn't completely hide his hard on for him to walk back into the hallways of the ship and return to his stateroom. Instead of going back into the ship, Craig went to the farthest point of the stern and with his back to the windows of the bar pulled out his cock and beat off into the ocean wondering if anyone in the bar could figure out what he was doing.

When he got his dick under control, Craig went back to his cabin. Since it was the first night of the cruise his parents had told him that he didn't have to dress for dinner which was good since he really didn't like dressing up in a suit or sports jacket. Craig put on one of this pairs of khaki's and a snug fitting Polo. Craig checked himself out in the mirror in his cabin and liked the way his pants and shirt fit his 5'10" frame. He had weighed 165 since graduating high school and worked hard to keep his ass tight and high and his upper body lean and defined. Before leaving his cabin his put some product in his hair and messed it up giving his dirty blonde hair a bed head look.

He got the main dining room of the ship just a little after 8 and the host took him to the table where his family was already seated with another couple and a single man. While his family could have signed up to have dinner whatever time they wanted they had decided to go with the more formal 8 pm seating at the same table with the same people. The other couple was older than his parents but they seemed to hit it off. The single guy shared that he was supposed to have been traveling with his girlfriend but that they had broken up just before the cruise but had decided to not to lose all the money so had come anyway.

A few minutes after Craig sat down a member of the crew, one of the officers, took the empty seat at the table and introduced himself. In a very thick accent he shared that he was from Greece. Craig couldn't help but stare. The man must have been about 30. He had beautiful dark hair and eyes with a 5 o'clock shadow. He stood about 6' and looked like he had a hard body under his white uniform shirt. His trousers fit him well showing off a nice package and ass.

Craig didn't contribute much to the conversation but kept sneaking peeks at the officer who was engaging both his parents and the other couple. Craig's sister was trying to flirt with the single man at the table but he was not paying much attention.

After dessert and coffee the entire table stood up, said their good evenings and started walking away from the table. Craig's folks asked him what he had planned and he said he was just going to explore and might see them later.

The officer, who had introduced himself as Stavros, hung back until it was just him and Craig. In a thick accent he said "If you want a tour of the ship I would be glad to take you around." He had said it with a smile in his voice and his eyes.

"Sure, that sounds fun."

For the next half hour, Stavros took Craig from the highest deck to the main deck, where the Purser's desk was located. The main deck was pretty empty this time of night. Stavros asked Craig if there was anything else he would like to see. Craig's eyes moved from Stavros' face to his crotch but didn't say anything. Another smile crossed Stavros' face.

In his thick accent and broken English, Stavros asked "are you what they call, what's the word, a faggot?" It wasn't said in a derogatory way.

"Yes, you could say that."

"Follow me." Stavros led Craig to one of the men's rooms that was just off the desk area. It was one of the small ones that you could lock which Stavros did after they were both in the small room. Stavros didn't waste any time, he unbuckled his belt, unzipped his uniform slacks and pushed them and his boxers down revealing a cock that was the same dark color as his skin. It was already half hard when it was revealed. The dick mirrored the man, long and lean. As a man that was used to giving orders, he told Craig to take off his shirt and pants. As Craig removed his Khakis, Stavros cupped Craig's tight ass.

Just with a look, Stavros let Craig know that he needed to drop to his knees which he did. Using just his mouth Craig enveloped Stavros Greek cock and began to take it as deep as he could, he wanted this cock to drive deep into his throat. Craig used all of his skills to bring Stavros to the brink and then pull him back. He did this several times hoping that it would drive Stavros to take him which is exactly what happened.

Stavros grabbed Craig, pulled him up and turned him toward the wall of the bathroom. He held Craig's arms up against the wall, kicked his legs apart and then used his other hand to bring his cock so that it was touching Craig's waiting hole.

The Greek said "Need to do this quick, I need to get up to the bridge." He rammed his cock into Craig and started plowing deep and then pulling back. Stavros knew what he wanted and how he wanted to get it. His pounding of Craig's ass was merciless. With one final thrust, Craig felt his inside being coated with Greek cum that felt as thick as yogurt. Exhausted, Craig collapsed into the wall while Stavros' cock slipped from his ass. Stavros bit Craig's neck as if he was marking him as his own.

As Stavros pushed his cock back into this uniform slacks he said "thanks, hopefully we can do this again when we have more time. I'll be watching for you." With that he left the bathroom. Craig put his clothes back on and left the bathroom. He hadn't cum and was so horny he needed to drop a load. As he was thinking he would beat off when he got back to his stateroom he walked through the casino and was turned on even more by the men he saw at the black jack table and the roulette wheel to the point that he went out on the side deck near the casino and beat off into the ocean again before returning to his cabin.

As he lay in his bed he relived the day as the gentle rocking of the ship lulled him to sleep.


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