Something woke Craig from his dreams of cocks but it took him a few beats to realize that it was the silence of this ship's engines. He sat up slowly and looked out of the sliding door to his balcony, the ship had docked at their first port of call, Cabo San Lucas. He pulled on a pair of shorts that were laying on his small couch and went out on his balcony. Passengers were already leaving the ship and walking down the pier on their way to the beaches, shops and excursions. He leaned against the railing watching the crowd until his cabin phone rang. It was his mother saying that they were all going to into the city to shop. Craig groaned to himself but said he would meet them on the deck from which they could disembark in an hour. Craig took a quick shower, put on some sunscreen, put on a pair of shorts with a dark, tight tank and a pair of flip flops, grabbed his sunglasses and went to grab some coffee and something quick to eat.

As he left his cabin, he ran into Jim, the porter, who greeted him warmly and asked if he was going to go ashore. Craig told him that he was and Jim said that he hoped he had a good day and looked forward to seeing him when he returned.

As Craig made his way to the stairs up to the Lido deck he passed the jilted boyfriend, Mark's, cabin but the door was closed. Craig wouldn't have minded seeing the hot man again like he had the day before. He hoped that Mark would be back at their table that night for dinner, he would like to get to know him better and maybe even try flirting with him.

Craig grabbed some coffee and fruit and sat down and watched the passengers move around him as they filled their plates. It looked like most of the passengers were making sure they got every dollar's worth of food. Among the throngs of families and older couples there were a few good looking men that Craig focused on. He sat there wondering what they would look like out of their clothes.

After finishing his coffee, Craig went down to meet his parents and sister. As they left the ship his mother was talking about all the sites and shopping they had to do before they had to be back on the ship at 6 pm. Craig looked at his sister and they both rolled their eyes. While Craig loved his family, he had no desire to spend the day with them shopping.

When they were halfway down the pier, Craig told his mother a lie, he told her he forgot his wallet and needed to go back to the ship. He told them he would look for them but that they shouldn't wait for him. His mother grumbled but finally agreed. Craig turned and walked back toward the gangway onto the ship but actually just watched until he was sure that they had entered the port entrance into the city and blended in with the rest of the crowd. Craig made his way back up the pier and tried to blend in with the other passengers so that he wouldn't be noticeable if his family saw him.

Leaving the pier and entering the city Craig wandered by the multiple shops and hotels that were near the port. He took the Boulevard Marina toward the shopping areas. He saw a lot of the passengers grabbing taxis to take them to one of the many beaches nearby. Since Craig had gotten so much sun the day before he wasn't interested in laying out again. Instead, he wanted to see some of the city, especially some of the local men. Craig had always been attracted to Latino men, especially those with bronze skin and dark smoldering looks.

The shops along the Boulevard were a mix of touristy crap mixed in to stores with jewelry and Mexican art. While he stopped in several of those stores he was more interested in the men who were working in them than what the store offered. Most of the men he saw where simply dressed in black trousers and shirts. The shirts were unbuttoned enough so that Craig got a glimpse of the men's chest. Some were smooth, others dusted with hair and yet others thick with chest hair. He also noticed that the men would focus on the women who entered the stores. They would blatantly flirt with the middle aged women making them spend more than they had intended. It made Craig laugh to himself but it also made him wish that some of these men would flirt with him and take him into a back room and either breed or feed him. The scene repeated itself in almost every store that Craig entered. He had yet to see a salesman who wasn't handsome and in great shape. The owners of the stores obviously knew how to maximize business.

As he continued to walk along the Boulevard and stop in some of the shops he noticed that at almost every corner there would be a group of taxis. Some of the men were asking the tourists if they needed rides and would say that they had the best price. Others merely leaned against their cars or against the walls smoking and just watching the crowds wander past.

Many of the men were wearing short sleeved linen or cotton shirts and slacks due to the sun and warm weather. While many of the men were older with slight beer bellies, some of the men were young and obviously cared about their bodies, even if they were smoking. In many cases the thin material of their slacks did nothing to hide what was lying beneath, in fact in some cases it accented it. Craig couldn't help but stare. Some of the men ignored him, others looked at him with scowls but some smiled back.

When the shops started to thin out, Craig took a side street up to Lazaro Cardenas, another street filled with shops plus restaurants and bars. One of those bars was Senor Frog's that had a second floor balcony. Even though it wasn't even Noon, Craig went in, went up to the balcony at a table against the rail and ordered a Margarita. As he sat and enjoyed his drink, he watched the throng of tourists walking along the street but his eyes always seem to go back to the taxi drivers that were on the corner.

Some of the passengers that he had seen on the ship stopped by his table to say hello but some sat with him while they enjoyed a cocktail. Most of the conversations were boring but Craig smiled and participated as much as he could, especially since some of them bought more rounds of Margaritas.

After four Margaritas, Craig left the bar and continued to stroll down the street back toward the port. As he did, he realized that he may have had one too many cocktails and thought it might be a good idea to take a cab back to the ship. The next side street was the same as the others. A group of taxis with their drivers leaning against their cars or talking with each other. Craig walked over to them intending to get a cab but instead he found himself checking the men out. He heard some of the men talking among themselves. The word "marica" was repeated several times which caused some of the men to laugh. A couple of the men even grabbed their crotches as Craig watched. One man in particular caught Craig's eye. He must have been about 6'1" weighing about 200 pounds, mostly muscle, with dark hair and eyes. His white linen shirt was sheer revealing his tight abs and hard pecs. The top couple of buttons where undone like many of the other men. Unlike some of his comrades, this man must have shaved his chest because he could see dark stubble on his chest just as there was dark stubble on his face.

The man looked directly into Craig's eyes and then turned and walked into the small alley that was behind the shops on the street. As if being pulled by a magnet, Craig followed. The man was leaning in the back doorway of one of the shops. Craig was mesmerized by the macho man and stepped closer.

With just a slight Mexican accent the man said "suck my dick, marica".

Looking around, Craig stepped forward and felt the outline of the Mexican's cock through the thin material of the man's slacks. The man put his hand on Craig's shoulder and pushed him down onto his knees. The man leaned back against the back door of the store and pulled his zipper down and pulled out his bronze dick. He started to stroke it in front of Craig's face.

Craig looked around again and realized that anyone that was walking down the side street and looked into the alley would see what he was doing. Whether it was the four Margaritas or the appeal of the hot man, Craig couldn't resist the cock that was in front of him. He wrapped his fingers around the base of the man's cock, pushed it up, and leaned in to lick the Mexican's balls. As he bathed the man's balls with his tongue he could feel the dick get harder in his hand. When Craig pulled back he saw just how hard the man's cock had gotten. It curved up, it's head a deep, brown reddish color. Craig slowly licked from the base to the head causing the man to quiver and squirm. Impatiently the Mexican told Craig to open his mouth. When Craig did the man shoved his cock into his waiting mouth. The Mexican took control by putting a hand on either side of Craig's head and holding him still while he slowly slid his cock back and forth over Craig's lips and tongue.

It was at this point that Craig realized that several of the other taxi drivers were standing at the entrance of the alley watching their friend feed his dick to Craig. While he couldn't understand what the men were saying he assumed they were encouraging their friend. As a result, the Mexican held Craig's head more firmly and increased the speed at which he was feeding Craig, Craig tightened up his lips causing the Mexican to work harder. Out of the corner of his eye, Craig could see that some of the other taxi drivers were getting excited. Their linen slacks left nothing to the imagination. The result was getting Craig even hotter. He raised his eyes and looked into the Mexican's eyes trying to let him know how much he enjoyed eating the man's impressive cock.

Craig could feel the man's cock start to leak. A thin layer of precum covered Craig's tongue and lips as the Mexican continued to force his dick into Craig's mouth. One of the other taxi drivers put a hand on the back of Craig's head and started to push Craig as far as possible onto his friend's cock. That got more comments from the men that were watching. He watched in fascination as the man pushing his head used his free hand to release his dick from his slacks. The man started to rub his cock against Craig's face while he continued to push his head onto his friend's dick.

The Mexican who's cock was in Craig's mouth increased the pressure of Craig's head holding it steady as he tried to push his cock even farther into his hungry mouth. Craig felt the Mexican begin to fill his mouth with his seed. The first several shots hit the back of Craig's throat but then the man pulled back just enough so that the next couple of loads slid over Craig's tongue, letting him taste the warm, thick and creamy cum. The Mexican must have been sensitive because after his last string of cum he pushed Craig off his cock but turned his head toward his friend's cock. The second Mexican wasted no time as he rammed his cock into Craig's mouth. This man was so excited that it only took a few thrusts of his cock before he left his seed in Craig's waiting mouth. The second piece of meat was quickly followed by a third. There was more talking among the men that Craig didn't understand but it was apparent that they were enjoying the service and the show.

After a fourth dick was in Craig's mouth the back door to the store opened and a tall man in a black shirt and slacks stood watching as Craig fed on another piece of Mexican meat. When the fourth man had dropped his load, the man in black told the drivers to get back to work and stood over Craig looking down. Craig looked up into the man's eyes, which were so dark they almost looked black, and gave him a questioning look.

The man let the door close and he leaned back against it. He took out a cigarette and lit it. As he took his first few drags he just kept looking down at Craig. Realizing what the man wanted, Craig raised his fingers to the zipper of the black slacks. After pulling the zipper down, Craig undid the black belt around the man's waist and opened the button at the top of the slacks. As he did, Craig saw that the man was also wearing a pair of black boxer briefs. As if he was opening a present, Craig pulled the waist band of the boxer briefs down until it was below the man's balls. Craig stared at the semi-hard dick that faced him. It was probably one of the best looking dicks that Craig had ever seen. The girth and the length were in proportion. It had to about 8" long and had a girth he couldn't fit his fingers around. The crown was thick without being more than he could easily take between his lips, which he promptly did. As he used his lips and tongue to enjoy the head of the man's dick he glanced up again. Now the man wasn't looking at him, just smoking his cigarette as if this was an everyday occurrence. The way that the man looked made Craig feel that he probably could get any man or woman to please him. He made Craig do all the work. The man in black didn't even move his hips, he just relied on Craig to bring more of his cock into his mouth. Craig wasn't sure how long he worshipped the man in black's dick but he enjoyed every minute of it. Out of the corner of his eyes he could see that some of the taxi drivers had returned to watch the show. When he realized that he had an audience, Craig worked his mouth with more gusto. The man in black crushed his cigarette butt but not before using it to light another cigarette. The smoke swirled around Craig, but he didn't care, all of his focus was on the beautiful cock in his mouth.

When the man in black crushed his second cigarette butt, he told Craig to open his mouth, the first words he had spoken to Craig. The man pulled his cock back so the head was just touching the tip of Craig's tongue. The man in black started shooting several loads of cum onto Craig's tongue. Craig tried to swallow but the amount of cum and with the head just inside of his lips made it difficult. The man in black grabbed his cock and squeezed the last few drops of cum from his dick and watched them land on Craig's tongue. Finally Craig could close his lips and savor the cum that had filled his mouth. The man in black pulled his underwear up, zipped up his slacks and refastened his belt. Without a word the man turned and went back into the store. Craig stayed on his knees for a moment but then finally stood up, brushing off the dirt on his knees and wiping his hand across his lips. When he looked down he saw that some of the cum from the loads he had taken had dripped onto his tank top. When he rubbed his hand on the wet spots it only made it worse.

The taxi drivers looked disappointed as he walked by them to get back to the Lazaro Cardenas. The way that some of the men and women looked at him, he was sure they had either seen him servicing the men or recognized that the stains on his tank were cum. Before reaching the next side street, Craig went into one of the tourist stores and bought himself a Cabo t-shirt. As usual he bought it one size too small so that it fit him like a second skin. As he changed shirts in the store he could tell that both men and women were checking him out which made his cock twitch. He stuffed his own shirt into the souvenir shop's bag and left the store.

After getting all the loads he had taken, he needed to get off himself. He didn't know if he was going to be able to hold off until he got back to the ship. As he passed Senor Frog's on the way back to the ship, he stopped in to get another Margarita. After knocking it back, he went into the men's room, entered a stall and beat off while he heard other men come and go, he dumped his own load into his cum stained shirt, wiped off his cock and stuck the shirt back into the bag. As he stepped out of the stall a man that was standing a sink smiled at him. Craig washed his hands and headed back to the ship.

Between the Margaritas and the cocks, time had slipped away. Craig made it back to his cabin and took a long, hot shower, rubbing his hands over his body. As he stepped out of the shower he felt the engines of the ship engage and felt the gentle movement of the ship moving away from the dock. Instead of putting on any underwear, he just pulled on a pair of chinos with a Polo hoping it would be good enough for dinner. He called his parent's cabin and told them he would meet them at the Ice Bar that was on the deck that also had the casino for a drink before going to dinner.

While waiting for his family, Craig ordered a vodka and cranberry. As he stood at the bar, one of the officers stepped up next to him. In a European accent the officer said, "You must be the young man that the First Officer told me about."

Craig let his eyes move up the man's body. The white uniform fit the man to a T. "Why would you think that?"

"He told me that he had spent some time with one of the passengers the other night. When I saw you in the alley today, I figured out it must be you. Am I mistaken?"

Craig looked into the man's eyes, instead of denying it, he was taken in by the man's broad shoulders and narrow waist and the way that his uniform shirt pulled against his chest and biceps. "No."

"Good. I think I'll join your table for dinner tonight." The officer then walked away.

Craig's parents arrived a few moments later. Craig ordered another drink while his family each ordered their first. Craig's mother couldn't stop talking about all that she, her father and sister had done. When his mother asked what he had done, Craig said that he had just walked around taking in the sights. Little did she know that he was taking the sights into his mouth.

As they entered the dining room at their appointed time, Craig saw the officer standing by their table. The officer introduced himself to all of them as if he and Craig had not already spoken. As they sat down, the officer made sure to sit on the right of Craig, even though his mother had tried to get the officer to sit next to his sister. Craig also noticed that Mark, the jilted boyfriend, hadn't joined them.

As their usual waiter took their drink orders, Craig felt the officer's leg press against his own. Lowering his arm below the table, Craig placed his hand on the officer's thigh which resulted in stronger pressure of the officer's leg against his own. Craig brought his hand back up to the table as their drinks arrived. Craig looked at the menu but couldn't focus, his mind was on what the officer's dick might look and taste like.

After their waiter had taken their food orders and removed the menus, Craig returned his hand to the officer's thigh giving it a squeeze and moving it closer to the officer's crotch. The officer put his hand on Craig's and moved it so it was on top of the mound in the officer's pants. Craig was not only amazed by the heat that was radiating from the man's crotch but by how big the man's dick felt.

As the officer engaged each person on the table with facts about the ship and the ports that it had visited, the man was slowly opening his zipper with one hand. Craig tried to help as much as he could. When it was accomplished, the officer struggled to release his cock. When he had, Craig wrapped his fingers around the officer's shaft. The man's dick was thick, really thick. While sipping his cocktail and talking to his family, he fingered the exposed cock as much as he could without drawing any attention to himself or the officer. The officer continued to act like everything was normal, listening intently to what Craig was saying and joining the conversation when appropriate.

When their food came, Craig had to raise his hand back to the table so that he could use both his knife and fork. The officer had to do the same but obviously hadn't returned his cock to his pants. As they finished their entrees their waiter lowered his head between the officer and Craig, whispering "Was everything satisfactory sir?" Craig knew immediately that the waiter knew what was going on under the table.

"Yes, thank you. Be sure to do what we discussed."

"Yes sir."

Before dessert and coffee arrived, Craig lowered his hand again to feel the officer's cock that was still hot and hard. When dessert arrived the officer pushed Craig's hand away and focused on the piece of cake that was in front of him. The officer took just a few bites and lowered both of his hands below the table as he continued speaking with Craig's family. Craig assumed that the man was putting his cock back into his pants. Craig was disappointed that he didn't have more of a chance to play with the enticing piece of meat. It was at that point that their waiter returned to the table. "Sir, your presence is requested on the bridge, nothing serious, just a question by one of the junior officers."

The officer stood and excused himself from the table. Before leaving he turned to Craig and asked if he was interested in seeing the bridge. Before Craig could respond his mother told the officer that of course Craig would join him. As Craig and the officer left the dining room they passed their waiter who gave them a wink.

Just like the first night with the First Officer, the officer took Craig to the same small bathroom. Once the officer made sure no one was using the head, he and Craig entered the room and he locked the door. The officer pulled his cock out, just as he did at the table and Craig saw that he had been right, the officer's dick was thick. Since the officer was no longer sitting down, Craig could see that the man's dick was also about 7" in length. Craig watched the officer stroke his cock as if teasing Craig as the man said "I hear you're a good piece of ass. Being on this ship for a three month tour can be rough. I haven't gotten any pussy for a while and I hear your hole is the second best thing."

As the officer continued to stroke, Craig heard someone at the door. It must have been someone who had a key since the door started to slowly open. It was the First Officer, who stepped in and locked the door again. Without wasting any time the First Officer pulled out his cock. "I had his ass two nights ago, you go ahead and fuck him and I'll just use his mouth." Looking at Craig he added, "Take off your clothes."

Craig pulled off his Polo and then stepped out of his chinos. When he was done, the First Officer pulled his head down toward his cock. "I can't wait to see how your mouth feels." Craig sucked the cock into his mouth. The other officer started to feel up his ass and teased Craig's hole with his middle finger.

"Sir, you were right, his ass feels nice and tight."

"Told you, I bet it's as good as your girl's."

Craig felt the head of the officer's dick against the entrance to his ass. Involuntarily he pushed back which caused the head to push through his sphincter. At the same time the First Officer pushed more cock into Craig's mouth. Craig was in slut heaven, a hard cock in his mouth and an equally hard cock in his ass.

The First Officer held Craig's head in place while the other officer grabbed Craig's ass and shoved his whole cock into his hungry hole. With both men pushing at the same time, Craig felt as if he was going to break but that didn't stop him from worshipping both pieces of meat.

The officer started to pick up the pace of his thrusts trying to drive deeper and deeper into Craig. The man stopped moving and Craig felt his ass being filled with searing, hot liquid. The man pulled his cock from Craig's ass and moved to the side so that he could watch his superior feed Craig.

The First Officer could really hold himself back. It was long enough for the other officer to stroke his cock back to full size. "Get over here, let's see if he can eat us both."

Craig opened his mouth as much as he could but the officer's dick was so thick he could only get a little bit into his mouth. The First Officer pulled his cock back so the heads of both dicks were pushing against Craig's lips. In anticipation, Craig opened his mouth and stuck out his tongue, clearly letting both officers know that he wanted both of their loads.

The First Officer moaned and then said, "Here it comes." A long thick rope of cum shoot between Craig's lips and landed on his waiting tongue. It was followed by one, two, three more long strings of cum. As he started to swallow the other officer started to shoot his second load of the night. The cum mingled on Craig's tongue as he swallowed as fast as he could.

Soon both officers pulled back, wiped their cocks on some toilet paper and pushed them back into their uniform pants. They both must have still been semi-hard because they were both showing nice packages. Without waiting for Craig, both men left and Craig locked the door behind them. He cleaned himself off as best he could and put his clothes back on. After running his hand through his hair he unlocked the bathroom door and stepped out.

Craig went back to the Ice Bar and ordered himself another cocktail savoring how the taste of cum and alcohol mixed in his mouth.


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