As the sun woke Craig, his body could feel the vibrations of the ship's engines. He remembered that today was a day at sea. The ship wouldn't be stopping again until they reached San Pedro tomorrow and the cruise ended.

As Craig stretched he realized that he had a pretty wicked sun burn. Too much time on the private island without any protection. The thought of the private island made him remember the incredible fuck he had received from Rick, the tattooed giant of a man with a giant cock. He thought he could still taste Rick's cum on his tongue along with the cum from the three crew members who had shared a joint with him.

After a cool shower and a shave, Craig covered himself in Aloe. As he was pulling on a pair of his thong underwear there was a knock at his cabin door and without waiting for a reply, Jim, the steward, unlocked the door and came in. Jim didn't act surprised to find Craig still in his cabin and watched as Craig stepped into a pair of cut-off jeans with frayed ends. They were short enough that some of the pockets peeked out under the hem. As he turned back toward Jim, Craig was sure that he saw Jim drop his hand from his crotch.

"Sorry Mr. Craig. Is it ok if I start work on your cabin?"

"Sure thing, I'll be out of your way in a second."

"No need to hurry on my account."

As Jim started to make Craig's bed, Craig was rummaging through a drawer trying to find a shirt that wouldn't hurt his sunburned skin but wasn't having any luck. All the shirts he had brought were meant to be tight, even though he usually wore a medium he had only brought t-shirts and tanks that were smalls.

"Mr. Craig, I understand you met some of my fellow crewmembers yesterday on the island. You're all the talk below deck. They told some of us that it was a very enjoyable encounter."

"Yeah, I guess you could say that."

Craig found the tank that was made of the softest cotton that had a deep scooped neck so as little as possible would be touching his skin. The hem of the tank barely touched the waist of his cutoffs because they rode so low on his hips. Even his flip flops hurt when he slid into them. Craig grabbed his cabin key and iPad and left the cabin saying "Have a good day Jim."

"That's what I'm hoping for."

As Craig walked down the hallway he passed Mark's, the jilted boyfriend, cabin and remembered how Mark had shown up to dinner the previous evening with his sister. He could tell by the look on his sister's face that they had hooked up. Not only was she way too young for him, she was only 18, but he had fucked Craig a couple of nights before. By the pleading look in Mark's eyes he could tell that Mark hoped that Craig wouldn't say anything, and he didn't. Craig's parents didn't seem none too pleased either but they didn't say anything at the table. Before dessert, Mark and his sister had left the table. Craig had tried to find them but didn't have any luck. Craig was pissed at his sister, he wanted another go at Mark but it didn't look like it was going to happen unless he ran into Mark somewhere on the ship. He didn't even know that he wanted to hook up again with Mark after he had been with his sister.

After dinner, Craig hung out with his parents. He really hadn't spent much time with them except for dinners. Since they had paid for the cruise he thought it was the least he could do. Deep down Craig knew the reason he hung with them was because even if he found some guy that wanted to fuck him he didn't think his ass could take it after the pummeling Rick had given him.

Craig went to the show, which was awful, with his parents. It seemed like every bartender or server he walked by smiled and checked him out. Craig returned to his cabin early deciding to get a good night's sleep, which he did.

Instead of going to the buffet on the Lido deck for breakfast, Craig decided to go to the main dining room. As he walked in wearing his cutoffs and plunging tank he got a lot of stares from passengers and crew which he always enjoyed.

After he was seated, one of the servers came to the table and stood very close to Craig. "Good morning, do you have anything special that you would like to eat this morning?" Craig looked at the menu and made his choice. After the server walked away, Craig opened his iPad and pulled up one of the books he had been reading.

Lost in his book, Craig didn't realize that the server had returned with his food until the man reached over Craig's shoulder to put the plate on the table. As he did, the man pushed his crotch against Craig making sure that Craig's sunburned skin could feel what was behind the man's black slacks. "I think you'll enjoy this." Craig turned his head and looked up at the server's face. "I mean your breakfast of course."

No sooner had this server left the table that another server came over with a pot of coffee. As this new server poured Craig some coffee he asked Craig, "Would you like some cream with that?" Craig laughed to himself, word must have really spread among the crew about his activities. Looking up into the handsome server's eyes Craig said, "Not right now but I wouldn't mind some later."

"Of course sir, just let me know when you do, I'd be more than happy to oblige." Craig wondered what the man's cream could do for his coffee and smiled to himself.

Over the next half an hour, several more servers stopped by his table asking if he needed anything. Craig flirted and licked his lips for several of them and told them "maybe later." Craig's hopes for the rest of the day and the evening were looking good.

After Craig finished his coffee, he closed his iPad, left the dining room and went up to the Promenade deck. This was the deck where Craig could sit outside in a lounge chair but not be in the sun. Sun was the last thing he needed right now. He was happy to see that other passengers weren't sitting on this deck. Since it was the last full day of the cruise he assumed that they were all up poolside getting their last bit of sun before going home.

As Craig settled into his chair he noticed that farther down the deck were three crew members washing down the deck or doing spot painting on the railings. They looked to be of Middle Eastern descent and were all wearing blue coveralls. All three men had the top several buttons of their coveralls open showing off their chests. It looked to Craig like one of the men was smooth while the other two had varying degrees of hair on their chests. Instead of opening his iPad, Craig continued to watch the men work.

This was the deck where lifeboats hung next to the railing. They were the type of lifeboats that had hard shelled roofs providing cover to any passengers that had to use them, which Craig hoped was not going to be on this trip. Occasionally the men would glance in Craig's direction but continued with their work. From one of the side doors one of the servers that Craig had blown on the private island came out. He looked around and saw the laborers and Craig. He nodded toward Craig. The man must have felt safe because he pulled a cigarette from his pocket and lit it. Craig assumed that he had snuck out on the deck for a quick smoke which Craig was sure was not allowed. After he flicked his cigarette into the sea, the server went over to the laborers and had a quick chat before reentering the interior of the ship. The server gave Craig a smile before the door closed behind him.

The two men that had been cleaning the deck must have finished their work because they pulled a hose closer to the lifeboats and began spraying them down, washing away some of the salt that had dried on their hulls during the course of the cruise. As the water sprayed back it started getting the two men wet. After a while the two men unbuttoned their coveralls to the waist and shrugged them off their shoulders causing the upper part of the coveralls to hang from their waists. The men had upper bodies that were muscled from labor not from the gym. As they continued their work they would keep glancing at Craig and smiling. The man who was doing the spot painting put his brush down and went over to talk to the two other laborers. Every few seconds one of the men would glance around obviously trying to determine if anyone else was around.

After some more conversation, the man with his blue coveralls still all the way on walked over to Craig. In broken English the man seemed to ask Craig if he would be interested in seeing the inside of one of the lifeboats. Craig wasn't an idiot, he knew that these guys had been told that he had blown some of the crew. After all the attention and innuendo in the dining room, Craig's hunger for cum was starting to amp up.

Craig got up from his chair and followed the laborer to the lifeboat that the other two men were cleaning. The laborer looked around one last time and then opened the gate in the railing that allowed passengers to board the lifeboats. The man stepped onto the back of the boat and opened the hatch then nodded his head indicating that Craig should enter the boat. After stepping on the stern of the small boat, Craig ducked he head and entered the interior. The inside was very tight with each side having a bench that must be where passengers were supposed to sit. Craig sat down on the bench. The laborer followed him in and pulled the hatch closed behind him. He had to bend his head to stand in the boat.

The laborer pulled open the front of his coveralls, shrugged them off his shoulder and then pushed them down far enough to expose his amply filled underwear. Using his thumbs the man pulled the front of his underwear down below his balls. The man obviously didn't manscape since his pubic hair was thick, hiding the base of his cock. The laborer sat down on the bench across from Craig and began to stroke his cock. The man said some words that Craig didn't know but assumed that the man was saying "Suck it." The tone in which it was said made Craig realize that it wasn't a request simply a statement that Craig was supposed to respond to. The man said it again.

Craig slid off the bench and got on his knees between the laborer's legs. The man let go of his cock and waited for Craig to do something. The man said the phrase one more time as he raised his arms to rest on the back of the bench while sliding his ass forward.

Craig grabbed the base of the laborer's cock and moved his face forward. The man smelled of musk and sweat from working. Craig brought the head into his mouth. The man must have been impatient because he said the phrase again and pushed his cock further into Craig's mouth. The laborer started to rock his hips. Craig matched his motions so that he was sliding down the man's cock when he rocked it forward. Obviously in hurry, the man continued to pick up the pace and started grunting. Without warning, Craig's mouth filled with the laborer's salty seed. The man quickly pulled his dick out of Craig's mouth, pulled his underwear back up, put his arms in the sleeves of his coveralls, opened the hatch and climbed out of the lifeboat.

Craig didn't know if he should go or if one of the other laborers was going to join him in the lifeboat. He quickly got his answer when one of the other men came into the lifeboat already releasing his cock from his coveralls. This man took a different approach. He laid down on the bench on his back, his cock sticking straight up and put a hand on the back of Craig's head, pulling him toward his waiting dick. As Craig opened his mouth to suck in the man's head the man pushed the back of Craig's head down, impaling his mouth and throat with cock. The man kept Craig all the way on his hard cock. When Craig had to come up for air, the man let him but almost immediately pushed him back down. Between breathes Craig used his tongue and throat to work the man's cock. While this was happening, the man kept spewing words in a language that Craig thought might be Farsi. Unlike the other man that had kept saying one word over and over, this man's tone sounded angry as if he was yelling at Craig. After a few more minutes of pushing, coming up for air and then pushing down again, the man grabbed Craig by his hair and started to push and pull Craig up and down the his dick. Craig began to feel ropes of cum hit the back of his throat that he struggled to swallow as the man kept the face fucking going. Ultimately the man pulled his softening cock out of Craig's mouth and wiped it on his face still saying foreign words in an angry tone. He pushed Craig back and moved toward the hatch while putting his dick back in his coveralls.

At this point Craig was sure that the last laborer was going to join him in the lifeboat and feed him his third load of jizz. This time the laborer didn't come all the way through the hatch, just his lower body while he obviously was resting his arms on the frame of the hatch. Craig crawled over on his knees and unbuttoned the last few buttons on the man's coveralls. This particular man was wearing a cheap pair of boxers that were already tented. He pushed them down. It became apparent to Craig that this laborer wasn't going to do anything, he just wanted Craig to give him a blow job. As Craig took the man's cock in his mouth he could hear the three men talking in their language. Whatever they were saying was punctuated with laughter. Holding on the dick, Craig slide his lips and tongue down the veiny flesh. This man's cock was smaller than his friends so it was easier to breath allowing Craig to go all the way down it with ease. Unlike the other two laborers, this man didn't seem to be in a hurry.

As Craig continued to work the man's cock he started thinking of three laborers as rough trade, a thought that made him work the cock harder. Craig's first tastes of cum had been blue collar men who only wanted to use Craig and his mouth. It had started in college when a maintenance man came to his dorm room and Craig had ended up servicing him. Word must have spread to the other maintenance men and Craig started to get a regular clientele, servicing several of them each week. It had all ended when Craig had moved out at the end of his freshman year. Those fond memories were filling Craig's mind as he gave the cock in his mouth his best efforts.

As he continued using his skills the three men stopped talking and he heard someone talking to them in English. He shifted his eyes so that he could see out the side windows of the lifeboat and saw it was the server that had been on the deck a while ago. While he couldn't really make out exactly what the server was saying it was definitely a warning of some type. Craig picked up his pace on the cock in his mouth but the man was trying to pull out. The laborer's legs were starting to shake while he kept trying to pull his cock back. When he finally succeeded and the head of his cock left Craig's mouth it started to shoot cum all over Craig's face. The man stepped back and shut the hatch leaving Craig inside. Through the window Craig saw the men go back to their various jobs. A few seconds later Craig saw a ship's officer step out from one of the doors leading to the exterior deck. He stopped and said something to the men and then walked on. After the officer had gone back into the interior of the ship one of the laborers opened the hatch and waved Craig out. As Craig stepped through the hatch he was wiping the last of the cum off of his face with the front of his scoop necked tank.

When his feet were back on the deck, the three laborers acted as if they didn't even see Craig, they just continued with their work. The front of Craig's tank was wet with cum so he pulled it off. He went back to the chair he had been sitting in and picked up his iPad and went back into the ship and headed for his cabin. As he walked past some of the stewards on the way back most of them stared directly into his eyes. The few times he looked over his shoulder at one that had just passed him he would catch them with their heads turned obviously checking his ass out in his cut-offs.

Upon returning to his cabin, Craig pulled off his cut-offs and stepped into the shower washing off the smell of cum. When he came out of his bathroom wrapped in a towel he saw that the daily ship's newsletter was on the end of his bed along with a folded piece of the ship's stationary. He opened it and read:


The message was clear, Jim wanted to hook up.

Craig turned his attention to the newsletter. Besides listing some activities that would be taking place during the day it also spoke to how disembarking would work. All passengers were to have their luggage outside of their cabin door no later than midnight. It also listed, by deck and cabin numbers, where passengers were to congregate prior to getting off the ship. The newsletter recommended that they keep a small bag for any valuables, some clothes for the next day and their passports. There was also a declaration form for any purchases that had been made on the cruise for Customs. The newsletter also included a statement that it wasn't necessary to dress for dinner but did say that shorts and swimsuits would not be allowed.

While waiting for dinner, Craig sat on his balcony reading and just enjoying the last few hours of the ship gliding through the water. As dinner approached, Craig got dressed in a black pair of skinny jeans and a light weight sweater with open weave just making it short of a see through shirt. After dressing, Craig headed to the bar by the dining room for a drink before he met up with his parents. As he sat down at the bar the bartender ignored other passengers and came to him. The vodka cranberry that he ordered appeared quickly and was mostly vodka. The bartender gave him a smile.

Craig felt a presence behind him and turned to see Mark getting ready to sit next to him. Mark put a hand on Craig's shoulder but Craig shrugged it off. Mark asked if Craig wanted to get together after dinner seeing as it was the last night of the cruise. Craig gave him a withering look, took his drink and went to the other side of the bar just as his sister showed up and sat down next to Mark. Craig knocked back his drink and it was only seconds before another drink appeared before him.

When his family's seating time arrived, Craig went to their assigned table. The meal was very uncomfortable for Craig since it was only his parents, his sister, Mark and himself. During dinner he had two more drinks and knew he was getting a strong buzz.

When dinner was done, Craig went back to his cabin after letting his parents know that he would meet them on the other side of Customs the next morning and stopping at the bar for another cocktail. It was about 9:45 when he was back in his cabin. He started to fill his large suitcase with his dirty clothes for the week. He kept a pair of shorts, a tank and a pair of flip flops to wear the next morning. For his trip below decks he decided to wear the cut offs he had worn earlier with the cropped tank top he had worn the previous day but without the thong he had worn earlier in the day. As Craig put his suitcase outside his cabin door, Jim the steward, arrived at his cabin. Jim did the turn down of Craig's cabin before turning to Craig. "Mr. Craig, are you interested in going below deck?"


Jim smiled to Craig and told him to follow him but to be careful. Jim led Craig to an almost invisible doorway that opened to a stairwell. Unlike the other stairwells on the ship, this particular one was very utilitarian allowing crew to move between decks unseen by passengers. Craig followed Jim down several flights, well below the lowest deck that Craig had been on. Jim stuck his head out into a hallway that looked nothing like the passengers' decks. The passageway was a very utilitarian color with vinyl flooring. Jim whispered to Craig, "Follow me quickly."

The two men hurried a short way down the hall until Jim opened a doorway with a sign that said CLOSED FOR REPAIRS and led Craig into what must be considered a sort of rec room used by the crew. It consisted of a couple of couches and chairs, a few PCs, a ping pong table and a pool table. In the room were maybe a dozen men, it was hard to determine since they filled the relatively small space. Craig recognized them as servers, bartenders and stewards that he had seen, including the bartender that had served him before dinner. No longer in their work clothes, most were in shorts and t-shirts. They group seemed to be composed of mostly Eastern European and Pilipino crew plus two who must have been Middle Eastern. They had been talking among themselves when Craig had entered with Jim but quickly quieted down. One of the Eastern European bartenders turned to Jim, "Wow Jim, I thought you were bullshitting us that you would able to get him to come down here."

One of the other guys spoke up, "It's going to be fun having one of the passengers serve us for a change."

Another voice joined the discussion, "I heard a couple of the officers have had this guy. If he's good enough for an officer is good enough for me." Glancing around, Craig saw some of the men rubbing the front of their shorts while staring at him. The men moved closer to him and a couple had taken off their shirts confirming in Craig's mind that the cruise line used looks as part of their hiring criteria. Some of the men were close enough to put their hands on Craig's shoulders or ass. One of the men yanked Craig's tank over his head and tossed it aside.

A couple of the men started putting pressure on Craig's shoulders forcing him onto his knees. Several men had opened their shorts and pulled out their cocks. Some of the other men had taken off their clothes and stood naked before Craig. Craig had never been surrounded by so many dicks at one time. They were of all different lengths and widths. Some cut and some uncut. The men started jostling each other to get closer to Craig. A couple of cocks rubbed against Craig's face while he watched some of the other men stroke their meat. Craig didn't know where to look first. The scene reminded Craig of some bukkake videos that he had seen on-line. Jim pushed his way so that he was in front of Craig. Jim was holding a nice sized cock in his hand. The men that had been rubbing their dicks on Craig's face took a step back. Craig guessed that since Jim had gotten him to come below deck he was the first that got to use Craig's mouth.

With his eyes looking up into Jim's eyes, he opened his mouth and took the head of Jim's cock into his mouth. Craig grabbed Jim's hips and pulled him farther into his mouth. Watching this take place some of the men moved closer as they stroked their own dicks. Craig could feel some cocks rubbing against his shoulders and the back of his neck. From the corner of his eyes, Craig watched as some of the other men took off their clothes and step closer. Soon the men were bumping into each other as they moved closer to watch their colleague stuff his cock into Craig's mouth.

Someone started to complain and pulled Craig's mouth off of Jim and turning his face to a waiting cock that pushed against Craig's lips. This one was different than Jim's in both firmness and taste. After a few minutes, Craig was pulled from that cock and another entered his mouth. While dicks rotated through Craig's mouth, he could feel hands groping his ass. Someone put their fingers up through the hem of his cutoffs and search for his hole. Craig was completely surrounded by men. Several cocks where close to his face while one was in his mouth. Some of the men were laughing that one of the guys was a virgin and had never had his cock sucked while other men were saying derogatory things about passengers.

A couple of the men were pushing a man forward toward Craig. He was the youngest looking of the group so he assumed that this was the guy that was the virgin. Craig pushed the man away whose cock was in his mouth and reached out and grabbed the virgin's dick by the base and pulled him closer. He gave the men a show by licking up and down the virgin's meat. The kid was so excited that he was trembling. Before Craig could get the dick in his mouth it erupted covering his face with cum. The men laughed and cheered. The kid acted embarrassed and stepped back but a new cock quickly was pushing against Craig's lips.

The moving from cock to cock went on for quite a while but none of the men shot their loads like the virgin had done. Someone grabbed Craig under the arms and started to pull him up causing the cock in his mouth to slide out with a large pop. Craig was maneuvered so he ended up leaning over the back of one of the chairs. He felt someone undo the buttons of his cutoffs and other hands pulling them down his legs. He helped the men by raising one foot and then the other until he was out of them. One or more of the men must have had some lotion or lube because he could feel someone rubbing along his ass crack and then his hole. Someone pulled his head forward so that he could take a cock into his mouth. Someone's cock head pressed against his hole while the other cock pushed against the back of his throat. Craig felt the cock at his hole begin to slide in, he tightened up his ass muscles forcing the man to push harder. A cock slide out of his mouth and was replaced by another. Finally a cock that was in his mouth stiffened and began to cover his tongue with Craig was craving.....cum. Even before the man had finished dropping his load in Craig's mouth it was pulled out and the last spurt hit his face. Almost immediately another cock entered and Craig bathed it with the cum that was in his mouth. The man that was fucking his ass was picking up the pace, driving in as deep as he could because Craig could feel the balls bounce off his ass. Abruptly the cock in his ass pulled out and Craig felt the heat of another load of jizz shoot onto his back. Within seconds another dick pushed into his ass. Craig lost track of how many cocks had entered his mouth and his ass but it didn't stop. A few of the men filled his mouth and ass with their seed but others must have pulled out before they came. One man even pulled out and aimed his seed at Craig's hole allowing it to slide down and onto the floor.

Some of the men just stood relatively still as Craig sucked on their cocks, others fucked his face like it was the last time they were ever going to cum. Some men slapped Craig's ass before they shoved into his ass. There were even times that someone would reach under Craig and stroke his aching cock while he was being spit roasted. There was even a point when the heads of two dicks were brushing against Craig's lips and he did all that he could to take them both in.

While he didn't know for sure, after he believed that everyone had had a chance to fuck his ass once if not twice, again he was picked up under his arms and placed seated on the floor. All the men circled around Craig stroking their cocks. Loads of cum started to hit every part of his body, he opened his mouth to try to catch some and several of the men moved close enough that at least part of their loads landed on his tongue. Finally the cum stopped. Craig could feel cum in his hair, cum dripping off of his ears onto his shoulders and some dripping from his chin onto his chest. Craig ran his hand over his chest and abs rubbing the cum into his skin like it was lotion. As the last strings of cum slide down his back, Craig watched the men pull their shorts or pants back on and then one by one leave the room that had been their playground.

Finally it was just Jim and Craig in the room. Jim started to clean the cum off of Craig using Craig's own tank. There was just too much cum, all that ended up happening was Jim spreading it all over Craig's body. Craig got up from the floor and felt cum slide down his legs. As he pulled his cut offs back on, Craig tried to catch as much of the cum as he could. Craig found that he was standing in a pool of cum.

After giving up, Jim tossed the soaked tank to Craig and walked over to the door opening it slowly. "Come on." Both men left the room and hurried down the passageway to the stairway they had come down. After walking up to Craig's deck, Jim opened the door and looked into the hall and swore. Craig stuck his head out into the hallway and saw several men loading luggage onto carts. Jim said he couldn't go with him. He also told Craig that he didn't need to leave a tip that tonight had been payment enough. Craig stepped into the hallway reeking of cum and walked by the men on the way to his cabin. They stopped what they were doing and watched as Craig opened the door to his cabin and stepped in.

After a long, hot shower, Craig crawled into bed and feel into a deep sleep dreaming of cum whore heaven.


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