Craig was woken by an announcement over the ship's sound system. It was a day at sea so the Cruise Director was letting everyone know that a variety of activities were planned throughout the day, none of which appealed to Craig. As Craig got out of bed his stateroom phone rang and it was his mother saying that his parents and sister were planning on going to the buffet on the Lido deck for breakfast and wanted him to join them. Craig groaned internally and told him he would meet them there in a half hour.

Craig went into this tiny bathroom and turned the shower on. He had brought in the shirt he was going to wear that was wrinkled to see if the steam would remove them. To keep the steam in, he closed the door to the bathroom. The shower stall was claustrophobic so his shower was short. He stepped from the stall and dried himself off, wiped the steam from the mirror and checked himself out, liking what he saw.

He took his time shaving and working on his hair. The door to the small bathroom opened and it was Jim, the steward.

"I'm sorry sir, I didn't think you were still in the cabin, I was going to clean it."

Craig stood there naked as Jim stayed in the door looking at him. Finally Craig grabbed a towel and wrapped it around his waist. "No worries, I'll be out in a few minutes."

"Do you mind if I clean the rest of the room since I'm here already?"


When Craig stepped out of the bathroom wrapped in a towel, Jim was busy making up the bed. He needed to pass Jim to get to the drawer where he had put his underwear. Instead of getting out of the way Jim stayed in Craig's way so their bodies had to touch.

Craig was a bit of exhibitionist so he undid the towel and let it drop to the floor as he pulled out a pair of thong underwear. Jim picked up the towel as Craig pulled his thong on. Craig could just tell that Jim was checking out his ass as he did.

Jim went into the bathroom to clean it as Craig finished getting dressed. He pulled out a pair of shorts and pulled them on. He needed to go back into the bathroom to get his shirt. Again, as he did, Craig and Jim's bodies touched again. After putting his shirt on and sliding on a pair of flip flops, Craig announced to Jim that he was leaving. Jim reminded Craig to contact him if there was anything that he needed.

As Craig walked down the hallway toward the stairs he passed a cabin that had its door open. Looking in Craig saw a man with just a swimsuit on. Craig realized it was Mark, the man from last night whose girlfriend had just broke up with him. Craig stopped and said hi. The man turned toward him and Craig realized he had been right about the man's body which was very nice, in fact the man was ripped. Craig wondered why his girlfriend cut him loose. Craig couldn't help but notice that the front of Mark's swimsuit was ample. After a brief exchange about plans for the day, Craig said good-bye and said he was looking forward to seeing him at dinner.

Craig met his family at the buffet and watched in awe as his parents and sister hoovered in a ton of food. Craig had some fresh fruit, toast and coffee. He wanted to make sure he looked good since he was probably going to be spending some quality pool time.

After discussing what each of his family members planned to do, Craig returned to his cabin to change into one of his swimsuits and then headed up to the pool. He found a lounge chair close to the pool and glanced around. Most of the people around the pool looked middle aged and not in the best of shape. Craig was disappointed that there wasn't better man watching but decided to focus on his iPad. There was no Wi-Fi so all he could do was listen to music and read one of the books he had downloaded.

He hadn't been sitting long before a cute waiter came over to ask him if he wanted a drink. Since he had the all-inclusive drink package he ordered the drink of the day which he found out was a sweet and fruity concoction with rum, a lot of rum. After a second drink, Craig put down his iPad, closed his eyes and went into that space between being awake and being asleep. The noise from all the kids in the pool brought him back and he realized that he had been on his back for an hour. He flipped over pulling the back of his suit up to make sure he got some sun on his ass. Sipping a third cocktail, Craig kept flipping from front to back trying to make sure he got an even tan. When he felt he had enough, he got up and went to get some food in his stomach before he got too drunk on the fruity drinks. As he got up he couldn't help but notice how hot most of the male lifeguards were. Even though he had gotten some the day before the sights were getting him horny again.

After some food, Craig decided to go back to his cabin and take a short nap. His nap turned out to be a bit longer than he had planned and had been filled with thoughts about some of the men on the ship. It was almost 4 pm when he got up. He decided to work out in the ship's gym. He passed the desk for the spa on the way to the gym. He asked if there were any available times for a massage, something he had never had before. He was told that there had been a cancellation and there was an opening in an hour.

Craig spent the next hour doing some cardio and weights. He went into the shower area, cleaned up and then wrapped a towel around his waist and headed back to the spa. He was directed to a waiting area. A few moments later a tall, Nordic looking man came into the waiting area and called Craig's name. Craig couldn't help but stare at the man as he got up. The man had to be at least 6'3" with what looked like the body of a WWE wrestler. His name tag said Sven from Norway. Craig followed him into a small room with a massage table. There were candles burning and very Zen like music playing. Sven directed Craig to remove his towel and get under the sheet on his stomach and then left. Craig got on the table and shortly after there was a knock on the door and then Sven came back into the room. Sven folded the sheet so that just Craig's ass was covered by material.

Sven asked Craig how hard he liked it. Never having had a massage before, Craig wasn't sure what to say so he told Sven he liked it hard. Sven began by putting some oil on Craig's back and then using his strong hands began to work the muscles in his back. Craig liked the feel of his muscles being manipulated by the Nordic god. When Sven made it to Craig's shoulders and neck, Sven moved so that he was right by Craig's head. He turned his head so that he could see Sven's crotch as he worked Craig's neck and shoulders. When Sven went to the other side, Craig moved his head again. Craig had to hold himself back from moving his face to the man's crotch and chewing the outline of Sven's cock.

For the first time Sven spoke, "How do you like it?" Craig didn't know if Sven was referring to the massage or his package but both were good so he told Sven he liked it very much.

A few minutes later Sven moved down to Craig's legs and started by pouring oil on both legs. Using his strong hands Sven worked from Craig's ankles up to his ass. Sven pushed the sheet higher and started to work the lower part of Craig's ass. In response Craig slightly parted his legs. Craig felt Sven's thumbs brush his asshole. "And how do you like this?"

"It feels great."

"I thought you might like it." Sven's thumbs started to apply pressure to Craig's asshole as he pushed his cheeks apart. First one thumb and then the next pushed past Craig's sphincter causing him to groan. Sven gave Craig's asshole several minutes of attention before telling his to turn over. As he did, his cock caused a tent in the small strip of fabric that was still covering his mid-section.

"Don't worry it happens all the time."

Sven returned to the area by Craig's head and started to massage his pecs including tweaking his nipples. Craig's cock began to leak as he saw the bulge in Sven's pants begin to grow. When Sven went back to work Craig's calves and thighs he stopped to lock the door and took his white shirt off confirming what Craig thought, this man could be a wrestler or an MMA fighter. "I don't want to get any oil on my shirt or pants." Craig watched in fascination as Sven removed his white pants and briefs revealing a cock that matched his size. Sven slowly pulled Craig down the massage table until his ass was at the end. Craig could feel the head of the man's cock against his hungry hole. Sven pushed the sheet above Craig's waist freeing his cock that was at full attention.

"Relax, focus on the music."

Craig felt the head of Sven's cock entering his ass.

"How does that feel?"


"Good." More of Sven's cock entered Craig with more pressure this time and then he pulled it back so just the head was in Craig. At the same time Sven wrapped one of his hands around Craig's dick and began stroking it with the same force that he had massaged his muscles. Soon Sven was increasing the amount of cock he pushed into Craig, matching those strokes with his strokes of Craig's dick. Craig closed his eyes and just focused on his ass and cock. Soon Craig could tell that Sven was in as deep as he could go. Sven would pull back and thrust forward again and again as his hand gripped Craig's cock harder and with more force. When Craig couldn't take it anymore he shot a load of cum straight into the air that fell back on his abs and pecs. When he came, Craig's ass convulsed, causing him to tighten up around Sven's dick, when he did, Craig felt his ass fill with cream from the Nordic god.

As Sven slowly removed his cock from Craig's well worked ass, he wiped the cum from Craig's stomach and chest using the sheet that had been covering him. He then used it to clean his own cock before putting his clothes back on.

"I hope you liked your massage. Please make sure to stay hydrated. After a shower you may want to try the men's steam room. I have a feeling that you would enjoy it."

Not really knowing what to say, Craig got off the table and wrapped the towel around his waist again. Sven held the door open for Craig who left the room but not before feeling Sven rub his ass as he walked by.

After his third shower of the day, Craig wrapped a new towel around his waist and went to look for the men's steam room which he quickly found. The steam was so thick when Craig opened the door that he could only make out shapes which he assumed were other men. Moving slowly, as not to trip over someone's feet, he found a tile covered ledge to sit on. As he sat down his back pushed against yet another level of ledge behind him. Craig closed his eyes and let the steam envelope his body.

The door to the steam room opened and closed a few times and Craig could see the shapes of men moving but the steam was so thick he couldn't make out any many details. A leg touched Craig's left arm. He tried to slide to his right but realized as he did that there was another leg close to him. Someone touched Craig's shoulder and started to squeeze. Craig looked over his shoulder but the steam was so thick he couldn't see anything but the man's arm. The man started to push Craig forward enough so that he could fit his leg behind Craig's back. The man on the other side did the same. When Craig leaned back he could feel both men's' legs. Next he felt a hand on his head, turning it like a barber would do. After turning it, the hand pushed Craig's head down until he felt something rub against his face. Realizing it was a cock, Craig rubbed his cheek against it until his mouth found the head of the cock. Craig opened his lips and let the head of the dick slide through them. Raising his eyes upward Craig still couldn't see more than an outline of a man's body and couldn't make out any of the man's face. With a push from the hand, more of the man's cock entered Craig's mouth. While this was going on, Craig continued to hear the door to the steam room open and close and sensed that men were moving in the space.

Craig began to suck the cock that was in his mouth. It was thick, it was also long since there was more that still hadn't entered his mouth. The hand pushed with more urgency until Craig could feel the head push against the back of his throat. When it did, the man released some pressure on the back of Craig's head so that he could slide back until only the head remained in his mouth. Again he felt the hand push him back onto the anonymous cock until a rhythm had been established. As Craig continued to work the thick, long piece of dick he felt the man on his other side move enough that his cock was rubbing against his shoulder. It was hard as it ran over his skin. The sweat on his shoulder and on the man's cock made it slide easily. The man whose cock was rubbing against him put a hand lightly around his throat and pulled Craig off the first man's cock and turned him toward his own. He felt the tip of the cock rub against his lips. Craig opened his lips to get a taste of the second anonymous cock. Neither as thick nor as long as the first cock, it still was a nice mouthful of dick. With little effort Craig was able to take the entire cock into his mouth. When he had he could feel the tip of his cock just tap the back of his throat. This man didn't try to slide Craig back and forth on his cock but just allowed him to work it with his tongue. Craig raised his hands from the tile benched and felt both men's calves. The man whose dick he was sucking pushed Craig back and turned his head so that he was once again opening his mouth for the first man's cock. Craig raised his hand from the man's calf and wrapped it around the base of the cock so that he could stroke it while the rest of it was in his mouth. This back and forth action continued for a while. Although he couldn't see, by the way the men's bodies seemed to be leaning in, he thought they may be kissing.

As Craig continued to work both cocks he continued to hear the door open and close. He could also hear when someone poured more water on the hot rocks keeping the entire room shrouded in steam.

Craig was growing impatient to feed on some cum. The next time one of the hands tried to turn him, he tightened up so they couldn't move him. With more vigor Craig worked the cock in his mouth while stroking both men's calves. Finally he was rewarded with several strong shots of thick cum which he greedily swallowed. For the first time he heard the man moan as he tried to push more of his cock into Craig's hungry mouth. The cock softened and then pulled from Craig's lips and his head was turned again so that he could swallow the second cock. It wasn't long before the second piece of meat filled his waiting mouth with an even larger load of sweet cum that he savored before swallowing. Again he sensed that the two men were kissing as the second cock slide from his lips.

Both men stood up, one of them rubbing their hand on the top of Craig's head, and left the steam room. Craig sensed another man stepping between his legs and then felt the head of another cock press against his lips. This time words were softly spoken, "take it." Craig opened his lips and the third anonymous cock slide deep into his mouth. This man put two beefy hands on Craig's head and held him in place while he fucked Craig's mouth. The man grunted a few times and then let loose with a cascade of cream that was so plentiful it leaked out of the corners of Craig's mouth. The dick pulled out and the man moved away from Craig but was quickly replaced by another cock rubbing against Craig's lips. This went on for quite a while as Craig got load after load of man juice. He swallowed each load of cum like it was going to be his last. There was quiet murmuring between the men in the steam room and Craig just knew they were whispering about him and his mouth.

Craig stayed as long as he could, sucked each cock that got close to his face, but after a while he couldn't take the heat any longer. He pushed himself up from the tiled ledge and felt several hands brush against his body. As he stepped from the steam room he wondered how many more loads he could have gotten if the heat hadn't gotten to him. As he walked back into the spa area and looked around the men who were lounging in towels he wondered if any of them were the cocks he had serviced.

Craig went and had his fourth shower of the day before putting his workout clothes back on and returning to his cabin. As he passed men in the hallway, he wondered if any of them had fed him over the last hour.

Between his workout, massage and steam, it was almost time to meet his family for dinner. He changed into some appropriate clothes and met his family at their assigned table. As they waited for their food, his parents and sister talked about what they had done that day. Craig told them he had gotten a great massage and had taken a long steam after laying in the sun.

Craig was disappointed that neither Mark, jilted man, nor the officer were at the table that evening but thinking about them both got Craig hard as he sat and enjoyed his dinner. He didn't eat much because his stomach was full.

While he wanted to go in search of another man to feed or breed him, Craig was told in no uncertain terms that he had to go with his family to the show that followed dinner. When the show was over they all went to one of the bars on the ship and had a few more drinks before heading back to their cabins.

As Craig laid in his bed he stroked his cock until he shot all over his stomach and chest. After cleaning himself off, Craig drifted into a deep sleep dreaming about the cocks he had had but also about how many more he would have over the remaining days of the cruise.


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