Craig was woken abruptly when the Cruise Director came over the sound system announcing that the ship had docked in Manzinillo and that passengers could disembark to visit the town or go on their excursions. Craig's head was killing him, he had a major hangover from the all the Margaritas and vodka he had consumed the day before. All he wanted to do was go back to sleep but the phone in his cabin rang. He knew it would be his mother so he let it go to voice mail. Craig was sure that his mother probably had made arrangements for some sort of tour at this stop since all she, her father and his sister had done the previous day was shop. He thought, through his hangover haze, that his mother had told him what she had planned but he just couldn't remember.

As he lay on the bed his only thought was all the cock he had gotten yesterday. As a cum whore he was having a great vacation. While he fingered his ass he remembered how the officer's cock had felt when it was deep inside him. He kicked the sheets off of himself and with his other hand Craig started to stroke his cock. Just as he was ready to cum the door to his cabin opened and it was Jim, the steward, catching him with a finger up his ass and a hand around his cock. Craig let go of his cock and pulled the sheets back up over his body.

"I'm so sorry Mr. Craig, I thought I saw you leave your cabin." This was the first time that Jim had called him anything other than sir. Jim just stood there looking at Craig.

"I'll be out of the cabin in about an hour."

"OK Mr. Craig, I'll come back." Jim began backing up but kept his eyes on Craig. "I'm sorry to have, uh, interrupted you." Jim pulled the door shut.

Craig thought that he noticed a noticeable bulge in Jim's uniform pants as he was talking to him. This was the third time that Jim had entered his cabin while Craig had been there. Craig began to wonder if the stewards ever got it on with the passengers. Jim was cute and Craig's cock started to harden up again. Soon Craig had his hand around it again and stroked thinking about what Jim might look like without his uniform on. As he was getting close to covering his abs and chest with cum, Craig glanced out of his balcony door and realized that this pier was different than the one they had docked at yesterday. There was another cruise ship across the pier that was about the same size as the ship that Craig was on. He noticed that there was a man standing on a balcony that was slightly higher than his own cabin. While he couldn't really tell because of the frosted glass on the other guy's balcony, it looked like he might be stroking his own cock while he was watching Craig on his bed. Craig slowed down his strokes and watched the man watch him. Craig turned his body so that his cock and ass were both in view of the man on the other ship. Once again started to finger his hole as he continued to stroke his cock.

Between pushing and pulling his finger from his ass and thinking that the passenger on the other ship was watching him, it didn't take long for Craig to cum. After he had squeezed out the last drops of cum from his dick, Craig ran his hand through the cum on his pecs and stomach and then brought his hand to his mouth making a show of lapping up his own cum. Based on the way that the other passenger was moving one of his arms, Craig was sure that he was beating off.

Craig got up from his bed making sure that the passenger on the other ship got a full view of his body before turning and heading for his cabin's bathroom. Craig smiled to himself.

After downing several aspirins, Craig took a long, hot shower trying to drive the hangover away. While he was in the shower it sounded as if his phone rang again. After shaving and working his hair into the messy look that he liked, he wrapped a towel around his waist and left the bathroom. The man on the other ship wasn't on his balcony which sort of disappointed Craig.

When Craig turned his head he noticed that the message light was flashing on his cabin phone. He punched in the code that he was prompted to do and heard his mother's voice. She said that they had to meet at the gangplank in 45 minutes for the tour she had signed them up for. The second message was also from his mother saying that they couldn't wait any longer since their tour was getting ready to leave and that they would see him later. Craig could tell by her voice that she was pissed. Oh well.

Craig thought it was a good idea to get some more sun time in so he pulled on one of his skimpiest box cut swimsuits. Since his family was already off the ship they wouldn't know that he was wearing it, both his parents would be embarrassed to see him in it. He pulled on a pair of shorts over the suit followed by a string tank and a pair of flip flops, after grabbing his iPad and sunscreen he left his cabin heading for the pool.

Since the ship was in port the pool area was pretty empty. Craig grabbed a couple of towels from the attendant and found a lounger that was in full sun. No sooner had he laid out a towel and laid down that one of the servers came over to see if he wanted anything. From behind his sunglasses Craig let his eyes wander over the server's body which was prime. Craig thought to himself that the cruise line must hire based on looks. He wanted to tell the server that he wanted him but instead ordered the drink of the day. No sooner had Craig lathered up his legs, chest, stomach and arms with sunscreen the server returned with his drink. As he had previously found out, the drink of the day was always something fruity made with rum. He decided he was going to pace himself, so he only sipped at it using the straw. Craig leaned back in his chair, put in his ear buds, picked one of his playlists, closed his eyes and let the sun warm his body.

After a while, Craig felt someone touch his arm. He opened his eyes and pulled out his ear buds turning toward whomever had touched him. It was Mark, the jilted boyfriend from their dining room table, sitting on the lounger next to him. Craig had seen his body when he had walked by his cabin the day before yesterday but up close he saw that Mark was cut even more than he had thought. Not only that but he was wearing a Speedo.

"Craig, right? We were at the same table the other night."


"I'm Mark." Like Craig would forget this hunk's name. They shook hands. Mark's hand was large and he had a strong grip. "Looks like you had the same idea as I did, a good day for some sun."

Craig thought that Mark must have been in the sun each day since they had left since his skin was a golden bronze and complimented his blonde hair. Even though Craig was lying down and Mark was sitting, Craig thought he remembered Mark as being a couple inches taller than his own 5'10". The man obviously worked out. Ever muscle group was nicely defined. With the exception of the part of his body that was covered by the small blue Speedo, Mark's body looked as hard as rock. Again, Craig wondered why Mark's girlfriend had dumped him.

Mark laid back on his chair and the server came by again asking if they wanted anything. Even though Craig had the unlimited drink package he let Mark buy him another drink of the day while Mark ordered himself a scotch with a splash of water.

Once they both had their drinks, Mark asked Craig about himself. Craig told him about the college he was attending and that his parents had made him come on the cruise. Marked listened intently and asked questions as appropriate. When he was done Craig asked Mark about himself. Mark shared with him that he was just finishing up an MBA and that he had been offered a job with an international firm in London. He also shared that the move was the reason he and his girlfriend had broken up, she wasn't willing to move to London and he wasn't going to pass up the opportunity. He also shared that they had been dating since high school but that he had hooked up with some other girls while he was in college. Mark asked Craig if he had a girlfriend and Craig told him no. He didn't want to come out to this man since Craig didn't want to have Mark say something inadvertently to his parents whom he hadn't come out to yet. "I'm surprised you don't have girls all over you." Craig didn't respond and Mark stared at him a little too long.

"I need to turn over before I burn." Craig sat on the side of his lounger facing Mark and began to lather up the back of his legs, arms, shoulders and neck. While hidden behind his sunglasses Craig checked out the package that appeared very ample in Mark's Speedo before lying on his stomach.

"Want me to get your back?" Craig wanted Mark to get more than his back.

"Sure, that'd be great."

Mark put some of Craig's sunscreen on his hands and rubbed it into Craig's back. Mark's hands felt good on his skin and Craig started to get a hard on. "There you go."


Mark laid back onto his lounger and closed his eyes. Craig continued to check out Mark's body until the sun and the booze lured him into sleep. He was awoken again by someone touching his arm.

"Hey man, I think I've had enough sun, I'm going to go back to my cabin, grab a shower and go into town. I'll see you later at dinner."

"See you." Craig watched Mark walk away with his eyes locked on the man's ass. Mark walked with swagger like he knew he was hot.

It wasn't long after that Craig decided he should get some food and go for a run in town. After grabbing a quick lunch, Mark went back to his cabin, lost the swimsuit and pulled on pair of running shorts over a jock. He stuck his room key in the inside pocket of the shorts and left the ship. He started to run as soon as he got on the pier. He passed through a building filled with tourist crap and then was out into the city.

The city, at least near the pier, wasn't very nice. The pier area was very industrial. After running by the cranes and containers Craig finally hit the tourist traps. There were also stores that must have served the local population. Some had fruits and vegetables in crates on the street and others had chickens hanging in their windows or displays of fish. Craig realized now why his parents had gone on an excursion instead of just shopping. That said, there still were a lot of tourists roaming the streets.

After running for about an hour, and with his body glistening with sweat and sunscreen, Craig realized he needed to use a bathroom. All of the touristy places had signs saying their restrooms were for customers only. After running a little farther, Craig came upon a cinder block building with the word "banos". He knew that meant bathrooms so he headed for the men's entrance. There was a Mexican sitting on a plastic chair outside of the entrance. As Craig started to enter, the man told Craig in very good English that it was $1 US to use the bathroom. Craig explained to the man that he didn't have any money with him, that he had left it back on the ship. The man looked Craig up and down while rubbing the front of his jeans. When Craig's eyes moved to the man's moving hand the man smiled and said "a cocksucker, I thought so." He turned to a man standing nearby and said "hijo de puta" and they both laughed. Turning back to Craig the man said "Ok, you can use it."

Craig went through the entrance and walked into a cinder block room with a sink, a urinal and a partitioned off toilet without a door. As Craig relieved himself in the urinal with a sigh, he heard the man outside say something in Spanish and then he entered the bathroom. He stood and watched as Craig put his dick back into his running shorts. Craig went over to the sink and washed his hands and started to leave.

"Not so fast marica, you don't get to use the john for free." The man pulled his cock out of his jeans while staring into Craig's eyes. As the man's dick hardened he waved it at Craig. Craig looked toward the door and then back at the Mexican's cock. "Don't worry, my amigo is watching the door."

Craig walked over and got to his knees on the concrete floor while looking up into the man's eyes. As the man continued to wave his dick, Craig grabbed his large balls feeling their heft. Still looking up at the man, Craig flicked his tongue across the piss slit of the man's cock making it jump before he took the large head into his mouth. Even though the Mexican tried to push more of his cock into Craig's mouth, Craig pulled his head back so just the man's head was in his mouth. The Mexican groaned as he continued to try to push more in. Craig slid off of the man's dick and pushed it up giving him access to the Mexican's balls. He licked both of them and then took the right one into his mouth. After sucking on it for a few seconds he let it pop out of his mouth as he turned his attention to the other ball. The Mexican was so excited that the started to stroke his cock while slapping it against Craig's forehead.

Finally the Mexican pulled back and aimed his dick at Craig's mouth. This time Craig opened his mouth and let the man stick his cock in as far as it could go until it hit the back of Craig's throat. Craig closed his lips and started to slide back and forth on the cock but not letting the head leave his mouth. When Craig raised his eyes up he saw that the Mexican had his head leaning back with his eyes closed. The next time when only the man's head was in his mouth, Craig started to use his tongue to tease its underside. Another moan from the Mexican. The man tried to push his dick back toward Craig's throat but Craig put his hands on the man's thighs stopping him from pushing more than his head in his mouth. The way that the Mexican's thighs were trembling he knew the man was close to blowing and he wanted to taste all of this man's cum. Using his tongue to encourage the man to shoot, Craig roughly rubbed his tongue on the underside of the man's head. Craig was rewarded with a fountain of cum. Unlike other men that shot several strings of cum, the Mexican just kept flooding Craig's mouth like a faucet had been opened. The man's seed was thick and tasted like the sea it was so salty. As the cum continued to flow Craig started to swallow as fast as he could not wanting any to leak out of his mouth. When the cum stopped, the Mexican pulled his cock out but gave Craig one last taste as he squeezed out two more drops of cum that landed on Craig's tongue. Craig smiled up at the man.

"Stay here, I want you to suck my amigo's dick then maybe we will call it even." The man left and he could hear him talk to his friend in Spanish and then the friend entered the bathroom. The second man didn't speak, he just pulled out his dick as he stepped toward Craig. This man was different, by his stance and hip movements he just wanted to fuck Craig's face. The whole time the man looked at his cock moving in and out of Craig's mouth. With no warning the man shot the first of three loads of sperm deep into Craig's mouth with most just going right into Craig's throat resulting in Craig not really tasting the man's cum except what was on the cock as it pulled out of his mouth. Without a word the second man stuffed his dick back into his pants, turned and walked out of the bathroom.

Craig heard a discussion going on outside of the bathroom between the two men. As Craig walked out of the bathroom the first Mexican put on hand on Craig's chest stopping him. "I don't think I can let you go yet. We want to make some more money today since it will be a couple of days before the next cruise ship docks here. Go back in. I'm sure there are some Americanos that would like to use your mouth while their wives shop, marica."

"I need to get back to the ship."

"You've got some time. If you don't do what I'm telling you I'm going to call my hermano, who works with the Policia. I'll let him know that you tried to, how do you say, come on to men in my banos. He'll take you in for being a puta and you'll end up missing your ship."

Craig looked around and saw that the sign now said $10 US instead of $1 US and that the second man was talking to single men that were walking by. Craig was torn, did he stick around and suck some more cock or risk that the Mexican would really call the police? As usual, cum won out and Craig went back into the bathroom. Over the next hour four men came into the john looking for a blow job and Craig took care of them. The Mexican came back into the bathroom and told Craig he better run back to the ship since it was scheduled to depart in about a half hour. There was no thank you or even an acknowledgement for what Craig had done. As he stepped out of the bathroom there were several men loitering around the bathroom who he assumed were waiting for a blow job. He was sorry that he was going to be letting them down. Craig was surprised when he realized one of the men was Mark, the jilted man from the ship. They briefly locked eyes as Craig moved by him.

All that cum had made Craig horny resulting in a semi boner. While his cock was full at least his jock covered dick wasn't swinging in his nylon running shorts as he jogged back to the ship. As he ran it was apparent that most of the passengers had already gone back to the ship. A few taxis went past him but he couldn't take one since he didn't have any money with him. Craig thought he saw Mark in one of the cabs. He picked up the pace.

Craig got back to the ship just as some crew were getting ready to raise the gang way. The woman who was staffing the machine that passengers stuck their keys in for admittance to the ship told Craig that he just made it back in time.

When Craig made it back to his cabin he saw the message light on his cabin's telephone. The message was from his mother wondering where he was since they hadn't found him when they had gotten back to the ship. She reminded him that tonight was the formal night and that he should remember to wear the tux that they had rented for the cruise. She also said that he should meet them at the bar near the main dining room for a drink before they were seated.

After a shower that included a quick beating off to release some pressure, Craig started to dress. His mother had let him rent a tux from a high end men's store instead of one of the chain stores so he had had the chance to make sure it was fitted well. He had decided to go with a more contemporary tuxedo that didn't have a cumber bund but instead they had tailored the shirt so that it fit him perfectly. He had also had the waist of the slacks fitted so that he didn't need to wear suspenders and his high, tight ass was nicely displayed After putting on the bow tie and highly polished dress shoes he left his cabin carrying the tux jacket. As he walked by Mark's cabin he wondered if the man was in his cabin and if he figured out that he was the guy that was giving blow jobs.

When he got to the bar he still wasn't wearing his jacket so that he was showing off his body as best as you could when it was covered in clothes. As he ordered a cocktail and waited for his parents and sisters he could tell that a lot of the women and several men were checking out his ass as they walked by or stopped to order a drink.

His family arrived with enough time for them to order a drink while Craig got his second. They told Craig all about their excursion which sounded boring as hell. His mother asked what he had done and he told her that he had a nice day just getting some sun by the pool and then going for a run in the city leaving the part about all the cum out of the conversation.

When it was finally time to be seated, Craig put on his jacket and followed his family into the dining room. Just as they sat down Mark appeared. Mark's tux was fitted as well, if not better, than Craig's. But as Craig watched him move toward the table all Craig could see in his mind was Mark in his Speedo from when they were at the pool. When he returned to reality, Craig was impressed with how the jacket of Mark's tux had been tailored perfectly to show off his broad shoulders and narrow waist.

After Mark had sat down across the round table from Craig their server came to get their drink orders. After the server moved away from the table to go get their drinks, Craig looked over to Mark finding him looking at him. Everyone around the table talked about how much they were enjoying the cruise and what they were planning in their next port of call, Puerto Vallarta. Each time he looked at Mark he would find him looking back at him.

Someone at the table talked about parasailing and Craig decided he wanted to give it a try. The idea made his mother happy since it was something they could all do together. After dinner, dessert and coffee, his parents said that they were going to go see the show. Craig declined and watched them leave the table with his sister. Craig decided he was going to go to the casino and play some Black Jack.

As he walked to the casino he could feel someone watching him, he looked back and he caught Mark following him. He asked Mark if he was going to the casino to which he replied that he was. Craig went to the $5 Black Jack table and Mark took the seat next to him. They both took their jackets off, draping them over the back of their chairs. Craig caught himself looking at how Mark's shirt fit him. The material hugged Mark like a second skin leaving no doubt how cut he was. Both men were up and down at the table but not ever getting ahead. Finally Mark suggested that they go to the Ice bar and get a night cap. After they got their drinks they walked out on the deck to look at the stars. Mark broke the silence, "You were the guy giving blow jobs in town today, weren't you?"

At this point Craig decided since Mark probably already knew that he was he just had to trust he wouldn't let anything slip to his parents. "Yeah."

Craig felt a hand on his ass. "I hear that guys suck cock better than women do. I've also heard that they can be better fuckers. Is that true?" Marks hand moved around Craig's ass.

"I've heard the same but I wouldn't know. I've never gotten a blow job from a woman or fucked one either."

"Hmmm....why don't we go back to my cabin and let me find out if it's true?"

Craig couldn't resist letting Mark feed and breed him so he agreed. Mark slapped his ass lightly and they went to his cabin grabbing another cocktail on the way. The cabin had already been serviced for the night so the bed was turned down and the lights were low with soft music playing on the television. After shutting and locking the door, Mark turned to Craig and told him to take off his clothes. As Craig did, Mark just watched not taking off his own tux. When he had his tux and everything else off, Mark told Craig to turn around. Craig turned bending slightly when he did so that his ass stuck out farther as it was facing Mark. After staring at Craig's body, Mark told Craig to take off Mark's clothes.

Mark was holding his jacket so Craig pulled it from his hand, threw it on the cabin's couch and then undid Mark's bow tie throwing it on top of the jacket. Craig began to slowly unbutton Mark's shirt. Even though Craig had already seen Mark's body close up at the pool he was mesmerized as Mark's chest was revealed. Craig let his hands linger on Mark's chest amazed at how hard it was. As his hand moved across Mark's nipples he could feel them harden. After completely unbuttoning Mark's shirt, taking out the cuff links and pulling it from the waist band of the tux pants, Craig lowered the shirt from Mark's shoulders. Craig let his hands skim across the wide shoulders down to the biceps that were also hard as rock.

Craig got down on his knees and got Mark out of his shoes and then pulled off his socks. When that was done he released the waist band and zipper of the slacks and let them slide down Mark's thighs and calves. Mark raised one foot and then the other allowing Craig to completely remove the slacks. Craig now focused on the short pair of silk boxers that Mark had on. The head of Mark's dick was sticking out beyond the hem of the boxers. This entire time Mark was watching Craig's face. As Craig pulled the waistband of the boxers down exposing Mark's cock, Craig leaned in to lick the shaft. Mark smelled of soap and a very masculine cologne. Craig nuzzled Mark's hardening dick as he pushed the boxers all the way to the floor allowing Mark to step out of them. All the while Craig had been licking the shaft of Mark's impressive piece of meat.

With his eyes looking up to Mark's, Craig slowly took his cock into his mouth until it was pushing hard against the back of his throat. Craig moved his head so that more of the cock entered his throat until the whole dick was in his mouth. Craig let it stay where it was as he moved his tongue and tightened and loosened his throat.

"Jesus Christ!" Craig slowly pulled back until just the head of Mark's cock was in his mouth. "What am I supposed to do?"

Craig pulled off Mark's dick, "what do you want to do?"

"I'm so horny, I want to fuck your mouth, it feels so good." Craig grabbed Mark's hands and brought them to the sides of his head and then took Mark's cock all the way back into his mouth and throat and stayed still. Mark realized what he was supposed to do, he held Craig's head in place and started to pull his cock back and then shove it back it so that the head rubbed against Craig's throat. Craig manipulated his tongue, lips and throat to give as much pleasure as possible to Mark.

"I'm going to cum." Mark tried to pull his cock out of Craig's mouth but Craig grabbed the base of it and help it firmly between his lips. Mark's dick let loose with ropes of cum that hit the back of Craig's throat. Using his tongue he kept some of it from sliding down so that he could enjoy its taste. Craig continued to suck each drop from Mark. When Mark couldn't take it anymore he pushed Craig's head back and pulled his cock from Craig's mouth. "That was unbelievable, I can't believe you swallowed my jizz, no girl has ever done that with me."

Once again looking up into Mark's eyes Craig started to lick Mark's balls and shaft but stayed away from his sensitive head. Mark's dick began to become engorged again. When it was back to it full length and firmness Craig pulled back and got up on the foot of the bed. Mark's sunscreen was sitting on the night stand so Craig grabbed it, squeezed some on his hand and spread it around and into his asshole. Mark watched in fascination. Craig squeezed some more and indicated to Mark that he should move closer. He spread the lotion on Mark's dick and then he spread his legs wide and waited. Mark got it, he got between Craig's legs and rubbed the head of his cock against Craig's slick hole. "Don't worry, you won't hurt me." Mark stopped moving his dick and pushed the head against Craig's hole. Almost like doing a sit up, Craig raised his back off the bed enough so that he could put his hands at Mark's waist and then pulled him forward, driving his dick deeper into Craig. Even though Mark didn't say anything, the look on his face told Craig that he had never felt this kind of sensation before. "Come on Mark, fuck me. Fuck me hard."

Mark raised Craig's legs so that they were over his shoulders and pushed Craig back on the bed as he began to plow Craig's ass. Mark closed his eyes as Craig egged him on, pushing back against each of Mark's thrusts. Sweat started dripping off of Mark's hard pecs on to Craig. Mark's breathing got ragged as his pounding got deeper and harder. Keeping his eyes on Mark's face, Craig said "You sure you've never done this before?" Mark's eyes flew open. In them Craig could see the Mark had turned into a savage with each thrust pushing him farther up the bed. Pretty soon Mark's was almost prone over Craig, their faces mere inches apart with their eyes locked. Craig was glad he had blown Mark since it seemed to allow Mark to take longer to dump his second load. Finally Mark threw his head back and growled as his seed lined Craig's inside. Once Craig had gotten Mark's second load he collapsed on Craig's chest where their sweat mingled. After a few minutes Mark rolled off to the side and stared into Craig's face. Craig was so horny that he started to beat his cock and Mark watched fascinated. He made sure to put on a good show until he shot his own load across his body hitting the head board, his face, his chest and his stomach. No words were spoken but both men were breathing hard until they both drifted off to sleep.

When Craig opened his eyes he could tell that the sun was starting to rise. Mark slept soundly beside him. Instead of waking him up for another round, although Craig would have liked that, he slid off the bed as quietly as possible, pulled on his tux pants and grabbed the rest of his clothes. He opened and closed the door making as little noise as possible and started down the hallway to his cabin. Jim, the steward, was a little farther down the hall and must have seen him leave Mark's cabin. When Craig looked at Jim before entering his cabin he winked at Craig, gave him a smile and said "I hope you had a good night Mr. Craig."


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