Craig rolled over as he woke up. As usual his dick was hard. His mind was foggy. Through the fog he remembered making it back in time for dinner. He was disappointed to remember that neither Mark nor an officer had joined them at their table. As a result, Craig had drank more wine than he should have and then ended up going to the casino, lost some money, and had more cocktails. He didn't even remember what time he had returned to his cabin but he was pretty sure he hadn't hooked up, which was disappointing.

Today was the day that the ship went to the cruise line's private island. Craig vaguely remembered his parents saying that they were going to stay on the ship and relax. Just to make sure he called his parents' cabin and confirmed that they were just going to find a couple of deck chairs and read. They also told him that his sister still wasn't feeling well and that she was going to stay on the ship as well.

Deciding what he was going to do, Craig pulled on a pair of shorts and stepped out on his balcony. Instead of being at a pier, he realized that the ship had dropped anchor and passengers were being taken to the islands on tenders, small motorized boats that also served as life boats. Going back into his cabin, Craig picked up the daily newsletter that Jim, the steward, must have brought to the cabin last night when he did the turn down service. It said that tenders would be ferrying passengers back and forth to the island all day with the last one departing the island at 7 pm.

Craig decided that he had nothing to lose by going to the island. If he found it too boring he could just take one of the tenders back to the ship. The newsletter had also said that there would be an all-day buffet and bar on the island. Craig thought it would be another good day to work on his tan.

After showering he picked yet another of the swimsuits he had packed. Since his parents wouldn't be joining him, he decided on the smallest suit he had brought, one that was just a little bit bigger than a Speedo. The suit was green and he liked the way the color looked on him, it brought out the blue/green in his eyes. As he checked himself in the mirror he liked how it fit his ass, Craig worked hard to keep his ass high and tight. He pulled a pair of nylon running shorts with side slits over his suit. The running shorts had a small net pocket that could hold his cabin key. Again, since his parents weren't going, he put on a white, cropped, sleeveless t-shirt. It used to have the name and mascot of his college but when he had cut it off he ended up removing the mascot and most of the college's name. It was cut off just below his chest exposing his taut abs. After sliding on a pair of flip flops and putting his sunglasses on the top of his head he headed down to the deck where passengers could board the tenders.

While he was waiting for the next tender he checked out his fellow passengers. Most were older couples or families. He had almost decided to forget about going when a young couple arrived. They both looked like they were in their mid to late twenties. The woman was very attractive with long blonde hair and tanned but fair skin. The bikini and shear wrap she was wearing showed off her toned body. The man she was with had the opposite coloring. His tan made his olive skin even darker. His hair and eyes were so dark they almost looked black. He was wearing a multi-colored pair of board shorts that barely could hide the size of his thighs. He was also wearing a short sleeved shirt that was open providing glimpses of the hard body it was covering. Like the board shorts, the sleeves of his shirt were pushed up since they probably couldn't fit over his biceps. Circling each bicep were tribal tattoos. In addition, another tattoo was peeking out from the shirt collar. The man was tall, probably 6'4" or 5". He easily must have weighed 230 or 240 pounds with very little body fat. He was in stark contrast to the woman who was relatively petite.

Craig and the couple ended up getting on the same tender and by chance Craig ended up sitting directly across the way from the man built like a mountain. The man casually threw his arm around the woman. Craig didn't see wedding bands on either of them. As is usual with most alpha males, the man spread his legs and had a hand dangling at his crotch. It was very obvious to Craig that the man wasn't wearing anything under his board shorts because the head of the man's cock was visible. If the head was any indication, the man's cock was in complete proportion with the rest of his body.

While Craig's eyes were drawn to the sight, he forced himself to look away but he couldn't stop himself from looking back time and time again. At one point Craig raised his eyes and caught the other man looking at him. The look on the man's face didn't reveal anything.

After an uncomfortable silence, the woman said "Hi, I'm Wendy". She stuck out her hand and Craig shook it. He then moved his eyes back to the man. "This is Rick." Craig stuck out his hand to Rick but the man didn't take his hand.

"I'm Craig." At this point Rick seemed to sneer at Craig. While Craig would have liked to continue to explore Rick's body with eyes, he returned his attention to Wendy.

"You alone Craig?"

"Yeah, my family stayed on the ship."

"Girlfriend didn't come with you?"

"Uh, no girlfriend, it's a family trip."

When Craig turned his eyes back to Rick he caught him staring at him again.

As the tender made its way to the private island, Craig tried to make small talk with Wendy but Rick just pulled her tighter sending her some sort of message. When they finally got off the tender, Wendy turned to Craig and said "We hope to see you later." Rick grunted and then he and Wendy walked away.

Some of the crew were standing near where the tender landed handing out towels to the passengers. After grabbing a towel, Craig went to the bar, which had a line, and waited to get the drink of the day. Craig noticed that both the bar and the buffet were staffed by many of the bartenders and servers that worked on the ship.

Craig found a nice stretch of beach that was far enough away from the families so that the yelling of the kids didn't bother him too much. Craig pulled off his nylon shorts and cropped t-shirt, spread out his towel and laid down on his back. He closed his eyes and let the sun warm his skin. When the sun got uncomfortable on his chest and face, Craig turned over to let his back get some sun. After a while, Craig got up and walked into the sea, letting the warm water pull some of the sun's heat from his body.

After returning to the sand, Craig decided to get something from the buffet. Instead of putting his shorts or cropped t-shirt back on, he walked to the buffet line in only his swimsuit. He couldn't help but notice the stares he was getting from most of the women and some of the men due to his skimpy suit.

Craig took a plate of food, got another drink of the day, and went back to his towel. He noticed that some of the people were already heading back to the ship on tenders. After finishing his lunch and his second cocktail, Craig laid back down on his back and closed his eyes.

Craig was awoken by a cough. When he opened his eyes, putting a hand up to block some of the glare, he saw that one of the servers was standing over him. While he didn't know for sure, he had the impression that the guy had been standing there for a while. "Can I take this stuff away for you sir?"

"Sure, thanks."

"Can I get you another drink?"

"Yeah, a drink of the day please." The server left.

Craig took the opportunity to roll over on his stomach. Glancing around again he saw that more of the passengers must have left and hardly any were around where he was laying. Since he had more privacy, Craig pulled the leg openings of his suit higher and pushed the waist down as far as he could without exposing too much of his ass crack to get a bit more sun on as much of his ass as he could.

As he lay in the sun, he could hear footsteps in the sand getting closer but then they stopped. He didn't think much about it until another minute later when he heard "Your drink sir." Craig opened his eyes, knowing for sure this time that the server had been watching him.

"Thanks." Craig watched the server walk away but caught him glancing back a few times. After a few sips of his cocktail, Craig put his head in his arms and floated off to sleep while the sun warmed his back, ass and legs.

Craig felt sand falling on his back. When he looked up he saw that Rick was standing over him in just his board shorts. From Craig's vantage point it looked like he was staring up at a giant. Rick was glaring at him.

"Get up faggot, grab your towel and follow me." Craig just stared at him. "I told you to get up."

Craig looked around and saw that most of the passengers must have returned to the ship, there was hardly anyone around except the crew that were starting to clean up.

"Get up!" Again, Craig couldn't help himself, his eyes moved over Rick's huge, hard body stopping only to enjoy the obvious outline of the man's dick.

"Don't make me tell you again."

Craig sat up. "Where's Wendy?"

"The bitch went back to the ship."

Rick bent forward and put one of his immense hands around Craig's upper arm and pulled him to his feet. "Grab your towel." Craig bent down to pick up the towel and could feel the back of his swimsuit ride up his ass. When Craig stood back up, he started to straighten his suit. "Now you're worried about showing your ass? It's been hanging out for the last hour." Craig bent down again to pick up his cropped t-shirt and started put it on. "Why the fuck are you even wearing that? It looks like the kind of thing some slut I'd bang would wear."

Rick grabbed Craig's arm again and started walking him further down the beach away from the buffet, bar and tenders. "Where are we going?"

"To find someplace where you're going to get the best piece of meat you've ever had faggot."

Craig didn't know if he wanted to try to get away or find out if Rick was telling the truth. All he had to do was call out and he would get the attention of the crew before they got too far away. Rick continued to push him forward.

"God damn bitch. I've been trying to tap that since I met her but no, she wouldn't let me get close. She had balls though, she suggested we go on this cruise and I thought for sure I was finally gonna get to do her." Craig couldn't tell if Rick was telling him this or just talking to himself. "First night on the fucking ship she saw my cock and then she wouldn't even come near me, said I would hurt her with it. She wouldn't even fucking try. God damn bitch. Started putting the moves on her back there on the beach and she got pissed and went running back to the ship. This is the first time she hasn't been glued to me. I didn't even have the chance to find some chick on the ship to give it to. Fucking bitch."

Rick continued to push Craig forward until they weren't in the sight line of anyone still on the beach. "I'm so fucking horny, I've never gone this long without a piece of ass. I couldn't even beat off 'cause she was always right there."

Rick spun Craig around so they were face to face. It took all Craig could do not to reach up and feel Rick's chest.

Rick locked eyes with Craig. "I've had fags come on to me as long as I can remember, in high school, college, at work, at the gym, out at the bars. I could tell by the way that you were looking at me on the boat that you were a fag. I've never let a guy near my cock but I'm so god damn horny you're going to have to do."

Rick pushed his board shorts down revealing the biggest cock that Craig had ever seen. Still flaccid, it had to be a good 9" with a huge mushroom head. The shaft was almost as thick as Craig's wrist. Rick wrapped his ham sized hand around his cock and started to stroke it. Craig watched in fascination as it started getting bigger.

"Get to work cocksucker. I can tell by the way that you're staring that you want to."

Craig didn't know if he could suck a cock as big as Rick's but he decided to try. He got down on his knees, Rick let go of his cock and Craig wrapped his hand around the shaft just below the head. Craig's fingers only made it about 2/3s of the way around the shaft.

Rick put his hand behind Craig's head and pulled it forward. "Open up." Craig opened his lips and felt Rick try to push the head of his cock into Craig's waiting mouth. Craig opened as wide as he could and Rick was able to push the head past Craig's lips. Craig remained still, trying to get used to the size of Rick's cock.

"Shit man, I've had chicks that could take more than you have." Rick tried to pull Craig's head farther onto his dick. Craig tried to move back but Rick kept his head in place while still trying to push deeper. Craig had to grab hold of Rick's tree trunk thighs just to keep from falling backward.

Rick was relentless in pushing his cock in deeper. Craig was surprised to find out that if he slid his tongue forward that he could take more of the giant's dick into his mouth. As Rick continued to push, Craig was amazed that he could get so much cock in his mouth. Craig was having difficulty breathing and his usual control of his gag reflex wasn't working. Rick didn't seem to care, he continued his assault of Craig's mouth. When it became obvious to Rick that he wouldn't be able to push anymore of his dick into Craig's mouth and throat he just started to face fuck Craig. Using both hand, Rick kept Craig's head still so that he could use his mouth the way he wanted to. Craig realized that with each thrust a little bit more of Rick's cock was entering his throat. The only time that Craig could catch a breath was when Rick pulled back.

The assault of Craig's mouth seemed to last forever but then Rick stopped when only his head was still in Craig's mouth. As Rick yelled, "Bitch doesn't know what she's missing", a torrent of cum started to fill Craig's mouth. Just like everything else about Rick, his load was huge. Craig couldn't swallow fast enough. His throat and mouth were both full. Cum was streaming down the sides of his chin. It even felt like cum was being pushed up his nasal passages. Finally it stopped and Rick slide his cock between Craig's lips a few more times. When Craig tried to get the cum that was covering Rick's cock, Rick pushed Craig's head off. "We need to use some of this."

Craig stared at Rick's cock, thinking that it would start to deflate but it didn't. "Did you like that cocksucker? You're going to like what comes next." Again, Craig could have tried to bolt or yell but instead all he could think about was what Rick would feel like deep inside of his ass.

Without any prompting, Craig stood and pulled off his swim suit and then dropped so he was on his hands and knees. He watched as Rick moved behind him and down on his knees. Rick rubbed his cum covered cock down Craig's ass crack until the head was pressed against his hole. Craig took a couple of deep breaths and then pushed back against Rick. Slowly Rick's head started to part Craig's ass. Rick was impatient, he grabbed ahold of Craig's hips and pulled him back. The head of Rick's dick pushed through Craig's sphincter. Craig stifled a groan. "Ready for some more gay boy?" With that Rick rammed his cock into the depths of Craig's ass. While Craig should have been offended by the man's tone and words he was actually enjoying how the man's immense dick felt inside of him.

Rick but a hand on to Craig's back pushing his head closer to the sand while allowing him to push more of his massive dick as deep as possible. With each thrust, Craig's own cock was getting harder. With the next stab of Rick's member, Craig's cock began to drop precum. Rick's moves became frenzied, he was losing control. "Take it bitch!" Craig didn't know if he was speaking to him or to Wendy but it didn't matter, Craig had never felt like this before.

A minute later Rick stopped moving, the only thing he did was to pull Craig far enough back that he could feel Rick's pubes against his ass. Craig's ass was filled with, what felt like, a gallon of man seed. At the same instant, Craig sprayed a load of his own juice on the sand. When the flood stopped, Rick pushed Craig off of his dick. He grabbed the towel and cleaned his cock, pulled up his board shorts and walked away. Not a word was exchanged.

Craig sat down on the sand and could feel the cum leak from his ass. He sat there for a minute trying to wrap his mind around what had happened. A giant of a man he hadn't set eyes on before a few hours ago had used his mouth and his ass. It was probably the best fuck he had ever had.

Craig wiped his ass as well as he could with the towel, pulled up his swimsuit, grabbed his nylon shorts and started the walk back to the tenders. He hadn't walked very far when he smelled the distinctive odor of pot. Curious he pushed through some bushes and found three of the servers and bartenders sitting and passing a joint. The way they looked at him he knew that they had seen what had just happened with Rick.

One of the men took the joint from his lips and handed it to Craig. Another of the men said something in an Eastern European dialect that Craig interpreted as encouragement to take a hit, which he did before passing it on to one of the other men.

Even though Craig knew that these men could speak English, he had interacted with them, they spoke among themselves in their native language. One of the men grabbed his crotch in a lewd fashion while looking at Craig. One of the other men opened up his zipper and pulled his dick out. Craig could have walked away and gone to a waiting tender but instead he walked closer to the man with his cock out and got down on his knees. Craig needed more cum and he took a load from each man before walking with them back toward the tenders.

Craig was one of the last passengers to board a tender. The three men he had just serviced were animatedly speaking to other members of the crew. The day's events affected him in such a way that all he could think of was cock. He couldn't help but check out the crotches of the men with him on the tender wondering what each cock looked like under their shorts and swimsuits. His own cock grew hard just thinking about them. When the tender arrived at the ship, Craig had to wrap the towel around his waist since his small swimsuit couldn't contain his own cock.

Craig was in a haze as he walked to his cabin. It was almost time for dinner so he took a long, hot shower and dressed. As he walked by one of the bars on the way to the dining room he could have sworn that the two bartenders stared at him as he passed.

He had just sat down with his parents when he saw Mark, the jilted boyfriend who had fucked Craig two nights ago, walk toward the table. As Mark got closer he saw that he had his arm around someone. It wasn't until Mark was almost at the table that Craig realized that it was his sister with Mark. Mark and Craig's eyes locked. At the same time their server put a hand on Craig's shoulder, "Is there anything that you'd like to drink?"


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