Now I could put the ultimate part of the plan into operation. The brunette was good at what she did. On the date she specified, she had everything set up, and all of her directions, as I had outlined to her, were followed to a tee. We were in her darkened bedroom, stretched out on the bed. I was the one in the black mesh stockings and the spiked heels. I had shaved my legs, just like the coven liked them. Also made sure I was buried in pillows so that my torso and face were covered in the deeper shadows in the room. The brunette was straddling me, doing a very good job of pretending that two cunts were being rubbed together in ecstasy when, in actual fact, she was getting a deep fuck that she seemed to be enjoying immensely.

She had told Doug that she wanted to surprise a girlfriend of hers. That she understood he was known for having a monster cock, and that her girlfriend enjoyed taking monster cocks up the ass. It was her friend's birthday, and she wanted to surprise her with a threesome. Doug was intrigued with the idea and agreed to enter the dark apartment through the door the brunette would leave open, to shed his clothes in the living room, and to quietly enter the bedroom and plow the girlfriend's ass while the brunette serviced her from above. Then he could fuck both women together if he wanted to.

Doug arrived exactly when and as told. He'd popped his capsules, so both women were going to get the ride of their lives. As he entered the bedroom, he could barely make out the pair on the bed. But he saw the back of the brunette he knew, her hair flowing down her back and her pelvis rubbing up and down on the figure under her. The figure under her had nice legs, accentuated by enticing black mesh stockings and stiletto heels. Her legs were wide apart, knees bent on the edge of the foot of the bed, and Doug could see that her ass was wide open to him.

He came up to the humping figures. To let the brunette know he was there, he put his arms around her, covering her ample breasts with his hands, and jiggled her quarter-sized nipples while nuzzling his face into her neck. The brunette giggled and then took in a gulp of breath, as she felt Doug's now-huge cock run up between her shoulder blades.

Two impossibly hung men. Her resolved faltered for a brief moment, while she considered not fulfilling her part of the deal in trade for the possibility of having thirteen inches run up her from both sides at the same time, but a deal was a deal, and if she played it right she might eventually get both of them in her simultaneously anyway.

The brunette turned her face to Doug and gave him a deep kiss and then whispered in his ear to go ahead, that she'd help control her girlfriend.

So Doug moved back, sliding his dick off the brunette's back, and carefully putting his hands on the bottom figure's ankles, he lifted the legs up and away from him, rolling the two figures so that the butt rolled up on the one with the stockings and further exposed 'her' asshole to him.

There was an exclamation from the top of the bed, which was muffled by the pillows, and the stockinged legs flinched. The brunette soothed her friend.

'It's OK, Suzy.' the brunette cooed. 'It's my birthday surprise to you. A hot, heavy cock from a real hunk, right up your ass. Just the way you like it. Just lay there and enjoy it, Honey. Debbie's taking care of everything. You'll simply drool when you see how hunky the man is who plowed you.'

More muffled noises from the top of the bed, but 'Suzy' obviously didn't object to this surprise. Doug went down on his knees at the foot of the bed, running his hands down the stockinged legs to the thighs and holding the butt in the presentation mode. The brunette's butt draped down to where Doug couldn't get a look at 'Suzy's' twat, but he could clearly see the asshole. It gaped a bit. It was quite apparent that 'Suzy' indeed liked to be plowed in the ass. That was all the confirmation Doug needed. His nose and mouth went to her crack. She was lightly perfumed in an enticing scent.

Doug kissed the hole, and the butt twitched. He rimmed it with his tongue, and the stockinged legs trembled. He inserted and flicked his tongue and he could hear a moan that was distinct from the considerable moaning and sighing the brunette was doing and my cock gained interest, thickened, and marched farther up the brunette's cunt. If the capsules and Doug's ministrations combined well, the brunette would enjoy at least four more inches of me before her role was done.

Doug went to work seriously in moistening and opening the asshole. When he was satisfied, he stood and placed the head of his dick at the entrance to my ass. He rotated it around in what was a remembered way as he slowly worked it in the first inch. I moaned for him appreciatively and moved my ass for him to help him gain purchase and to show him I was interested and ready for him.

I thought the game was going to be up then, though, as he lifted one of my legs, flipped the shoe off, and started to roll the stocking off my leg. In the heat of the moment he either didn't realize my leg was as heavily muscled as it was or he thought he'd encountered a woman runner and weight lifter, but it probably turned out to be a really good thing that I'd shaved the legs and painted my toenails. He then began kissing my feet, ankles, and calves and as far up the leg as he could get without losing the position of his dick helmet in my ass. Where his lips couldn't reach, he sent his hand, and his fingers continued from my leg to my ass and, as he had done with me on the coven altar, he inserted three fingers, at nine, twelve, and three o'clock, between the sides of his shallowly emplaced cock and the sides of my ass canal. He slowly worked his fingers in two inches and spread them. His dick followed along behind, between the fingers, and he was in two inches. This was a maddenly inventive and sensual entry plan that, I'm sure, worked equally well for men and woman. I let him know I appreciated the performance by groaning and moaning in falsetto and lurching my butt toward him as best I could to take him in another half inch. He met the challenge by digging deeper with his fingers, spreading and gaining an extra inch of buried cock. He was well beyond my sphincter muscle now, which pulled him on another inch, and he withdrew his fingers. I showed him how much I was enjoying this by working my free foot, the one on the leg not being run up the left side of his magnificent chest, and the one still in stockings and heels, to where I could push the toe up under his ball sac and apply pressure behind the root of his cock.

Doug exclaimed and laughed aloud. Then he grunted as I started running the toe across his perineum in search of his asshole. Then he yelped and pulled my foot out from between his legs and flipped the shoe off. Grabbing both of my legs at the calves he wishboned me and ran his cock into me at six or seven inches and began a slow and shallow fuck of my ass. I had hoped he wouldn't notice that I was equipped with a prostate and, to tell the truth, I didn't know whether than even could be discerned by a cock in full heat. But, by chance, I had encouraged him to push even deeper. He slowly mined the depths, pumping me at several levels. At eight inches, he brought my legs back to run up between his now-heaving chest and the brunette's back. I had been playing with the brunette's tits, just as she was playing with mine, and I just got my hands away in time for Doug to take over. He must have been rougher on her tits than I was, because she was yipping and moaning and groaning and bouncing a bit on my skewer, which went to eleven inches under her attention.

After a few minutes, he wishboned my legs again so that he could bury meat to nine inches, where he spent some time in an energetic slide in and slide out fuck. It seemed like this was as far as he was going to go, not having any idea of my tolerances, but in the highest and most muffled voice I could manage and still get the idea across, I yelled, 'Deeper, harder. Debbie said you were a hung stud. Feed me some meat.'

With a flair of anger, he pushed immediately to the eleven-inch level and to alternating long and short strokes.

'Deeper, deeper,' I cried, and the brunette was writhing and throwing herself about now, as I was plowing her deeper too.

'You asked for it, Babe,' Doug muttered, as we dipped more than twelve inches. I was expanding and contracting my ass muscles just to let him know that I could play a good game to.

Doug let loose of my legs again, and grabbed for the brunette's tits, trying to keep her from throwing herself around so much. While one hand squeezed a tit, the other moved down her belly, in search of her cunt, ready to play with her there as well.

And that was when he learned there was a dick up her cunt, not another cunt rubbing against hers.

Luckily I had reached thirteen inches inside the brunette by then and was bathing her deeply with semen, my ejaculation coming at the precise minute that Doug had encircled the root of my cock with his fingers in wonder of what he had found down there.

'Now!' I yelled at the brunette. 'Off now! As agreed.'

The brunette dutifully rolled off from between us and over the side of the bed. She hobbled over to a lounge chair, turned the lights up a notch at a nearby switch, draped herself in the chair, and watched the two hung studs go at it while she rubbed her clit with a very experienced finger.

And then it was just Doug and me. I stretched on the bed and him posed over me, in shock, his cock twelve inches up my ass. As I was prepared for this, I was faster off the mark then he was. I wrapped my legs around his ass, holding him inside me, while I pulled him onto the bed. Rolling him with my body, I got him on his back, with his legs off the foot of the bed. I was straddling him, still encased in his cock, and I planted my hands on his shoulders at the arm pits, while I wildly bounded up and down on his cock, driving him even deeper into me.

'What?' He was crying. 'Kevin? What? How? Why? Stop that. Get off me!'

'No,' I exclaimed. 'Pump me. Fuck me. Deeper. Deeper. Plaster me deep with your cum.'

'Oh, God! No, I can't,' he cried.

But I didn't listen to him. I pulled his torso up to me and parted his lips with mine and went into a full, French kiss. Our tongues met, and slowly he succumbed to me, as I continued to fuck myself on his cock in deep, shallow strokes. His head flopped back and my lips and teeth went to his nipples. His hands went to my butt cheeks and squeezed hard.

He was moaning and groaning, fighting me, but with ever weaker resolve. And eventually, he let out an animal sound and overpowered me. Rather than retreating, though, he pushed me over on my side, during which his dick was extracted from my ass. But he went on his side as well, and nestling my butt into his groin, he lifted my black-mesh stockinged leg high into the air and entered me again. This time he stopped briefly at my prostrate to get my cock bubbling precum again and then slid deep into my ass. We were in his favorite position. I had won. He was mine. I hummed quietly to myself as he deep fucked me to the thirteen-inch level. He was holding my flat, panting belly firmly into his lap with his free hand, sliding the black stocking off with the other and running his hand up and down my smoothly shaved legs and deep kissing my mouth. I heard him sigh in resignation as he came deep inside me, lathering my insides once more with the powerful spurts of his man juice.

We lay there for an eternity. Both of us full of drugs that held us at full erection. Doug allowed me to drop my leg, but he stayed encased deeply inside me. His hand now was playing with my long, thick cock and my balls.

'You know why I did this, don't you?' I whispered into Doug's neck.

'The coven. Revenge for the coven experience. I can't go back now. I've had sex with a man outside the coven.'

'Right,' I answered. 'But it was for me too. I want you inside me. This seemed the only way. I wasn't going to join the coven.'

Doug laughed quietly. 'But I like variety,' he said.

'So do I,' I replied. And danger, if it comes to that.

'I could just ignore that this happened, and continue with the coven, you know,' Doug countered.

'Probably not,' I replied. 'I know where the mansion is. I'm sure I could convince the master you'd fallen off the wagon.' And then I told him the address of Donatien's mansion, and Doug rewarded me with another dry laugh.

'It was getting as little dangerous there for me anyway,' Doug whispered. 'Donatien was losing position as I was gaining it. He could only see that as a threat.'

'I noticed,' I said. 'No one, including Don, made love to me that night like you did. I'm sure he noticed.'

A cough was heard from across the room. 'If you boys aren't using that big long cock, I know where you can find a case for it.' The brunette who had helped me and who politely stayed off to the side, enjoying the show, as I seduced Doug and he fucked my brains out was pleading her case.

'So, would you be up for our hostess?' I asked Doug.

'I'm still very hard up your ass,' he laughed. 'Does it feel like I've lost interest in a good fuck?'

'OK, she's was very good about this,' I said. Let's give her a thrill.

We bounced off the bed, and Doug asked, 'Cunt or ass?' as we strode toward a surprised, but very pleased buxom brunette.

'Ass, I guess,' I answered as we got to the chaise lounge and lifted the brunette up on her feet. 'I've plowed her cunt already tonight. She probably will appreciate the change.'

The brunette looked like she would very much appreciate the servicing by the two luscious studs no matter who stuffed what where.

Doug grabbed the big, square pillow off the back of the chaise lounge and plunked it down on the bottom edge of the lounge. He then sat down on it, with his feet on the floor, and directed the brunette to sit in his lap, facing him. She did so, and Doug positioned his erect phallus at the entry of her cunt, held her up under her breasts with his strong hands, and slowly lowered her onto his totem pole.

The brunette gasped and moaned and sighed and gave little yipping sounds as she slowly descended his rod.

'Oh my, oh yes. Oh, my God. No, it's okay. I've already had one this size up me tonight. Go ahead. Oh, yes. Oh, Baby. Oh God. Pump me. Fuck me deep. Oh, Baby.'

When she was fully skewered, Doug began to lift and push her down, alternatively, fucking her deeply, as she had requested. The brunette's neck loosened, and her head flopped around. She was clearly enjoying this.

I came up close behind her and let my cock run up her spine just as Doug had done earlier, and brought my hands around her and worked her tits just as he had done. And she moaned as deeply for me as she had for him. This time, however, her chest was pushed into Doug's, and I was playing with his tits as well. I got their nipples on both sides in line and brushed them back and forth across each other, and both rewarded me with sighs and moans. My chin rested on the brunette's shoulder and Doug and I kissed each other deeply.

'You, you. Now you,' the brunette whispered in my ear insistently.

So I moved back, tilted the brunette's pelvis up and tongued her asshole briefly. She had used the same enticing perfume on her ass that I had to fool Doug. Then I slowly entered her ass, while she cried out in pain and ecstasy, telling me in no uncertain terms not to stop pushing up her ass no matter how she screamed until she had all thirteen inches of both of us. I obliged, and once rooted, both Doug and I moved our cocks in and out and around, until, in a flopping frenzy, the brunette achieved her orgasm, which was well timed with Doug's ejaculation.

The brunette was cooing when I pulled out of her, pushed her and Doug onto their backs on the chaise, spread Doug's legs, and entered him. I didn't stop to rub his prostate or anything else, but pushed in a good six inches, before he had the presence of mind to scream.

The brunette started laughing and pinned Doug to the chaise with her ample bosom. Doug fought me with his powerful legs, but I already was deeply encased, and pushed in farther with each of his lurches.

'God, you'll split me. Get off,' Doug yelled.

'Don't be a baby,' I said, as I pushed to ten inches. 'I saw you get fucked at the coven affair, and you were liking it then. This is all part of the plan.'

'Ohhh, Awww,' he screamed as I pushed in eleven inches and then started a furious, long-stroked pumping action.

Doug heaved up furiously, and the brunette went off one side of the chaise, and Doug and I went off the other side. Doug and I landed in a side-split position, with me still embedded, and I lifted his leg high in the air and drove the full thirteen inches in. He let out a cry, but that soon subsided into a whimper, which changed to a sensual moan and a purring sound deep in his throat, as I pumped him in the ass with long and deep strokes and worked his tool and balls with my hand. In short order, he was moving in rhythm with me, and I was learning why he liked this position so much. When I came, our lips were locked together and our tongues were dueling. Our hostess turned out the lights and collapsed on her bed with a very satisfied sigh, while we lay there on the floor next to the chaise lounge the rest of the night, with me buried deep inside Doug, as the drugs wore off. I felt he was truly mine now.



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