The fresh, clean air of the mountain country was good for Doug. Within a few weeks, I was able to harden his cock through, first sucking him off, and later, taking the lead in sitting in his lap with his dick up my ass canal. Merely days later, he was back to humping me in his favorite sidesplitting position. But the fire was not in our fuck sessions yet. We just hadn't reached anywhere near the intensity we had enjoyed before his ass had been reamed by that rhinestone-encrusted double fuck.

One afternoon I left him at the cabin and drove down into the little town in the foothills to buy groceries. I was hauling them to the car when I noticed a young, lean cowboy, decked out in flannel shirt unbuttoned to half way down his chest, tight weathered jeans, leather cowboy boots, and a black cowboy hat. He was leaning against the bumper of a van with smoked windows and rubbing his basket while he watched me sling my sacks of groceries around. I smiled and tipped my cowboy hat and he smiled and tipped his, and then I headed to the men's room at the side of the country store to take a piss before driving the winding road up the side of the mountain.

Unbeknownst to me, the young man followed close behind me into the small restroom and turned the lock on the door behind him. I heard the lock turn and twirled around to see that there were two of us in a rather small, smelly space.

'What, the fuck?' I started to say, not realizing I had turned him on so quickly or that he had been right behind me when I entered the john.

'Don't speak,' he said in a hoarse voice, as he stopped my speech with his lips and pulled the tail of my shirt out of my pants and ran the fingers of both hands up my torso to my nipples. He was a lithe, handsome devil, with a deep tan and well-cut features, so I didn't give him much of a fight.

With little more preliminary action, he was undoing my belt buckle and pulling my pants off my hips. His mouth sent to tracing my engorging dick through my briefs. He had me pushed back onto the toilet, where my butt was perched, and he was making appreciative clucking sounds at the back of his throat.

'Not here,' I managed. 'Anyone could be out there waiting and would see us both leaving together.'

'My van,' he answered. 'I'll be waiting in my van.'

He left me then, and I took care of the business that had brought me to the men's room to begin with, adjusted my clothes, and left the restroom, intending just to go back to my car and drive on up the mountain to the cabin. But, as had happened before, curiosity got the best of me, and I walked over to the open back door of the van instead.

He was waiting for me, just inside the van. He was naked except for his boots and cowboy hat, and his heavily tanned body was beautiful. He pulled me into the back of the van and tore off my clothes, as first his hands and then his mouth found my cock and balls. We were in the third seat back, where there was room in front of the seat from the access corridor for us to move. He had me in the seat and was kneeling in front of me, with his mouth on my cock and his arms running back along my thighs, hands cupping my butt cheeks from behind.

I let him suck me until desire got the best of me and then I rose up around him, brought him up on his feet and pushed his chest against the back of the seat I had just vacated. His hands grabbed for two straps hanging at the edge of the ceiling on either side of the inside of the van, and he dug his heels into the carpet of the entryway to the backseat, while my tongue and lips went to his asshole. He moaned and writhed under my ministrations.

When I went to enter him, though, I found that he was very tight and that he tensed up noticeably when the helmet of cock rubbed around at his opening.

'Have you ever done this before?' I asked.

'No, never. But don't mind that. I want to do it now.'

'Never been fucked?' I asked again.

'No, never. I've always been top, but I want to be your bottom.'

I had an idea. 'I don't mind topping you, but I know where there's a truly magnificent cock that can be your first one. You can do me here, and then I'll lead you to where you can be fucked for the first time royally, and then I'll do you after that if you still want me. What do you say?' I suddenly had formed the idea that perhaps what Doug needed to get him truly started again was some variety, a virgin hole in a really nice stud. I remembered him telling me that he wanted variety. This could be my gift to him to try to make up for all of the trouble I'd gotten him into.

'So, what do you say?' I repeated.

'But I could do you now?' the young cowboy asked. 'I've gotta get my rocks off soon, or I'll burst.'

'Yes,' I laughed, 'Let's reverse and you go ahead and do me now.'

I moved back, and the cowboy turned, took a seat cushion up from the second row of seats and placed it on the seat we'd been straddling. This would elevate my butt to a more convenient level for his cock. I sat on the cushion and lifted my legs, wedging one in the frame of the open door and the other in the frame of the back window on the other side of the van.

The cowboy had a nice, hard piece, with a gentle crook in it that made it rise toward his belly, and he was quickly sending it up my ass canal and pumping with the vigor of youth. I stroked my cock while I enjoyed his pile driving. He came before I did and so he nestled beside me and jacked me off the rest of the way.

When we were finished, I gave him directions to the cabin. He said he'd be along in a bit that he still had to do a little gathering of provisions before he could go back up into the hills. He apologized for being so forward with me, but he said that there was something about me that had been irresistible and that also had told him I'd be willing, and he'd been up in the mountains all alone for weeks without a good fuck.

I drove back up to the cabin and told Doug, who was stretched out on the sofa, that I'd have a pleasant surprise for him after I put the groceries away.

A knock at the door introduced a surprise for more than Doug. I opened it, expecting to find my randy cowboy. And I did find my randy cowboy, but I found so much more. Standing behind him were Donatien and the Jamaican, Thomas, and behind them was my disloyal, lying vice detective lover. The latter was grinning at me, his eyes wild with tension and desire, and one hand slapping a rubber junior baseball bat against his calf.

Donatien stood there, supervising, a big devilish grin on his face and his arms folded across his chest, as Thomas and the cowboy carried a screaming and wriggling Doug back toward the bedroom door and my drill sergeant detective pushed me over on my back on the dining room table, tore at my clothes, and got the end of the child's bat between my legs, pushing up between my thighs. I arched my back and screamed, simultaneously cursing myself for entering the cowboy's van rather than quickly driving away, as, once again, I found myself sacrificed to my insatiable curiosity.

That's when I knew this never would end.



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