When I awoke, it was nearly dawn, and I was back at the gym parking lot, fully clothed and lying on the back seat of my car, but aching and hurting in every nook and cranny of my body. I was still a little woozy from the drugs and the loss of blood and moved with great lethargy and moans that were completely different from those that Don and Doug had dragged out of me earlier in the evening. I'm sure that much of what had happened in that stone vault was subsequently lost to me, and I even began to question how much of it was real and how much of it was my vivid imagination at work. I found that, for the life of me, I couldn't even remember now where the party had been; I didn't have the foggiest notion how we had gotten there. But I could feel the pain in my ass canal and could feel it stretched so wide that I doubted it would ever return to the tightness it had before this repeated plowing, a fact that wasn't all that unpleasant for the many men I subsequently tried out in search of the level of pleasure that Doug had given me in that last glorious side split.

I found a note on my dashboard. It was from Doug. I had passed my initiation with flying colors, he said. The master had been very pleased. And if I was interested in joining his coven, I should leave a note pasted to his locker in the gym. If not, though, I would never see Doug again and should not try to find him. He wouldn't come back to work out at that gym unless I joined the coven; he was not permitted to have sex with other men outside the coven. He noted that he had shared women outside the coven with those he'd initiated before but that he didn't think he could trust himself with me in such a situation. He admitted that I had been the best fuck he'd ever had. Left with the note was a small bottle of capsules. A handwritten tag on the bottle said, 'The answer to a thirteen-inch cock. Take two.' I opened the bottle and counted the capsules, wondering even then who I might deem worthy of a surprisingly deep fuck - or whether I'd save them all to slip into the meal of some hunky man I picked up in a bar and took home.

I might be the curiosity type, but no one could say that it was impossible to fully satisfy my curiosity. I didn't leave a note for Doug. I still found him maddenly attractive, and there were moments for some time that the memory of his masterful cock and searching lips and hands filled my thoughts as fully as his cock had filled and stretched my very core, although, yes, I did get a thirteen-inch fuck from a wildly surprised and another appreciative hunk from time to time during the next few weeks. But, now that I was away from that stone vault, I could accept that Doug had cold bloodedly and purposely procured me as a virginal sacrifice to his master in some dark Satanic ritual. And I could see now that the privilege he had received of sharing me with the master - albeit after the master had taken all forms of my male-on-male virginity - in the highest ritual was just a reward from Doug's having found, cultivated, seduced, and delivered me. Doug was probably out cultivating another sacrificial lamb right now. I found I could not forgive him for that, even though I seemed no worse for the experience after I'd rested for a week. Within a couple of weeks, I noted that Doug's locker at the gym had been reassigned to a pudgy executive who looked well beyond ready for retirement, even though he was still randy enough to give me a few purposeful looks.

I went on to experiment with my sexuality with other men - to the surprise of several who thought it was my charms alone that had coaxed their cocks to over a foot long. But nothing I did in the ensuing weeks approached the wildness of when my virginity was first sacrificed - nor the satisfaction of that first deep fuck I had gotten from Doug. And that's why I set out to find and compromise Doug, both to pull him from the coven and to experience that incredible dick inside me once more.

It took me over eight months of intense searching through all of the gyms in and around the city before I found Doug, but I did find him. I stayed in the shadows and watched him as he put the moves on a young, Middle Eastern university student who seemed far more oblivious to what was going on than I had been when Doug seduced me. He also was chatting up the women in the gym, and I saw his lack of struggle when a buxom brunette had him up against a wall near the passage to the locker rooms and was exploring his basket with her hands.

I laid out my plans carefully. I determined the evenings that Doug regularly attended the gym and then scoped out the evenings that the student and the buxom brunette attended the gym when Doug wasn't there. I also followed Doug home from the gym until I struck on a night when he went out to Donatien's suburban mansion. I made note of the address of the mansion. I now knew where the coven met. That part of the plan settled, I now turned my attention to Doug's friends at the gym.

I started to attend the gym on nights the student and brunette were there but Doug wasn't, and I put some moves of my own on the two in separate campaigns. The brunette fell first. She was the very, very friendly type, who turned out to work on her back on the side for money, and it wasn't long before she had me up against the wall by the passage to the locker rooms and her hand down the front of my gym shorts. She liked what she found, and we finished the evening with her sucking me off in the backseat of my car and me telling her that cars inhibited me and I was sure she'd like the goods even better in her own bedroom. Curiosity got to her with little difficulty, I invested two of the capsules Doug had given me, and the brunette had the deepest, most enjoyable fuck of her life. She was all over me to repeat the performance, which I said I'd do if she did me a little favor by setting up a threesome when I wanted it arranged. A threesome suited her just fine, even with my stipulations, and she was even more pleased with the money I stuffed in her ample bra.

The olive-skinned Middle Eastern student was a harder sell. He obviously had no idea he had homosexual tendencies, and it took me several weeks of dropping the soap in the shower and inadvertently rubbing up against him on the gym floor to evoke his interest. But I had already proven my desirability to other men, and eventually one day he accepted a ride home, with a side trip to my place, which started with a mild Mickey in a drink that loosened him up and then to a complete collapse of his inhibitions. After the effects of his drink started settling in, he perched himself on my kitchen island counter and agreed with me that it was entirely too warm in my apartment. No sooner had we stripped off our T-shirts and I came in close to him than he had his hands running through my now regrown chest hair, and we were locked in a tender kiss. I worked my lips down his smooth chest, six-pack, and flat belly, and sucked on his cock through his shorts and briefs until the material was transparent, his nice cock was apparent, and he declared that he would explode if I didn't stop.

I stripped off my own shorts and briefs and came up on the island on my knees in front of him and let him suck me without having to strain through fabric. I could tell from his clumsy, but still very nice efforts that he was a virgin to this sort of thing, and I considered the rest of what we did that night as saving him from Donatien's coven.

I stripped off his wet clothes, with him agreeing in a fog that they now needed to be dried before he could use them, turned him over on the top of the island, and tongued up his ass for several minutes before reaching over for the butter off the other kitchen counter and lathering up his ass nicely.

I was gentle with my first entry, far more gentle that either Don or Doug had been with me, and I stopped at every stage of the way to allow him to adjust to my length and width, which, even when not enhanced by Doug's capsules, were quite enough to put me into the highly desirable category at the gay bars I had started to frequent since my initiation by the coven. I was kneeling on my calves on the island top, and the student faced me, with his legs straddling my thighs. This gave me ready access to his lips to assure him this was true romance and to his nipples when he arched his back in the pain merging into pleasure of my cock slowly skewering his ass. I had given him the full prostate attention with my cock helmet, and his dick was just as hard as it was going to get and was bubbling precum when I slipped a couple of inches farther in and wrapped my hand around his rod and started stroking inside him.

He complained of the pain and was panting hard when I pulled him two inches closer into my lap, but he forgot all about the pain when I put my thumb on his piss slit and started flexing it open and closed. I took my other hand, wrapped it around the base of my cock and gave him a taste of ass canal wall rubbing. I discovered that this was the key to his response mechanism, as he went wild, flung his arms around me, went into a deep kiss and started moving his hips against me, which pulled him onto my dick far enough that I didn't have any root to rotate. The thumb-on-piss slit trick worked as well, as he shot his load up between our pulsating stomachs and into the cleavage of our rubbing pecs.

I finished him by lifting him off the counter and frog-marching him over into the living room. I draped him over the back of an upholstered chair, folded one of his knees up to the top of the chair to gain added access, and ran my dick up into him several inches. He no longer was complaining about the pain, but he also may have lost some interest when he got his own rocks off, so I held out of him enough to get a grip on the root of my cock and gave him a repeat of the rotating rod game. He fell apart in ecstasy again, which allowed me to ram all the way up into him and pump off my own rocks.

Fifteen minutes of the romantic conoodling and mutual fondling of balls that he seemed to enjoy, followed by a vigorous twenty minutes of side splitting on the living room carpet that had him writhing with enthusiasm and toasting me in some exotic language, and a quick shower with us soaping and jerking each other off again, and he was ready to be driven home, no doubt to a dull, obedient spouse who only responded to the missionary position.

He proved to be a nice, simple lay, but nothing special. The most important thing was that he no longer was a virgin, and it might take Doug several more weeks visiting the gym I'd found him at to discover that his current prey didn't qualify for the coven's specifications. He may have been a virgin to male attentions before he sat on my kitchen island counter, but he certainly wasn't a virgin now.



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